Morale At An ‘All Time Low’ For Juul Employees, Some Expect Company To Soon Be Irrelevant

Things are looking pretty bleak for the vape giant Juul at the start of 2020. This is partially due the fact that the company ended 2019 in a sour note, having laid off 650 of its employees. Those that remain could soon be out of a job as well in the coming year, thus leading […]

Oregon Student Sues Juul, Says They Failed To Properly Inform Customers About Health Risks

The vape giant Juul is in the middle of plenty of backlash at the moment as more and more reports continue to emerge of people suffering from health issues after excessively using their products. Now, a student from the University of Oregon named Kewmarse Imani has filed a lawsuit against the company. He claims that […]

Juul Employees Continue To Vape At Work, Despite The Threat Of Losing Their Jobs

After months of horror stories detailing the dangerous side effects of using vaping products such as Juul, restrictions are being placed on the devices and where they can be used. Despite all that is now known about the potential health threats of these products, there are some that just can’t quit using them. These include […]

Johnson & Johnson Recalls Baby Powder After FDA Finds Traces Of Asbestos

On Friday, Johnson & Johnson announced that it would be participating in a voluntary recall of a single lot of its popular baby powder sold at certain locations across the United States. The recall was announced after a trace amount of a dangerous substance had been found in an FDA examination of the baby power. […]

Salmon Is The First Genetically Modified Animal Approved For Consumption By The FDA

On Friday, USA Today reported that salmon is the first genetically modified animal to be approved for consumption by the U.S. Food And Drug Administration. The salmon produced by company AquaBounty — based in Maynard, Massachusetts — have been approved for human consumption. The salmon are genetically modified to grow twice as fast as normal […]

Juul Plans A New Device Tracking Program To Regulate Minor Consumption

Major e-cigarette company Juul has been under pressure by the FDA for some time, due to the number of underage consumers purchasing their vape products. Vaping has been on a rise recently, with many children and teens taking part in the trend by using Juul’s easy-to-conceal device. The Juul itself, as well as the cartridges, […]

Hawaii May Ban Vaping Flavors That Appeal To Kids, Proposal Says

In an effort to stop escalating teenage vaping, Hawaii lawmakers are considering a proposal to outlaw electronic cigarette liquids. According to The Associated Press, a 2017 study conducted by the Hawaii Health Department found 16 percent of middle-school students and 26 percent of high school students were current users of e-cigarettes. Even more disconcerting, the […]

FDA Says It Found Asbestos In Claire’s Cosmetics Products

The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to use certain Claire’s cosmetics after the agency found asbestos in products that it tested. Claire’s, a popular mall store that caters to teenage girls, sells makeup under its own brand, according to The Hill. Some of that makeup, including eye shadows, compact powders, and contour […]

E-Cigarettes Might Be Removed From US Market Shelves If Marketing To Youth Not Stopped, FDA Warns

Following a surge in use among teenagers, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) threatened to take e-cigarettes off the market shelves in the United States on Friday. According to NBC News, the recent threat has so far been the most direct one issued by FDA Commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb. As the Inquisitr already reported, Gottlieb […]

Scott Gottlieb, FDA Head, Calls Teenage Vaping An Epidemic, Threatens Flavored Vape Ban

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb described teenage vaping as an epidemic as part of an announcement of action against retailers selling vapes to minors, the Washington Post reports. On Wednesday, the FDA announced that it had taken action against over 1,300 retailers for selling the products to minors, the largest enforcement […]

FDA Approves Magic Mushrooms For Treating Depression

The Food and Drug Administration has taken an active role in approving new therapies to treat depression this week. On August 23, the Inquisitr reported that the FDA approved a new form of transcranial magnetic stimulation to help ease treatment-resistant depression. The new TMS treatment cuts down the number of treatments needed as well as […]

FDA: Dogs Eating Certain Pet Foods May Be At Risk For Heart Disease

The Food and Drug Administration came forth on Thursday with a warning to all dog owners. According to the agency, after investigating the potential link between canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and dog foods, their findings suggest that dog foods which are based on peas, lentils, and potatoes are possibly causing these enlarged heart problems in […]

Kim Kardashian Made $500,000 In One Instagram Post Advertising Morning Sickness Pill Called Diclegis

Companies know the power that celebrities and influencers have on their followers. So it’s not surprising that some of them would reach out to someone like Kim Kardashian for a little marketing help. With over 114 million followers on Instagram, her posts routinely get one to over 3 million likes. So when the pharmaceutical company, […]

‘Right To Try’ Bill Signed Into Law By President Trump

Earlier today, a bill signed into law by President Donald Trump will give terminally ill patients access to experimental treatment methods. The new “right to try” law has the potential to improve the lives of “hundreds of thousands” of lives, noted the president. Under the legislation, terminally ill patients will be able to try drug […]

New FDA Law Kicked In Monday Requiring Restaurant Chains To Post Calorie Information For Their Menus

In 2010, the Obama administration passed a new FDA law as part of the Affordable Care Act. The new law requires food chains with more than 20 locations to post calorie count information for their menu items. Although there have been many delays in implementing the law, it finally went into effect on Monday. Some […]

Tortilla Chips Recalled In 32 Different States On Cinco De Mayo Weekend

Families and friends all across the U.S. enjoyed tortilla chips dipped in their favorite salsas, cheeses, and guacamole recipes this weekend in honor of Cinco de Mayo. According to WebMD, Utz Quality Foods recently recalled several brands of their tortilla chips across 32 different states due to lack of proper information in the label. So, […]

Woman In China Goes Through Baggage X-Ray With Purse After Refusing To Part With It

A small train station in central Guangdong, China unexpectedly became the center of media frenzy during the Lunar New Year when a woman decided to accompany her handbag through a baggage scanner — literally climbing in and kneeling among the items — with the express intention of safeguarding the money inside. X-ray images reveal a […]

First Apple Watch Accessory Could Detect Heart Problems, Cleared By FDA

The FDA has cleared the first Apple watch accessory known as AliveCor’s KardiaBand. The accessory could detect heart problems such as dangerous heart rhythms. This band could check on-the-spot EKG readings in a Bluetooth-connected strap. Besides identifying the heart rhythms, the KardiaBand also detects problems such as the atrial fibrillation, which is a type of […]

Kratom Called Addictive By FDA, Possible Ban Of Herbal Supplement Coming

As part of the Trump administration’s plan to aggressively fight the nation’s opioid addiction crisis, the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has also decided to go after an herbal supplement. This morning, the head of the government agency, Scott Gottlieb, issued an advisory statement to consumers about the potential danger and addictive nature of kratom. With […]

No Need For Finger Prick With The Newly Approved FDA Blood Sugar Monitor

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first-ever continuous blood sugar monitoring device that doesn’t require the painful finger prick test to collect samples. It was granted to Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc. on Wednesday. The device is called the FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System, which uses a small sensor wire that is inserted […]

FDA Gives Okay For PTSD Sufferers To Start Ecstasy Trials

There is great news for the nearly 5.2 million people in the United States that suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The F00d and Drug Administration (FDA) has given their approval for 3-4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), better known as the street drug ecstasy, to be used in Phase 3 trials for the treatment of PTSD. The […]

Altria Stocks Fall After FDA Announces Plan To Tackle Cigarette Addiction

Stocks for the tobacco production corporation Altria plummeted Friday, after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced it had developed a comprehensive plan to lower nicotine in cigarettes to below-addictive levels. The move is part of a several-year road-map the FDA announced as part of an ongoing effort to reduce tobacco deaths and protect future […]

‘Snortable Chocolate,’ CoCo LoKo, Promises ‘Euphoria’– Senator Urges FDA To Eye OTC Product

A fairly new over-the-counter product is a stimulate in the form of a chocolate powder that you snort. From what it promises you can see why it is appealing to some, but the substance has never been evaluated by the FDA. There may be unseen harm from using a snortable chocolate substance, which is the […]

FDA Asks Maker Of Opana ER To Stop Sales — Opioid Drug Too Easy To Crush And Abuse

For the first time in the history of the Food and Drug Administration, they have asked a drug maker to stop selling a potent opioid painkiller. The request went out to the maker of a specific opioid medication asking them to voluntarily stop the sales of the potent painkiller called Opana ER. The FDA has […]

Sibutramine Recall: What You Need To Know

A diet pill recall was recently announced by the FDA and Envy Me Herbal Supplements due to the illegal presence of sibutramine. Anyone who has purchased the weight loss supplement LaBri’s Body Health Atomic should immediately stop taking it. Although no associated injuries or illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this recall, […]

Is Nutella A Spread Or A Topping? The FDA Seeks To Find The Answer

Is Nutella a spread or a dessert topping? The Food and Drug administration is on a mission to find the answer. The FDA is also asking for help and will accept public input on this question until January 3, 2017. Nutella is made by Ferrero, an Italian company. As reported by Anna Edney on Bloomberg […]

Teething Products Containing Dangerous Numbing Medication Remain In Stores, While Even Non-Belladonna Homeopathic Versions Unavailable

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned the public about dangers associated with over-the-counter (OTC) products containing benzocaine, including death, but you will still find those teething products on the shelves. Benzocaine in OTC teething gels has the potential to cause a serious condition called methemoglobinemia, Snopes verified. It makes the amount of oxygen […]

Soap Ban: FDA Rules Antibacterial Soap Has ‘No Scientific Evidence’ Showing That It’s Safe Or Effective

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Friday, September 2 that they would be pulling a wide range of antibacterial soaps from the market after manufacturers failed to show that the products were safer or more effective than regular soap. The federal ban applies to any hand soap or antiseptic wash that includes any of […]

Here’s What Martin Shkreli Had To Say About Mylan’s EpiPen Price Increase

Martin Shkreli got the opportunity to pontificate about Mylan Labs using its monopoly on epinephrine to increase the price by 500 percent. Shkreli was widely vilified for doing the same thing last year when he was the head of Turing Pharmaceuticals. Martin Shkreli paid $55 million for the U.S. rights to Daraprim then increased the […]

Turmeric Recalled: Seven Brands Contaminated With High Levels Of Lead

While recipes for foods high in Turmeric are currently trending due to the apparent health benefits of the South Asian spice, seven brands of Turmeric were recalled for containing “elevated” levels of lead. Gel Spices Inc., the company that makes Gel spices, is leading the lead contamination recall. In business since 1955, the importers of […]

FDA Vaping Regulations: New Rules Could Cripple The Industry

The vaping industry may be in real trouble due to the most recent FDA vaping regulations that go into effect today. It has been almost a decade since electronic cigarettes hit the market. In the last five years, vaping has become a rapidly trending culture in several regions of the world. With such a widespread […]

Whole Foods Salmonella Scare: Recall Issued Over Potentially Life-Threatening Contamination

American distribution chain Whole Foods Market, which specializes in natural and organic products, has issued another recall over fears some products may be contaminated with the potentially deadly bacteria, salmonella. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (USDA) reports that Marin Food Specialties, a manufacturer that supplies raw macadamia nuts to Whole Foods, is recalling packaged […]

Gold N’ Plump Recalls Tons Of Chicken After Suspected In-House Sabotage

Gold n’ Plump is recalling more than 27 tons of chicken after contaminants were discovered in a sample of Gold n’ Plump’s product. Gold n’ Plump is the leading chicken manufacturer in the Upper Midwest and is based in central Minnesota. What sort of contaminants were found in Gold n’ Plump’s chickens? The company reportedly […]

FDA Warns Whole Foods Facility Had ‘Filthy’ Conditions, Listeria Bacteria Present

The Food and Drug Administration sent Whole Foods a stern letter last week warning that the grocery giant could face severe consequences in connection with a number of food safety issues. The warning comes after Whole Foods responded to an initial FDA notice but failed to provide any documentation related to fixing the food safety […]

Sheep, Drugs, And Stock Control: Dumped Cannabis Stash Sets Sheep On Rampage In Swansea, FDA Approves Revolutionary Drug Addiction Treatment

Today’s world is a series of staggering contrasts. In the same week that the FDA approves a ground-breaking implant for opioid drug addiction treatment, a grass-loving flock of sheep from the Welsh village of Swansea discovered a dumped cannabis stash and went on a rampage through Swansea village. The cannabis had been dumped beside a […]

Sunflower Seed And Salad Recalls Come Among Listeria Concerns

Editor’s note: amid some branding confusion, Papa John’s International Inc. has reached out to the Inquisitr with a statement. “The recall referenced in this story does not involve Papa John’s International, Inc., its franchisees, or any of its products. The recall involves a completely different and unrelated company – Papa John’s Salad and Produce – […]

E-Cigarettes: FDA To Regulate All Tobacco Products, Including Electronic Cigarettes

The U.S. FDA made a long-anticipated announcement Thursday regarding e-cigarette regulation. In a nutshell, the FDA will now regulate all tobacco products sold in the United States, including cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, which the FDA already regulated, as well as e-cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and hookah tobacco, reports CNN. In the past several years, the […]

Massive Frozen Food Recall Due To Listeria Outbreak Affects Costco, Walmart, And Trader Joe’s In 50 States

CRF Frozen Foods issued a voluntary recall on Monday that affects 42 different brands nationwide sold at grocery chains like Costco, Walmart, and Trader Joe’s. The major frozen food producer issued the massive recall of 358 food items, mainly consisting of frozen fruits and vegetables, in cooperation with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and […]

FDA Urged To Ban Powdered Caffeine: One Deadly Teaspoon Equals 28 Cups Of Coffee

Two years ago, 24-year-old Wade Sweatt tried powdered caffeine for the first time. Immediately after his first dose, he told his wife he felt sick. Then he went into cardiac arrest. In the days following, Wade had several more heart attacks, went into a coma, and was declared brain dead. His parents had to take […]

RECALL – Frozen Food Company Recalls Products Amidst Listeria Concerns, A Disease That Can Cause Stillbirth

An American frozen food company has announced a voluntary recall due to fears of their products containing listeria. The company conducting the recall is based in Washington state. CRF Frozen Foods announced their recall yesterday of fifteen of their frozen vegetable products. CRF Frozen Foods, in Pasco, Washington, packages and markets a wide variety of […]

FDA Medical Abortion: Federal Drug Administration Makes Access To Abortion Pills Like ‘MifePrex’ Easier Than Ever

The FDA has loosened its requirements for women to obtain abortion inducing medication. According to the Independent, medical abortion access will become easier for women in a movement that is being viewed as a monumental win for pro-choice advocates. The FDA has eased back on their restrictions for obtaining medical abortion pills, which should make […]

Michigan Farm Council Exposes Snyder Administration’s Lack Of Testing And Press Release After Contamination Investigation

The Michigan Small Farm Council (MSFC) reports that the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD), under Gov. Snyder’s administration, failed to test food samples after toxic levels of lasalocid was found in feed given to animals being raised for meat in 2014. MSFC says that MDARD also failed to produce any press release […]

Nestle Recall: Frozen Foods May Contain Glass

A Nestle recall, which affects numerous products, was announced by the United States Food and Drug Administration on Thursday. Although there are no reports of injury, Nestle confirmed some of their frozen food products may contain fragments of glass. The FDA reports the investigation was initiated after customers reported finding glass in a variety of […]

Essure: FDA Issues New Warnings About Birth Control Device

Essure birth control devices may cause “serious or life-threatening” complications in some women, according to a new United States Food and Drug Administration warning. Although the agency will require new warning labels and further investigation into the safety concerns, the product will remain on the market until further notice. Essure devices are a permanent form […]

Are We Sprinkling Wood Pulp On Spaghetti? Not Really: The Parmesan Outrage Explained

If you love cheese, the news that our beloved Parmesan — the kind that comes in the green-lidded shaker bottle — is really full of wood pulp is probably quite upsetting. But before cheese lovers freak out, there is something they should know: it’s not quite as unhealthy and splintery as it sounds. The stuff […]

Diet Plans And Calorie Calculators Nixed: FDA’s Menu Labeling Rules Voted Down By US House Of Representatives

Your diet plans and calorie calculators just got limited with the new menu labeling law. Postpone that restaurant trip, as you may not know how many calories go into your meal. The House of Representatives has approved a measure to amend the FDA’s restaurant menu labeling law, changing the formula used to determine calorie content. […]

FDA Lifts Ban On Blood Donations From Gay Men

On Monday, December 21, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that they had lifted the ban on blood donations from gay men, reversing a three-decade-old ban on gay and bisexual men being allowed to donate blood. While the ban has been lifted, there are still some requirements that homosexual men must meet before […]

Diabetes Drug Metformin Could Increase Human Lifespan To 120 Years

Medical researchers say that the drug metformin, used for treating type 2 diabetes, could become the world’s first anti-aging drug that enables adults to live well beyond 120 years. According to experts, the drug could extend healthy life and lifespan, and stave off illnesses associated with aging, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Scientists believe […]

Dietary Supplement Makers Charged With Fraud And Conspiracy

The Department of Justice announced that it had brought criminal charges against dietary supplement manufacturer USPlabs and arrested several of the firm’s corporate officers. The Justice Department’s actions resulted from a yearlong effort, which focused on the dietary supplement market that is causing increasing concern among health officials across the United States. Since November 2014, […]

Hall Of Famer Tony Dorsett Optimistic About His Fight Against Brain Disorder

Tony Dorsett, the legendary Dallas Cowboys running back, was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease. Dorsett has chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain disease that has been linked to dementia, depression, and to suicides of NFL players. In 2013, Tony Dorsett, the Heisman Trophy winner, as well as College and Pro Football Hall of Famer who […]