‘This Is Us’ Star Sterling K. Brown Shares Wild Behind-The-Scenes Cast Pic That Shows Safety Protocols In Play

This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown shared a behind-the-scenes photo that shows just how seriously producers are taking coronavirus protocols while shooting the upcoming fifth season of the NBC drama series. In a new photo shared to his Instagram page, the Emmy-winning actor was pictured in a sealed-off, clear “booth” with co-stars Jon Huertas […]

‘This Is Us’ Fans Divided Over Status Of Toby & Kate’s Relationship As Show Returns From Hiatus

This Is Us fans appear divided over the relationship status of Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Kate (Chrissy Metz) as the show returns from its hiatus. The upcoming shows will delve into one of the biggest issues left on the table as the series took its winter break — the future of Toby and Kate’s marriage. […]

Chrissy Metz Reveals She Can Relate To Kate’s Awkward Restaurant Booth Scene On ‘This Is Us’

Chrissy Metz is speaking out after an all-too-familiar scene on This Is Us. The NBC star revealed she can relate to her character, Kate Pearson’s, awkward experience at a restaurant when a hostess attempted to seat her at a booth in the episode “Unhinged.” During a scene in which Kate joined IT expert Toby (Chris […]

‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Toby’s Secret Weight Loss Could Mark Trouble For His Marriage To Kate

Spoiler alert: This article contains mild spoilers for This Is Us Season 4. This Is Us fans know that Kate and Toby (Chrissy Metz, Chris Sullivan) have had a difficult relationship from the get-go, but things could take an even trickier turn for them now that Toby is focused on fitness behind his wife’s back. […]

‘This Is Us’ Mom Mandy Moore Turns 35

Mandy Moore still isn’t as old as her TV kids were when they were first introduced on This Is Us. When the NBC drama debuted in 2016, the Big Three (played by Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, and Sterling K. Brown) were celebrating their 36th birthday. Now, Moore – who plays patriarch Rebecca Pearson in a […]

‘This Is Us’ To Feature Rare Episode-Long Scene As The Pearsons Come Together For Kate In ‘The Waiting Room’

This Is Us will feature a unique format in the upcoming episode “The Waiting Room.” Instead of the show’s usual flashback/flash-forward format, the episode will play out in one, long near-continuous scene, according to executive producer Isaac Aptaker. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Aptaker described the upcoming 15th episode of the show as […]

‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Toby And Kate Kick Off The New Year With The Baby Blues

This Is Us will have a bit of a flash forward when the show picks up for the second half of Season 3 next month. The time-jumping NBC drama will show Kate Pearson (Chrissy Metz) further along in her pregnancy after her baby’s gender reveal that played out on the fall finale episode, “The Beginning […]

‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Reveals Kate & Toby Will Face A Situation Never Before Seen On Network TV

This Is Us is headed into uncharted territory once again. The hit NBC drama will offer an unprecedented twist in one of its biggest storylines, as Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) face a high-risk pregnancy while Toby deals with his ongoing battle with depression. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, This Is […]

Chrissy Metz Discusses How The Real Life Struggles Shown On ‘This Is Us’ Might Be A Source Of Hope To Others

A new episode of the hit show This Is Us, will be coming out Tuesday night. Before it airs, actress Chrissy Metz provided the Today show with her take of last week’s episode. Chrissy’s character on the show, Kate Pearson, has had ongoing struggles with pregnancy throughout the season. The show has followed Kate’s journey […]

‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Toby’s Dark Side Revealed In New Promo

Toby Damon is getting a semi-showcase on This Is Us. The character, played by Chris Sullivan, will be a central focus of the coming episode appropriately titled, “Toby.” The synopsis of the episode posted by The Futon Critic reads, in part, “Kate and Toby try to keep busy while waiting for big news. ” But […]

‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: The One Thing You Missed About Toby & Kate

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the This Is Us Season 3 premiere episode “Nine Bucks.” This Is Us fans got another clue regarding the mystery “her” that was teased at the end of last season, and it has fans questioning everything they thought they knew about the NBC drama. In the final moments of […]

‘This Is Us’ Star Jon Huertas Reveals Miguel Will Get A Showcase Episode

This Is Us star Jon Huertas has revealed that his character, Miguel, will get a standalone showcase episode—and it could come as soon as this season. The actor, who plays Jack Pearson’s (Milo Ventimiglia) best friend turned Rebecca Pearson’s (Mandy Moore) second husband on the NBC drama, admits that there’s a fine line between telling […]

‘This Is Us’ Creator Teases ‘Showcase’ Episodes For Two Surprising Characters In Season 3

This Is Us fans will soon learn a little bit more about two people that aren’t part of the Big Three. During a For Your Consideration Emmy event in Los Angeles, This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman spilled some spoilers about the upcoming season of the NBC drama. Fogelman told the panel that This Is […]

‘This Is Us’: Chrissy Metz Drops A Big Clue About Toby’s Depression In Season 3

When This Is Us returns to NBC later this fall, viewers will have the chance to catch up on Kate and Toby’s wedded bliss. Or not. Based on the finale flash forward, Katoby’s honeymoon phase could be short-lived. At the end of “The Wedding” episode, a flash forward to the future showed a depressed Toby […]

‘This Is Us’ Finale: Toby’s Parents Are Wendie Malick And ‘Wonder Years’ Dad Dan Lauria

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from the This Is Us season 2 finale, “The Wedding.” This Is Us‘ Kate Pearson has two TV legends for in-laws. The Season 2 finale of the NBC hit introduced Toby Damon’s (Chris Sullivan) parents, and it gave viewers a bit more insight into Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) complicated future […]

‘This Is Us’ Finale Photos: Get A Sneak Peek At Kate And Toby’s Wedding Weekend

This Is Us fans are cordially invited to the season finale of the NBC drama series. And based on the sneak peek photos from the episode, it is going to be must-see TV. New photos have been released by NBC from the This Is Us Season 2 finale, titled “The Wedding.” The photos show Pearson […]

‘This Is Us’: Get Ready To Meet The Parents At Kate And Toby’s Wedding

This Is Us has already given viewers a funeral, so how about a wedding? The Season 2 finale of the hit NBC drama will feature the long-awaited wedding of Kate Pearson (Chrissy Metz) and Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan). Now, in a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, This Is Us executive producer Isaac Aptaker teased […]

‘This Is Us’: Get A Sneak Peek At Kate And Toby’s Bachelor And Bachelorette Parties In ‘Vegas, Baby’

This Is Us viewers are all cried out. After two tear-filled episodes about Jack Pearson’s (Milo Ventimiglia) painfully early death, now it’s time to party. And what better place to do it than Las Vegas. When This Is Us returns with new episodes on February 27, the present day Pearsons will be celebrating Kate’s upcoming […]

‘This Is Us’ Episode 2-16: Kate And Toby Go To ‘Vegas, Baby’ For Their Bachelor And Bachelorette Parties

This Is Us will be back next week after a three-week hiatus, and it looks like there will finally be some lighthearted moments for the long-suffering Pearson clan. After back-to-back episodes that featured Jack Pearson’s (Milo Ventimiglia) death and funeral, NBC has released the title to the next episode of the series. This Is Us […]

‘This Is Us’ Actor Chris Sullivan Talks Toby’s Fat Suit, Set Secrets, And His Hot Wife

Things are going great for actor Chris Sullivan, better known as Toby on the hit NBC drama This Is Us. While Chris plays Toby well, he is getting a little backlash these days from fans who do not support him wearing a prosthetic to make Toby larger than he really is. Recently Chris was able […]

‘This Is Us’: See Toby’s Reaction To Kate’s Pregnancy

This Is Us fans were in for yet another shocker at the end of last week’s episode when Kate Pearson (Chrissy Metz) revealed a baby bombshell during a visit to her doctor. Kate’s poppy seed was now the size of a lentil and fans were blindsided with the character’s unexpected baby news. While fans got […]

‘This Is Us’: Chrissy Metz Reveals How Kate’s Shocker Will Change The Game [Spoilers]

[Editor’s note: this post contains spoilers for the This Is Us episode that aired on Tuesday, October 16.] This Is Us fans were in for a whopper of a shocker when this week’s episode, “Still There,” ended with an unexpected twist: Kate Pearson (Chrissy Metz) is pregnant! Amid a storyline that had Kate seemingly obsessing […]

‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Everything That Is Going To Make You Cry In Season 2

We’re only hours away from the Season 2 premiere of This Is Us, and it looks like we’re in for another emotional roller coaster. From deeper family dynamics to a brand-new decade for the big three, here’s everything that will make you cry in Season 2. According to Pop Sugar, Kevin (Justin Hartley), Randall (Sterling […]

‘This Is Us’: Chrissy Metz And Chris Sullivan Cast Doubt On Kate And Toby’s Happily Ever After

This Is Us fans know a funeral is in their future — let’s face it, Jack’s death is imminent — but they’d probably rather see a wedding. With courting characters Kate Pearson and Toby Damon (Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan) now engaged and moving in together in L.A., their relationship certainly seems to be moving […]

Chris Sullivan Unrecognizable On Emmys Red Carpet, ‘This Is Us’ Star Ditches The Fat Suit For Top Hat And Tux

This Is Us may have fallen short as far as Emmy wins this year, but the cast of the hit NBC drama were all winners on the red carpet. While Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz dazzled in their Emmy gowns and Milo Ventimiglia’s clean-shaven face had fans swooning, one of the biggest standouts at this […]

‘This Is Us’ Star Chris Sullivan Snubbed Fans At Several Events, Called Rude By Fans

This Is Us is known for its heartwarming story of a family tied together with love and loyalty. Fans tuned in each week for the emotional roller coaster ride that the one-hour NBC show would deliver, often with a major cliffhanger as the final credits began to roll. The cast of This Is Us is […]

Chris Sullivan Defends ‘This Is Us’ Fat Suit: ‘It’s A Costume’

Chris Sullivan stunned viewers when he revealed that he wears a “fat suit” to play the character Toby Damon on This Is Us, and now he’s speaking out about the controversial revelation and his role on the hit NBC drama. In an interview with People Now, Sullivan said the suit is just a requirement for […]

Chrissy Metz Is Ready To Be A ‘Plus-Size’ Bride On ‘This Is Us’

Chrissy Metz is ready to do some wedding planning–or at least some dress shopping. The This Is Us star says she is holding out hope that her character, Kate Pearson, will tie the knot with fiancé Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan) sometime during the second season of the hit NBC drama. This Is Us fans were […]

Chrissy Metz Of ‘This Is Us’ On Sex Scenes, Weight Loss, Love, And Possible Duet

This is Us actress Chrissy Metz continues to gain popularity, not only for her acting skills, but her positive outlook on life, love, and body image. While Chrissy has weight issues like her character, Kate Pearson, Metz does not let it define who she is. Metz is speaking out now about the possibility of on-screen […]

‘This Is Us’ Fans Starting To Turn On Toby, And It Has To Do With Jack’s Death

Toby has been a fan favorite on This Is Us since the very beginning. Between Toby’s (Chris Sullivan) romantic gestures and his engagement to Kate (Chrissy Metz), fans have always enjoyed his storyline – until now. Us Magazine reports that fans are turning on Toby after he tried to pry details about Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) […]

‘This Is Us’: What Does Toby Do For A Living?

This Is Us still has several mysteries left to unravel—the big one, of course, is how did Pearson patriarch, Jack, die?—but one of the unsolved questions is starting to become a definite elephant in the room. Seventeen episodes in and This Is Us fans still have no clue what Toby (Chris Sullivan) does for a […]

Chrissy Metz of ‘This Is Us’ Dishes On Reality Of Working With Boyfriend Josh

Things have been going quite well for This is Us beauty Chrissy Metz. Chrissy has a successful television drama and a loving boyfriend all on one set. Fans have known Metz had a man in her life, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that Chrissy revealed his identity to the world. Now that Chrissy and […]

Toby On ‘This Is Us’ Wears Fat Suit, Chris Sullivan Fans Shocked

News recently emerged that Toby on This Is Us wears a fat suit for the show, shocking Chris Sullivan fans across social media. PureWow shared last Wednesday what Chris Sullivan looks like in real life, adding that the image is drastically different from the character, Toby, that Sullivan plays on This Is Us. The short […]

‘This Is Us’ Kate Spoilers: Chrissy Metz New Romance Shocker & Weight Loss War

When it comes to Chrissy Metz and her character, Kate, on This Is Us, the actress has been candid about how Kate’s weight loss wars have resembled her own struggles. But Chrissy has reportedly had real-life romance heartbreak as well, and now This Is Us is headed down a path that also may parallel some […]

‘This Is Us’ Actress Chrissy Metz Finally Reveals Real-Life Boyfriend: Who Is He?

Chrissy Metz is living the life right now. Last year turned out pretty amazing for Chrissy, and 2017 is starting out just as great, if not better. The This Is Us actress definitely has everything going her way at the moment. Not only is Chrissy’s show a huge success, her love life is going just […]

Chrissy Metz Says ‘This Is Us’ Fans Might Get Upset Over Love Triangle Storyline: Will Kate Cheat On Toby?

Chrissy Metz says This Is Us fans should prepare for another emotional ride, but this one will have nothing to do with Jack Pearson’s death. In a promo clip for the upcoming episode “I Call Marriage,” Metz’ character gets a visit from her fiancé Toby (Chris Sullivan) at the weight loss immersion camp she’s staying […]

‘This Is Us’ Season 2 Renewed By NBC: No Spoilers, But Katie Couric Cameo Expected

America has been swept away by the NBC television series This Is Us, and their demands to have the show renewed have been answered. In fact, there will not just be one new season, but instead Season 2 of This Is Us will be followed by a Season 3. Altogether, this means that 36 new […]

‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Dishes On What’s Next For Toby And Kate, Plus Talks Connection To Operation Smile [Spoilers]

After five weeks of no new episodes, This is Us, the hit NBC drama, returned last Tuesday to answer fans eager questions of whether Toby would live or die. Chrissy Metz and the rest of the cast had been teasing fans for weeks about Toby’s fate. Thankfully everyone did not have to wait very long […]

Chris Sullivan Talks Toby’s Future After Near-Death ‘This Is Us’ Twist

Chris Sullivan is happy to be alive. The This Is Us star, who spent the last five weeks in cliffhanger mode with his character’s fate hanging in the balance, says he knew all along that Toby would be okay, and that he’s relieved that he can finally talk about it after five weeks of playing […]

‘This Is Us’ Schedule, Spoilers: Season 1 Winter Premiere Brings News On Toby’s Fate, Heartbreak, Changes, And Big Decisions

It is finally time for the return of This Is Us, and spoilers tease that Tuesday’s episode will be an intense one. When the midseason premiere aired before the holidays, the Pearson family had gathered for Christmas. Everybody was left stunned as William subtly revealed that he was gay or bisexual, and Toby surprised Kate […]

Chrissy Metz Talks ‘This Is Us’ Weight Loss And How Toby’s Crisis Could Affect It

Chrissy Metz says her This is Us character, Kate Pearson, will have some big decisions to make in the next few episodes of the hit NBC drama. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Metz said there would be some “unexpected scenes” when the show picks up show picks up after a tumultuous midseason finale […]

‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Chrissy Metz May Have Just Confirmed Toby’s Fate

This Is Us returns tomorrow night and fans have been waiting on pins and needles for the newest episode. The fall finale saw Toby (Chris Sullivan) collapse at Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) home. No details were given, the episode just ended leaving fans with their jaws on the floor. Since the fall finale episode aired, […]

Chrissy Metz Of ‘This Is Us’ Weighs In On Toby’s Fate, Says Fans Will Have Closure [Spoilers]

Fans are more than ready for the return of This is Us on Tuesday and to find out the fate of Chrissy Metz’s boyfriend, Toby. The fall finale left viewers stunned and excited to see where show writers will take fans next after Toby was seen collapsing over a coffee table on Christmas night, just […]

‘This Is Us’: Toby Twist Will Be Resolved In ‘First Five Minutes’ Of Episode 11, Plus Did Mandy Moore Just Give Us A Peek At Jack And Rebecca’s Wedding?

This Is Us fans have been counting down the minutes until the show resumes after that gut-wrenching mid-season finale last month. The NBC drama returns Jan. 10 after a five-week hiatus with a new episode titled, “The Right Thing To Do,” and viewers won’t have to wait long to find out the fate of Toby […]

‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Justin Hartley Teases Kevin, Olivia, Sloane Love Triangle, Toby’s Fate Revealed In Episode 11

This Is Us star Justin Hartley hinted that there could be a love triangle among Kevin, Olivia (Janet Montgomery), and Sloane (Milana Vayntrub) when the hit NBC series returns January 10, 2017. Fans also wouldn’t have to wait long to find out what happens to Toby (Chris Sullivan) after he collapsed in the Pearson living […]

Justin Hartley Says ‘This Is Us’ Fans Won’t Be Left Hanging Over Toby’s Fate

Justin Hartley says This Is Us fans won’t have to wait long to find out if their prayers for Toby worked. In an interview with TV Guide, Hartley, who plays Kevin Pearson on the hit NBC drama, said even he was blindsided by the show’s fall finale, but he promises fans won’t be kept waiting […]

‘This Is Us’ Delivers Life-Or-Death Fall Finale: Actor Chris Sullivan Weighs In On Toby’s Fate [Spoilers]

This Is Us did it again. The fall finale, titled “Last Christmas,” that aired last night has left fans shocked, sad, and extremely anxious for the hit show to return after the holidays. There were many key plot points revealed, but the biggest involved actor Chris Sullivan and his character, Toby. The cliffhanger left fans […]

‘This Is Us’ Stars Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz Talk Huge Revelation About Jack [Spoilers]

This is Us has shocked people, made them laugh and cry and all with such realness and heart. Fans can’t help but fall in love with the characters on this new hit drama. The show goes between past and present day and while all the other characters have been shown in the present, Jack has […]

Chrissy Metz Of ‘This Is Us’ Talks Huge Spoilers, All About Kate And Plus Size Stereotypes

This is Us has captivated fans with just three episodes and viewers can’t wait for more. The characters all pull at heartstrings, but one character in particular has swept the nation off its feet and that is Kate, played by actress Chrissy Metz. Chrissy is perfect for the role in more ways than one. Metz […]