Meg Turney Flaunts Curvy Booty While Posing On ‘Star Wars’-Themed Float

Cosplay model Meg Turney took to Instagram on Wednesday night to share her first new post in nearly a week — a photo of herself showcasing her derriere while posing on a float inspired by the Star Wars movie franchise. The picture appeared to have been taken in the daytime while Meg was lounging in […]

Halsey Flaunts Her Abs In A ‘Sailor Moon’ Costume With A Twist

Halsey rocked a costume based on a popular anime character, but the “Colors” songstress decided to give Usagi Tsukino, the blond protagonist of the Sailor Moon series, a colorful makeover. On Saturday, Halsey took to Instagram to show off her latest cosplay creation. The 25-year-old musician was wearing a white crop top that hit her […]

Cosplay Model Meg Turney Sports Sizzling Poison Ivy Costume In Throwback Photo

On Friday, cosplay model Meg Turney delighted fans by uploading a sizzling throwback photo on Instagram. The image, taken by professional photographer Marco Parc, showed the stunner dressed as botanist Dr. Pamela Isley, who is better known as Poison Ivy, from the Batman franchise. Meg flaunted her incredible curves in the figure-hugging costume that consisted […]

Cosplay Model Erica Fett Sizzles In Spider-Man-Inspired Costumes

On Friday, January 31, cosplay model Erica Fett shared a series of sizzling snaps that showed her wearing Spider-Man-inspired costumes on Instagram. The pictures were taken by professional cosplay photographer Wes Smith, known as the Portrait Dude on social media. In the first image, Erica stood in front of a brick wall and wore a […]

Joker Cosplay Banned By Landmark Theaters For The Movie’s Opening Weekend

If you were excited about attending the opening weekend of Joker while using the opportunity to perfect your Joker cosplay this weekend, you’re fresh out of luck. Anyone who arrives at Landmark or Regal Cinema theaters dressed up as Batman’s notorious arch rival will find themselves turned away at the doors, according to TMZ. While […]

Dutch Furry’s Cooling Vest Proves Popular With Soldiers & Fursuit Cosplayers

Furries or fursuit cosplayers come from all walks of life, and it sounds like some of them are investors, gaining the admiration of their peers and the military. According to The Daily Beast, a Dutch furry, Pepeyn Langedijk, also known as “EZ Wolf,” grew tired of overheating in his lupine suit. He modified an existing […]

The Top 5 Sexiest Female Cosplayers To Follow On Instagram

As cosplaying becomes more popular around the world, the top cosplayers have achieved a level of fame for their skill, and as is often the case, their sexiness. This is especially true of female cosplayers that make up the majority of professional cosplayers. While many men and women inhabit the spirit of the cosplay beautifully, […]

The Sexiest Bikini & Costume Photos Of Jessica Nigri ‘Queen Of Cosplay’

Jessica Nigri, the “Queen of Cosplay,” has repeatedly been voted as one of the best and sexiest cosplayers on the planet, per Cosplayer Network. Nigri burst onto the scene at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con when she officially debuted one of her most famous cosplays, sexy Pikachu. Nigri showed up as just another convention attendee, […]

The Sexiest Star Wars Cosplayers On Instagram

Cosplaying, which is literally a mashup of the words “costume and play,” is a major part of geek culture that millions of people participate in, some even professionally. Of all the fandoms, the Star Wars universe has one of the largest and most devoted cosplaying communities. The thing that is so appealing about cosplay is […]

Fake Trump And Fake Kim ‘Weren’t Kicked Out’ Of Winter Olympics, Impersonators And Organizers Clarify

Two impressionists made quite the impression last Friday after they showed up in Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium dressed as U.S. president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. In a rare feat that continues to fascinate many, Australian-Chinese Howard X (not his real name) and Chicago native Dennis Alan arrived at the 2018 Winter Olympics […]

‘Daily Mail’ Writer Stirs Geek Pot, Banned From London Film & Comic Con, Calls Fans ‘Saddos’

A Daily Mail columnist, Liz Jones, has created a stir in the geek-culture community after her experience covering the London Film & Comic Con this past weekend. In fact, Showmasters, the company that organizes the event, has made it known via Twitter that the media outlet has been “banned from press.” Her opinion on attendees, […]

Anime-Themed Glasses Soon To Be Sold In Tokyo, Licensed Collaboration Products Available For Manga/Anime Fans

People seeking anime-themed glasses to match their cosplay outfit are in for a treat as a shop in Tokyo, Japan known as the “Animegane” will soon be selling custom-made eyewear based on popular manga and anime. Otaku diehard fans in Akihabara, Tokyo will soon be having a new go-to shop for eyewear as a new […]

Joker And Harley Quinn Cosplay Swinging Couple Shot By Police At Australian Club

Australian Joker and Harley Quinn cosplay costuming club patrons had an unfortunate encounter with local police, who had opened fire on them. It was believed that the two were in the course of intercourse, publicly demonstrating their eroticism in front of the Inflation night club patrons when the raid occurred, according to The Age. It […]

Korean Cosplay Star Pion Kim In ‘Offensive’ Makeup Controversy

Cosplayer Pion Kim is apparently hearing from the social justice cohort that the use of makeup in a character portrayal is offensive or racist. For those unfamiliar with this subculture, cosplay, or costume play, is form of role-playing performance art in which people dress up as fictional characters from anime, comic books, or video games […]

Tokyo Comic-Con Lifts Ban On Men Crossdressing During Cosplays

Did Tokyo Comic-Con just ban men from cosplaying women characters? Well apparently, they did. But not for long. Cosplay has become a huge part of anime and gaming conventions and, most of the time, not only members of the LGBT take this opportunity to dress up as the opposite gender. How many men have we […]

Tickets Go On Sale For The Cosplay Train Express From Los Angeles to San Diego Comic-Con

It’s that time of year again. San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner, and, of course, there is a last-minute dash to secure transportation and lodging. But, why not travel to San Diego in style? As part of an annual trek from Los Angeles to San Diego to celebrate this iconic event, Angry Goat […]

‘Fallout 4’ Fans Create Piper Cosplay, Vault 111 Beetle Dwelling, Blast Radius Game, And Arcade Cabinet

Bethesda Games gave credence to the Fallout 4 game community recently on their website, giving accolades for a job well done on impressing the company that started the wasteland fan base. Todd Howard would be proud. Bethesda has featured new fan creations on the “High Five” section of their website. A Vault for beetles and […]

‘The Guild’ Inspired Cosplay Costume Produced By A 3D Printer And Modeled By Geek Girl Felicia Day

It’s amazing how cosplay costume design and 3D printing could make a celebrity geek girl like Felicia Day all teary-eyed. About six months ago, Felicia was contacted by 3D printing artist, Melissa Ng. The Guild actress was so moved to tears by Melissa’s note, she decided to let the cosplay 3D costumer designer pursue her […]

BlizzCon 2015 Cosplay Winners All From ‘Starcraft’ And ‘Diablo’ Titles

As BlizzCon 2015 closes, the best cosplays of the conference emerge victorious in the BlizzCon Costume contest. Held at the Anaheim convention center in Anaheim, California, Blizzcon 2015 was all about fun, games, and competitive play. A lot of new Blizzard thingamajigs have been announced at the BlizzCon 2015, from November 6 to 7. Some […]

‘McDonalds Goddess’ Draws Throngs Of Men To Taipei Golden Arches, Hoping For A Glimpse

A so-called “McDonalds Goddess” is drawing thousands of spectators and curiosity-seekers — mostly men — to a Taipei location, where an exceptionally-attractive young lady works, MSN is reporting. Wei Han Xu is, of course, not a goddess — she’s a college student who works part-time at a Taipei McDonald’s. But she has features, described as […]

McDonald’s Goddess Photo Goes Viral, Fast Food Restaurant Gets More Customers

It’s not hard for people to find goddesses – those women associated with love and beauty – anywhere. In Taiwan, there’s even a goddess that’s apparently working at a McDonald’s. Wei Han Xu has been dubbed the “McDonald’s Goddess” and her conspicuous beauty has resulted in a marked increase in foot traffic and sales at […]

Little Person Acted Like Dalek In Bizarre Incident — Gets Tazed

A man who pretended to be a Dalek from the popular show Doctor Who was tazed by police in an incident that reportedly spun out of control. The Huffington Post reports that 55-year-old Ian Salter-Bromley was jailed after he threatened people who live in the same care home as him. He did it in a […]

Comic Con Geekdom Takes Over Detroit At The Motor City Comic Con

The Motor City Comic Con kicked off yesterday. CBS Detroit noted how fans looking to register overwhelmed website servers in the lead up to Friday’s start time. This further proves that an event once relegated to the outcasts, nerds, and geeks of society has gone mainstream and continues to grow. At this comic con, along […]

Little Daredevil Makes For An Adorable ‘Toddler Without Fear’

Marvel’s Daredevil series on Netflix turned into a surprise success that received more than its share of critical acclaim and social media buzz. Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock turned out to be popular enough to be picked up for a second season. Can he match this adorable tyke’s take on the “Man Without Fear” though? Meet […]

Megacon 2015 Photos Of Cosplay: Was This Year’s Convention Better Than 2014 Or A Fail?

The Megacon 2015 photos are coming streaming in now that central Florida’s largest convention for cosplayers has come to an end, but how did this year’s Megacon convention compare against 2014? In a related report by the Inquisitr, on the east coast of Florida, there is a small but growing convention called Space Coast Nerd […]

Here Comes The Boom: Comic Con Preparations Bring About ‘Hotelpocalypse’

For four days in July, 2015, the San Diego Comic Con International will be a mecca for every aspect of the comic book industry. And leave it to that particular facet of popular culture to bring about a new, over-the-top term to describe the lay of the land in SoCal as the big event grows […]

SXSW 2015 — Thousands To Descend On Austin, Texas, For Annual Music, Film, And Tech Fest

South By South West, better known by the acronym SXSW, the annual convention that brings together throngs of music lovers, film buffs, and the techno-set, hits Austin, Texas, this weekend, where tens of thousands of people will see the latest and greatest in interactive technology, live music, and movie screenings. SXSW, which began in 1987 […]

3D Printer Gives Disabled Boy Prosthetic Star Wars Arm [Video]

Thanks to 3D printer technology, a young boy who had no left arm beyond his elbow was fitted with a fully functioning prosthetic Star Wars clone trooper arm. 7-year-old Liam Porter of Augusta, Georgia was the lucky recipient of the custom arm which was presented to him by official clone troopers. The actors were members […]

‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ Cosplayer Is Turning Heads And Making Ladies Swoon, But Has A Mind-Blowing Surprise!

Thanks to the worldwide mainstreaming of Japanese animation (known as anime) and comic books, the art of costume play (known as cosplay) has become more accepted in society. The Inquisitr reported on both the good and the bad pertaining to the hobby, the people who partake in it (cosplayers), and events (conventions). Unfortunately, acceptance of […]

Cosplay Is Not Consent, New York Comic Con Posts Signs Against Harrasment

Cosplay has become a staple at comic book conventions, anime cons, horror cons, and everything in between. The costumes range from obscure homages to nearly forgotten characters to the most popular heroes and villains of the industry. Many times, dressing in suggestive gear has become a way for an individual to add a unique quality […]

Fat Cosplayers Facebook Inspires Rage In Anime Fans Who Loathe Cosplay Fat Shaming

That angry sound you hear is not the voice actors from Dragonball Z: Battle Of Gods doing their best to power up. That’s the sound of the rage inspired by the so-called Fat Cosplayers 2.0 Facebook page that was apparently set up with the intention of fat shaming overweight women dressing up as their favorite […]

Darrien Hunt: Family Claims He Was Shot In The Back, Cops Say He Lunged With A Cosplay Samurai Sword

The case of Darrien Hunt is almost starting to resemble the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson based upon the huge differences between the two stories being told. Police officers say they shot Mr. Hunt four times when he lunged at them with a sword. The Hunt family has a dramatically different story to tell, […]

Real-Life Batman Cruises Freeways On Batcycle — In Japan! Video of ‘Chibatman’ Goes Viral

Batman — a real-life Batman — has been spotted on the freeways of Japan cruising through traffic on his Batcycle — and if you don’t believe that’s possible, check out this cell phone video taken in Japan’s Chiba Prefecture, a video that went viral over the past week, already nearing the million-view mark. Because this […]

Deadpool Arrested, Cosplayer Suspected As A Terrorist For His Guns, Swords, And Grenades

A Deadpool cosplayer was arrested by police because people were getting nervous about all the swords, ammunition, grenades and firearms he was carrying. Of course, you would have thought people would have realized he was not about to start any shenanigans because he was also carrying a tray of cupcakes intended for a charity event […]

‘Littlest Jedi’ Passes Her Stormtrooper Armor To Another Bullied Girl

Katie Goldman, who earned the nickname the “Littlest Jedi” after the Star Wars community rallied to defend her from cyberbullying in 2010, has decided to donate the stormtrooper armor that fellow fans built for her two years later to another little girl fighting the same battle. Goldman made headlines in 2010 when she was cyberbullied […]

The Predatoddler [Video]

d’awwwwwwww! It’s the most adorable homicidal hunter alien ever!

Boredom Is Overrated: Fine Artist Discusses His Manga, Anime, Cosplay, And Video Game Inspired Art

Casey Gardner is a fine artist and musician in Melbourne, Florida who goes by the pseudonym, [Boredom.Is.Overrated]. He is an active member of the art community and generally tries to spread art and music through any means. But what is it that inspired him to create artwork of this type? In a related report by […]

Taiwanese Student Bests Tony Stark With Cardboard Iron Man Suit

Taiwanese student Kai-Xiang Xhong has gone and showed up genius/playboy/billionaire/philanthropist Tony Stark by constructing an Iron Man suit… out of cardboard. The Stan Winston School of Character Arts interviewed Xhong, who boasted that while Stark’s suit cost almost $1 billion to make, his cost zero. Xhong, who is 20 years-old and has made other cardboard […]

Megacon 2014: Was The Convention A Fail Or Just Overcrowded?

Megacon 2014 has come and gone and already the grumbling about the Orlando Convention Center event is starting to be felt all over Facebook and social media. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the fan favorites for Megacon 2014 photos seemed to be Star Wars, Assassin’s Creed, and Attack On Titan. I’ve been to […]

Dragon Con 2013 Cosplay Photos: Arsenic Arson Explains Her Art

Dragon Con 2013 is off to a good start with Dragon Con 2013 cosplay photos already making their rounds. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Mega Con 2013 featured the Star Trek: Next Generation crew. Comic Con 2013 in San Diego wowed audiences not only with cosplay costumes, but they had giant walking robots and […]

Megacon 2013 Features Anime, Cosplay, And Star Trek ‘Next Generation’ Crew

Orlando, FL – Megacon 2013 is a convention in Orlando that features anime, comics, and everything else a nerd might desire. This year’s Megacon is featuring the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Megacon originally started in 1993 with the intention of bringing together SciFi, fantasy, gaming, anime, and comic book fans. They […]

Cops At Comic Con

It’s like they totally get it, man.

‘BioShock Infinite’ Developers Hire Look-Alike To Be ‘Official Face Of Elizabeth”

For many comic book and video game fans, cosplay is a serious hobby. It is a hobby that requires a lot of skill to do. Cosplayers must have the artistic ability to apply the right kind of makeup to the design. They must also have the sewing and crafting skills required to build complicated outfits, […]

Gran Turismo Cosplay

You may not expect it, but it kind of looks like this.

Meanwhile, At The Renaissance Faire

Unless you are looking to bone other people at cosplayover camp, such shenanigans tend to put off the laydeez.

Apparently you can get kicked out of Comic-Con because of your costume [PICS]

One of the integral parts of the whole Comic-Con experience each year in San Diego is the number of people who go to great effort to create and wear costumes of their favorite comic hero. Some incredibly complex and well done and others are well .. stupid. However one thing you don’t hear of is […]

Clever cosplayer captures Buzz’s ‘Toy Story’ breakdown

Don’t you get it? You see the hat? I am Mrs. Nesbitt! [source unknown]

There is CosPlay and then there is Lara Croft

For those of you not familiar with the term cosplay it refers to people who dress up at their favorite character from a movie, a game, or as in the case with steampunk as an alternate universe that could have been. In many cases though the term generally refers to some pretty incredible real life […]

Princess Zelda cosplayers, here’s the Link you’ve been looking for

I’ve previously posted at least one a-m-a-z-i-n-g Princess Zelda cosplay, but what’s a Zelda without her Link? So here we go, the best Link cosplay I’ve ever seen. The kid in the pictures is, of course, Saria, Link’s childhood best friend who appears early on in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: This shoot […]

11 Images of CosPlay – an incredible world of imagination

I’m a fan of a lot of games that I play. A little bit of Mass Effects, some Half Life 2, a touch of Dragon Age, and a heck of a lot of Borderlands are my current favorites but somehow I don’t ever see myself getting all dressed up like any if the characters in […]