WWE News: Corey Graves Explains What’s ‘Killing’ The Women’s Tag Team Division

Citing the latest episode of WWE’s After the Bell podcast, WrestlingNews.co reported that Corey Graves was critical of the company’s Women’s Tag Team division. The episode, which also featured Hall of Famer Edge, saw Graves reveal his real thoughts on female pairings in WWE. According to the outspoken Friday Night SmackDown announcer, the lack of […]

WWE News: Beth Phoenix Reveals If She Has The ‘Itch’ To Wrestle Again

As quoted by Fightful, Beth Phoenix was a guest on the latest episode of WWE’s After the Bell podcast. During the conversation with Corey Graves, she was asked if she has the “itch” to lace up her wrestling boots again. According to Phoenix, she’s happy in her current role as a commentator on the black-and-gold […]

WWE Rumors: Former Superstar Could Be Set For In-Ring Comeback After Being Forced To Retire Due To Injury

Edge and Daniel Bryan returning to the squared circle in recent years proved that anything is possible in WWE. Both superstars had to retire in the past due to career-ending injuries, but they shocked fans — and themselves — when they became healthy enough to compete again. Corey Graves has noticed this trend as well, […]

WWE News: Details On Seth Rollins’ Backstage Heat With Former United States Champion Revealed

On the latest episode of Corey Graves After the Bell podcast, the Friday Night SmackDown commentator said that Baron Corbin rubbed several WWE superstars the wrong way during his days in the developmental system. As quoted by Sportskeeda, Graves revealed that Seth Rollins had an issue with the 2019 King of the Ring winner and […]

WWE News: Carmella Reveals Corey Graves’ Unexpected Reaction After She Confessed Her Love For Him

WWE superstar Carmella took to Instagram over the weekend to share a photo and tell her followers about a sweet moment she had with her boyfriend, Corey Graves, earlier that day. According to the Friday Night SmackDown superstar, she opened up about her romantic feelings for the announcer, and he responded with an unexpected request. […]

WWE News: Otis Opens Up About Real Relationship With Mandy Rose, Reveals Nickname He Gave Her

Otis and Mandy Rose are currently enjoying a blossoming romance storyline with each other on WWE television, but their friendship is strong behind the scenes as well. During the latest episode of Corey Graves‘ After the Bell podcast, by the way of Wrestling Inc, Otis gave an out-of-character interview about the current object of his […]

WWE News: Corey Graves Shares Heartwarming Brock Lesnar Stories

Brock Lesnar has a reputation for being as terrifying in real life as he is on WWE television. However, according to Corey Graves on the latest edition of his After the Bell podcast, “The Beast Incarnate” is quite friendly. As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, the announcer discussed meeting the Universal Champion for the first time in […]

WWE News: Mauro Ranallo Finally Opens Up About Negative Corey Graves Incident

NXT commentator Mauro Ranallo has opened up about last year’s Corey Graves incident. According to the WWE announcer, the situation turned out to be a “blessing in disguise,” as it prompted him to delete his Twitter account. As quoted by Post Wrestling, Ranallo shared his thoughts during an interview with TSN 1040. Judging by his […]

WWE News: Corey Graves Begs Company Not To Let Legendary Superstar Leave

On the latest edition of WWE‘s After the Bell podcast, Corey Graves addressed Matt Hardy‘s current situation in the company. The legendary superstar’s contract is set to expire in the coming months, and his absence from television suggests that he’ll leave the company. However, Graves hopes that he sticks around for a long time to […]

WWE News: Carmella Reacts To Boyfriend Corey Graves Tweeting At His Long-Term Crush

Following the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Mandy Rose posted a flirtatious tweet directed at Otis, who caught her after she fell from the apron during a match. In her tweet, Rose stated that she is falling for the Heavy Machinery member, and Corey Graves wasn’t too pleased with the sentiment. The commentator has […]

WWE Rumors: ‘WrestleMania’ Reportedly Set To Receive Monumental Makeover

WrestleMania 36 will commence on April 5, but this year’s pay-per-view could be the last of its kind. As documented by Sportskeeda, wrestling analyst Justin LaBar has revealed that WWE‘s marquee show could take place over two days starting as early as 2021. While this is only speculation at the time of this writing, it […]

WWE News: Corey Graves Shares Frustrations Over Current State Of ‘Monday Night Raw’

Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported that WWE‘s Corey Graves took to Twitter to vent his disgust over some of the segments that took place on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. However, while it wasn’t difficult to read between the lines, the tweets were still quite cryptic and unclear about what he was […]

WWE News: ‘SmackDown’ Announcer Might Have Blasted ‘Monday Night Raw’ Segments In Latest Tweets

In a series of tweets posted during this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown announcer Corey Graves appeared to be expressing his disgust at some of the segments that aired on the red brand’s show, a new report suggests. As explained by Wrestling Inc., the first post in question was submitted just […]

WWE News: Vince McMahon Reveals Which ‘WrestleMania’ Match Is ‘Worst Thing’ He’s Seen In 60 Years

When it comes to matches in WWE, it is hard for anyone such as Vince McMahon to pick out a favorite. While there could be a number of matches that the big boss loves, he actually appears to have figured out which one is his least favorite of all-time. As a matter of fact, McMahon […]

WWE News: Booker T Tells Co-Worker ‘Get Your A** Back To Work, Bro’

While professional wrestling is indeed scripted, there are many real-life situations that WWE superstars and employees have to face. One recent situation saw NXT announcer Mauro Ranallo delete his Twitter account, needing to take some time off from work due to comments made by Corey Graves. Now, Hall of Famer Booker T believes it is […]

WWE Rumors: Mauro Ranallo Reportedly In ‘Rough Shape’ Due To Corey Graves’ Critical Comments

The latest update on the controversial situation between WWE announcers Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves suggests that it’s still far from guaranteed that the former will be back on NXT next week after missing both the Survivor Series pay-per-view and Wednesday’s episode of the black-and-gold brand’s eponymous show. As quoted by Wrestling Inc., Dave Meltzer […]

WWE News: Corey Graves Shares Thoughts On Daniel Bryan And Bray Wyatt Storyline

As documented by Wrestling Inc., Corey Graves used his latest After the Bell podcast to discuss Daniel Bryan‘s upcoming Survivor Series match with Bray Wyatt. During the show, the announcer revealed that he thinks Bryan is the best wrestler in the world, and he has high hopes for his big match. “Daniel Bryan, I think, […]

WWE News: NXT Announcer Mauro Ranallo Deletes Twitter Account After Comments From Corey Graves

There have been legitimate battles in WWE over the years, but not all of them take place inside the ring. Mauro Ranallo is a highly praised announcer and the lead commentator for NXT, but he has often been criticized by others. Now, the outspoken action-caller has chosen to shut down his Twitter account after some […]

WWE News: Corey Graves Says Champions Are Being Wasted In WWE

Corey Graves has been voicing his grievances with the way WWE superstars have been booked recently. On the latest edition of the After the Bell podcast, he discussed how poorly the company has been portraying the War Raiders. As quoted by WrestleTalk, the Friday Night SmackDown commentator said that WWE fans have yet to see […]

WWE News: Announcer Blasts Superstars For ‘Crying’ On Social Media Over Post-‘Crown Jewel’ Travel Issues

On the most recent episode of his After the Bell podcast, Friday Night SmackDown commentator Corey Graves criticized several of his WWE colleagues, calling them out for taking to social media to complain about the flight delays that kept most of the roster in Saudi Arabia well after last Thursday’s Crown Jewel pay-per-view. As summarized […]

WWE News: Triple H Says NXT Will No Longer Be Raided By Main Roster Shows

Triple H appeared on the latest edition of WWE‘s After the Bell podcast with Corey Graves for a discussion about life behind the scenes in the company. During the interview, he addressed Vince McMahon’s tendency to raid the NXT roster, but revealed that things will be different going forward. As quoted by 411Mania, “The Game” […]

WWE News: Carmella Opens Up About Alleged Affair With ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ Announcer

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, WWE superstar Carmella and Friday Night SmackDown commentator Corey Graves have been rumored to be dating for quite some time. The rumors began when news broke of Graves’ divorce from his wife earlier this year. His soon-to-be-ex-wife even accused the announcer of cheating on her with Carmella while they […]

WWE Rumors: New ‘SmackDown Live’ Announce Team Revealed

With the upcoming WWE draft in October, Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, and NXT will have their own specific rosters allocated to them. When the changes are final, there will be little room for superstars to move between shows as they do at the moment per the “Wild Card Rule.” The idea is to make […]

WWE Rumors: ‘SmackDown’ Moving To FOX Could Cause Massive Announce Team Shake-Up

Later this month, NXT is going to officially start airing on the USA Network on Wednesday nights. Early next month, SmackDown Live is leaving the USA Network and moving to FOX in a huge money deal. The next superstar draft is expected to happen around that same time which means lots of changes are coming, […]

WWE News: Corey Graves Discusses Vince McMahon Being In His Ear During Live Commentary

Vince McMahon’s reputation for micro-managing almost every aspect of WWE goes back decades. Whether it’s rewriting shows at the last minute or ensuring that his performers are heavily scripted, the chairman makes sure that he’s in control at all times so every show goes off without a hiccup. This has earned him the reputation of […]

WWE Rumors: Yet Another Controversial Word Removed From WWE’s Banned List

Last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw was a rather interesting one and it had quite a different feel to it at times. As reported by The Inquisitr, Paul Heyman is now the Executive Director in charge of Raw, and things are going to change up a bit. Last night, there was a major angle […]

WWE News: Current Announcer Actually Details Plot Holes In Brock Lesnar’s MITB Cash-In Angle

Last week on Monday Night Raw, Brock Lesnar appeared and was set to announce when he would cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase. Later that evening, he learned the actual rules of the briefcase and chose not to cash it in that night. Now that he’s been called out by Stephanie McMahon to […]

WWE Rumors: WWE Preparing For Longtime Employee To Move Out Of Current Position

In the world of professional wrestling, there comes a moment when it’s simply time for a superstar to step aside and to hang up their boots. That is likely the truth for anyone and everyone in WWE — even if they’re not in-ring competitors who put their bodies on the line almost nightly. Rumor has […]

WWE News: Corey Graves Leaving Social Media, Aleister Black’s Reported Injury Puts ‘Takeover’ Bout In Jeopardy

Between trolls and fake news, social media can be a noxious experience, and WWE commentator Corey Graves has seemingly had enough with the often-toxic environment. Recently, Corey Graves took to Twitter, and as Ringside News documented, the WWE commentator explained why he was exiting social media. “Unfortunately, social media has become a very toxic place. […]

WWE News: Corey Graves Explains Beef With CM Punk, Comments About Punk ‘Betraying’ His Friends

WWE commentator Corey Graves cleared the air on Sunday, speaking to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp about the reasons why he called CM Punk out on Twitter in the aftermath of his loss to Mike Jackson at UFC 225. As explained by Fightful, the so-called “beef” between Corey Graves and CM Punk was highlighted on Saturday, […]

WWE News: The Real Reason Booker T Was Removed From ‘Raw’ Announcing Team

The WWE made a hugely surprising move when they removed Booker T from the accounting team on Monday Night Raw the day after the Royal Rumble. There was no warning, and the announcement came the day of the television show with Jonathan Coachman returning to the WWE and taking Booker T’s place on the WWE’s […]

Lots Of Movement Happening On WWE Roster With One Star Now Appearing On Both ‘Raw’ And ‘SmackDown’

When the brand split came back around last year with the WWE superstar draft, many have wondered just who would move around and when. John Cena is a free agent who is jumping between shows and he isn’t the only one. There was a bit of a shock around the wrestling world on Friday night […]

Horrible Storyline Coming For Bayley Heading Into ‘WWE Summerslam’ Revealed

Bayley is stuck in the mid-card of the Women’s Division on Raw. After being dominated by Alexa Bliss in the Kendo Stick on a Pole Match at WWE Extreme Rules, she’s been left with little momentum to keep her as a viable contender for the Raw Women’s Championship. The WWE Universe is outraged about how […]

Massive Heel Turn Breaks Up Popular Tag Team As Kurt Angle And Corey Graves Solve Mystery On Team Red

For weeks, Enzo Amore and Big Cass have been attacked on episodes of Monday Night Raw, and General Manager Kurt Angle vowed to get to the bottom of it. There have been a number of different suspects in the mystery of the attacks and a number of theories have been thrown around, but WWE sent […]

Bayley Expected To Start Huge Romantic Angle With Corey Graves

A lot has changed for Bayley since WrestleMania 33. A great deal of the WWE Universe still loves her based on her run in NXT. Many people feel she has the potential to be a huge babyface for WWE someday. A lot of officials feel the same way, but they have no issues forcing even […]

WWE Rumors: Theory And Spoiler On Who Attacked Enzo Amore Could Lead To Biggest Heel Turn In A Long Time

Over the last couple of weeks, Enzo Amore has been blindsided and attacked at different episodes of Monday Night Raw, which has led to a major investigation taking place. General Manager Kurt Angle is not going to rest until he finds out who attacked the tag team partner of Big Cass, as he doesn’t want […]

WWE Rumors: The Person Behind Kurt Angle Scandal On ‘Raw’ Now Known – Could Lead To His Wrestling Return

This week on Monday Night Raw, a very strange new angle was started, and it directly involved General Manager Kurt Angle in some kind of strange scandal. The angle involved Corey Graves who was sitting at the announce table and suddenly received a very concerning text about something involving the Raw GM. Now, the person […]

WWE News: New Addition To ‘Monday Night Raw’ Roster Has Debut Delayed By Six Weeks

After the first night of WWE’s Superstar Shake-Up, 11 different superstars left SmackDown Live and joined the roster of Monday Night Raw. Once the evening was over, one more move was made off the air, and it was really the only actual trade announced by the company. The next night, 13 superstars departed Team Red […]

WWE News: WWE Fans Call For The Firing Of JBL After Bullying Of Mauro Ranallo Surfaces

WWE SmackDown Live commentator Mauro Ranallo is reportedly done with WWE, and it seems he’s leaving over a depression caused by announce partner John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) bullying him. Known for being WWE’s go-to stooge when it comes to various media material, JBL is responsible for the bullying of several WWE Superstars. In fact, WWE […]

WWE News: Did Any Of The Superstars Backstage Know The Undertaker Was Going To Retire At ‘WrestleMania’?

At the end of WrestleMania 33, the unthinkable happened as The Undertaker laid his belongings in the center of the ring and retired in front of the world. While many fans knew it would be coming soon, they just never wanted to believe that it was actually happening. Ever since the iconic moment at the […]

WWE News: WWE Celebrates 3 Birthdays In One Day – Who Are They?

Today, WWE is celebrating three separate birthdays all across social media. Throughout the day, the company has been showing their gratitude for the talents that have birthdays today. In the spirit of celebration, other talents have also shared their appreciation of these birthdays. These names are two of the most recognized talent in NXT history. […]

WWE News: Longtime WWE Star And ‘Monday Night Raw’ Mainstay To Leave WWE Television Soon

Within the last year, the wrestling world has learned to live without Jerry “The King” Lawler at any of the announce tables for WWE. Well, the next longest running commentator may soon end up disappearing as well. Michael Cole, who has long been the voice of Monday Night Raw, may soon end up leaving WWE […]

WWE News: WWE Makes Major Changes To WWE Announce Teams, Corey Graves Moving to Raw

WWE commentary is something the WWE Universe complains about frequently. The typical WWE fan tends to go from one extreme to the other when it comes to someone at the WWE announce table. They will either have such high praise or such scrutiny for the commentator that nothing can change their minds one way or […]

Huge WWE Draft Rumor About Corey Graves Moving to SmackDown

Back in 2014, Corey Graves was forced to retire from wrestling due to a severe history with concussions that robbed WWE of a great talent in the ring and on the microphone. Many people questioned if his career in WWE was completely over, but his skill with a microphone gave him the ability to transition […]

WWE Rumor: Corey Graves To Join ‘SmackDown’ Announce Team On July 19

Former NXT Tag-Team Champion Corey Graves is widely considered to be the best announcer in WWE today. But, WWE has yet to call the NXT color-commentator up to the main roster. But that could change when SmackDown goes live on July 19. At this point, everybody knows that the July 19 show will be the […]

WWE Rumors: Corey Graves Could Be Replacing Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler On ‘SmackDown’ After Brand Split

Corey Graves is regarded by a vast majority of the WWE Universe as the best commentator in WWE. His enthusiasm for the NXT product and his ability to tell you the story of the match is contagious, and it really helps the NXT product a lot. A few weeks ago, it was rumored that Corey […]

WWE News: WWE NXT Commentator Corey Graves To Work On Main Roster Announce Team After Brand Split?

With the WWE Brand Split coming back, a lot of things will be changing for the company. Fans will get to see two live shows per week, as WWE SmackDown will go live on Tuesdays starting July 19. This not the first time the brand has had a live show, but they have not been […]

WWE News: Top NXT Stories Of 2015 [Part 2]

Last week, rather than bringing you another pre-taped episode of WWE NXT from Full Sail University, the WWE Network aired a special “NXT Best of 2015” episode that included highlights of such things as Kevin Owens’ meteoric rise through NXT to the main roster, Sami Zayn’s injury, the debut of Hideo Itami, NXT on tour, […]

WWE News: Former UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen Coming To WWE

WWE is known for bringing in talent from all walks of life. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, fighter, football player, or simply an Indy talent, WWE might take a chance on you if they see something within you that can work for them. It appears as if WWE has seen such with former UFC Fighter Chael […]

WWE News: E:60 Releases Bonus Footage From ‘WWE: Behind The Curtain’ Documentary

Tuesday night, ESPN debuted their much anticipated WWE: Behind The Curtain feature on their award winning sports journalism show, E:60. The documentary followed the lives of WWE hopefuls Xavier Woods, Corey Graves, and Adam Rose. The WWE E:60 show, which was limited to one hour (including commercials), did not have time to air features on […]