Donny Osmond Fans Flip Out Over His Comment About Flashback Family Performance

Donny Osmond fans flipped out over his comment about a flashback family video performance alongside his siblings, circa 1971, when they appeared on The Flip Wilson Show and performed their smash tune “Yo-Yo.” The entertainer said that he loved performing this particular song for a variety of reasons. He also joked that the costumes worn […]

Donny Osmond Thrills Fans With Vintage ‘Here’s Lucy’ Video Where He Croons To A Young ‘Brady Bunch’ Star

Donny Osmond thrilled fans with a vintage video from his appearance on the television series Here’s Lucy. In the clip, he crooned to a young star of The Brady Bunch, legendary actress and comedienne Lucille Ball, and her daughter, Lucie Arnaz. The show aired in November 1972, during a period of time when Donny was […]

Marie Osmond Honors The ‘Incredible Integrity’ Of Her Late Father George On Instagram

Marie Osmond honored her father George’s “incredible integrity” and many of his other positive attributes in an Instagram post dedicated to the late Osmond family patriarch for Father’s Day. She shared her lengthy explanation of many of the life lessons she had learned from her father as well as how his teachings had continued to […]

Donny Osmond & Wife Debbie Reveal Big Baby News On Instagram

Donny Osmond and wife Debbie recently revealed big baby news in a video shared with the entertainer’s 195,000 Instagram followers. The couple’s son, Chris, and his wife, Alta, will be first-time parents this fall. The “Puppy Love” singer and his wife took part in a sweet gender reveal ceremony which indicated that the family will […]

Donny Osmond Reveals His Greatest Accomplishment During Quarantine

Donny Osmond revealed he has achieved his greatest accomplishment during a self-imposed quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak. Donny’s surprising statement has the support of his 182,000 Instagram followers. The singer checked off another career milestone by being included as a clue on a 56-year-old game show for one of the most memorable roles he has […]

Marie Osmond Shares Creepy Text Message To Instagram

Marie Osmond posted a creepy text message to Instagram that was originally shared with her by her daughter. After realizing what a hoot the clip was, the ageless entertainer sent it to her entire family in a group chat, including big brother Donny, who encouraged her to post it on social media. In an accompanying […]

Donny Osmond Shares Throwback Pic Of Vegas Past: ‘A Walk Down Memory Lane’

Donny Osmond shared a throwback pic to his Las Vegas past, posting a great image that will surely thrill his longtime fans. He called it “a walk down memory lane” from a period in the 1970s when he toured with his family band, The Osmonds. Donny loves to reflect on photos of his storied career […]

Donny Osmond Thrills Fans With Throwback Pic In Honor Of Brother Jay’s Birthday

Donny Osmond thrilled fans by posting a throwback image to Instagram in honor of big brother Jay Osmond’s birthday. The retro photo was taken during the heydey of the Osmond Family’s reign on the pop music charts, and Donny used it to illustrate the close bond the brothers continue to share to this day. In […]

Donny Osmond Reveals Surprising Reason Why He Wanted Chiefs To Win Super Bowl Despite Being ‘Big’ 49ers Fan

Donny Osmond says he was rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl LIV, but it’s not just because he’s friends with the team’s head coach, Andy Reid. In a cute post to Instagram, the Donny & Marie star revealed that it’s the city’s barbecue that really swayed his vote between two teams […]

Donny Osmond Honors Major Milestone & Sister Marie With Retro Clip On Instagram

Donny Osmond shared a major milestone to Instagram, a retro video featuring sister Marie Osmond in honor of the duo’s television series. The Donny & Marie Show premiered on the ABC network on January 23, 1976. At the time of the debut of their variety series, a format of television that was popular in the […]

Marie Osmond Has Fans In Hysterics With Latest Dig At Brother Donny

Marie Osmond had her fans in hysterics with her latest dig at big brother Donny Osmond on Instagram. In the update, she shared an image of the duo’s former Las Vegas home, the Flamingo Hotel, with one major change to its facade. The Talk host quipped that the image, which showed a photo of Marie […]

Donny Osmond Confirms Big ‘The Masked Singer’ News

Donny Osmond confirmed big news regarding The Masked Singer to Instagram, revealing that he will be taking a temporary role as a judge on the U.K. version of the hit show, where viewers try to guess the performer behind the mask. Donny confirmed the information in a new social media post. He shared an article […]

Donny Osmond Says 2019 Will Be A ‘Tough Act To Follow’ On Instagram

Donny Osmond revealed that he believes 2019 will be “a tough act to follow” in a new Instagram post in celebration of the new year. He told his followers that he was grateful for a “wonderful year” and was hopeful for good things to come in 2020. The series of nine images depicted top snapshots […]

Donny Osmond Asks Fans For Special Favor On Instagram: ‘If You’re Feeling Nostalgic’

Donny Osmond is asking fans for a special favor on Instagram “if you’re feeling nostalgic.” The entertainer is rallying his worldwide group of admirers to share their old memories and momentoes of the Osmond family on his website, so everyone can reflect and look back at them together. In a caption that accompanied a series […]

Derek & Julianne Hough React To Comparisons To Donny & Marie Osmond Amid ‘Holidays With The Houghs’ Special

Derek and Julianne Hough admit they have a lot in common with Donny and Marie Osmond. The former Dancing with the Stars pro dancers, who recently co-starred on the NBC holiday special Holidays with the Houghs, say that growing up in the same city as the famous singing family earned them a funny nickname. In […]

Marie Osmond Shares Throwback Vegas Video To Instagram: ‘It Touched My Heart’

Marie Osmond shared a throwback Vegas video to Instagram, taken during a special time for the cast and crew of the Donny & Marie Show, writing in the caption of the clip that “it touched my heart.” The clip depicts the cast and crew of the elaborate stage production — which wrapped in November after […]

Marie Osmond Stuns In Two Gorgeous Sequin Dresses At Sold Out Christmas Show At Mohegan Sun

Marie Osmond continues to delight fans with a number of gorgeous photos on her popular Instagram feed. As those who follow the 60-year-old on social media know, Osmond uses the platform to promote the various projects that she is working on while also sharing glimpses from her personal life as well. In the most recent […]

Donny Osmond’s Throwback Photo Delights Fans: ‘I Couldn’t Resist’

Donny Osmond posted a throwback photo to Instagram which delighted his longtime fans. He captioned the pic, which also featured sister Marie Osmond, by stating, “I couldn’t resist.” The pic showed the brother and sister duo from the time period when the two starred in their own variety television series, Donny & Marie, which aired […]

Donny Osmond Thrills Instagram Fans With Throwback Video From 1971

Donny Osmond thrilled his Instagram fans with a throwback video from 1971, taken when the singer was at the height of his teen idol popularity. In the video, he was performing with singer Nancy Sinatra, the daughter of legendary crooner Frank Sinatra. The duo was on stage singing “Teach Me How to Dance” from the […]

Marie Osmond Shares Graphic Video Of Bruised Knees Ahead Of Final Las Vegas Shows

Marie Osmond says she is excited to finish out her final shows in Las Vegas despite a recent injury that she suffered while onstage. The Donny & Marie star took to Instagram to share a graphic video as she joked to fans she’s not “faking” after she fell on stage last week during her Las […]

Marie Osmond Vows To Finish Out ‘Donny & Marie’ Vegas Residency After Suffering Second Stage Fall In 2 Months

Marie Osmond has suffered another injury while performing in her Las Vegas residency with her brother, Donny. The 60-year-old singer said she “chipped off a piece” of her kneecap after falling onstage during a performance last week, but that it won’t stop her from finishing out her 11-year residency at the Vegas showroom. Marie opened […]

Donny Osmond Reunites With His ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partner Kym Herjavec Backstage In Vegas

Donny Osmond reunited with an old friend at his show at the Flamingo Hotel. The Donny & Marie star, who is set to wrap up his long-running residency at the Las Vegas hotel and casino later this month, posted a new photo to Instagram which showed him posing with his champion Dancing with the Stars […]

Marie Osmond Shares Rare Family Photo To Instagram After Osmond Brothers’ Final Performance On ‘The Talk’

Marie Osmond shared a rare family photo to Instagram less than one week after a heartfelt farewell performance on the CBS daytime series The Talk by the four original Osmond Brothers singing group — Alan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay — in honor of their sister’s 60th birthday. Marie shared a post of her oldest brother […]

Osmond Brothers Officially Retire From Performing After Singing One Last Time For Sister Marie On ‘The Talk’

After 60-plus years in show business, The Osmond Brothers have officially retired from performing after singing for their sister, Marie Osmond, on The Talk in honor of her 60th birthday. Marie was brought to tears by the moving video tribute by her brothers prior to their performance. They shared intimate family photos of themselves and […]

Marie Osmond Is Left Speechless By Brother Donny’s 60th Birthday Tribute

Donny and Marie Osmond have been a household name for many years. They had their own variety show together and have spent the past 11 years performing in Las Vegas. The famous brother-sister duo know each other pretty well by now and have nothing but love for each other. That’s why it was extra special […]

Marie Osmond Turns 60: Here Are Her Most Memorable TV Moments

Marie Osmond is celebrating her 60th birthday on October 13. And her life in the spotlight has given fans a lifetime of memorable moments. The only sister of the famed Osmond Brothers singing group grew up in front of our eyes and has been a regular presence on television for more than 50 years. From […]

Marie Osmond Announces The Osmond Brothers Will Perform Together For The Last Time For Her 60th Birthday

Marie Osmond turns 60-years-old on October 13, and her brothers are giving her the greatest gift ever. The Vegas star has revealed that in honor of her birthday, the four original Osmond brothers will perform together live for the last time ever, and they’ll do it on The Talk. Marie, who replaced Sara Gilbert on […]

Marie Osmond Reveals Why She Remarried Her First Husband 26 Years After Their Divorce

Marie Osmond has always been an open book. But as a full-time co-host on The Talk, she has been sharing even more personal stories with her fans of late. While the 59-year-old Donny & Marie star has shared many stories about her children and grandchildren, fans aren’t as in the know about her marriage. Osmond […]

Marie Osmond Gets The Greatest Gift From Superfan 15 Years After House Fire

Marie Osmond has the best fans in the world — or at least the most thoughtful. The 59-year-old singer, who is nearing the end of her Las Vegas residency with her brother Donny, received a meaningful gift from a fan who came to her meet-and-greet at a show at the Flamingo Hotel this week. Osmond […]

Marie Osmond Reveals Shocking Moment She Learned She Was Broke After Riding High On ‘Donny & Marie’

Marie Osmond has been in the entertainment industry since she was five years old, but she wasn’t always wealthy. During a candid reveal on The Talk, the newest co-host of the CBS chatfest revealed that when she was 20 years old she received a shocking phone call from her mother who broke the news to […]

Donny Osmond Reveals He Almost Faked A Drug Bust, Marie Pondered ‘Playboy’ To Erase Their Squeaky-Clean Image

Donny Osmond says his squeaky-clean image almost cost him his career. The singer, who has been performing on stage with his sister, Marie Osmond, ever since they were kids, revealed the two were hit with temptation earlier in their careers. Donny was a 1970s teen idol with swoon-worthy singles like “Puppy Love.” Marie crooned her […]

Marie Osmond Injured On Stage, Posts Update From Her Dressing Room At ‘The Talk’

Marie Osmond’s busy new schedule is already proving to be a challenge. The Donny and Marie star injured her knees while performing with her brother, Donny, in their show at the Flamingo in Las Vegas earlier this week, but she still had to fly to Los Angeles to prep for her new stint on the […]

Donny Osmond Recalls A Special Anniversary On Instagram

Singer Donny Osmond recalled a special anniversary on Instagram, one which he says gave him a second chance to do what it is that he loves so much — entertain his fans. Osmond posted a photo from a video made 30 years ago, one which he called a comeback. This return to form came for […]

Marie Osmond Asks Fans For Prayers After Newborn Granddaughter Is Rushed To Intensive Care Shortly After Birth

Once again, Marie Osmond is taking to social media to ask fans for prayers for a family member. As fans of the singer know, Marie has a huge family with eight siblings and eight children of her own (her son Michael passed away in 2010). Now, Osmond’s family is expanding even more as her children […]

Donny Osmond Just Googled Himself And The Results Are Hilarious

Donny Osmond regularly updates his social media accounts with hilarious throwback photos and precious memories of an iconic 50-year career in the entertainment industry. But when he decided to Google himself, the results were indeed hilarious and so were his explanations. Osmond posted the typed message “is Donny Osmond” just to see what would come […]

Donny Osmond Honors Wife Debbie On 41st Anniversary With Wild Throwback Instagram Pics

Singer and entertainer Donny Osmond honored wife Debbie Osmond with some wild throwback pics on Instagram to celebrate the couple’s 41st anniversary. Osmond posted several photos on the social media sharing site where he and his new wife seem impossibly happy during a reception following their ceremony at the Salt Lake City, Utah LDS Temple […]

Donny Osmond Has This To Say About Sister Marie Joining ‘The Talk’

Donny Osmond has weighed in on the addition of his sister Marie Osmond joining the CBS series The Talk, replacing Sara Gilbert, who created and executive produced the show since its inception in 2010. Osmond said of his sister’s new gig on Twitter that “she makes the perfect co-host.” He also quipped that her new […]

Donny Osmond Thanks Big Brother For ‘Inspiration’

Singer and entertainer Donny Osmond thanked his big brother on Instagram in a touching birthday post where he applauded his older sibling for being an “inspiration” to him throughout his growing-up years and through today. Osmond thanked Merrill Osmond, who just turned 66-years-old, for his hard work and dedication and not “resting on his laurels” […]

This Osmond Family Member To Pen ‘Tell-All’ Musical About Clan’s ‘True Story’

A member of the Osmond family is reportedly penning a “tell-all” musical about life within the devout Mormon clan and will allegedly reveal the “true, unvarnished” story of the singing, superstar music group. Jay Osmond, singer, and drummer of The Osmonds, is reportedly penning a play revealed the website Deseret News. Allegedly Jay is planning […]

Donny Osmond Sends Peter Frampton The Best Present Ever For His 69th Birthday

Donny Osmond had a special delivery for Peter Frampton — and he sent it in a rather unusual way. In honor of the legendary singer and guitarist’s singer’s 69th birthday, the Donny and Marie star recorded an elaborate song-and-dance video to mark his milestone day. In an even more iconic twist, the video was delivered […]

Marie Osmond Honors Late Friend With Heartbreaking Tribute Song She Last Sang After Her Own Son’s Death

Marie Osmond recently suffered an unspeakable loss, but she is dealing with it in the way she knows best. Just one week after announcing the death of her best friend Kim Goodwin, the Donny and Marie star paid tribute to him at her Vegas residency, Closer Weekly reports. Osmond told the crowd at the Flamingo […]

Donny Osmond Reveals Why He Should Have Been A Doctor Instead of A Performer

Donny Osmond has been working as a performer in the entertainment industry ever since he was five years old. Over an illustrious five-decade career, the former teen idol has been a music and television star, headlining live shows everywhere from Broadway to Las Vegas. But 55 years after making his TV debut as a young […]

Marie Osmond Keeps Ailing Brother Jimmy In Her Thoughts And Prayers

Marie Osmond took to Instagram in a tribute to her ailing brother, Jimmy Osmond, whom she is keeping in her “thoughts and prayers” as he recuperates from a stroke. The entertainer fell ill in January of this year. Marie Osmond noted in her post that she has watched her younger brother face difficult trials in […]

Jimmy Osmond Breaks Silence After Heartbreaking Health Scare, Says He Is ‘Grateful’ For Fans And His Health

Jimmy Osmond has returned to social media months after a health scare sidelined him and left his fans in a panic. More than three months after he suffered a stroke during a performance of Peter Pan in England, Jimmy, the youngest Osmond brother from the famous singing family, posted an update for fans on Instagram. […]

‘Heartbroken’ Marie Osmond Cancels Las Vegas Show

A “heartbroken” Marie Osmond canceled her scheduled show at The Flamingo in Las Vegas alongside brother Donny Osmond and revealed in an Instagram post why she had to take a step down from performing. Marie Osmond revealed in a social media post on April 10 that severe allergies stopped her from performing. She simply lost […]

Donny Osmond Updates Fans On Health Of Beloved Brother

Singer and entertainer Donny Osmond has updated fans on the health of his beloved brother on Instagram, in a sweet post to honor his sibling’s birthday. Jimmy Osmond, the youngest of the family of performers, suffered a stroke in January of this year. Donny Osmond, who is closing out a Las Vegas Residency after 11 […]

‘The Masked Singer’ Winner T-Pain Admits He ‘May Not Have Been Sober’ When He Agreed To Compete On Show

The Masked Singer’s first winner isn’t really sure why he agreed to do this year’s breakout reality show. During an appearance on the Today show, rapper T-Pain revealed that he received a “weird” pitch for the wacky Fox singing competition and may not have been in full control of his mind when he agreed to […]

Donny & Marie Osmond To End Vegas Show In November 2019

Donny and Marie Osmond, entertainers who have been in the public eye together for more than 40 years, will say their final goodbye to their long-running Las Vegas show in November 2019 after more than 11 years as a continuously running act for the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. The brother-and-sister singing act appeared on Good […]

‘The Masked Singer’: The Peacock, Donny Osmond, Chats About Show On ‘The Talk’

Season 1 of Fox’s smash-hit singing competition The Masked Singer ended on a high note on Wednesday, February 27. The final three contestants performed one last time and then were unmasked, with the monster — aka musician T-Pain — winning the inaugural season of the series. One performer who was a fan favorite since the […]

‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers: Top Identity Possibilities For Singers In Season Finale – Peacock, Bee, Monster

No one could have expected just how crazy it would be to have a bunch of weird creatures singing on stage and judges trying to figure out who they are. Yet, here it is time for the season finale of The Masked Singer and there are millions of people who want to figure out the […]