Van Jones Reportedly Felt ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Were ‘Rude’ After His Appearance, Per Source

Van Jones reportedly felt two co-hosts of ABC’s The View were “rude” during his appearance on the show’s Friday, February 5 episode. Page Six wrote that a source close to the CNN host claimed Van was “completely blindsided” by how he was questioned and was “not happy about how the interview went. It was unprofessional.” […]

Donald Trump ‘Is Not The Future Of Our Party,’ Former GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock Says

In an interview on Friday, former Virginia Rep. Barbara Comstock said that Donald Trump is not the future of the GOP, Mediaite reported. Speaking with CNN host Anderson Cooper, Comstock argued that Republican lawmakers like Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and Ben Sasse could potentially become conservative leaders at some point, because they had the courage […]

Legal Expert Explains Why Donald Trump’s Impeachment Lawyers Quit

News broke Saturday evening that former President Donald Trump parted ways with lawyers who were hired to defend him in the upcoming Senate impeachment trial. In an interview with CNN on Sunday, legal analysts and former prosecutor Elie Honig explained the significance of this development. Per Raw Story, speaking with New Day host Victor Blackwell, […]

Former QAnon Follower To Anderson Cooper: ‘I Apologize For Thinking That You Ate Babies’

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper recently interviewed Jitarth Jadeja, a former QAnon supporter, who earnestly believed in some of the most absurd conspiracy theories peddled by the mysterious Q. As HuffPost reported, according to a clip of the interview released on Saturday, Jadeja apologized to Cooper for once thinking he “ate babies.” “Did you, at the […]

Ro Khanna Calls For Hearings To Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene From Congress

In an interview with CNN on Friday, Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna of California said that the United States Congress should hold hearings to expel Republican Party Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. Per Mediaite, speaking with host Wolf Blitzer, Khanna condemned Greene and her staffers for allegedly berating freshman Democratic Congresswoman Cori Bush. Khanna said […]

Adam Kinzinger Says Marjorie Taylor Greene Is A ‘RINO’

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger discussed the controversies surrounding Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, his fellow Republican House member. Per The Hill, speaking with New Day host John Berman, Kinzinger argued that his colleague should not even be considered a Republican. “Well let’s be clear, she’s not a […]

Donald Trump Reportedly Spent Last Moments In White House Alone: ‘It Was Sort Of A Sad And Pathetic Sight’

Former President Donald Trump spent his final moments in the White House on his own, devastated that he is being replaced by Democrat Joe Biden, according to reporter Jim Acosta. Acosta, who spent the past four years covering the Trump White House for CNN, told Brian Stelter on Sunday that closest allies and advisers abandoned […]

How To Watch Joe Biden’s Inauguration Online

Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States today beginning at noon EST. The ceremony will be significantly scaled down, and health and safety protocols have been put in place to minimize the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus. Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will take their oaths […]

Republican Lawyer Says GOP Plan To Overturn Election Results Has ‘Zero Percent Chance’ Of Working

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri announced Wednesday that he will object to the Electoral College results next week when Congress meets to officially certify Democrat Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump. It remains to be seen how many GOP senators will join Hawley, but their plan won’t work, according to Republican election lawyer […]

GOP Rep. John Curtis Downplays Talk Of Donald Trump Declaring Martial Law To Overturn Election Results

Multiple reports on Saturday alleged that President Donald Trump has held discussions about declaring martial law to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Rumors claimed the plan was suggested first by his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, but other officials in the administration reportedly dismissed it. Republican Rep. John Curtis of Utah […]

Republicans Would ‘Smack Their Moms In The Face’ If Donald Trump Told Them To, CNN Reporter Says

On Friday, CNN White House correspondent John Harwood said that Republican Party politicians are so loyal to President Donald Trump that they would “smack their moms in the face” if he told them to. Per The Hill, host Kate Bolduan asked Harwood to comment on the lawsuit the state of Texas recently filed in the […]

Donald Trump Is ‘So Incompetent That He Cannot Even Succeed At Being A Loser,’ Says His Biographer

In an interview with CNN on Friday, author Michael D’Antonio ripped into President Donald Trump for refusing to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election. Speaking with Newsroom host Boris Sanchez, D’Antonio argued that Trump’s behavior in recent days is “consistent with who he is and who he has always been,” according to Breitbart. […]

Jake Tapper Blasts Donald Trump’s Legal Arguments As ‘Quite Literally Insane’

In a scathing monologue on Sunday, CNN anchor Jake Tapper took aim at President Donald Trump’s legal team and Republican Party politicians, Mediaite reported. Tapper began his remarks by pointing to the state of Pennsylvania, where Trump’s lawyers demanded that the courts throw out millions of legitimate votes. The judge who presided over the proceedings […]

‘Mad King’ Donald Trump Is Trying To ‘Overturn Constitutional Rule,’ Claims Watergate Reporter

in an interview with CNN on Saturday, veteran journalist Carl Bernstein weighed in on President Donald Trump’s behavior in recent weeks, Raw Story reported. The journalist posited that Trump’s conduct has gotten progressively worse since Election Day — when he lost to Democrat Joe Biden. Bernstein — who, along with Bob Woodward, exposed the Watergate […]

Carl Bernstein Says Many Senate Republicans ‘Despise’ Donald Trump: ‘They Were Happy To See Him Lose’

Veteran reporter Carl Bernstein said on Sunday that many Republicans wanted to see President Donald Trump lose to Democrat Joe Biden, The Washington Examiner reported. During an appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources, which is hosted by Brian Stelter, Bernstein revealed that he has often spoken to upper chamber Republicans and members of their staff. “Perhaps […]

Bernie Sanders Calls On Donald Trump To ‘Man-Up’ And Congratulate Joe Biden

In an interview with CNN broadcast on Sunday, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders called on President Donald Trump to “man-up” and congratulate Democrat Joe Biden for his apparent victory, The Hill reported. Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, were projected the winners of the 2020 presidential race last week, but Trump has […]

Former CIA Director John Brennan Says America Is ‘Battling Some Fascist Tendencies’

In an interview with CNN broadcast on Friday, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Brennan said that the United States is “battling some fascist tendencies,” Mediaite reported. Anchor Brianna Keilar kicked off the discussion by pointing out that Republican Tommy Tuberville — who recently won a seat in the U.S. Senate — described World […]

Donald Trump Loses Libel Lawsuit Against CNN

On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Michael L. Brown dismissed a lawsuit filed by President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Deadline reported. The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit against CNN in March this year, deeming reporter Larry Noble’s column about Russian interference in American elections libelous. In the op-ed, Noble wrote that “the Trump campaign assessed the […]

Rick Santorum Says Donald Trump, His Supporters Need ‘Space’ To Accept Defeat: ‘This Is A Very Emotional Time’

On Friday, CNN panelist Rick Santorum used his platform to call on all Americans to give President Donald Trump and his supporters “space” for emotional healing, The Hill reported. Speaking with fellow panelists David Axelrod and Van Jones, the former Republican senator argued that it may take a while for Trump and those supportive of […]

Donald Trump’s Political Career Began With Racist ‘Lie’ And Ends With Black Woman In White House, Pundit Says

A CNN pundit said on Thursday that Donald Trump’s political career started with a “racist birther lie,” but will end with a historic moment — a black woman in the second-highest office in the nation, The Independent reported. Political reporter Abby Phillip was speaking about what appears to be the end of Trump’s time in […]

U.S News Channels Cut Off Donald Trump Speech As President Stated Election Conspiracy Theories

Several U.S. news channels interrupted a speech from Donald Trump on Thursday, November 5. According to The Independent, the president made baseless claims about the election and declared the voting system fraudulent. In his address on November 5, Trump announced a premature victory and accused the Democrats of leading a fraudulent effort to gain additional […]

Donald Trump Reportedly Eyeing ‘Resurrection Run’ In 2024

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has secured projected wins in key states and seems inches away from the presidency. President Donald Trump, meanwhile, has disputed the results of the election, alleging fraud and claiming via Twitter to have emerged victorious in several battlegrounds. This does not mean Trump has given up on serving another term, […]

Jeff Bezos Is Reportedly Looking To Buy CNN

Fox Business correspondent Charles Gasparino reported on Tuesday that the founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is looking to buy CNN, per Mediaite. According to Gasparino, it is being speculated on Wall Street that the billionaire business magnate, who also owns The Washington Post, has expressed interest in buying the network. Gasparino said that […]

‘CNN’ Poll: Joe Biden Expands National Lead Over Donald Trump To 16 Points

According to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has expanded his nationwide lead over President Donald Trump to 16 percentage points. With less than a month until Election Day, this is Biden’s most formidable lead to date. The poll was conducted after the first presidential debate, with many responses […]

Wolf Blitzer Suggests The Other Presidential Debates Could Be Canceled After Tuesday’s ‘Chaotic’ Event

Wolf Blitzer suggested that there may be no more presidential debates after Tuesday’s “chaotic” event in which there were frequent interruptions and allegations that moderator Chris Wallace failed to take proper control. The first meeting between the presidential candidates turned contentious almost immediately, with Donald Trump talking over Joe Biden during the opening round of […]

Rick Santorum Backs Donald Trump Over Tax Scandal On CNN ‘New Day’

Republican Congressman Rick Santorum stood by President Donald Trump on CNN’s New Day show, to the shock of viewers. While debating fellow Republican member of Congress Charlie Dent, Santorum followed Trump’s lead by claiming that a bombshell investigation reported by the The New York Times was fake news. That story dropped over the weekend, revealing […]

US May Be Heading Toward ‘Second Civil War,’ Columnist Warns

In an interview with CNN broadcast on Thursday night, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman warned that the U.S. may be heading toward a second civil war, The Hill reported. Speaking with anchor Anderson Cooper, Friedman pointed to President Donald Trump’s reluctance to commit to a peaceful transition of power as evidence that America could […]

CNN, Anderson Cooper Slammed For ‘Softball’ Joe Biden Town Hall

Commentators across the political spectrum slammed CNN and one of its leading anchors, Anderson Cooper, for posing “softballs” to Joe Biden, The Hill reported on Friday. Biden, the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, participated in a drive-in town hall on Thursday night. Throughout the entire event, Cooper seemingly failed to challenge Biden, which critics interpreted as […]

Van Jones Says Democrats Were Going To Praise Joe Biden’s DNC Speech ‘As Long As He Didn’t Embarrass Himself’

CNN commentator Van Jones said on Thursday night that he and other Democrats were going to praise Joe Biden’s address at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) “as long as he didn’t embarrass himself,” Fox News reported. During a panel discussion with anchor Anderson Cooper, Jones — who advised former President Barack Obama — pointed out […]

Harry Reid Blasts Donald Trump: ‘There’s Something Wrong With That Man’

In an interview with CNN broadcast on Friday, former Democratic Senator Harry Reid slammed President Donald Trump, Raw Story reported. Reid — who was the Senate majority leader when Democrats last had control over the upper chamber — was asked by anchor Brianna Keilar to weigh on Trump’s recent suggestion that Joe Biden is “against […]

Mary Trump Says The President Is ‘Deeply Damaged’ And Only Getting Worse

Mary Trump, a psychologist and President Donald Trump’s niece, says that her uncle is “deeply damaged” psychologically, and he’s only going to get worse in the future. Trump recently released a tell-all book about her family and the president called, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man. While […]

Nancy Pelosi Says Roger Stone Commutation Poses ‘A Threat To National Security’

In an interview with CNN broadcast on Sunday, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi slammed President Donald Trump for commuting Roger Stone’s sentence, The Hill reported. “It’s staggering corruption, but I think it’s important for people also to know it’s a threat to national security,” the top Democrat said on State of the […]

Donald Trump’s Friends Believe He Is ‘Out Of Control,’ Claims Watergate Reporter

Veteran journalist Carl Bernstein, best known for his coverage of the Watergate scandal, said on Sunday that those close to President Donald Trump think he is “out of control,” The Washington Examiner reported. Speaking with CNN anchor Brian Stelter, Bernstein revealed that his White House sources often “whisper” about Trump’s “mood swings.” Bernstein said that […]

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Warns Donald Trump’s Tulsa Rally May Cause An Uptick In Coronavirus Cases

In an interview broadcast on Friday, CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta warned that U.S. President Donald Trump’s upcoming rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, may cause an uptick in coronavirus cases, Mediaite reported. Speaking with anchor Erin Burnett, Gupta argued that even if only 100 of the 20,000 potential attendees carried the virus, thousands could […]

CNN Slams Donald Trump After He Shares Racially Charged Fake Video Of Toddlers, Tells President To ‘Be Better’

Donald Trump is coming under fire after sharing a manipulated and racially charged video of two toddlers — one that uses edited clips to accuse CNN of publishing “fake news.” Late on Thursday, Trump tweeted a doctored video that used footage originally included a story that captured viral attention last year. The clip showed two […]

CNN Columnist Pushes Back Against Narrative That Republicans Are Divided On Donald Trump In Blistering Op-Ed

CNN political analyst Julian Zelizer penned an opinion editorial, warning Democrats not to depend on division among Republicans on the subject of Donald Trump. Zelizer, who is a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University, saw his op-ed published on CNN on Sunday after a week of news about Republicans who have called […]

CNN’s Brian Stelter Calls Out Donald Trump For Using His Platform To Attack Private Companies

CNN’s Brian Stelter penned an opinion editorial in which he called out President Donald Trump for using his social media and presidential platform to attack private companies. The opinion piece, published on CNN on Sunday, used Trump’s recent tweet that encouraged his followers to drop Comcast as an example of “an egregious use of his […]

CNN’s Brian Stelter Takes On Trump Campaign Attorney Who Called CNN Poll ‘Misleading Junk Science’

CNN’s Brian Stelter interviewed Jenna Ellis, the Trump administration attorney whose signature was on the cease and desist letter sent to his network over a controversial poll. Stelter introduced Ellis, stating that she was the legal adviser who instructed his network to retract their poll, which showed President Donald Trump trailing competitor Joe Biden by […]

CNN Replies To Donald Trump’s Apology & Retraction Demand, Calls Legal Threat ‘Factually And Legally Baseless’

CNN has issued an official response to President Donald Trump’s demand that it retract a poll that shows him 14 points behind presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, saying that they don’t see any merit in his claim. On Tuesday, Trump’s team demanded that the network take back apologize and retract the findings. The Trump campaign […]

Donald Trump Campaign Demands Retraction Of CNN Poll Showing President Losing To Joe Biden

Donald Trump’s campaign demanded that CNN retract its recent poll that showed the president losing to former Vice President Joe Biden by a wide margin. CNN reported that the campaign sent the network a cease and desist letter, which claimed that the poll was “designed to mislead American voters through a biased questionnaire and skewed […]

Anderson Cooper Describes Co-Parenting Baby Wyatt With His Ex, Benjamin Maisani

CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper, 53, explained why he decided to co-parent his son, Wyatt Morgan, with his ex-partner, Benjamin Maisani, 47. In an interview with People, Cooper called his relationship with Maisani “unconventional” as he opened up about why the men decided to raise baby Wyatt together. Wyatt was born via surrogate on April 27. […]

Trump Administration Demands CNN Retract And Apologize For ‘Stunt’ Poll Showing Joe Biden Ahead

U.S. President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign sent a cease and desist letter to CNN demanding that the news outlet apologize for and retract a poll that shows him lagging behind former vice president and presidential hopeful Joe Biden. “It’s a stunt and a phony poll to cause voter suppression, stifle momentum and enthusiasm for the […]

‘Sesame Street’ To Partner With CNN On Town Hall Addressing Racism

The characters of Sesame Street will stay silent on the issue of racism and police brutality no longer. In response to protests surrounding the death of George Floyd, the creators of the beloved television program are partnering with CNN to hold a town hall. The network announced the upcoming program on Tuesday afternoon on its […]

Van Jones Says 2020 Presidential Race Is ‘Hard To Call’ Amid George Floyd Protests

During a Tuesday conversation on CNN about the George Floyd protests, network commentator Van Jones touched on the uncertain state of the 2020 presidential elections and the different response to the riots from both ends of the political spectrum, Breitbart reported. “I am always shocked by the tale of two countries when I talk to […]

Joe Biden Says Charlamagne Tha God Was ‘Baiting’ Him In Controversial Interview

Former Vice President Joe Biden said that Charlamagne tha God was “baiting me” during the controversial interview where the presidential hopeful said that voting for President Donald Trump means “you ain’t black.” As CNN reports, Biden was speaking with anchor Don Lemon when he was asked about the comment. Lemon asked which kind of leader […]

CNN Slammed Over Coverage Of Joe Biden’s ‘You Ain’t Black’ Comment

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s suggestion that African-Americans who don’t want to vote for him “ain’t black” has garnered a lot of attention but, apparently, not from CNN. As The Washington Examiner reported on Saturday, the network was slammed for not covering the scandal. In a tweet, former CNN digital producer Steve Krakauer said that […]

Jake Tapper Accuses Donald Trump Of Waging ‘Unprecedented War On Accountability’

On Sunday, CNN anchor Jake Tapper accused President Donald Trump of waging an “unprecedented war on accountability,” The Hill reported. Tapper blasted Trump for firing government watchdogs, stating that the president is “partly focused on purging inspectors general from his administration” as the nation grapples with the devastating coronavirus pandemic. The anchor pointed out that […]

CNN Journalist Don Lemon Slams Donald Trump, Says Barack Obama Is ‘Smarter’ & ‘Better Looking’

During a May 3 broadcast, CNN journalist Don Lemon publicly addressed President Donald Trump after he reportedly retweeted a conspiracy theory about former President Barack Obama. According to Hollywood Life, Lemon looked directly into the camera and asked Trump a series of questions that attacked his character and asked him why he is so “obsessed” […]

Anderson Cooper Announces Birth Of His Baby Son Wyatt, Shares Adorable Photos On Instagram

Anderson Cooper is a dad. The CNN host announced on Thursday the birth of his son, Wyatt, and shared a series of pictures of the adorable baby boy on Instagram. In a message accompanying the post, Cooper revealed that the baby was born on Monday to a surrogate. Wyatt is named after the host’s father, […]

Alicia Keys Debuts New Song, ‘Good Job,’ Honors Heroes Fighting COVID-19

Alicia Keys debuted her new song, “Good Job,” on CNN’s global town hall on Thursday, April 23. Per CNN, the song will be used as the theme for the network’s “CNN Heroes” campaign, one celebrating ordinary people who have emerged as heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The singer also premiered poignant visuals — using CNN […]