Joe Biden’s Campaign Raised $70 Million During Democratic National Convention

Joe Biden’s campaign saw a major infusion of donor cash during the Democratic National Convention, raising a reported $70 million over the course of the four-day event. The former vice president’s campaign told CNN that their joint fundraising committees were able to bring in the significant chunk of money, just a week after collecting $48 […]

Van Jones Says Democrats Were Going To Praise Joe Biden’s DNC Speech ‘As Long As He Didn’t Embarrass Himself’

CNN commentator Van Jones said on Thursday night that he and other Democrats were going to praise Joe Biden’s address at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) “as long as he didn’t embarrass himself,” Fox News reported. During a panel discussion with anchor Anderson Cooper, Jones — who advised former President Barack Obama — pointed out […]

Fox News Hosts Heap Praise On Joe Biden For ‘Home Run’ Speech At Democratic National Convention

Joe Biden earned praise from Fox News on Thursday. Hosts at the normally right-leaning network gave high marks to the speech that the former vice president delivered at the Democratic National Convention. Biden officially earned the party’s nomination this week and on Thursday, delivered an address that launched attacks against President Donald Trump while offering […]

Michelle Obama Warns That Things Could Get Much Worse If Donald Trump Is Reelected During DNC Speech

During her keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama delivered a powerful prerecorded message about the state of the country and her thoughts on what will happen if President Donald Trump is reelected, CNBC reported. The main takeaway from her speech was a warning of what will happen if Trump is allowed four […]

DNC Speakers Will Reportedly Focus On Donald Trump’s Failures Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Democrats scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will focus on President Donald Trump’s failures amid the coronavirus pandemic, The Hill reported on Sunday. The event will take place over four days, beginning Monday. There will be no crowds due to concerns over the spread of coronavirus, so most of […]

Joe Biden Says Democratic Party May Have To Hold A ‘Virtual Convention’

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the U.S. and social distancing is implemented as a preventative measure, Joe Biden suggested that the Democratic National Convention be held online. As reported by Breitbart, Biden floated the idea while speaking to George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s edition of This Week on Sunday. “We may have to do […]

Contested Democratic Convention Could ‘Tear The Party Apart,’ Says Democratic Strategist

With the rise of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who his supporters claim is not favored by the Democratic establishment, as well as a primary field that is still fairly crowded, there is still the possibility of a contested Democratic National Convention (DNC) and a Sanders snub. Speaking to Newsweek, longtime Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis talked […]

DNC Was ‘Intimately Involved’ In Developing Iowa Caucus App, Report Says

Although the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has distanced itself from the troubled Iowa caucus app that was developed by Shadow Inc., a new Yahoo News report claims that the governing body was actually “intimately involved” with the development of the technology. DNC Chair Tom Perez notably slammed the Iowa Democratic Party — which ran the […]

Andrew Yang Says Poking Fun Of Stereotypes Exposes ‘How Ridiculous They Are’

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has become known for making jokes about his Asian heritage, which has led to criticism from some. Speaking to Vice News at the 2020 Iowa Brown & Black Presidential Forum in Des Moines, the 44-year-old serial entrepreneur defended his use of stereotypes and suggested that humor is an effective way […]

Donald Trump: Democrats ‘Are Rigging The Election Again Against Bernie Sanders’

In a series of Twitter messages posted on Friday, President Donald Trump offered a theory about the dynamics of the Democratic Party primary race. According to Trump, Democratic leadership is once again “rigging” the election against Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont in order to benefit former Vice President Joe Biden. “They are rigging the […]

October Democratic Presidential Debate Will Take Place On One Night

Although many assumed the October Democratic presidential debate would be split into two nights, this is not the case. CNN reports that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will include all 12 candidates into just one night. “To address several inquiries we have received we are writing to let you know that, pending a final decision […]

New Policy Mandates DNC Staff Remain Neutral During Presidential Primaries

A new policy crafted by the Democratic National Committee aims to ensure that no appearance of favoritism is made by any staff members of the organization toward any political candidate seeking the party’s presidential nomination over the next two years. The new rules specifically aim to address problems that faced the DNC in 2016, when […]

DNC Fallout Results In More Resignations, And New Progressive Priorities

Since Wikileaks leaked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails, the fallout has been tempered by the obvious and long-delayed resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as party chair, where it hasn’t necessarily hurt the party as much as many would have hoped. The latest on the DNC fallout comes with news of resignation of three more […]

Trump, Khan Spat Is A Perfect Example Of Mainstream Media Bias

The Trump, Khan spat is a perfect example of the mainstream media bias that’s been running rampant during this election season. Khizr Khan and his wife spoke at the Democratic National Convention last week in honor of their fallen son, Humayun Khan, who died fighting for America in 2004 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Khan also […]

‘Bernie Or Bust’ Trolls And Anyone Attacking Sarah Silverman Are Just Wasting Their Time

In comparison to the Republican National Convention, the Democratic National Convention had some serious star power, and their “militarized” liberal Sarah Silverman did what she does best: she offended the anti-Hillary Bernie or Busters when she told them they “were being ridiculous” for holding out for far too long on not accepting Hillary Clinton as […]

Tyler Clinton: Hillary’s ‘Hot Nephew’ Has The Internet Swooning

Hillary Clinton was on fire at the Democratic National Convention as she officially accepted her nomination for President, but a new face caught viewers’ attention: her nephew, Tyler Clinton. According to the NY Daily News, the internet has been fascinated with Tyler Clinton ever since he was spotted in the background during the televised political […]

Islamic State Calls DNC Speaker Khizr Khan’s Slain Son An ‘Apostate’

Islamic State has called slain Army Captain Humayun Khan an ‘apostate,’ 12 years after he died following a suicide bombing in Iraq, while serving the U.S.A. At the recently concluded Democratic National Conference, soldier Humayun’s father, Khizr Khan, had appeared with his wife, Ghazala. The speech delivered by Khan was not only clear in its […]

Remember When Reporters Said Hillary Was Winning ‘Fair And Square,’ Because Sanders’ Supporters Will

For months, though Bernie Sanders’ supporters were saying that the DNC nominating process was rigged, reporters and pundits asserted that Hillary Clinton was winning or had already won “fair and square.” She didn’t, though. By now, the general public knows that the process was rigged in Hillary’s favor. More than just superdelegates (who cast their […]

Donald Trump Says He Wanted To ‘Hit’ DNC Speakers Who Criticized Him [Video]

Apparently, Donald Trump wasn’t impressed with or inspired by many of the speeches at the Democratic National Convention. Throughout the event, the DNC speakers focused largely on criticizing and otherwise disparaging the Republican presidential nominee, and according to a statement Donald Trump made at an Iowa campaign rally, he didn’t like what the DNC speakers […]

DNC Allegedly Turned Off The Lights On Bernie Sanders Delegates

The organizers allegedly turned off the lights on Bernie Sanders delegates attending the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center on the night of Wednesday, July 27, as they chanted “No More War” during the speech by the former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. The DNC allegedly attempted to shut them up at the […]

Did Bill Clinton Fall Asleep During Hillary’s Nomination Speech? Cameras Appear To Catch Bill Napping At The Democratic National Convention

Bill Clinton appeared to fall asleep during his wife’s historic speech on Thursday, with cameras catching the former president shutting his eyes while Hillary spoke about her plans to take on the terrorist group ISIS. The moment took place during Hillary Clinton’s historic speech on the final night of the Democratic National Convention, when Hillary […]

Democratic Party Attempts To Embrace Bernie Sanders’ Staunchest Supporters

In the last day of the Democratic convention, Bernie Sanders’ supporters remain defiant in their refusal to concede to Hillary Clinton, even when Bernie had already done so. The Hill is one of many sources that reported the final plea from Bernie Sanders during the roll call for his state of Vermont, saying that he […]

Who Is Khizr Khan? Father Of Muslim Soldier Killed In Iraq Has Been A Longtime Critic Of Donald Trump, Says It Is Duty Of Moderate Muslims To ‘Rat Out’ Extremists

Khizr Khan was on the undercard of a Democratic National Convention schedule on Thursday that included the keynote address by Hillary Clinton, but instead, the father of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq ended up stealing the spotlight with an emotional address that tore into Republican candidate Donald Trump. The speech had many turning to […]

Melania Trump’s Personal Website Disappears Amid Questions About The Validity Of Her Bio [Video]

In the aftermath of being accused of stealing a speech from Michelle Obama and telling lies about her education, Melania Trump has apparently taken down her personal website. was Melania Trump’s personal corner of the internet up until earlier this week. It hosted an array of products the prospective First Lady was hawking, from […]

Conservative Media Apparently Baffled By ‘All Gender’ Restroom At Democratic National Convention

It’s no longer liberal policy that’s confusing to conservative media — apparently, it’s the idea of an “all gender” or transgender restroom at the Democratic National Convention that baffles them, as well. Most guests at the Democratic National Convention reacted to the gender neutral bathroom with some curiosity, but mostly positive responses, Time reports. “It […]

Watch Barack Obama’s Democratic National Convention Speech Live Online: Start Time, Streaming Video Of Obama’s Address On Wednesday

Viewers can watch Barack Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech live online and see if the president can give a huge boost to his former rival at a time when she may need it the most. It was Obama who pulled off the biggest political upset in a generation back in 2008 when he unseated Clinton’s […]

Elizabeth Banks And Other Celebs Sing ‘Fight Song’ By Rachel Platten At DNC 2016 In Support Of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was given a big boost during the second night of the Democratic National Convention from a number of celebrities, including Elizabeth Banks. As well as taking to the stage in support of Clinton, the Hunger Games star also released a video featuring herself and a number of other Hollywood faces singing “Fight […]

Hillary Clinton Makes History, Secures Democratic Presidential Nomination

Hillary Clinton just made history in Philadelphia. The former secretary of State and New York Senator has won enough delegates to become the official 2016 presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. The results of the 2016 DNC roll call have transformed Hillary Clinton from presumptive nominee to the first female presidential nominee of a major […]

Michelle Obama’s Speech Claims White House Built By Slaves — Is There Any Truth To First Lady’s Statement?

Michelle Obama made quite the ruckus at the Democratic National Convention Monday night. Mrs. Obama claimed that the White House was, in fact, built by slave laborers. Whether there is any truth to this or not, it was apparently enough to turn heads when Michelle delivered her speech. ABC News captured the essence of the […]

The Democratic Convention In Philidelphia Is Anything But Patriotic

If you’re proud to be an American, chances are you aren’t attending the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this week. If you are attending, chances are you’re not sporting an American flag. If the democratic convention proved anything, it proved that Democrats are anti-America. Democratic Party supporters overwhelmingly did not sport the international symbol […]

Cory Booker Speech: New Jersey Senator Steals Show On First Night Of DNC, Has Fans Dreaming Of A Potential 2024 Presidential Run

Cory Booker gave a rousing Democratic National Convention speech that had political supporters invoking memories of 2004 dreaming about 2024. Though the New Jersey Senator was on the undercard of the convention’s first night that included speeches from Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders, by the end of the night it was Booker’s speech based on […]

Bernie Sanders And Supporters Get Apology From DNC In Wake Of Email Scandal, Is It Too Little Too Late? [Video]

Bernie Sanders and his ardent supporters just got an apology from the Democratic National Committee regarding the WikiLeaks email scandal that recently rocked the organization. The FBI is currently investigating the circumstances that led to the hack of the DNC and resulted in a dump of thousands of private emails, many of which focused on […]

Watch Bernie Sanders Democratic Convention Speech Full Replay: What Did Sanders Say As Supporters Protested Clinton?

Bernie Sanders delivered his long-awaited Democratic National Convention speech Monday, as the convention waited anxiously to see not only what Sanders will say about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but how his supporters will react to his speech after they loudly booed Sanders when he addressed them directly on Monday morning. Scroll down this page to […]

Bernie Sanders Supporter Rosario Dawson Criticizes Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders supporter Rosario Dawson has some harsh words about Hillary Clinton. Appearing at an event before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Rosario Dawson said Hillary Clinton is “not a leader. She is a follower,” according to the Associated Press. “She follows public opinion on things,” Rosario Dawson said. She said Bernie Sanders supporters […]

The Clean Energy Revolution: A Peaceful Protest In Philadelphia On The Eve Of The Democratic National Convention

The Protests at the Democratic National Convention are just getting started, but they are off to a solid beginning. While protesters by the thousands marched on Philadelphia, the marches have been very peaceful. The Sunday event was a perfect example of what a peaceful protest march should look like. Sunday, The Clean Energy Revolution marched […]

Michelle Obama Scheduled To Speak At Democratic Convention: Will She Mention Her ‘Let Girls Learn’ Global Initiative?

Michelle Obama is scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention on Monday evening. Democratic Party leaders have certain goals for her speech. Officials at the convention are eager for Michelle to work her magic to unify the party. Mrs. Obama has a common sense appeal to everyday Americans, and the convention officials hope her […]

Appalled At ‘Divisive’ Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg Will Endorse Hillary Clinton At DNC

Michael Bloomberg plans to endorse Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week, the New York Times reports. An adviser to Mr. Bloomberg said the former mayor of New York will support Clinton “from the perspective of a business leader and an independent.” Bloomberg endorsed President Barack Obama when he was running […]

More Bernie Sanders DNC Leaked Emails Coming Soon? Presumed Convention Outcome Could Change

Will there be a surprise twist at the DNC on July 25 with the leadership of the convention resigning along with Hillary Clinton conceding to Bernie Sanders? This prediction might not be so difficult to believe now that WikiLeaks has dumped almost 20,000 emails from DNC leaders — some of which are construed as anti-Bernie […]

Philadelphia Airport Strike Averted: Mayor Kenney Fosters Communication To Keep American Airlines Workers On The Job During D.N.C. Week

Philadelphia Airport workers will not be going on strike during one of the city’s most visible periods. Mayor Jim Kenney told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he and Governor Tom Wolf reached an agreement for the disgruntled workers – who identify as S.E.I.U. 32B.J. – not to strike during this week when the Democratic National Convention […]

Bernie Sanders Responds To Trump Suggestion That Sanders Supporters Will Flock To Him [Video]

During his Republican presidential nomination acceptance speech, Donald Trump claimed that former Bernie Sanders supporters will flock to him and the Republican Party in the wake of Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Trump was shockingly respectable regarding Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as he stood on and spoke from the Cleveland RNC stage, but Sanders […]

Bernie Sanders Fans Plan DNC ‘Intervention’ As Weird Rally, Protest Details Emerge

Will the DNC in Philadelphia be an event to remember because of Bernie Sanders’ fans? On Twitter, fans of Bernie Sanders are excited he will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on Monday, July 25 in Philadelphia. However, some of the posts on Twitter tagged with #UniteBlue, #DNCinPHL, or #SeeYouInPhilly include unexpected information […]

Will Bernie Sanders Speak At DNC Against Its Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

With the Democratic National Convention only a few days away, Bernie Sanders supporters are excited to hear their favorite leader speak, but will his DNC speech focus on booting out the current Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz? This can be potentially disappointing news to those in the Democratic Party that want to […]

Deanna Vicites: Hillary Clinton Delegate Shoots Husband, Is Jailed, Just Days Before DNC [Video]

In the midst of the RNC, a Hillary Clinton-supporting Democratic delegate by the name of Deanna Vicites is making some troubling news of her own. According to reports, Vicites, an “at-large,” Clinton-supporting Democratic delegate, has been arrested and charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting her husband in the throat. The incident took place Sunday, […]

Bernie Sanders ‘After Berners’ Still Lured By Donald Trump After Mike Pence Added

A select group of Bernie Sanders fans are not pleased that he is supporting Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party presidential nominee, and now these “After Berners” that tweet #NeverHillary are being targeted by Donald Trump as potential allies, once again, at the Republican National Convention (RNC). As it appears, this could be a tactic […]

In A College Setting, Melania Trump Would Have Failed

Let’s go back in time for a moment. Michelle Obama, circa 2008 at the Democratic National Convention. At such a pivotal time in the then-almost First Lady’s life, Mrs. Obama delivered a speech on August 25, 2008, at Denver, Colorado. (Wow. That’s the exact date when my fiancé and I started dating. Weird.) This speech, […]

#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes Highlight Of Melania’s Speech

Maybe Melania Trump didn’t see it coming, but her speech from last night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, is likely the best thing on Twitter today. #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes is trending, and there are suggestions rampant that the wannabe First Lady lifted significant passages of her speech from Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 […]

Arkansas Man Headed On Foot To Democratic National Convention, Turns Around In Ohio — You’ll Never Guess Why

On Saturday, the Inquisitr featured the story of a young man who headed out on foot from Arkansas to Philadelphia. Nathan Shuffield had set a course for the Democratic National Convention. On Saturday, he was in Columbus, Ohio, having walked a great deal and gotten some rides through cities from fellow Berniecrats and even a […]

Bernie Sanders As Clinton’s Vice President? ‘Never Hillary’ Fans Remain Firm

Will Bernie Sanders be the next vice president of the United States on the same ticket as Hillary Clinton? Will the campaign slogan “Stronger Together” now be seen with new eyes? Bernie Sanders disappointed a lot of his supporters when he officially endorsed Hillary Clinton in her race to run for president in 2016, but […]

Bernie Sanders ‘Sell Out’? Refund May Come To Some Fans For Two Reasons

Could Bernie Sanders supporters be getting a refund in the near future? Headlines starting around July 10 certainly seem to suggest that — just as Bernie Sanders fans are calling him a “sell out.” Many Bernie Sanders fans felt betrayed on July 12 when he said Hillary Clinton was getting his support and that he […]

Bernie Sanders Endorsed Hillary Clinton, But Did Not Suspend His Presidential Campaign?

Bernie Sanders formally endorsed Hillary Clinton Tuesday, announcing that their shared enemy is more critically dangerous than the differences that the two Democrats have. Sanders said, “Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination and I congratulate her for that.” Sanders and Clinton shared very “little natural chemistry” according to the observations of a CNN reporter, […]