‘Designing Women’ Sequel Being Considered By ABC

With reboots, revivals, and reimaginings being all the rage on network television these days, most every classic series has been rumored to be coming back to the airwaves. One beloved sitcom that is moving one step closer to being brought back to life is Designing Women. The Emmy-nominated series, which ran for seven seasons on […]

Dixie Carter Comments On Bobby Lashley’s WWE Return On ‘Raw’

It has been over 10 years since Bobby Lashley stepped foot in a WWE ring. During his last run, Lashley had many prominent spots as a performer. Along with winning the United States Championship shortly after his debut, Lashley also won the ECW Championship, feuding with Vince McMahon. Lashley was also a feature at WrestleMania […]

Backstage News On Impact Wrestling Potentially Relocating Out Of Orlando

Since their inception in 2002, the Impact Wrestling brand has been through a number of incarnations. Popularizing itself as the Total Nonstop Action (TNA) brand, Jeff Jarrett spent the formative years of the company providing catchy television and standout divisions. Unlike the WWE, TNA strongly emphasized both the X Division, which housed mostly cruiserweights, as […]

WWE ‘Monday Night RAW’ Spoilers: Former WWE Personality Says He Knows Kurt Angle’s Secret

Wrestling fans are eagerly awaiting WWE’s next episode of Monday Night RAW, as potential spoilers abound for the big reveal of RAW General Manager Kurt Angle’s “secret.” Many fans believe that he was saying “I love you” to a storyline mistress toward the end of this week’s RAW, but a prominent wrestling writer again suggested […]

WWE News: Dixie Carter To Appear On WWE Network This Monday

In WWE news, former TNA President and current Impact Wrestling board member, Dixie Carter, is making an appearance on a WWE Network special. The WWE has never mentioned TNA by name—when former TNA wrestlers like Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles arrived in the WWE, the company would simply state how these superstars have wrestled around […]

Jeff Jarrett Returning To TNA Wrestling As Executive Consultant

Jeff Jarrett has agreed to return to TNA Impact Wrestling under an executive consultant role that was first reported by PWInsider and confirmed by Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin. Jarrett had previously returned to the company back in 2015 as an on-air talent, even stepping back into the ring for the company’s pay-per-view, Slammiversary XIII. […]

WWE News: WWE Apparently Has No Interest In Bringing Back Matt And Jeff Hardy

There have been rumors dating back to early 2016 that linked both Matt and Jeff Hardy to possible WWE returns, but now it seems that a return is a bit more doubtful this year than it was last year. Matt Hardy killed it in 2016 when he took over as the Broken Matt character. Matt […]

Wrestling News: ‘TNA Impact Wrestling’ Promotes Live Show Amid New Majority Owner

The lifespan of Total Nonstop Action (TNA) wrestling has been anything but consistent over the course of their near-15-year career. In the beginning, the weekly pay-per-views and appearances of many former WCW stars who lost their job just one year earlier helped gain the interest from the fans. Moreover, the development of stars such as […]

TNA News: Jeff Jarrett Return To TNA Confirmed As Company Co-Founder Signs Deal Dixie Carter ‘Wouldn’t Have Allowed’

After weeks of speculation, it can now be said — Jeff Jarrett is returning to TNA Wrestling, a company he helped found in the early 2000s, but had left on less than favorable terms late in 2013. Back in 2002, Jeff Jarrett was one of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling’s founders, alongside his father Jerry, and […]

TNA News: Dixie Carter Out As TNA Chairman As Anthem Sports Takes Control Of Company

Yet another organizational shakeup took place within TNA this week, and it’s resulted in Dixie Carter stepping down as TNA Chairman, and Anthem Sports & Entertainment acquiring a majority interest in the troubled wrestling promotion. The year 2016 was an especially rough one for TNA. Despite obvious positives such as the success and popularity of […]

TNA News: TNA Star Matt Hardy To Have More Creative Influence In TNA In 2017

TNA Wrestling has lost a step over the last few years with various departures, multiple TV contract failures, and numerous creative issues. This past year, Matt Hardy managed to excite a lot of people with his new gimmick about being over 2,000-years-old and from the future. Obviously, the Hardy character has caught on ironically due […]

TNA News: TNA Wrestling Planning To Introduce Their Own WWE Network-Style Streaming Service

TNA Wrestling has been experiencing a lot of craziness, but they might have just officially lost it. We know at this point that Anthem Entertainment, the people responsible for the Fight Network and helping TNA get out of debt, is sort of taking over. This is knowledge we have already. However, it seems that TNA […]

TNA News: Billy Corgan Says TNA’s Lying, Demands Payment For What’s Owed

Things were quite interesting in the few months Billy Corgan was TNA’s president, but as the Inquisitr reported yesterday, the Smashing Pumpkins rock star no longer works for the troubled promotion. This marked another chapter in the soap opera that is TNA’s struggles to stay afloat, and that story has also included Corgan’s ongoing legal […]

TNA News: Billy Corgan Gone From TNA Wrestling, Dixie Carter Pretty Much Out Of Power

TNA Wrestling has had issues for some time now, and it seems that despite some good things occurring recently, the company may have issues surviving going forward. Both Billy Corgan and Dixie Carter have attempted to make TNA into something better, but Carter’s horrible business decisions put TNA behind for a while. Corgan came in […]

TNA News: Billy Corgan Loses Bid To Control TNA, But Won’t Back Down Yet

Billy Corgan won’t be controlling TNA Wrestling just yet, but reports suggest he isn’t giving up after a Nashville judge ruled Monday against his bid to take over the company from chairwoman Dixie Carter. According to The Tennessean, Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle ruled that TNA president Corgan wasn’t able to prove with certainty that the […]

Matt Hardy ‘Total Nonstop Deletion’ Episode Delayed Due To Lack Of Funds

There is a huge lawsuit ongoing right now between Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan concerning TNA Impact Wrestling. While Corgan claims the company is in dire financial need, Carter claims that it is untrue. However, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that one of the claims in the court case is that the upcoming Matt Hardy Total […]

Billy Corgan Out At TNA: Dixie Carter Is Likely To Win Lawsuit?

Billy Corgan, by most accounts, has been dying to get into the wrestling business for a long time. Exhibit A, when it comes to the evidence for that, can be seen in his willingness to go after TNA Wrestling, one of the most troubled companies in what remains of sports entertainment. For two years, current […]

TNA News: Billy Corgan Sees Proof Dixie Carter Lied To Him About Talks To Sell TNA Wrestling To WWE

We all know by now that Dixie Carter of TNA Wrestling was in talks to sell TNA to WWE, but one man who heard very little about the talk within the business was one of the part owners of TNA, Billy Corgan. There is a reason the man is suing TNA right now and trying […]

TNA News: Monumental Day For TNA As Billy Corgan’s Lawsuit Set To Be Unsealed In Court

Tuesday could prove to be quite a memorable day for TNA and Impact Wrestling. TNA President Billy Corgan and his attorneys have been granted permission to file a redacted version of the lawsuit they filed on October 12 against TNA Entertainment, Impact Ventures LLC, Dixie Carter, Dean Broadhead and Serg Salinas, according to a report […]

TNA News: Another Company Suing For Hundreds Of Thousands, Billy Corgan Reveals Details Of His Lawsuit Against TNA

TNA Wrestling has been dealing with a lot of issues over the course of the past few years, ranging from simple to extreme. The talent wasn’t being paid on time, and some big-name superstars were leaving for WWE or Japan. Now, there are much bigger matters at hand, and they include Dixie Carter, Billy Corgan, […]

TNA News: Billy Corgan Demands To Know About WWE’s Offer To TNA In Now Unsealed Lawsuit Documents

It has been known for some time now that TNA President Billy Corgan is unhappy with TNA Wrestling over basically screwing him over. That said, he has decided to sue the business with most everyone understanding why at the end of the day. Corgan was lied to about finances according to various reports, which may […]

TNA News: TNA President Billy Corgan Lied To About Company’s Financial Situation

TNA President Billy Corgan recently filed a lawsuit against Dixie Carter and the entire company. He literally sued any and all that one could sue, but many wondered why he would do so as an investor in the business who does own a portion of the company. He has also been attempting to buy the […]

TNA Impact Wrestling Owes Over $3.4 Million To Debtors, Details On Lawsuits

Last week, both the WWE and Billy Corgan were in serious discussions to buy TNA Impact Wrestling. There seemed to be no money to hold the annual Bound for Glory pay-per-view event or the television tapings. However, someone loaned them the money and they taped everything while Dixie Carter refused to sell her majority shares […]

TNA News: Impact Wrestling Reportedly Several Million Dollars In Debt

Professional wrestling isn’t as popular as it once was. During the late-1990s, Monday Night Raw was getting numbers in the five and six range. On a consistent basis, pro wrestling was a staple of pop culture and changed with the times. The WWE mastered those techniques during the Attitude Era where rebellion was popular. It’s […]

TNA Lawsuit Updates: Billy Corgan Case May Involve Fraud, Tennessee Filed Tax Lien

The latest TNA lawsuit updates are anything but in favor of the struggling company. According to a new report, the lawsuit filed earlier this week by company president Billy Corgan may involve some fraud on the part of Chairwoman/majority owner Dixie Carter. And TNA may be in more trouble with the state of Tennessee, which […]

TNA News: TNA Wrestlers Prepared To Declare Themselves Free Agents As Soon As Next Week

TNA Wrestling has been in the news a lot over the past month, but the last few days have seemingly been all about TNA due to various issues going in on the company today, and each day sees things get worse. Last week into this week, TNA finished up their television tapings. This is supposed […]

TNA News: Dixie Carter Also Sued By Former Production Company

Dixie Carter is already in hot water as it is with TNA Wrestling President Billy Corgan. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Corgan filed a lawsuit against Carter and several other entities, including TNA’s parent company Impact Ventures LLC. But new reports have added more details on the legal troubles Carter and Impact Ventures are […]

TNA News: TNA President Billy Corgan Files Lawsuit Against Dixie Carter And TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling has been in a flux for quite some time. We all know by now that TNA Wrestling is being sold, but we don’t know who it is going to just yet. The most likely choice in the stakes was Billy Corgan, as he became the new TNA president a few months back, which […]

TNA News: Matt Hardy Wants To Buy TNA Wrestling From Dixie Carter

We all know the rumors regarding the possible sale of TNA Wrestling. The company is up for grabs, and the best offer is set to win. While WWE was the obvious choice to take the company, the best option to keep everyone employed would be to sell to Billy Corgan, who has been with the […]

WWE News: Ric Flair States Dixie Carter Began WWE Buyout Rumors To Drive Up TNA Price

Unless a wrestling fan has lived under a rock since September 1, the world of professional wrestling nearly turned upside down when Impact Wrestling was nearly bought out by the WWE. It became public when TNA went up for sale, and Dixie Carter was on her way out. Many WWE fans, and TNA enthusiasts, believed […]

WWE News: Dixie Carter Says She Won’t Let WWE Buy TNA Impact Wrestling

The news broke at the end of September that the WWE was interested in buying TNA Impact Wrestling. The idea was that the WWE could buy the TNA Impact Wrestling tape library and either shut the company down or allow Billy Corgan to keep the company opened under a newly branded name. However, WrestleZone reported […]

WWE News: New WWE Fan Survey May Have Accidentally Confirmed TNA Wrestling Library Sale Rumors

We’ve been hearing for years that TNA was going downhill, which was by no means untrue. However, no one knew exactly when the company would go up for sale. Now, it appears that TNA Wrestling is going to be sold to someone, it is just “who,” at this point, that is up for debate. Fans […]

WWE News: Big Backstage News On Dixie Carter Holding A Huge Meeting With Talent At TNA Tapings

TNA and Impact Wrestling have never garnered as many headlines as they have over the last few weeks. Unfortunately, it’s been for all the wrong reasons. There are exceptions, after all, to the theory that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. TNA has been hemorrhaging for years, and many felt it was finally coming […]

TNA Rumors: The Future Of TNA Hangs In Balance Ahead Of Bound For Glory

TNA Wrestling got a brief lease on life earlier this week as the Bound for Glory pay-per-view and next week’s Impact Wrestling TV tapings will push forward as scheduled. The Inquisitr reported on Saturday that TNA had received funding for the shows from an unnamed third party, allowing the troubled promotion to hold its equivalent […]

WWE News: TNA Wrestling Received Money For TV Tapings From Unidentified Third Party, WWE Still In Talks To Buy

TNA Wrestling has managed to survive for just a bit longer. It was reported last night that TNA would go forth with their upcoming television tapings, especially TNA Bound for Glory. Dixie Carter herself made the announcement about the tapings and PPV, which has been in question for the entire week due to the fact […]

TNA Rumors: Dixie Carter Receives Funding For ‘Bound For Glory,’ Avoids WWE Sale

TNA fans have been sitting on pins and needles over the past couple of days because rumors have been swirling around about the potential demise of the company this upcoming weekend. However, it looks like the situation might have been resolved. According to Wrestling Inc, Dixie Carter has secured the funding required to go through […]

WWE News: Billy Corgan Wasn’t Sure ‘TNA Bound For Glory’ Would Happen, Admits Vince McMahon Is Trying To Buy TNA Wrestling

There has been a lot said about the status of TNA Wrestling the last week. No one really knows when this story will conclude, but we can be sure that things will get very interesting today and into the weekend. It was said before that TNA had until Friday to make a decision on where […]

TNA Sale Talks: Dixie Carter Mishandles Deal, But WWE No Longer Potential Suitor

The latest TNA sale rumors suggest that the wrestling promotion isn’t only in need of money for its next pay-per-view and television taping, but they are also in need of someone who could properly hammer out the deal. The stakes are high for TNA as the beleaguered company is desperately trying to stay afloat while […]

WWE News: TNA Flights And Matches Cancelled For TV Tapings, Is WWE Sale Imminent?

Possibly the biggest story of the week has to be TNA Wrestling and their possible sale. Right now, there are three parties involved in the possible sale of TNA. First is Billy Corgan, who has been with the company for a year now and was just named TNA president. The second is Sinclair Broadcasting, the […]

WWE News: WWE Reportedly Back In Sale For TNA Wrestling, Dixie Carter Already In Talks To Sell To Them?

TNA Wrestling has managed to last over a decade after first being founded by Jeff Jarrett, who managed to deliver a great promotion with a ton of amazing workers who are now seen as some of the best wrestlers in the world today. The likes of Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Chris Daniels and […]

WWE News: Huge Update On TNA Being Sold, How Much They’re Worth, If WWE Inquired

TNA and the WWE have never truly been competitors. Vince McMahon was always one step ahead of Jeff Jarrett and then Dixie Carter. WWE had the financial backing, legacy, and wrestlers to provide memorable moments to keep the fans coming. It was as if McMahon was always one step ahead. Even when TNA gained a […]

WWE News: WWE Reportedly Put In A Bid To Buy TNA Wrestling Recently

TNA Wrestling has been around for over a decade now and they have done well off and on for a smaller promotion. It is quite apparent that they have helped to change the game a bit over the years. On top of this, they have managed to give us some incredible wrestlers who would go […]

TNA News: Billy Corgan Named Company President, Dixie Carter Changes Role

After several strong additions to the IMPACT Wrestling roster, TNA will move forward under new leadership as Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan was named IMPACT Wrestling president, per a press release issued on Friday (via WrestleZone). Dixie Carter was moved from president to chairman of the company. Corgan, 49, joined IMPACT Wrestling last April in […]

Mike Tenay Gives Grave Assessment On TNA’s Future

Mike Tenay, the former “voice of TNA Wrestling” and “WCW’s professor,” recently appeared on The Ross Report with Jim Ross podcast to discuss his new sports betting podcast as well as his time in WCW. But one particularly interesting topic of conversation that arose concerned his leaving TNA wrestling and the subsequent downward spiral. Unlike […]

TNA News: Aroluxe Marketing Now Owns ‘TNA,’ Dixie Carter Stays On As Majority Owner Of Company

It has been rumored for months now that TNA Wrestling may be sold off. Other rumors claimed that they were only looking for investors. Most wondered how TNA was able to get investor interest, seeing as the company has only gone down in recent years. There is even a shot that they are removed from […]

TNA News: Jeff Hardy Planning To Top Shane McMahon’s ‘WrestleMania 32’ Stunt At ‘TNA Slammiversary’

It should go without saying that Jeff Hardy is one of the craziest men in pro-wrestling history. The things he has done to entertain the fans for over 20 years now has to be commended. He built quite a following due to it. While Hardy always had problems with substance abuse and lost respect with […]

TNA News: TNA Officials Trying To Sign Top Talent To Exclusive Contracts

TNA has been in what seems to be a constant state of transition. Under the leadership of Jeff Jarrett and now Dixie Carter, the company has fought to be a legitimate alternative to the WWE, but the gap seems to widen at every turn. Sting, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan couldn’t help knock […]

TNA News: Is Dixie Carter Planning On Signing Recently Released WWE Superstars?

While TNA should be the second-biggest sports entertainment company in the world today, that distinction is arguable with New Japan and Ring of Honor, most notably, nipping at their heels. WWE is clearly the dominant entity in the industry, but even the giant has been forced to change its own tune lately due to poor […]

TNA News: Pop TV Excludes TNA Wrestling From Upfronts Listing, Possibly Dropping TNA Programming?

TNA Wrestling has gone through a lot the last number of years. A while back, they were dropped by Spike TV after nearly a decade of time spent on the network. They never drew amazing numbers there, but they were respectable enough to where some thought they could be considered an excellent number two option […]

TNA News: TNA Officials Months Behind On Paying Production Crew

TNA Impact Wrestling has remained in shambles for months, despite tweeting and talking about “high morale.” That stemmed from a hashtag and rumor that said Impact Wrestling was experiencing low morale. Even though most wrestling fans know that it’s true, Dixie Carter and the rest of the TNA roster want everyone to think they have […]