Galaxies With Almost No Dark Matter Exist, Confirm Two Yale Studies

In 2018, Yale University researchers published a groundbreaking study about galaxy NGC 1052-DF2 — the first known galaxy with little or no dark matter. As NASA pointed out, the galaxy is as large as our Milky Way. The agency’s Hubble Space Telescope was subsequently used to learn more about this mysterious and unique corner of […]

A New Study Has Provided The First Evidence Of ‘Dark Matter Heating’ And The Movement Of Dark Matter

Scientists have finally found proof that once dark matter has been heated up, it can move around — and that this occurs because of stars that are being forged within galaxies. In a new study, scientists successfully demonstrated how they have observed something known as “dark matter heating,” while also providing further details about the […]

A Bold New Study Suggests Our Universe May Be Partnered With And Mirror An Antimatter Universe

In the fascinating and ever-changing world of physics, things are always evolving, and now a new study has suggested that our universe may be partnered with a mirror universe which, in this case, could be an antimatter universe. This antimatter universe may also be heading backwards to a time that existed before the Big Bang, […]

Scientists Have Finally Discovered A Way To ‘See’ Dark Matter With The Hubble Space Telescope

An international team of scientists believe that they have finally found a way to “see” dark matter, which is an invisible and elusive substance that makes up 85 percent of the matter in the universe. As the Daily Mail has reported, in a new study, astronomers hailing from Spain and Australia have written that by […]

Astronomers Discover Extraordinary Galaxy Filled With Dark Matter 9 Billion Light-Years From Earth

Astronomers at the University of Texas at Austin have just published a new study on the extraordinary discovery of galaxy DSFG850.95, which is filled with large amounts of dark matter, essentially contradicting the theory that galaxies don’t generally begin their life with much dark matter. As report, the ancient galaxy DSFG850.95 is 9 billion […]

An Oxford Astrophysicist Has Suggested That ‘Dark Fluid’ Could Be The Dominant Force In The Universe

A new study has just suggested that a strange “dark fluid” of negative masses may account for much of the matter in the universe that continues to mystify us. As Oxford University astrophysicist Jamie Farnes has put it, the most succinct theoretical model can only account for five percent of what we see in the […]

A ‘Dark Matter Hurricane’ Is Headed For Earth And Will Batter Our Planet For Millions Of Years

A “dark matter hurricane” is barreling through the Milky Way, sweeping right through our corner of the galaxy. This fast-moving stream of dark matter particles is storming over Earth as we speak and could end up slamming into our planet, reports CNet. However, there’s no cause for alarm points out the media outlet. In fact, […]

A New Study Reveals Galaxy NGC 3256 May Contain A Staggering Amount Of Dark Matter

A new study has just determined that Galaxy NGC 3256, a luminous infrared galaxy (LIRG), may contain a staggering amount of dark matter within its center. This galaxy, which can be found in the Hydra-Centaurus supercluster complex 114 million light years away from Earth, is one of the most vividly bright galaxies close to us […]

New Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey Has Produced A Detailed Map Which Shows Dark Matter In The Universe

A team of international researchers have just released a new map through the Hyper Suprime-Cam survey (HSC) that shows the universe’s three-dimensional distribution of matter — including dark matter — in what is currently the deepest wide field map of its kind. As reports, Carnegie Mellon University’s Rachel Mandelbaum explained that the new HSC […]

Scientists Discover Galaxy With 400 Times Less Dark Matter Than Most Others Its Size

Scientists have discovered a galaxy which contains 400 times less dark matter than the majority of other objects its size, making it extremely rare. This unique galaxy has defied all odds when it comes to what researchers know, or thought they knew, about this heavily mysterious type of matter. According to, galaxy NGC 1052-DF2 […]

Astronomers Spot Signal From Universe’s First Stars, Hint At Dark Matter’s Influence On Early Universe

Astronomers have gotten a glimpse of the earliest days of the universe, picking up a signal from some of the first stars created after the Big Bang. The new findings could also point to dark matter having an influence on the early universe beyond its gravitational pull, and offer some insight on the substance believed […]

New Study On Dwarf Galaxies Raises More Questions Than Answers Regarding Dark Matter Model

Scientists are baffled by new observations from 13 million light-years away, where a group of satellites, or dwarf galaxies, orbits the much larger elliptical galaxy Centaurus A. And while this isn’t a particularly unique phenomenon, what’s struck scientists as peculiar is how the satellites’ movements do not seem to mesh with existing theories about dark […]

New Map Of The Universe Probes The Enduring Mystery Of Dark Matter

One of science’s most enduring mysteries was the subject of a new map of the universe that was released earlier this week. The product of over five years of intense study by the Dark Energy Survey (DES), the map is the most accurate yet of the substance. In order to produce the map, researchers collected […]

Scientists Put Together First ‘Image’ Of Dark Matter That Connects Galaxies In The Universe

In the truest sense of the term, it’s not a real “image” of dark matter, but it’s as close as we could get to seeing the mysterious force that ties galaxies together in the universe. According to National Geographic, dark matter makes up approximately 25 percent of the universe and is not to be confused […]

Apple: WikiLeaks’ CIA Hacks Will Not Work On Current Versions Of iOS And OS X

Apple claims that the CIA hacks released by WikiLeaks in its Vault 7: Dark Matter cache are obsolete and pose no threat to current iPhone and Mac users. The WikiLeaks documents list several projects meant for use on OS X devices (Macs) and one project, NightSkies v1.2, intended for implementation on the iPhone. According to […]

WikiLeaks Dark Matter: Vault 7 Releases Details How The CIA Hacks Apple Devices

WikiLeaks “Dark Matter,” a new installment under the whistleblower group’s Vault 7 series, explains how the CIA is able to hack into Apple devices and take full control of them. Released on Thursday, the newly released document from WikiLeaks made public confidential information that details the methods used by the CIA in order to extract […]

Galaxy Mass Murder: Scientists Find Entire Galaxies Being Killed By ‘Halos,’ Quicker Than ‘Strangulation’

Scientists have been on the trail of a mysterious galaxy killer for some time, and new research suggests that they just might have pinpointed the culprit — a process known as ram-pressure stripping. Even worse, it was discovered that this particular method of galaxy killing was far more prevalent than previously believed. Space Daily reported […]

Vera Rubin Dead At 88, Lady Astronomer Who Pioneered The Existence Of Dark Matter Faced Gender Discrimination Throughout Her Career

Vera Rubin, the famous astronomer, also credited for her research on the existence of dark matter has died. According to The Washington Post, Vera Rubin passed away at an assisted living facility in Princeton, New Jersey at the age of 88 on Christmas day. Her death has been confirmed by her son Allan Rubin, who […]

New Theory Of Gravity Passes First Test, Could Explain Dark Matter

A new theory of gravity passed it’s first major test this week. Professor Erik Verlinde, a specialist in string theory at the University of Amsterdam and the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics, has developed a new theory of gravity that could replace aspects of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity and change our understanding of […]

A Entire Galaxy Found To Be Made Entirely Of 999 Percent Dark Matter

Astronomers are saying that they’ve discovered a galaxy which is entirely made of 999 percent dark matter. The 999 percent dark matter figure, is to many, about as confusing as trying to figure out what dark matter is, even when it’s already confused with dark energy. The Inquisitr wrote about the latest research by astrophysicists […]

Scientists Find Dark Matter Elusive And That They’re Gonna Need A Bigger Sensor

This week a bunch of scientists crawled out of a deep hole in South Dakota, then they flew to Sheffield University to announce that the dark matter they were looking for was being elusive, after spending 20 months underground trying to find it. The announcement was made at a Dark Matter conference at the University […]

Dark Matter: The Invisible Force At The Heart Of A Galactic Mystery

Dark matter, invisible and enigmatic, may be the solution to a riddle posed by a star that is speeding through our galaxy. The recent discovery of the star system throws existing theories about the center of the galaxy into question – unless dark matter enters the equation. As reported in The Astrophysical Journal, Péter Németh […]

Several New Galaxies Discovered Bathed In Dark Matter

Scientists have used the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) at the European Southern Observatory, to find number of extremely large, albeit young galaxies, at distance of about 11 billion light years away from Earth. What’s particularly interesting about the discovery is that all of the young galaxies are bathed in dark matter. The ALMA offers […]

Ruby Rose Proves She Is Built For Fun In ‘Dark Matter’

Ruby Rose may be the hottest new star on Orange is the New Black, but that doesn’t mean Ms. Rose is content to let OITNB be her only claim to fame. Ruby has been stretching her acting legs and efforts to expand her acting portfolio has landed Ms. Rose a guest starring role on the […]

‘Dark Matter’: SYFY Fans Excited About New Trailer, TV Series But Expecting To Be Disappointed, Premieres Tonight

Dark Matter is a new TV series coming to SyFy this weekend. Dark Matter, which is based on the comic book written by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, is due to premiere tonight. Produced by Prodigy Pictures, the graphic novel-inspired Dark Matter series centers around a group of six individuals who mysteriously appeared on a […]

Dark Matter May Have Been Discovered — Could Be ‘Historic’ Breakthrough

Dark matter seems to be almost a thing of science fiction rather than science. It cannot be seen, but it’s thought to make up around 85 percent of all matter in the entire universe. It’s a web that, stretching throughout space, is believed to give the actual cosmos its very structure… and yet, so far, […]

Bite-Sized Milky Way: Turns Out Our Galaxy Is Smaller Than We Thought

Wanna feel small? Turns out the Milky Way — home to you and everything you love — isn’t comparatively as massive as we thought it was. In fact, compared to one of our closest neighboring galaxies, Andromeda, we are positively bite-sized. The news comes by way of a new study published in the Monthly Notices […]

NASA Detects Mysterious X-Ray Signal 240 Million Light Years Away

NASA astronomers have detected a signal, characterized by a “spike of intensity at a very specific wavelength of X-ray light,” in the Perseus galaxy cluster, 240 million light years from Earth. According to Gizmodo, NASA scientists don’t yet know what the origin of the signal is, but they theorize that it could possibly be related […]

Dark Matter Evidence Further Uncovered By Eager Scientists

Scientists on Friday announced a breakthrough that could help them prove the existence of dark matter. According to the group of researchers, new results point to further evidence that the elusive matter exists. The new findings were announced at the James E. Webb Auditorium at NASA Headquarters. According to Michael Salamon, the U.S. Department of […]