Rand Paul Floats Impeaching Chuck Schumer

In an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky discussed the upcoming impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. House Democrats impeached Trump last month, claiming that he is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors because he incited a violent insurrection against the U.S. government. Speaking with anchor Chris Wallace, […]

Progressive Groups Urge Chuck Schumer To Abolish Senate Filibuster

More than 60 progressive groups have signed a letter urging Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to abolish the filibuster, The Hill reported on Friday. The parliamentary procedure, which allows the minority party to block legislation it opposes, has to be removed if Democrats want to deliver for the American people, the letter said. “The results […]

Chuck Schumer & Mitch McConnell Reach Deal To Organize Split Senate

Almost a month after the Democrats gained majority power in the U.S. Senate following their two victories in Georgia, they will finally be able to exert functional control after Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell reached a deal on Wednesday, as reported by The Hill. After weeks of negotiation, Schumer announced […]

Chuck Schumer Agrees To Delay Donald Trump Impeachment Trial Until February

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced on Friday that opening arguments in the upcoming impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump will begin on the week of February 8. As reported by the Associated Press, the delayed start date came as the result of an agreement with Senate Republicans, who had endeavored to give the […]

Democrats Eye 14th Amendment To Bar Donald Trump From Ever Holding Office Again

Last week, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives impeached former President Donald Trump for the second time, accusing him of inciting an insurrection against the U.S. government. The articles of impeachment have yet to be sent to the Senate and Trump’s fate remains unclear. According to a Friday report from The Hill, however, some Democrats are […]

Chuck Schumer Mocked For Accidentally Saying Senate Will Decide If Donald Trump Incited An ‘Erection’

Chuck Schumer is earning some mockery online after he accidentally said that the U.S. Senate will decide whether former President Donald Trump incited an “erection” against the United States. As the New York Post reported, the new Senate majority leader spoke on Friday about the upcoming impeachment process, where the out-of-office Trump could face the […]

Democratic Party Leader Warns Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Not To Issue Primary Challenge Against Chuck Schumer

Jay Jacobs, the Chair of the New York State Democratic Committee, issued on Saturday a stern warning to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In an interview with the New York Post, Jacobs warned the congresswoman against launching a primary challenge against Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Jacobs argued that a race between Ocasio-Cortez and Schumer would harm […]

Dianne Feinstein Reportedly Asked To Step Down Due To Cognitive Decline, But Kept Forgetting The Conversations

Sen. Chuck Schumer reportedly had to speak with 87-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein about stepping down from her position on the Senate Judiciary Committee due to her “cognitive decline” — but then had to repeat the conversation several times because she kept forgetting that they had spoken about it. The New Yorker reported this week that […]

GOP All But Certain To Keep Senate After Democrats Spend Over $1 Billion To Flip Seats

According to data released Thursday by The Daily Poster, Democrats have spent more than $1 billion on competitive Senate races this election cycle. Despite record spending, they have not achieved much, since the Republican Party is all but certain to maintain a firm grip on the upper chamber. In North Carolina, Democratic candidate Cal Cunningham […]

Chuck Schumer Claims It’s ‘Too Dangerous’ To Have Senate In Session Due To COVID, Calls For ‘Tracing’

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is taking a stand against proceeding with business as usual at the U.S. Capitol, after President Donald Trump and Republican Sens. Mike Lee and Thom Tillis tested positive for COVID-19. Schumer took to his Twitter on Sunday to declare that it was too dangerous to hold confirmation hearings on Trump’s […]

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer Slam Donald Trump’s ‘All-Out Assault’ On USPS In Joint Statement

Amid Donald Trump’s continued opposition to funding sought by the Democratic Party to help the U.S. Postal Service as part of the next coronavirus relief package, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have offered harsh words for the president. In a joint statement released on Friday, the Democratic congressional leaders accused […]

Sen. Chuck Schumer Attacks Donald Trump, GOP On Russian Interference In Election

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer didn’t mince words with his latest remarks regarding possible Russian interference in the upcoming general election and the response it has elicited from President Donald Trump and Republicans in general. During an appearance on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, the New York senator said that Trump and GOP Congress members […]

Mitch McConnell Slammed On Twitter After Urging ‘Equal Protection Of The Law’ For People Of All Demographics

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is facing backlash after urging for “equal protection of the law” for people across all demographics. “When Black Americans tell us they do not feel safe in their own communities, we need to listen. When citizens lack faith in our justice system, we need to respond. And when the equal […]

Former Cop Calls On Pelosi, Schumer & Ocasio-Cortez To ‘Defund Their Protection’ Before Police

At Saturday’s “We Back Blue” Event in Washington, D.C., former police officer Tom Homan took aim at progressive lawmakers Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for their recent criticism of law enforcement in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Ocasio-Cortez, in particular, has led calls to defund police departments and funnel money into social […]

Secret Service Admits That Pepper Spray Was Used On Protesters In Lafayette Square

In a statement released on Saturday, the Secret Service admitted that a member of the agency used pepper spray on protesters that were gathered in Lafayette Square on June 1 to clear the area for President Donald Trump’s photo-op at St. John’s Episcopal Church, The Hill reported. In a separate statement that was released last […]

Tara Reade’s Lawyer Slams Chuck Schumer’s ‘Nonsensical’ Defense Of Joe Biden

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer recently defended presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden from the accusations of sexual assault leveled against him by Tara Reade. Per Breitbart, Reade’s lawyer, Douglas Wigdor, reached out to the publication and slammed Schumer’s “nonsensical” response. “Schumer’s comment is absolutely nonsensical as Biden hasn’t provided any explanation. Is Schumer simply […]

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Reprimanded By Chief Justice John Roberts For ‘Threatening’ Comments

Chief Justice John Roberts slammed Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Wednesday over comments Schumer made outside of the Supreme Court. According to NBC News, the Supreme Court was in the middle of hearing a case that would challenge a Louisiana law which required doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals if they performed […]

Alan Dershowitz: Nancy Pelosi And Chuck Schumer ‘Have To Go’

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, who defended President Donald Trump in the impeachment trial, claims that the Democratic Party needs new leadership if it wants to hold power in the United States Congress, according to The Hill. Speaking with radio host John Catsimatidis on Sunday, Dershowitz said that Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy […]

Chuck Schumer Says Donald Trump’s Defense Made A ‘Really Compelling Case’ For Witnesses

Donald Trump‘s impeachment defense counsel made its case to the Senate on Saturday. In a subsequent press conference, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said the president’s defense unintentionally argued a “really compelling case” for why the Senate should demand witnesses and documents, Breitbart reports. “They kept saying there are no eyewitness accounts,” Schumer said. “But […]

Chuck Schumer Says The Senate ‘Took On An Entirely Different Dimension’ During Impeachment Opening Arguments

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) spoke to the media Thursday morning on Capitol Hill, saying he felt a shift in the Senate chambers during Wednesday’s opening arguments in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. “Yesterday, the managers got to lay out their case uninterrupted. As manager after manager stepped up to lay out the evidence […]

Chuck Schumer Claims Unfairness In Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial, Says It Was ‘A Dark Night For The Senate’

The Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump began Tuesday, and Democrats and Republicans continue to clash regarding the appropriate direction for the process. On Wednesday, after the GOP-led Senate rejected 11 of his amendments, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer took aim at Republicans for allegedly creating an unfair trial, Fox News reports. “It was a […]

Donald Trump’s Legal Team Reportedly To Argue That The Impeachment Trial Is ‘Rigged” And Should Be Ended

Donald Trump‘s impeachment trial in the Senate kicks into high gear this week. On Monday, his legal team indicated its intention to argue that the entire proceeding is an illegitimate attempt to remove the president from office and should be quickly ended with an acquittal. According to a report from The New York Times, Trump’s […]

Chuck Schumer Says He Will Force A Vote On Impeachment Witnesses At Start Of Senate Trial

Conflict continues to erupt over when a vote on impeachment witnesses will be held in the forthcoming Senate trial on the articles of impeachment passed against Donald Trump. Although Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell claims to have the votes to move forward without such a vote at the outset of the trial, Senate Minority Leader […]

Fox News Host Says Mitch McConnell Should Ignore Nancy Pelosi And Hold The Impeachment Trial

President Donald Trump is awaiting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s go-ahead for House managers to present the two articles of impeachment against him to the U.S. Senate for a trial. On Friday, Fox News host Gregg Jarrett suggested that the leader of the Republican-controlled Senate, Sen. Mitch McConnell, go ahead with the trial regardless of the […]

Nancy Pelosi Invites Donald Trump To Deliver The State Of The Union Address

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today invited President Donald Trump to deliver the annual State of the Union address on February 4, 2020. “In the spirit of respecting our Constitution, I invite you to deliver your State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 in the Chamber of […]

Mitch McConnell And Chuck Schumer’s Meeting Ended In 20 Minutes, Fail To Reach Agreement On Impeachment Rules

On the heels of House Democrats successfully passing two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer met on Thursday afternoon to begin negotiations on the rules of the pending Senate impeachment trial, but failed to come to any agreements. According to Politico, the two […]

Chuck Schumer To Meet With Mitch McConnell Thursday To Hammer Out Rules For Impeachment Trial

In the wake of a successful vote to impeach President Donald Trump on two articles of impeachment, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to meet with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Thursday. They will begin what could be a grueling process of negotiations to set the rules for Trump’s upcoming trial in the […]

Mitch McConnell Shoots Down Chuck Schumer’s Impeachment Trial Requests

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejected a request by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to simultaneously agree to witnesses and the parameters of President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, calling it a “strange request” that has no precedent in impeachment proceedings. “It is not the Senate’s job to leap into the breach and search desperately […]

Top Democrats Respond To Donald Trump’s Impeachment Attacks By Challenging Him To Publicly Testify

Top congressional Democrats are trying a new tactic to respond to Donald Trump’s impeachment attacks, using the attention to challenge Trump to publicly testify. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday invited Trump to testify before the House Intelligence Committee, which this week began holding public impeachment hearings. As The Associated Press noted, Pelosi responded to […]

Steve King Posts Photos Of Alleged Whistleblower, But It’s George Soros’ Son In The Pictures

Iowa Republican Representative Steve King took to his Twitter page on Thursday to share some photos and allegations regarding the whistleblower behind the Trump-Ukraine situation. However, it did not take long for a number of people across social media to point out that the photos were of George Soros’ son Alexander Soros, and that he […]

Donald Trump Does Not Rule Out Shutting Down Government To Stop Impeachment, ‘We’ll See What Happens,’ He Says

Earlier this week, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that he was “increasingly worried that President Trump may want to shut down the government again because of impeachment.” On Sunday, Trump was given a chance to rule out that possibility — but declined to do so. From December 22, 2018, to January 25 of […]

Chuck Schumer Evokes Frank Sinatra To Mock Donald Trump For Moving Out Of New York

Donald Trump is moving out of New York City, and the state’s senior Democratic senator is taking the opportunity to twist the knife a bit. This week, reports indicated that Trump filed papers to change his legal permanent residence from Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. There were a flurry […]

Chuck Schumer Said He Is ‘Increasingly Worried’ Donald Trump Will Shut Down Government Over Impeachment

Chuck Schumer said he is worried that Donald Trump could decide to shut down the federal government in order to take attention away from his impeachment proceedings. The Senate minority leader warned this week that the president may use the November 21 deadline to keep the government working as a way to distract from the […]

Jim Mattis Scorches Donald Trump: ‘I Earned My Spurs On The Battlefield, He Earned His Spurs From The Doctor’

The day after Donald Trump blasted him in front of congressional leaders and cabinet officials as “the world’s most overrated general,” former Trump administration Secretary of Defense and retired Marine Corps General James “Mad Dog” Mattis bit back at Trump, during a monologue delivered at the annual Alfred E. Smith dinner in New York City […]

Chuck Schumer Tells Donald Trump Not To Let Impeachment Inquiry Stop Gun Reform

Donald Trump is facing the fight of his political career as Congress starts its impeachment inquiry, but at least one Democratic Party leader is still hoping to get some work done with the president. On Sunday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said he hopes that Trump will not let impeachment get in the way of […]

Top Democrats Furious As Donald Trump Diverts Billions From Military Projects To Fund Border Wall

President Donald Trump angered several top Democrats after it was revealed that his administration announced that several billion in military project funding would be diverted to be used for construction on the new border wall. According to The Hill, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper notified top Democratic leadership on Tuesday of the decision, which included […]

Hillary Clinton Breaks Silence On Mass Shootings, Calls On GOP To Help Pass Gun Legislation

Former Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took to Twitter on Sunday to issue a call for Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP to help Democrats pass gun legislation. According to The Hill, Clinton was referring to specific, “common sense” gun safety legislation that House Democrats approved in February 2019. The […]

Donald Trump Didn’t Invite Democrat Author Of 9/11 Bill To White House Signing Ceremony

Though he signed it into law Monday, President Donald Trump didn’t extend an invitation to the lead author of the bill that would extend a compensation fund for police, firefighters and other first responders who survived the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, The Daily Beast reported Monday. The lead author of the bill, Democrat Rep. […]

Sarah Sanders Rips Democrats, Says They Need A ‘Come To Jesus’ Moment On Impeachment

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders ripped into Democrats on Wednesday, saying that they need to end their talks of impeachment and have a “come to Jesus” moment. As more and more progressive lawmakers come out in support of impeaching President Donald Trump, Sanders says that they need to show up and do their jobs […]

Chuck Schumer: Senate Has Become ‘Legislative Graveyard’ Under McConnell

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat from New York, called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, saying that McConnell’s leadership in recent years has turned the Senate into a “legislative graveyard,” as The Hill reports. The minority leader’s remarks came in a statement released Friday after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi […]

Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer Call On Robert Mueller To Testify Before Congress

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer took to Twitter on Thursday to call on special counsel Robert Mueller to testify before Congress regarding his report into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The report was released to the public, with redactions, by the Department of Justice (DOJ) earlier on Thursday […]

Democratic Congressional Leaders Ask Mueller To Testify

Over the course of the nearly two-year probe, special counsel Robert Mueller has rarely appeared in public. He’s mostly only been photographed entering or leaving courtrooms, and during the time of the probe, most Americans have never heard his voice. That may be about to change, however, with a request from Democratic leaders of Congress […]

Chuck Schumer Calls On Ousted Service Director Randolph Alles To Testify About Security Lapses At Mar-A-Lago

Secret Service Director Randolph Alles may be on the way out of the Trump administration, but not before Chuck Schumer tries to get the low-down on potential security lapses at Mar-a-Lago resort. On Monday, the Trump administration announced that Alles would be ousted from his position, part of a larger purge that included the ousting […]

Chuck Schumer Compares Ilhan Omar To Trump At AIPAC Conference

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) used part of his speech at a conference hosted by a pro-Israel lobbying group to compare a member of his own party to President Donald Trump, according to a report in HuffPost. In his speech to the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference, Schumer was critical of remarks […]

Senator McConnell Blocks Resolution To Publicly Release Mueller Report

On Monday afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) blocked a resolution calling for the public release special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on his 22-month investigation. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York asked for unanimous consent on the resolution, a version of which passed the House of Representatives earlier, 420-0, but that didn’t […]

Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi Call On William Barr To Make Mueller Report Public

As the repercussions of special counsel Robert Mueller’s late Friday afternoon bombshell announcement that he has concluded his investigation continue to reverberate throughout Washington, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have called on Attorney General William Barr to make the “full report public” in no uncertain terms. Seeking to head off […]

Sen. Lindsey Graham Blocks Resolution To Make Mueller Report Public

Staunch supporter of President Donald Trump Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) has killed a resolution in the Senate to make the Mueller report public once it is completed, according to a report in The Hill. The resolution, a similar version of which has already passed unanimously in the House of Representatives, calls for the Department […]

Democratic Leaders Warn Trump About Requesting New Border Wall Funding: ‘We Hope He Learned His Lesson’

Democratic leaders are getting ahead of Donald Trump’s planned request for border wall funding, warning him that it will go just as bad as his first demand. Reports emerged on Sunday that Trump planned to ask Congress for $8.6 billion in new funding for a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border. A senior Trump administration official […]

Chuck Schumer Slams Trump SOTU Speech: ‘It’s Sort Of Like Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde’

In an interview broadcast Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer criticized President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, The Hill reports. According to Senator Schumer, Donald Trump went back and forth between calling for unity and criticizing the Democratic Party, which is why there is “very little nice to say about it.” “It’s sort […]

Donald Trump Blasts Chuck Schumer Hours Before He’s Scheduled To Give A Speech On Unity

Donald Trump used Twitter to blast New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer on Tuesday, hours before he’s scheduled to give his State of the Union address with a theme of “unity,” the Hill is reporting. In a Twitter post, Trump suggested that Schumer — who has been sharply critical of Trump and his agenda in […]