MMA Rumors: UFC Hall Of Famer Chuck Liddell Coming Out Of Retirement If Offered ‘Something Crazy’

UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell is undeniably one of the best fighters whoever stepped inside the Octagon. After suffering three consecutive knockouts, Liddell was forced to retire and leave the world of mixed martial arts. However, he has not ruled out coming out of retirement to fight in the Octagon again. In June, in […]

Jon Jones Is No Longer The GOAT, Says Chael Sonnen After GSP UFC 217 Win

Jon Jones was considered by many as mixed martial arts’ GOAT, or greatest of all time, because of his accomplishments and overall skillset. But after Georges St-Pierre defeated Michael Bisping at UFC 217 to become the new middleweight champion of the world, former UFC title contender Chael Sonnen said that GSP has surpassed Jones as […]

Chael Sonnen: Nate Diaz Is Going To Fight Conor McGregor In December

Conor McGregor called out Nate Diaz several times during his Mayweather press tour and clearly has the trilogy fight in his mind. According to MMA veteran Chael Sonnen, he has inside knowledge that Diaz will be Conor’s next fight. The rivals are currently 1-1 in two blockbuster fights in the UFC, and Conor recently demanded […]

WWE News: Cesaro Sends Well Wishes To Jack Swagger As He Departs From The WWE

Recently, shocking information broke that Jack Swagger asked for his release from the WWE. Calling into former MMA star Chael Sonnen’s You’re Welcome podcast, Swagger explained that he does not feel valued in the company, and has much more potential than what WWE is allowing him to exhibit on television. Moreover, the negotiations that are […]

Tito Ortiz Final MMA Match: Submits Chael Sonnen in First Round

Tito Ortiz ended his MMA career in a blaze of glory. Not only did he defeat Chael Sonnen but he did it in style with a modified rear-naked choke submitting Sonnen, who early in the match thought he had the upper hand with an early guillotine choke attempt on this UFC Hall of Famer. It […]

Boy George’s Short Temper: Lashes Out At Chael Sonnen and Gavin Rossdale, Angers George Michael Fans With Now-Deleted Tweet

Boy George is truly a multifaceted singer who has proved himself as a successful songwriter, DJ, radio presenter, author, newspaper columnist, and co-producer. Boy George has also been critically acclaimed for his work Taboo, the award-winning musical that was staged on West End and Broadway. A successful entrepreneur, Boy George has launched his fashion label […]

Ronda Rousey ‘Was Not A Fighter’: Chael Sonnen, Guest Go On The Attack

Ronda Rousey has seen no shortage of negative publicity following her second consecutive knockout loss in a MMA match. The former UFC Bantamweight Champion suffered a brutal head-kick loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193 in November, 2015, then took 13 months off before returning to the cage. In the buildup to the fight, Ronda […]

WWE News: Big Van Vader Explains Why He No-Showed Chael Sonnen’s Podcast, Challenges MMA Star To Fight

Weeks after it was reported that Big Van Vader failed to show up for Chael Sonnen’s podcast, the retired WWE legend has spoken, explaining the reason why he no-showed the MMA star’s show. Big Van Vader, a.k.a. Vader for short, or Leon White as he is known outside of the ring, is no stranger to […]

WWE News: MMA Star Discusses Goldberg Vs. Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, And Conor McGregor WWE Run

In the latest WWE news, current mixed martial arts star Chael Sonnen was former WWE commentator Jim Ross’s guest on his recent podcast episode. Sonnen, who formerly appeared in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) organization, touched on a number of WWE- and MMA-related topics on the podcast. Sonnen’s topics included the recent Goldberg vs. Brock […]

WWE: Big Van Vader ‘Is A Scumbag,’ MMA Legend Says

Big Van Vader may have millions of fans and less than two years to live from health complications, but “known gangster” and MMA legend Chael Sonnen is not impressed. The one-time Big Van Vader fan tore into the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion on the most recent episode of his You’re Welcome podcast after Vader […]

Predicting CM Punk’s Next Move: Will The Ex-WWE Star Fight Again In The UFC?

It took almost two years for CM Punk to prepare for his UFC debut, a debut which ended in just over two minutes. Nobody really knew what to expect from Punk leading up to the fight, but most expected that he would lose to Mickey Gall, who is one of the most promising young prospects […]

Michael Landsberg On Controversial CM Punk Interview: ‘He Was Being A Sucky, Whiny B**ch’

On December 7, 2014, eleven months after abruptly leaving WWE, CM Punk announced that he had signed with the UFC. The announcement was both surprising and unsurprising at the same time, as many believed that Punk would transition into MMA, but it was surprising to see the world’s biggest mixed martial arts organization welcome in […]

Chris Jericho On Whether Or Not CM Punk Will Return To WWE

CM Punk’s lackluster performance at UFC 203 opened up a lot of questions about his future, with the main one being: will he continue his MMA career? And if he does, will the UFC allow him compete in their organization again? The answer to the first question is yes, as Punk said at the UFC […]

Mike Jackson Calls Out CM Punk, Wants To Be His Second UFC Opponent

After CM Punk was completely dismantled by Mickey Gall at UFC 203, UFC president Dana White told Fox Sports that Punk’s next fight “probably shouldn’t be in the UFC.” Now, the UFC president may reconsider his stance on Punk in the UFC, as it looks like the ex-WWE Champ added, at least, an extra 175,000 […]

Chael Sonnen: Former UFC Fighter Ends Retirement, Signs Deal With Bellator

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has officially ended his retirement, and has signed a multi-year, multi-fight deal with Bellator to compete in their light heavyweight division. During his career with the UFC, Sonnen fought in both the organization’s middleweight and light heavyweight divisions. Chael was one of the biggest names in MMA before receiving a […]

Five Potential Opponents For Chael Sonnen Upon His UFC Return

It’s looking like former UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen is preparing for a comeback, as his two-year suspension came to an end last month. Sonnen recently entered the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s [USADA} testing pool, and according to “The American Gangster” himself, his first USADA test has come back, and it revealed that he was […]

Chael Sonnen: Former UFC Fighter’s Newborn Daughter Blauna Dian Sonnen Dies After Contracting Listeria

Chael Sonnen has fought more fights than he can count, but nothing could prepare him for the fight he has been facing over the past week, and the tragic ending that it came to. According to MMA Fighting, the former UFC fighter and his wife Brittany welcomed their baby girl Blauna Dian Sonnen 10 weeks […]

Chael Sonnen Passes First USADA Test, Considering UFC Comeback

Former UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen has been out of action for the better part of the last two years due to a suspension, but now his suspension has ended, and there’s a good chance that the “American Gangster” will step inside the Octagon at some point in the near-future. Last week, Sonnen appeared on […]

Conor McGregor Calls All WWE Stars ‘P***ies’, Chris Jericho Responds

UFC star Conor McGregor took a few shots at WWE during Friday’s UFC 202 press conference, saying that, for the most part, WWE guys are “p***ies.” McGregor made it clear that he’s a fan of Vince McMahon, Triple H, and The Rock, but he also made it clear that he wasn’t a fan of Brock […]

Chael Sonnen Claims Fans Were Booing At ‘UFC 200: Tate Vs. Nunes’ Because They Wanted Anderson Silva To Knock Out Daniel Cormier

UFC 2oo: Tate vs. Nunes was considered one of the most underwhelming pay-per-views UFC has ever aired, simply because the hype did not meet up with expectations. As a result, many who attended the premier event booed vigorously throughout it, but Chael Sonnen claims fans were booing at UFC 200 because they wanted to see […]

Daniel Cormier Won’t Wait For Jon Jones’ UFC Return To Defend His Title

After winning the vacant UFC Light Heavyweight Championship by submitting Anthony “Rumble” Johnson back at UFC 187, Daniel Cormier had a very simple message for Jon Jones, as he told the former Light Heavyweight Champ “get your s**t together,” and that he’d be waiting to defend his title against Jones when he returned. At the […]

Chael Sonnen On Anderson Silva: ‘I’d Love To Whip His A** A Third Time’

On August 7, 2010, Chael Sonnen shocked the MMA world when he nearly defeated then-UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 117. Nearly two years later, the rematch finally happened, and, once again, Sonnen, who was in control for the majority of the bout, made a critical mistake that cost him the fight. After his […]

Chael Sonnen Would Love to Kick Georges St-Pierre’s Butt

Whether inside or outside of the octagon, there are few things Chael Sonnen loves more than stirring up trouble, even with fighters outside of his weight class. During a Monday interview with The MMA Hour, the infamous “American Gangster” and former middleweight and light heavyweight contender targeted welterweight great, Georges St. Pierre: “I would love […]

Steve Austin Explains Why He’s Not Interviewing Shane McMahon On May 23

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s relationship with WWE is always going to be a hot topic among fans. He’s been very outspoken about the current WWE product, and, at times, his outspokenness has temporarily damaged his relationship with the company that helped make him a worldwide superstar. Last year, after WWE […]

Conor McGregor Escapes Medical Suspension, Did He ‘Mentally Break’ During Match?

Chael Sonnen, who now rivals Conor McGregor as the UFC’s biggest trash talker, believes that McGregor may have not been able to sustain his mental game during the UFC 196 matchup with Nate Diaz. According to the Independent, Sonnen said he believed that Conor McGregor fell apart in much the same way as Mike Tyson […]

Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz Get Into Scuffle At UFC 196 Pre-Fight Press Conference

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz nearly came to blows on Thursday following the UFC 196 pre-fight press conference. During the face-off, Diaz put his fist in McGregor’s face, and the featherweight champ slapped it away, which led to security having to intervene. Before the scuffle, which can be seen below, the words […]

Chael Sonnen Willing To Come Out Of Retirement For The Right Fight

Two years ago, former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight contender Chael Sonnen was suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission after he tested positive for human growth hormone (HGH), recombinant human erythropoietin (EPO), and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Unlike many fighters who end up testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs or banned substances, Sonnen didn’t try […]

WWE News: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Rips WWE Creative Team, Says They’re ‘Doing Some Pretty Bad S**t Right Now’

Former six-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is one of the few ex-wrestlers who has been able to enjoy life after wrestling, as he’s become a successful actor, television host, and, probably most notably, podcast host for Podcast One, hosting the twice-a-week podcast, the Steve Austin Show. […]

Chael Sonnen Talks Earning Respect In Global Force Wrestling, Says He Isn’t Afraid To Get Physical

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen recently appeared on MLW Radio‘s Jim Cornette Experience podcast (Episode #90) and discussed his recent foray into the world of professional wrestling. As reported by MMA Mania, Sonnen signed with Global Force Wrestling earlier this year to provide analysis for the new promotion’s television tapings. Sonnen acknowledged that he is […]

UFC News: Chael Sonnen Rips Anderson Silva For ‘Silly’ And ‘Ridiculous’ PED Excuse

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva was the subject of a Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing back on August 13, after “The Spider” tested positive for steroids following his win over Nick Diaz at UFC 183 back in February. Silva pleaded innocent in the case; however, the NSAC ended up hitting Silva with a 12-month […]

WWE News: Former UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen Coming To WWE

WWE is known for bringing in talent from all walks of life. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, fighter, football player, or simply an Indy talent, WWE might take a chance on you if they see something within you that can work for them. It appears as if WWE has seen such with former UFC Fighter Chael […]

UFC News: Chris Weidman Wants To Fight Michael Bisping, Says He’d Beat ‘The Count’ In Under Two Minutes

Michael Bisping may be the unluckiest fighter in the history of the UFC’s middleweight division. He’s one of the most talented fighters to never get a UFC title shot due to the fact that, in his number one contender fights, he’s fought, and lost, to guys who were on the now-banned testosterone replacement therapy. Now, […]

UFC News: Jose Aldo Ducking Conor McGregor? Chael Sonnen Thinks So, Says Fight Between The Two Will Never Happen

According to former UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen, the current UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo was ducking Conor McGregor when he pulled out of their fight at UFC 189, saying that if Aldo wanted to fight through the injury, he “could have if he really wanted to.” Sonnen appeared on TSN’s Off The Record with […]

Chael Sonnen Rules Out UFC Return, Says He’s Done Competing In MMA

It’s been about a year since former UFC star Chael Sonnen was handed a two-year suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for failing two out of competition drug tests, which forced Sonnen, who was 37 at the time, to retire. But despite his suspension and retirement, everybody has expected him to eventually return to […]

UFC News: Rashad Evans Vs. Ryan Bader Set For UFC 192? Both Fighters Want It

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans hasn’t fought since November of 2013, where he defeated Chael Sonnen via TKO at the UFC’s 20th-anniversary show. Since then, Evans has been battling injuries, but it appears that he’s ready to return to the octagon, and he wants a fight with fellow light heavyweight contender Ryan Bader. […]

Chael Sonnen Likely Returning To The UFC Next Year — Will He Fight Wanderlei Silva?

There are few people in the history of the UFC that have been more polarizing than Chael Sonnen. He’s one of the best trash talkers in the history of combat sports, and he has mastered the art of selling fights, and because of that, he’s been able to talk himself into opportunities that he otherwise […]

Chael Sonnen In Favor Of The UFC’s Deal With Reebok

Last week, the UFC announced how their fighters will be paid based on their new partnership with Reebok. Following the announcement, several UFC fighters expressed their displeasure with the system, as the UFC’s deal with Reebok will ultimately cause the fighters to lose their deals with other companies, which will cause some of them to […]

WWE News: Jim Ross Says It’s Highly Unlikely That He’ll Ever Work For WWE Again

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross hasn’t been WWE’s weekly play-by-play commentator in several years, and, as a result, the WWE product has suffered. Everybody knows that the commentators are such an integral part of the show and that they can make or break a WWE superstar. There was arguably no one better at making […]

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross To Join Chael Sonnen On Commentary For GFW?

The roster for Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling was revealed yesterday, and as it turns out, former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight contender Chael Sonnen will be doing commentary for GFW. Sonnen — who was one of the biggest draws in the UFC — is a natural on the microphone and is one of the […]

First Talents Revealed For Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling Roster — Details On Chael Sonnen’s Role

After months of buildup and tons of promises, Jeff Jarrett has now finally given some solid info about his new venture — Global Force Wrestling. A number of talents for the roster were named by Jarrett on Wednesday, and there was also information given on what the role will be of former UFC fighter Chael […]

Former UFC Star Chael Sonnen Set To Join Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling Promotion

Jeff Jarrett has been part of WWE and WCW, and he won championships in both promotions. He has wrestled some of the top names in the industry, but when WCW went down he had an itch to do something he had never done before, but he chose an endeavor familiar to several of his family […]

Chael Sonnen: ‘Only A Punk Would Wear Jon Jones’s UFC Light Heavyweight Title’

It’s been a rough week for the now-former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, but perhaps his only solace is that whoever is crowned the new Light Heavyweight Champion on May 23 — especially if it’s Daniel Cormier, who Jones defeated this past January — UFC fans won’t look at them as the real champion, […]

WWE Vs. UFC Invasion Storyline Was Planned For After ‘WrestleMania’ — Who Were The Fighters That Were Going To Be Involved?

Several months ago, former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight contender Chael Sonnen announced on TSN’s Off The Record that he and fellow former UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva would be meeting with WWE over WrestleMania weekend. Sonnen was at WrestleMania while Silva was not, and he said during an interview with Submission Radio that he and […]

WWE News: Update On Chael Sonnen Possibly Signing With WWE

Former UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen appeared on TSN’s Off The Record yesterday and claimed that he was going to be meeting with WWE over WrestleMania weekend. Sonnen didn’t reveal what that meeting would be about, and also said that he’s even sure what WWE wants to meet with him about. Sonnen will be attending […]

WWE Interested In Two UFC Legends — Both Could Debut After WrestleMania

Former UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen — who many people believed would end up in WWE after he retired from the UFC last summer — revealed on his podcast that he will be attending the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and WrestleMania. During his appearance on TSN’s Off the Record, Sonnen was asked to elaborate […]

Chael Sonnen On CM Punk Signing With UFC: ‘I Don’t Know If He Knows What He’s Getting Into’

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen recently had former WWE, WCW, and TNA writer Vince Russo on his podcast, and they touched upon CM Punk signing with the UFC. While Russo thought that it was great, Sonnen, who is a friend of Punk’s, told Russo that he doesn’t know if CM Punk really knows what he’s […]

CM Punk: UFC Fighter Cathal Pendred Claims He Will Be CM Punk’s First Fight In The UFC In 2015

CM Punk signed with the UFC over the weekend and there has been nonstop press regarding it ever since. The two things that made us wonder when he signed was, what division would he fight in and who would his first opponent be? UFC President Dana White claims he wants to throw CM Punk in […]

Who Will Be CM Punk’s First UFC Opponent? Chael Sonnen Claims He Knows

By now, everyone knows that former WWE wrestler CM Punk has signed with the UFC. But, what everyone doesn’t know is who CM Punk will face in his UFC debut. Well, everyone except for one person, apparently, and that person is former UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen. There’s been a lot of speculation as to who […]

Chael Sonnen Says Vince McMahon Offered Him $5 Million To Leave UFC For WWE

Former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight Chael Sonnen revealed on his podcast entitled You’re Welcome that Vince McMahon offered Sonnen $5 million to jump ship from the UFC to WWE. Sonnen discussed the matter with WWE writer John Piermarini, who appeared on Sonnen’s podcast on Wednesday. “Here’s the nuts and bolts of it: I was […]

TNA News: TNA On The Verge Of A Major Signing, Will Provide Huge Spark

While the WWE continues to slip in the ratings, posting a 3.75 million viewers clip on Monday Night Raw, TNA isn’t doing anything to help their cause either. On a normal basis, Impact Wrestling, records only 1.1 million viewers per episode. A few months ago, sparks began to fly after Spike TV dropped the mediocre-wrestling […]