World Leaders Congratulate Joe Biden On Winning Election As Donald Trump Refuses To Concede

On Saturday, after Democrat Joe Biden was projected the winner of the 2020 presidential election, world leaders offered their congratulations to the incoming administration. In a statement posted to Twitter, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson congratulated Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris of California. “The U.S. is our most important ally and I […]

Top European Soccer Clubs Urged To Sign International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Anti-Semitism Definition

Fourteen international anti-Semitism coordinators and envoys have written to leading soccer teams in Europe, asking them to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHGA) working definition of anti-Semitism. According to The Guardian, the coordinators and envoys believe the global reach of elite soccer can provide team employees with the tools to identify and confront acts […]

Three People Killed in Nice Notre Dame Basilica Terror Attack, Suspect Shot By Police

Three people have been killed by a man armed with a knife inside the Notre Dame Basilica in the French city of Nice. The killings are being treated as an act of terrorism. According to reports from The BBC, the victims were two women and a man. The suspect was shot in the shoulder and […]

Deadly Clashes Break Out Over Armenia And Azerbaijan’s Borders

A deadly clash has broken out along the oil-rich border of Armenia and Azerbaijan. The skirmish has claimed the lives of both military personnel as well as civilians. According to Reuters, at least a dozen people have been killed in the fighting. The area sits along the Nagorno-Karabakh border, which is internationally recognized as part […]

Stabbing Spree In The UK Leaves At Least 3 People Dead And A Number Of Others Injured

A stabbing rampage in the town of Reading in the United Kingdom has left at least three people dead. In addition, it has been reported that “a number” of other individuals have been taken to the hospital, though no further details were given about their health status. According to the BBC, police are currently looking […]

Protesters In Bristol Topple 125-Year-Old Statue Of Slave Trader Edward Colston

Protesters in Bristol, England toppled a 125-year-old statue of notorious slave trader Edward Colston on Sunday, BBC News reported earlier today. The 17th-century historical figure was torn down during a Black Lives Matter protest rally. The protestors used ropes to tear it down, and photos from the article show them dropping it into the Bristol […]

Prominent Judge Warns That A Recent German Ruling Could Destroy The European Union

A senior judge for the European Union has claimed that a recent court ruling in Germany could have severe consequences for the future of the confederation — and even potentially dismantle it. The statement comes as the future of the EU remains on shaky ground due to the recent exit of a former member state, […]

Juul Will Be Off The Shelves In Five European Countries By The End Of The Year

The once popular vaping company Juul has been struggling from low sales and tight legal regulations within the past year. As a result, it is expected that these products will be off the shelves entirely in five European companies by the end of the year. These countries include Austria, Belgium, Portugal, France, and Spain, according […]

Eastern European Countries Attempt To Boost Birthrate With Monetary Incentives

Hungary and Poland have joined the list of countries that pay their citizens to have more babies, reported The Guardian. Falling birthrates have led to projections of shrinking populations, which has several countries asking whether people will accept payment for having children. In Hungary, IVF clinics are nationalized, couples receive generous loans for agreeing to […]

Greece Attempts To Boost Declining Birthrate With Financial Baby Bonus

Greece is offering a financial incentive to couples who have babies, in response to projections of a decreasing population that is expected to severely impact the economy, reported The Guardian. The Greek government will be awarding every couple who has a baby with a financial benefit of €2,000 (about $2,200). The baby bonus comes into […]

Statue Of Donald Trump Burned To The Ground In Slovenia, Melania’s Home Country

A wooden statue mocking Donald Trump has been burned to the ground, The Associated Press reports. The statue had stood in a village in Slovenia, first lady Melania Trump’s home country. Artist Tomaz Schlegl created the 26-foot-tall wooden statue of the 45th president last year and erected it in the town of Sela pri Kamniku. […]