Chuck Hagel: Obama White House Pressured Me To Release More Terrorists From Gitmo

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel claims that the Obama White House put pressure on him to sign off on the release of more terrorist detainees from the prison at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Hagel offered this revelation in an interview yesterday with CNN reporter Barbara Starr. As the Inquisitr reported this […]

Bowe Bergdahl Investigation Concludes, Pentagon Officials Briefed

The Army has concluded its lengthy investigation into the disappearance of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan, and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has been briefed on the matter ahead of the filing of any possible charges. Details of the investigation have been closely held, according to the Daily Mail, yet they are likely to establish whether […]

Six Guantánamo Bay Detainees Now In Uruguay, But How Many More Until Barack Obama Finally Shuts It Down?

Early Sunday, the United States transferred the largest single number of inmates out of Guantánamo Bay since 2009. The Defense Department announced that a total of six prisoners have been relocated out of the Cuban prison to a new location in Uruguay. These six detainees bring the total number of shuffled Guantánamo Bay prisoners this […]

Chuck Hagel Fired? Defense Secretary Resigned On His Own, Obama Says

UPDATE: Chuck Hagel did resign and was not fired, according to statements made by President Obama during an 11 a.m. press conference. The president sang the outgoing Defense Secretary’s praises, stating that Hagel “has been critical” to a host of national security accomplishments. Chuck Hagel was the only Republican on President Obama’s national security team. […]

Headquarters For Terrorist Organization ISIS Is In Washington D.C.?!

If you’ve been keeping up with the Middle East, ISIS shouldn’t only just the only thing you keep up with. Based on what news outlets have reported, most people would be outraged by the actions of the extremist militants. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported on the atrocities the terrorist organization has committed which includes […]

ISIS: William Forstchen Writes ‘Day Of Wrath’ As Warning Of Terror Attack In America

ISIS is the wealthiest and most violent terrorist group on the planet – but the jihadists are just a Middle East problem, right? The militant Islamic group promised to one day come to America and embark a wave of terror that will make Osama bin Laden’s airplane attacks look like child’s play. ISIS, or ISIL […]

Chuck Hagel: Pentagon Chief Says ISIS ‘Beyond Anything We Have Seen’

U.S Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel took to the Pentagon lectern Thursday along side General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the two top defense officials making clear that the ongoing terror campaign and threats being hurled by ISIS were very real, and legitimate, concerns. The two also said that attacks such as […]

Chuck Hagel Says Transgender Ban Should Be Reviewed

U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel spoke Sunday on the military’s transgender ban — and in an era where “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is not too far in the distant past, the comments have been considered as major progress for the LGBT community. Chuck Hagel appeared on ABC’s This Week explaining that he feels the […]

A-10 Warthog Shot Down By Pentagon Budget Plan

The A-10 Warthog has been a favorite among ground troops since its introduction in 1977. The aircraft’s official name is the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thuderbolt II. It was named after the legendary P-47 Thunderbolt from World War II. However, the close air support jet’s bulked-up – and frankly ugly – appearance helped it earn its […]

Will Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Shrink Military To Pre-WWII Size?

US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is recommending billions of dollars in military cuts which would reportedly reduce the size of American armed forces to pre-World War II levels. Defense Secretary Hagel plans on recommending that President Barack Obama to reduce military housing allowances, limit pay raises for soldiers, and increase health care premiums for […]

‘Top Gun’ Inspiration Named First Female Acting Deputy Defense Secretary

The woman who served as inspiration for the Top Gun character played by Kelly McGillis is a real life success and is being tapped as the first female acting deputy defense secretary. The real life woman behind the character we all got to know as Tom Cruise’s character’s love interest during his time training at […]

Ashton Carter Stepping Down As Deputy Defense Secretary

Ashton Carter is stepping down as deputy defense secretary effective December 4. Carter is known for his knowledge of US defense spending and the defense industry. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who was confirmed by the senate earlier this year, stated that he “reluctantly accepted” Carter’s resignation. Yahoo! News reports that Brett Lambert, who worked closely […]

Military Death Benefits: Fisher House Comes To Families Aid

The military death benefits that are not being paid to the families of those who have paid with their lives, will be covered by Fisher House, a private foundation. The Obama administration knew this would happen if a government shutdown took place and yet these families are caught in the middle. There has been outrage, […]

Furloughed Defense Department Employees Called Back To Work

The Defense Department government-shutdown-related furlough of civilian Pentagon employees is coming to an end. Most will be back on the job on Monday. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has announced that the he is recalling about 350,000 civilian workers, nearly half of the 800,000 federal workers who have been on furlough. According to the Hartford Courant, […]

Senate Panel Votes: Let’s Go To War With Syria [Breaking]

A key Senate panel authorized the use of force in Syria Wednesday, marking the first time lawmakers have voted to authorize military action since October 2002. The Senate vote also marks the clearance of President Obama’s first major hurdle in his attempt to push military intervention in the civil war-torn Middle East country. The Senate […]

John Kerry, Chuck Hagel Make Case For Syria Intervention

John Kerry and Chuck Hagel proposed military intervention in Syria during a Senate panel on Tuesday. The public hearing was the first time members of Congress publicly spoke about the possible action. The hearings come after President Barack Obama requested congressional authorization for limited military strikes against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Discussions and comments […]

Chuck Hagel Apologizes For Taliban ‘Joke’ [Video]

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has apologized for asking a professor of Indian heritage if he was a member of the Taliban. The incident occurred at the University of Nebraska on Wednesday during a Q&A session. Chuck Hagel represented Nebraska in the US Senate for two terms. In January, he was nominated as Defense Secretary […]

Chuck Hagel Calls Boston Marathon Explosions A ‘Cruel Act Of Terror’

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has called the Boston Marathon explosions a “cruel act of terror.” His bold rhetoric comes at a time when President Barack Obama has chosen to be more cautious with his word choice. President Barack Obama was quick to speak out about the incident in Boston yesterday, appearing on television mere […]

Vice President Joe Biden Commits To Pay Cut If Staff Is Hit

Vice President Joe Biden is following the lead of President Barack Obama and other members of the administration — kind of — by offering to take a pay cut if the members of his staff are impacted by the sequester budget cuts. President Obama and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel before him have committed to […]

John Kerry Donates 5 Percent Of Salary To Charity

Secretary of State John Kerry, the richest member of President Barack Obama’s cabinet, has joined other members of the administration in donating five percent of his salary in the spirit of sharing the pain thousands of federal workers will feel when they start to furlough work in the upcoming months. He follows similar gestures by […]

President Obama Will Cut 5 Percent Of His Salary: Who’s Next?

President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he will return five percent of his salary in an act of solidarity with thousands of federal employees across the country who will be furloughed as part of the sequester budget cuts Congress failed to stop earlier this year. He is the latest in a growing list of public […]

Chuck Hagel Gives Up Portion Of Salary Under Budget Cuts

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel will give up a portion of his salary this year in solidarity with Department of Defense employees who must face 14 days of furloughs. “The secretary plans to subject his pay to furlough levels even though he is not required to because he is a presidentially appointed, Senate-confirmed official in […]

Chuck Hagel Confirmation Makes Certain Israel Supporters Nervous

Chuck Hagel was confirmed to replace Leon Panetta as the US Secretary of State last month after nearly a month of resistance in Congress, making certain Israel supporters nervous. Supporters of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a pro-Israel lobbying group, gathered in Washington this weekend in the wake of a the confirmation of a […]

John Brennan’s Confirmation Committee Vote Delayed

Nothing is coming very easily for President Obama when it comes to getting his cabinet confirmed. Jack Lew has been the easiest confirmation by far, with Chuck Hagel being held up for weeks and John Brennan now being slowed up as well. The delaying tactics by the Republicans is certainly nothing new. Brennan’s delayed vote […]

Chuck Hagel Confirmed As Secretary Of Defense

Chuck Hagel has been confirmed as the new Secretary of Defense by a vote of 58-41. Four Republicans joined the Democrats to back President Obama’s nominee. The vote to confirm Hagel came at the end of a contentious battle over the president’s choice for his second-term Pentagon head. The former two-term Nebraska senator was opposed […]

Louis Farrakhan Likes Chuck Hagel For Standing Up To ‘Jewish Lobby’

Chuck Hagel’s Secretary of Defense nod seems to be back on track, but the Senator’s latest endorsement is one he never asked for and probably doesn’t want in the first place. National Review reports that the controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan recently praised Hagel during his annual address at the Saviours’ Day convention […]

John McCain: Chuck Hagel Will Be Confirmed This Week

John McCain appeared on State of the Union on Sunday where he confirmed that Chuck Hagel will likely be confirmed as Secretary of Defense within the week. According to McCain: “I don’t believe Chuck Hagel, who is a friend of mine, is qualified to be secretary of defense. But I do believe that elections have […]

Chuck Hagel Confirmation For Defense Secretary Appears To Be Back On Track

Chuck Hagel’s confirmation as President Obama’s defense secretary appears to be only a matter of time. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) both went on the Sunday morning talk shows and appeared to pave the way for a filibuster of the nominee to end. If true, this would be the end to […]

Hagel Confirmation Postponed: New Tape Containing Controversial Comments On Israel Surfaces

Already wounded and bleeding profusely, former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel’s nomination may have been dealt a mortal blow on Wednesday when the Senate suddenly postponed the vote on his confirmation. Citing problems with newly disclosed comments by Hagel on Israel, and questions about his business dealings, Armed Services Committee Chairman, Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., announced […]

Colin Powell Defends Chuck Hagel, Says He Was Always A Supporter Of Israel

While Republicans have stepped up their criticism of Chuck Hagel ahead of his hearings to become the next Secretary of Defense, Hagel has his defenders stepping up to the plate also. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell went on NBC’s Meet The Press to lend his support to the former Senator. Hagel has been on […]

Sen. Chuck Hagel Apologizes For Gay Comment Made In 1998

Former Sen. Chuck Hagel apologized for anti-gay remarks he made in 1998 about a nominee for an ambassadorship. The Republican, who is believed to be President Obama’s top pick for defense secretary, apologized for the remarks on Friday. Hagel did so in a brief written statement, which read that his comments about James C. Hormel, […]