Corey Feldman Shops Sex Abuse Doc At Sundance

Corey Feldman was spotted around Park City, Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival, and while many believed that the actor was there to support the Michael Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland, it seems that Feldman has his own film that he is trying to get off the ground. The documentary, which Page Six reports was funded […]

LAPD Says Corey Feldman Has ‘No Indication Of A Laceration’ After Claim That He Was Stabbed In Murder Attempt

Corey Feldman has claimed that he was stabbed in an attempted homicide attempt. The former child star, best known for the 1980s films The Lost Boys and Goonies, took to Twitter to allege that he was attacked by an unknown assailant while sitting in a car in Los Angeles. Feldman even posted photos of himself […]

Corey Feldman Stabbed, Hospitalized After Murder Attempt, According To Mirror

Reality star and singer Corey Feldman has been stabbed, according to Mirror.Co. Corey is known as a child actor, who then turned reality star, but lately, he has been focusing on his music. Corey has been in the news for the fact that he is finally coming clean about several people who molested him and […]

Justin Ellings, Star Of ‘A Tale Of Two Coreys,’ Opens Up About His Role And His Future [Exclusive]

Justin Ellings is an up-and-coming actor who recently nabbed his first leading role in Lifetime’s A Tale of Two Coreys. The film follows the lives and careers of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim as teenagers in Hollywood. Justin portrays the late Haim, while Feldman is played by Elijah Marcano. Feldman served as an executive producer […]

Barbara Walters Reportedly On Her Deathbed, Suffering Memory Loss And Turning Away Friends

Barbara Walters has lived in isolation since the summer of 2016, and close friends are now worried that her health has taken a turn for the worse. The famed reporter has suffered through several different health issues over the years, but her recent bout of isolation has everyone worried that Walters may be on her […]

Barbara Walters Reportedly On Her Deathbed, Inside Her Health Crisis

Barbara Walters has overcome a lot of obstacles in life, but her most recent health battle might be too much for the 88-year-old to handle. Three years after retiring, Walters is reportedly on her deathbed after suffering hip issues and loss of strength. Is the longtime television host really at the end of the road? […]

Corey Feldman Talks About How ‘A Tale Of Two Coreys’ Is G-Rated Version Of X-Rated Story

Corey Feldman has been revealing a lot over the last few months and now it is time for a Lifetime movie that will share even more. People shared that Corey is now talking about what fans can expect from A Tale of Two Coreys. These two first met on the set of the movie The […]

Corey Feldman Very Upset Over The Lack Of Support He Is Receiving From Peers

Corey Feldman, who has been speaking out lately about wanting to reveal who sexually abused him as a child through a movie, is reportedly upset that he isn’t getting as much support from his peers as he expected. A new Lifetime movie called A Tale of Two Coreys is about to come out, but this […]

Corey Feldman Remembers Best Friend Corey Haim On His Birthday With Epic Twitter Thread

December 23 would have been child star Corey Haim’s 46th birthday and best friend Corey Feldman is paying tribute on Twitter. The Corey’s had one of the tightest friendships in all of Hollywood until Haim tragically lost his life in 2010. Feldman constantly remembers his friend on social media and created a lengthy “twitcard” for […]

Corey Feldman Named Ambassador For CHILD USA, Who Are They And What Is His Role?

On Monday, musician and actor Corey Feldman announced he would be partnering with a new charity and encouraged his Twitter followers to stay tuned. Corey expressed his previous partnership with the Los Angeles Rape Foundation was not working out, as he accused them of being ungrateful of his support. Yesterday afternoon, the 46-year-old shared the […]

Corey Feldman’s Audio Files Played On ‘Dr. Oz,’ Investigators Laughed Off Allegations

Corey Feldman sat down with Dr. Oz for the second time to discuss sexual assault and pedophilia in Hollywood. After his first interview with Dr. Oz and Matt Lauer on Today, Feldman’s credibility was called into question after the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s office denied having a record of the former child actor’s accusations of […]

Corey Feldman Responds To Audio File Discovery, Claims He Has Evidence To Exonerate Michael Jackson

After being ignored over claims of having listed sexual predators to the authorities back in 1993, Corey Feldman was finally vindicated after audio files of his interview were discovered by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office yesterday. Several hours after it was announced that the tapes were discovered, Corey went on Twitter to express his […]

Corey Feldman Wasn’t Lying: 1993 Audio Files Discovered Of Actor Naming Sexual Predators In Hollywood

Back in October, former child actor Corey Feldman went public claiming he had given the names of several sexual predators in Hollywood to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office in 1993. The Sheriff’s Office denied Feldman’s claims, saying no such records existed. Now, audio files revealing the actor’s allegations have been found. According to public […]

Corey Feldman Tells Corey Haim’s Mom That ‘Truth Is Extremely Painful’ After Accusing Him Of Lying

Corey Feldman has already written a book about the ugly side of Hollywood almost five years ago, but his name is back in the spotlight again after exposing more specific details about the events that happened to him and his friend, Corey Haim. However, the late actor’s mom calls the Stand By Me star’s pedophile […]

Blake Lively’s Brother Jason Backs Corey Feldman As He Reveals The Name Of Another Alleged Hollywood Pedophile

Corey Feldman is getting support from fellow former child stars as he continues to talk about the sexual abuse he endured as a young actor in the 1980s. Feldman is on a mission to expose an alleged Hollywood pedophile ring, and the Goonies and Lost Boys star claims to know at least six names of […]

Corey Feldman Says He Won’t Be Talking About Corey Haim Anymore: What Is His Reason?

Corey Feldman is speaking out and saying that he won’t be talking about Corey Haim anymore. These two were both allegedly molested when they were younger. TMZ shared that Corey is now speaking out and sharing that he won’t be talking about Corey Haim, which really surprises fans. These two were really good friends before […]

Actor Corey Feldman Says Abuse Of Children Connected To ‘Darker Power’ Inside And Outside Film Industry

Corey Feldman, who began his acting career as a young child, is speaking out about the abuse of children that he says is pervasive in the film industry and beyond. In fact, Feldman believes that the sexual harassment of children is connected to a “darker power” that exists both inside and outside the entertainment realm. […]

Corey Haim Spoke From The Grave To Tell Corey Feldman To Expose His Abuser, Is It Charlie Sheen?

Corey Haim’s name was back in the headlines after shocking revelations surfaced of Haim being allegedly raped at the age of 13 by one of Hollywood’s superstars, Charlie Sheen. Although his pal, Corey Feldman, has already written a book about the ugly side of the industry, he omitted specific details that he probably believed to […]

Judy Haim Names Her Son Corey’s Alleged Abuser

Judy Haim is speaking out on the recent news stories about her late son, Corey Haim, and the alleged sexual abuse he suffered when he was a child actor in the 1980s. In a new interview on The Dr. Oz Show, Judy claims recent tabloid reports that actor Charlie Sheen raped her 13-year-old son when […]

Corey Haim’s Mom Speaks Out Against Accusations That Charlie Sheen Raped Her Son

The sexual accusations are coming out of the woodwork right now. It has always been known that Corey Haim said he was allegedly abused as a child, but Haim has passed away and now he can’t tell his side of the story. There are accusations that Corey Haim was raped by Charlie Sheen when he […]

Corey Feldman Writes Open Letter To Hollywood, Teases Identity Of A-List Abuser Who Continues To Threaten

Corey Feldman is speaking his truth as he explains why he has embarked on a crowdfunding campaign to make a movie in which he plans to expose real-life Hollywood pedophiles. In a lengthy open letter to Hollywood, Feldman thanked the 4,300 donors who have already supported his cause and went into great detail about his […]

LAPD: Corey Feldman’s Pedophile Ring Claims Dismissed, Charlie Sheen Not Under Probe For Sexual Harassment

Corey Feldman’s pedophile ring claims as well as speculations that Charlie Sheen might be under investigation for sexual harassment for molesting the late Corey Haim has been shrugged off by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), explaining that the former child actor’s claims is “out of statue.” Since the dawn of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment […]

Ex-Wife Denise Richards Said Charlie Sheen Has ‘Disturbing’ Taste in Porn, Court Document Reveals

A court document has surfaced showing that Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards had revealed that the 52-year-old actor had a “disturbing” taste in porn. Recently, a news broke out on Wednesday, Nov. 8, revealing that Charlie Sheen was involved in the cases of pedophilia against young actors. He immediately denied the report of his involvement […]

Corey Feldman Gets Support From Fellow Child Stars Alyssa Milano, ‘Lost Boys’ Brother As He Names His Abusers

Corey Feldman is getting support from former child stars as he releases some of the names of the men who allegedly molested him when he was working as a child actor in the 1980s. Feldman, who claims to have the names of six men involved in a Hollywood pedophile ring, appeared on The Dr. Oz […]

Wrong John Grissom Gets Hate On Facebook After Actor Jon Grissom Named By Corey Feldman As Alleged Abuser

Corey Feldman gave an explosive interview to Dr. Oz, with Feldman naming Jon Grissom as one of his alleged abusers, as reported by the Inquisitr. However, some social media sleuths have found the wrong “John Grissom,” forcing one man who shares a name with Grissom (and only spells the first name differently) to take to […]

Alphy Hoffman Of ‘Alphy’s Soda Pop Club’ Deletes Dodgers-Based Twitter Page After Corey Feldman’s Dr. Oz Talk

Corey Feldman opened up to Dr. Oz, as reported by the Inquisitr, with Corey at last naming those who he alleges sexually abused him and other child actors in Hollywood. As reported by Jezebel, Corey can be seen in videos speaking with Dr. Oz about men like Jon Grissom, who Feldman claims sexually assaulted him […]

Corey Feldman Tells Dr. Oz That Actor Cloyd Jon Grissom Abused Him, Not Author John Grisham

Corey Feldman promised that he would name all the people he claims sexually assaulted him when he was a young boy in Hollywood in the 1980s. Now, Feldman is doing just that. As seen in the below videos from The Dr. Oz Show, Feldman showed Dr. Oz photos of a man whom he claims “taunts” […]

Hollywood Pedophilia: After Corey Feldman, Anthony Rapp, Kevin Spacey, What More Can Be Revealed?

When Corey Feldman threatened to expose the child sex abuse he experienced, the public did not seem to be interested. However, when a similar case in the 1980s involving Kevin Spacey came to light, the public and media focused their attention on this issue. Feldman has also stated that he would mention names involved in […]

Corey Feldman Explains Why He Refuses To Name Hollywood Pedophiles Unless His $10 Million Movie Is Released

Corey Feldman is defending his decision to keep the names of an alleged ring of Hollywood pedophiles under wraps unless he is able to release a film about his personal story. In an interview on the Today Show, Feldman explained why he needs to raise $10 million to release a feature film that will offer […]

Corey Haim’s Mom Speaks Out And Says Corey Feldman Is A ‘Scam Artist’

Corey Feldman sounds like he might be ready to talk about who he has been accusing of sexual abuse all of these years. Us Weekly shared that not everyone agrees with what he has to say, however. Judy Haim, the mom of the late Corey Haim, is speaking out and saying that Feldman is a […]

Corey Feldman Announces Plan To Blow The Lid Off Of Hollywood’s Pedophilia Problem

Corey Feldman is ready to talk. Feldman has long alleged that he was molested while working as a child actor in the 1980s, and now he has announced a plan to create a documentary to uncover the truth surrounding sexual abuse in Hollywood based on his first-hand experiences. Corey recorded a seven-minute video announcement, which […]

Corey Feldman Arrested: Fans Fear Drug Arrest Is Retribution For Threatening To Expose Pedophilia In Hollywood

Corey Feldman was arrested late on Saturday night and the timing of the incident has some fans wondering if the actor is being targeted for his vocal stance against child sex abuse in Hollywood. Reports indicated that Feldman was arrested in Richland Parish, Louisiana, for one count of marijuana possession along with a traffic charge. […]

Unearthed Corey Feldman Interview Puts Barbara Walters On Blast Amid Harvey Weinstein Scandal

It looks like the fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal isn’t just going to be a problem for the Hollywood bigwigs who have been accused of sexually harassing, assaulting, and even raping actresses for decades. Those who knew and either did nothing or tried to silence the accusers are also under fire. Barbara Walters is […]

Corey Feldman On ‘The Today Show,’ Corey’s Angels, His July 16 Birthday Bash, And What’s Coming Up For Him

Shortly after being cast in a McDonald’s commercial at the age of three, the acting career of Corey Feldman took off. He would not only appear in over 100 television commercials and dozens of television shows as a child, but also act in plenty of classic films. According to IMDB, Friday The 13th: The Final […]

‘We’re Gonna Try To Find It’: Corey Feldman Rocks Out — ‘Til He Knocks His Front Tooth Out [Video]

A video of a recent performance given by actor-turned-musician Corey Feldman and his dolled-up band, The Angels, shows the singer giving his all and more to the audience, and his front tooth to the crowd in the front row. The mouth-dropping incident was witnessed by Matt Wild, a writer for the Milwaukee Record, and a […]

Corey Feldman And Longtime Girlfriend Tie The Knot In Las Vegas

Former child actor Corey Feldman has finally tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Courtney Anne. The actor’s reps confirmed the news to Entertainment Tonight. Feldman and Anne exchanged vows at Finge Lounge in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The wedding reportedly happened less than two weeks after the Goonies actor proposed to the 27-year-old […]

Corey Feldman Is Thankful For New Bride Courtney Anne

There’s no denying that Corey Feldman’s life has been a mixed bag of blessings and curses, but he keeps on going. Still pursuing his dream as a musician and offering up a new album that wasn’t as well received as he might have hoped, Feldman inspires his fans to chase their own dreams through his […]

Rose McGowen Tweets About Being Raped By Hollywood Executive: ‘They Shamed Me While Adulating My Rapist’

In a series of tweets sent out to her over 600,000 followers Thursday, actress Rose McGowen opened up about being raped by a Hollywood executive. Using the hashtag #WhyWomenDontReport, McGowen’s initial tweet on the subject read, “a (female) criminal attorney said because I’d done a sex scene in a film I would never win against […]

Corey Feldman Won’t Be Bullied, As ‘Take A Stand’ Proves [Video]

In spite of the backlash Corey Feldman faced, following his first performance on The Today Show, the actor turned singer is at it again, sharing a new song from his album, Angelic 2 the Core. Whether you appreciate Corey’s unique style or not, there’s no denying that his raw determination in pursuing his dream is […]

Corey Feldman Compares Himself To Nirvana And Eminem On His ‘Today’ Show Return, Stands Up To Bullies

Corey Feldman returned to the Today show for another bizarre live performance. The ’80s film actor compared himself to Nirvana and Eminem and took a stand against his bullies. Last month, Corey Feldman’s appearance on the Today show went viral. His performance of his song “Go 4 It” was pretty strange, with Feldman dancing around […]

Who Raped Corey Haim And Corey Feldman? A-List Child Abuser Named In Police Recording

The superstar sexual predator who raped Corey Haim and Corey Feldman has been named by Feldman in a police recording. Corey Feldman previously made claims about the alleged child abuser, claiming that the pedophile was the “kingpin” of a twisted child sex ring in Hollywood. However, he has refused to refer to the rapist by […]

Miley Cyrus Sure Loves Aging Rock Stars — See The Proof

Miley Cyrus can hang out with her fellow pop stars but she chooses to hang out with rock stars instead. The 23-year-old seems to have a fondness for older rock stars, as seen in recent months. Miley has no desire to work in pop music as she rediscovers her next music era. Billy Idol Miley […]

Corey Feldman Blasts Fallen ‘Angel’ For Backing Out Of ‘Today’ Performance: ‘You’re A Soulless Piece of S**t!’ [Audio]

A former member of “Corey’s Angels,” the all-female backup band for actor-turned-singer Corey Feldman, seemingly foresaw the mess that would become of his infamous Today Show performance two weeks ago. Page Six reports that Las Vegas native Krystal Khali, a guitarist for blues musician Guitar Shorty, was requested by Feldman to join his musical collective […]

Corey Haim’s Mom Threatens To Sue Corey Feldman Over Hollywood Rapist Claims, Meanwhile Everyone Wants To Know The Identity Of The Alleged A-List Abuser

Corey Feldman has been spending some time back in the spotlight recently, especially after his viral performance of “Go 4 It” on the Today show. With all the attention came the questions about his now-deceased best friend Corey Haim and allegations that he was raped by a famous Hollywood A-lister when he was at the […]

Miley Cyrus Wants Everyone, Including Corey Feldman, To Just Be Themselves

Crazy is good, according to Miley Cyrus. The singer and actress has made it clear that she’s not changing for anyone. Miley has not changed or settled down when she rekindled her relationship with former fiance Liam Hemsworth. She also did not change her image or wild style for NBC’s The Voice. In a new […]

Corey Feldman To Return To ‘Today’ Show Despite Backlash From Past Performance

After last week’s much-panned performance on NBC’s Today show, Corey Feldman says that he will return to the show for a re-do, reports Fox News. “I don’t want to rush it,” said Feldman. “I want it to be better than the last one. I want to make sure each performance is better and that people […]

Miley Cyrus Defends Corey Feldman, Wins Over ‘The Voice’ Viewers After Boycott Threat

Miley Cyrus is trying her hardest to kill all the haters out there with kindness. After Corey Feldman’s performance on the TODAY show was mercilessly mocked, Miley offered some words of encouragement to her fellow former child star. Miley knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of vitriol from internet critics, […]

Who Are Corey’s Angels? Corey Feldman And His Lost Girls Get Support From Pink, Sean Astin And More

Corey Feldman made headlines for his unusual musical performance on the Today Show last week, and now people want to know more about his backup performers known as Corey’s Angels. Feldman and a troupe of scantily clad women wearing halos and angel wings performed the song “Go 4 It” on the NBC morning show, and […]

Who Is Corey Haim’s Abuser? The Superstar Hollywood Actors Who Rape

Who raped Corey Haim? Corey Feldman knows, Haim’s mother knows, people in the industry know, but no one will name the A-list actor who is allegedly at the center of one of the biggest pedophile scandals in America’s history. For a while now, there have been reports coming out regarding Hollywood’s child sex abuse coverup. […]

Corey Feldman In Tears Over Viewers Reaction To His Appearance On ‘Today Show’

Corey Feldman performed on The Today Show last week, and it actually didn’t go over very well with the viewers. He was singing, but also did a bit of dancing along with the performance. People shared that Corey Feldman is really upset about how he was treated by the fans after the performance was over. […]