Alarm In Hong Kong After A Proposed Law Could Ban Anyone From Leaving

The Hong Kong Bar Association (HKBA), an influential group of barristers in the special administrative region, has expressed its concern over a new government proposal that would give “apparently unfettered power” to the immigration director. This means the director could stop a person from leaving the city, in an eerie echo of life behind the […]

China Bans BBC World News, Hinting At Coverage Of Uyghur Camps As Reason For Media Tit-For-Tat

BBC World News has been banned from airing in China, per a statement from China’s National Radio and Television Administration released on Thursday. Many foreign policy pundits are calling the move a tit-for-tat as the ban comes just one week after Ofcom, the British media regulator, canceled China Global Television Network in the United Kingdom. […]

China Is Digging Up Sand In The Ocean In Its Latest Aggressive Move Against Taiwan

The Taiwanese Coast Guard has sounded the alarm that China is using a new method of aggression in its fight to reclaim control over Taiwan — sand. According to Reuters, Chinese sand-dredging vessels are encroaching on waters controlled by Taiwan. The purpose of this is two-fold. The first is to tie down the “island democracy’s […]

Joe Biden Is Pushing ‘China First’ Policies, Kevin McCarthy Claims

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy argued Saturday evening that President Joe Biden showed during his first week in office that he will put America’s adversaries first. “Just look at the first week of this administration. It’s Russia, China, our adversaries who are benefiting, not the American people,” McCarthy told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, stressing […]

China Lab Is ‘Most Credible’ Source Of Coronavirus Outbreak, Trump Official Says

Donald Trump’s Deputy National Security Adviser Matthew Pottinger believes that the “most credible” source of the coronavirus outbreak is a leak from a research laboratory in China, The Daily Mail reported. According to Pottinger, there is a “growing body of evidence” to support the theory that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is the source of […]

McDonald’s In China Now Offering A Burger That Combines Spam, Oreo Cookies, And A Creamy Sauce

McDonald’s customers in China will now have the chance to test out a bizarre sandwich that combines Spam meat, Oreo cookies, and a creamy sauce. As The Daily Mail reported, some promotional images of the new menu item showed up on social media this week, garnering some very strong opinions and plenty of disgust. The […]

Hours After Mike Pompeo Says Russia Carried Out Cyberattack, Donald Trump Contradicts Him And Blames China

On Saturday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Russia was likely behind a massive cyberattack that struck a number of federal agencies. Just hours later, President Donald Trump contradicted his own administration and said that China may be to blame for the attack. He seemed to imply that the media may have been purposely […]

Huawei Has Allegedly Built Surveillance Tools That Identify And Monitor People By Race

An investigation into the Chinese firm Huawei has reportedly found that the company has worked with dozens of security firms to build surveillance tools that can both identify and track people based on race. The report comes just days after the company had denied creating ethnicity-monitoring technology. The investigation, conducted by The Washington Post, learned […]

China Is Building A Border Barricade To Stop Workers From Fleeing To Vietnam In Echoes Of Berlin Wall

After workers in southern China began fleeing en masse to Vietnam in the hopes of better jobs and more freedom, the communist regime started building a wall to prevent further emigration in a move that is eerily reminiscent of the Berlin Wall that divided the German city during the Cold War. Vietnamese authorities have also […]

China’s Xi Jinping Says ‘Any Country’ That Goes Against International Community Will Be ‘Battered’

The day following the presidential debate where U.S. President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden expressed their willingness to stand up to China, the superpower’s president, Xi Jinping, issued a warning to any future opposition. As reported by Newsweek, the comments were transcribed in The South China Morning Post from a speech in Beijing […]

Donald Trump Reportedly Paid Nearly $200K In Taxes To China, Has Secret Chinese Bank Account

Donald Trump maintains a secret bank account in China where he pursued business deals for years, according to a bombshell report that could undermine the president’s election campaign claim that he is tough on Beijing. Tax records reviewed by The New York Times purportedly showed a previously unreported bank account controlled by Trump International Hotels […]

Donald Trump And Joe Biden Presidential Debate Could Be Good For China And Bad For Democracy

As the controversy from last night’s first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden continues, much discussion has centered on the winners and losers. According to a report by CNN, the question should not only be focused on which of the candidates won the debate. Instead, senior producer James Griffiths believes China […]

There Are More Than 100 Uighur Detention Camps In China Than Previously Estimated, New Report Claims

A new report conducted by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute has claimed that there are over a hundred more Uighur detention camps throughout China than previously believed. The findings come as the Middle Kingdom has continued to fight against international criticism by insisting that the nation is scaling back on its “re-education” policies of the […]

China Institutes Mass Labor Program In A ‘Targeted Attack On Traditional Tibetan Livelihoods’

Reports from China are claiming that the communist nation has begun to displace a growing number of rural Tibetan laborers into “military-style training centers” with the goal of creating a new pool of factory workers, according to Reuters. International policy experts have voiced their worries that the move closely mirrors the regime’s actions in the […]

China Is Helping North Korea Launder Money Through US Banks In ‘Concerted Attack,’ Leaked Documents Reveal

Recently leaked documents have revealed that North Korea has been benefiting from an elaborate money laundering scheme for years. The enterprise, which often relied on Chinese firms to move money through banks in New York, has been called a “concerted attack” on the U.S. by a former official at the Treasury Department. According to NBC […]

Mike Pompeo Attacks Pope Francis & The ‘Moral Authority’ Of The Vatican Amidst Potential Deal With China

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has hit out at Pope Francis following the news that diplomats from the Holy See are meeting later this month with members of the Chinese Communist Party to renew a two-year-old agreement between China and the Vatican. Though the Middle Kingdom nominally adheres to the principle of religious freedom, it […]

‘Mulan’ Comes Under Fire Again, This Time For Filming Done In The Xinjiang Province

Disney’s Mulan is once again coming under fire, and this time it is because of the location where the live-action movie was filmed, Patrick Brzeski of The Hollywood Reporter wrote on Tuesday. At issue is an official thank-you to the Chinese government posted after the credits. Mulan’s included thank-you points out there was some filming […]

Former Chinese Communist Party Insider Warns China Is A Threat To The World

Cai Xia, who was once a leading professor at China’s top training center and think tank, is now denouncing the Communist Party, in which she was once considered an elite member. According to CNN, Cai is now warning the rest of the world about the threat of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after a series […]

Peter Navarro Says Americans Will Vote For ‘Tough Guy’ Donald Trump: ‘They Know The World’s A Dangerous Place’

In an interview with Fox News broadcast on Sunday, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro expressed confidence about President Donald Trump’s electoral prospects, The Hill reported. Sunday Morning Futures anchor Maria Bartiromo asked Navarro to comment on the allegations that the Chinese government is backing Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, in the 2020 […]

Mitch McConnell Slams Amy McGrath’s New Ad As ‘Racist’ Against His Wife

On Friday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell responded to attacks from his Democratic challenger Amy McGrath, Fox News reported. McConnell slammed McGrath for releasing a “racist” advertisement that seemed to target his wife Elaine Chao, who is of Chinese descent. In her ad, McGrath — who is a former Marine pilot — accused McConnell of […]

Thousands Of North Korean ‘Storm Corps’ Troops Are Reportedly Being Sent To The Chinese Border

North Korea has reportedly sent around 3,000 members of the “Storm Corps” — an elite military force created by Kim Jong Il — to a number of areas around their northern border with China, according to Daily NK. The Storm Corps is one of the most prestigious assignments in the Hermit Kingdom, and the unit […]

US Intelligence Warns That Russia, China & Iran Are Seeking To Meddle In The 2020 Election

On Friday, William Evanina, the director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, warned that Russia, China and Iran are seeking to meddle in the 2020 election, The Hill reported. The top counterintelligence official said that the three nations are trying to “sway voters’ preferences and perspectives,” sow discord and “undermine the American people’s confidence […]

TikTok Responds To Donald Trump’s Ordered Ban, Threatens Legal Action

TikTok issued a response to President Donald Trump’s recently-signed executive order effectively banning the popular social media app in the event that its parent company — the Beijing, China-based firm ByteDance — doesn’t sell off its United States operations in the next 45 days. In a new release shared on the official TikTok web site […]

TikTok Is ‘An Emblem Of A Far Bigger Problem,’ Its Potential Misuses ‘Nothing To Scoff At,’ Experts Say

The social media app TikTok has been a topic of headlines recently, as the Trump administration has made moves aimed at banning the popular app, or at the very least, putting it under new ownership and management. However, the popular app is just a symptom of a much larger problem, a group of experts tell […]

Mystery Seeds Sent In Unsolicited Packages From China Identified

Officials from the U.S. Department of Agriculture have identified some of the mystery seeds that have been turning up in American mailboxes in packages with a Chinese return address, CBS News reported. Fortunately, the seeds belong to mundane, ubiquitous plants and, as such, don’t appear to be a concerted attempt to undermine American farming. As […]

China Is Offering Rewards For Reporting Underground Churches In Latest Religious Crackdown

Reports are claiming that the Communist Party in China has begun a new program throughout the country that offers a substantial monetary award to those who report and identify home churches in their communities. According to the Catholic News Agency, the directive was tested earlier this year in the province of Heilongjiang. Citizens of the […]

Donald Trump Plans To Outlaw TikTok: ‘We’re Banning Them From The United States’

U.S. President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he has decided to ban TikTok. The social media app, which is particularly popular with young users thanks to its bite-sized videos that often feature dances or short skits, has been a source of controversy both in the United States and throughout the world due to its […]

Donald Trump Says China Is ‘Very Happy’ About Democratic Push For Mail-In Voting

Donald Trump on Friday spoke about the Democratic push for mail-in voting and claimed that China was likely happy about their efforts, Breitbart reported. “They’re using the China virus, China must be very happy about it, because they hit us with a virus and now they screw up an election like you will never see,” […]

Microsoft Reportedly Buying ByteDance’s US Stake In TikTok After Donald Trump Orders China To Sell App

Microsoft could soon be the proud owner of the U.S.-based part of TikTok, one of the most popular social media apps in the world. Ashley Stewart of Business Insider wrote on Friday that Microsoft could purchase a stake in China’s ByteDance. ByteDance is expected to be ordered by President Donald Trump to divest itself of […]

Officials Warn Americans Not To Open Strange Packages From China Or Plant The Seeds Inside

U.S. Department of Agriculture officials warned Americans not to open suspicious and unsolicited packages from China, as they contain unidentified seeds, ABC News reported. And, of course, officials warn even more explicitly not to plant those seeds. Across the country, people have received nondescript packages that wouldn’t otherwise raise an eyebrow. They’re plastic, light gray, […]

The Chinese Consulate In Houston Is Allegedly Burning Documents Amid Accusations Of Espionage Against The US

Papers are reportedly being burned in open containers outside of the Chinese consulate in Houston, as tensions between China and the United States continue to rise. According to Bloomberg, the consulate had recently been ordered to close by the U.S. government after there had been reports that officials from the Middle Kingdom were using the […]

Trump Administration AG William Barr Hits Hollywood, Tech Companies On Relationship With China

U.S. Attorney General William Barr offered harsh words for several American tech giants, as well as Hollywood studios and filmmakers, for their purported relationships with China in a fiery speech given at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Thursday. Barr’s prepared remarks, which were later made available by the Department […]

The United States Is ‘Very Seriously’ Looking At Banning TikTok

The United States is looking into the idea of banning TikTok and other social media apps from China over national security concerns. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, that while he didn’t want to announce anything final, the federal government was taking the idea “very seriously.” When asked if the U.S. […]

TikTok’s Parent Company Expected To Lose $6 Billion After App Banned In India

TikTok’s parent company may be hit very hard by a recent ban by the Indian government, a new report suggested. After India announced that the popular app was among the nearly 60 Chinese-based apps that were being banned in the country, a new report indicated that it could cost TikTok’s parent company as much as […]

China Allegedly Ordered Deadly Border Attack To ‘Teach India A Lesson’

United States intelligence reports have suggested that China authorized a strike on Indian troops located in the disputed Himalayan border region between their two nations. However, Chinese officials are disputing these reports. According to The Hindustan Times, U.S. intelligence has claimed that General Zhao Zongqi, head of the Western Theater Command, purportedly approved the strike […]

China Says A Commanding Officer Was Killed In Indian Border Skirmish, While Rumors Claim That Dozens Died

China has claimed that a commanding officer was killed during the June 15 skirmish in the disputed border regions that left 20 Indian soldiers dead. The admission comes as the two Asian giants have attempted to broker a peace agreement despite growing tensions between the two countries. According to NDTV India, the negotiations — which […]

China Accuses India Of ‘Deliberate Provocation’ After Deadly Border Clash, India Hits Back At Claims

China has accused India of “deliberate provocation” following a border skirmish that left 20 Indian soldiers dead. The statement comes as relations between the two Asian nations continue to deteriorate amid several border disputes. According to the BBC, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lijian Zhao accused the nuclear rival of a “deliberate provocation” by crossing a […]

John Bolton’s Book Alleges That Donald Trump Asked Chinese President Xi Jinping For Re-Election Help

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton says he is ready to expose President Donald Trump in his upcoming book, and some interesting details have started to emerge. One passage that might raise some eyebrows explains how the president reportedly tried to get Chinese President Xi Jinping to help bolster his re-election prospects. The Washington Post […]

China Mobilizes Thousands Of Troops To Be Just ‘Hours’ From The Indian Border Despite Peace Talks

China has mobilized thousands of paratroopers to areas close to its border with India in what the Middle Kingdom is calling a “military drill.” The move comes amidst serious tensions over that past few months, despite reports of successful peace talks between the two nations over the weekend. According to The South China Morning Post, […]

Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Calls Out China For Trying To ‘Exploit’ George Floyd’s Death

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took to Twitter on Saturday, calling out China for their attempt to “exploit” the death of George Floyd. Pompeo tweeted his frustration with China using the demonstrations that protest against Floyd’s death and overall police brutality to supposedly settle a score about the United States’ actions toward the Hong Kong […]

Donald Trump Moves To Block Chinese Airlines From Flying Into The United States

Donald Trump and his administration made moves to block Chinese airlines from flying into the United States on Wednesday, according to an Associated Press report. The move appears to be another escalation of the tensions between both nations. The suspension will begin on June 16, and it comes after China declined to allow United Airlines […]

Donald Trump Advisers Reportedly Concerned Over China Trade Deal

Advisers to U.S. President Donald Trump are concerned about future trade deals between China and the United States, The Washington Examiner reported on Saturday. During a press conference on Friday, Trump refused to share details about the so-called phase one trade deal and did not take any questions from reporters. However, the president told Fox […]

Former Hong Kong Governor Claims President Xi Jinping Is ‘Nervous’ About His Standing In China

Chris Patten, the last British governor of Hong Kong before the United Kingdom ceded control of the island to China in 1997, claimed that China’s renewed focus on cracking down on Hong Kong protesters is because President Xi Jinping is “nervous” about the future of the Chinese Communist Party. According to Reuters, Patten claimed President […]

India & China Move Troops To Their Shared Border As Tensions Between The Two Countries Rise

Both India and China have moved troops to their shared Himalayan border after skirmishes between their two armies have heightened tensions between the rival nations. A number of attacks earlier this May left hundreds of soldiers injured and offers the worrying possibility that the two Asian powerhouses might escalate their offensives. According to The Guardian, […]

Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Condemns China’s Controversial Hong Kong Measures

The ruling Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China is pushing controversial national security measures that will ban acts of treason, secession, and sedition in Hong Kong. It’s a move that many are decrying as a legal means to limit the freedoms of the region’s citizens and stamp out pro-democracy activism. In response to […]

Chinese Couple Reunites With Kidnapped Son 32 Years Later

A Chinese couple reunited with their kidnapped son, Mao Yin, after 32 years, reported BBC News earlier today. The parents received the news on Mother’s Day, and the official reunion took place on Monday, May 18 at a police news conference. At the conference, Li Jingzhi, Yin’s mother, thanked the “tens of thousands of people” […]

Shanghai Disneyland Reopens, Becoming The Company’s First Theme Park To Do So

Shanghai Disneyland reopened Monday, May 11, three months after the COVID-19 pandemic forced its closure, CNN reported. The park is the first of six shuttered Disney properties to reopen. According to the report, the Shanghai Disneyland experience will not be the same as before the January 25 closure, with many new social distancing measures put […]

Donald Trump Accuses CBS News And ’60 Minutes’ Of Using Platform To Defend China Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Donald Trump took aim at CBS News and 60 Minutes on Sunday, accusing the network of improperly using its platform to defend China amid the global coronavirus pandemic. Trump has been highly critical of the role China has played in the outbreak of the deadly virus, accusing the country’s government of withholding information and slowing […]

British Government Reportedly Dropped China From Its Coronavirus Death Toll For ‘Unreliable Data’

The British government has allegedly removed China from its official coronavirus death toll when it compares other country’s responses to the pandemic. The removal comes amid suspicions that the Chinese Communist Party is deflating numbers to downplay the scale of the outbreak. As reported by Evening Standard, 10 Downing Street, the headquarters of the government […]

Amid Reports Of Kim Jong-Un’s Dire Health, China Reportedly Sends Medical Team To Check On Him

After mixed reports on the health of Kim Jong-Un, China has reportedly sent a medical team to North Korea to check on the country’s leader. As the Guardian reported, the team of doctors and officials traveled to North Korea after conflicting reports on his health, with some outlets claiming that he was in grave health […]