Prominent Judge Warns That A Recent German Ruling Could Destroy The European Union

A senior judge for the European Union has claimed that a recent court ruling in Germany could have severe consequences for the future of the confederation — and even potentially dismantle it. The statement comes as the future of the EU remains on shaky ground due to the recent exit of a former member state, […]

The U.K.’s New, Post-Brexit Immigration Rules To Shut Out Low-Skilled Workers

In the aftermath of Brexit, the United Kingdom has announced a new immigration policy designed to stem the influx of low-skilled migrants. By introducing a points-based system much like the one used in Australia and Canada, the U.K. hopes to attract more young, highly educated workers to its shores by lifting the cap on visas […]

British Government Agency Tells 101-Year-Old Man To Have His Parents Verify His Identity

A 101-year-old man was told by a British government agency that he needed his parents to come into a local office in order to confirm his identity, The Guardian reports. Giovanni Palmiero immigrated from Italy to the United Kingdom in the 1960s and has been living, working, and raising his family in the London area […]

Brexit Deal Deemed ‘Impossible’ After Boris Johnson And Angela Merkel’s Incendiary Phone Call

A deal between the United Kingdom and the European Union has been deemed “impossible” after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and German Chancellor Angela Merkel exchanged heated words over the phone on Tuesday morning. According to BBC News, a Downing Street source confirmed that the two European leaders clashed over a new set of proposals […]

Brexit Is ‘Moving Forward With Momentum’ Says Brexit Secretary After Brussels Meet

The United Kingdom’s Brexit Secretary, Stephen Barclay, recently met in Brussels with Michel Barnier — a chief negotiator of the European Union — to move forward the terms of the U.K.’s exit of the EU, The BBC reported on Friday. Barclay said that things were “moving forward with momentum.” Barnier described the appointment as “a […]

Boris Johnson Cried When His Brother Jo Quit U.K. Parliament Over Brexit Plan, ‘New York Times’ Reports

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who just assumed the role in July, has refused to budge on his plan to take the U.K. out of the European Union on October 31, even if no deal can be reached to maintain trade relations between the U.K. and E.U. But Johnson’s inflexibility on his “no deal Brexit” […]

Tory MP Nicholas Soames, Winston Churchill’s Grandson, Votes Against Boris Johnson On Brexit

Conservative Sir Nicholas Soames, the grandson of famed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill explains that he has voted against his party just three times in his 37-year political career, but he felt compelled to defect and vote against Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week when he cast his ballot with 21 other Tory MPs […]

#AbolishTheMonarchy Trends On Twitter After Queen Dissolves Parliament

The past month has not been good for the British royal family, and it appears that it might just have gotten worse. In fact, royal fans are calling the month “August Horribilis,” a pun made out of the Queen’s 1992 phrase, “Annus Horribilis.” The monarchy first faced serious public relations battles regarding Prince Andrew’s alleged […]

Boris Johnson Asks Queen Elizabeth To Suspend Parliament Ahead Of Brexit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked Queen Elizabeth II to suspend parliament for five weeks beginning in mid-September, reported The Guardian. The queen agreed to the request to suspend parliament after three conservative members of the Queen’s Privy Council took the request to her Scottish residence in Balmoral on Wednesday morning to ask for […]

Why Brits Fear There Will Be No Bacon After Brexit

There is much talk about what Brexit could mean for citizens of Great Britain, and particularly a no-deal Brexit. The Telegraph has suggested that one thing that Brits would have to live without is bacon, a critical ingredient of the quintessential morning breakfast fry-up. If October 31 brings a no-deal Brexit, there could be a […]

Duchess Meghan & Prince Harry Attacked By Brexiteer Who Claims They Are ‘Talking Nonsense’

A prominent Brexiteer, Daniel Hannan, is stating that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are “talking nonsense” when it comes to climate change, population, and having children. Express revealed that in the recent issue of British Vogue, which Meghan Markle guest-edited and the prince shared an essay, the two have shared that they will have a […]

Woman In Scotland Blames Brexit Stress For Drunk Driving Crash

A woman from Sweden living in Moray, Scotland, blamed stress from Brexit for a car crash, after driving four times over the alcohol limit and flipping her car. The Daily Mail reports that Johanna Jeppson, 50, used Brexit stress as a defense in court to explain why she drove her car drunk in Kintessack, Moray, […]

Woman Claims British PM Candidate Boris Johnson Threatened Her 30 Years Ago & She’s Still Afraid

Boris Johnson, who is a candidate for prime minister of Great Britain, has a messy personal life, and it’s become more difficult to ignore when a friend of his first wife claims she is still afraid of him after he allegedly threatened her 30 years ago. The Mirror is reporting that a friend of Johnson’s […]

Police Called To British PM Candidate Boris Johnson’s Home For Domestic Disturbance

Hours after a landslide victory which could put him in the Prime Minister’s seat, Boris Johnson had the London police at the house he shares with his girlfriend, Carrie Symonds after neighbors heard a loud argument. The Daily Mail says that Johnson’s neighbors called the police after they heard a woman shouting “get off me” […]

Donald Trump Praises Theresa May, Discusses Brexit

President Donald Trump hosted a news conference with Prime Minister Theresa May on the second day of his trip to London where he shared some uncharacteristically generous sentiments, according to CNN. Trump praised May’s efforts to secure an exit deal between the UK and the EU, stating “I think she’s done a very good job.” […]

Donald Trump Is A ’20th Century Fascist,’ Says London Mayor Just Two Days Ahead Of State Visit To U.K.

Just two days before Donald Trump’s first official state visit to the United Kingdom — a visit in which he is expected to greeted by at least a quarter-million protesters, according to a Newsweek report — the mayor of the U.K.’s capital city of London appeared to brand Trump a “fascist.” In an op-ed for […]

Elton John Goes On An Anti-Brexit Rant At Concert, Calling Out ‘Stupid English Idiots’

Elton John has had it with Brexit, and he’s not hiding his true thoughts from his fans, lashing out, and promising them that he is not one of those “stupid English idiots.” Express says that while on tour in Italy, he took a beat at his concert in Verona to say how “ashamed” he was […]

Another Alleged Milkshake-Throwing Incident Happens In The U.K. On Election Day

The trend of milkshake throwing continues in the U.K. amid the back and forth of Brexit, but there are questions being asked about the latest alleged pelting, with some calling it a political stunt. Last week, Brexit leader Nigel Farage was covered with a salted caramel milkshake in front of a crowd as he toured […]

British Prime Minister Theresa May To Resign Amid Brexit Uncertainty

The United Kingdom’s prime minister announced she would step down as party leader by June 7, bringing an end to a turbulent three-year premiership plagued by Brexit uncertainty. During a press statement at Downing Street, London, on Friday morning, Theresa May said she would quit as Conservative leader after she failed to deliver a strong […]

Theresa May To Ask For An Extension On Article 50

U.K. Prime Minister, Theresa May, will ask for a short extension on article 50 during her travels to Paris and Berlin, according to The Guardian. May intends to meet with French President, Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, before an emergency European Union (EU) summit on April 10 where she will be asking for […]

U.K. Parliament Will Vote On Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Friday

The House of Commons will vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit withdrawal agreement on Friday, according to the Associated Press. The agreement must pass by 11 p.m. GMT on Friday night to secure an extension of Brexit until May 22, per the BBC, otherwise the United Kingdom stands the risk of crashing out of […]

Theresa May Will Resign After Brexit Passes

British Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed today that she would put “national interest ahead of personal” after her Brexit deal is delivered. May has made the decision to sacrifice herself in order to get her deal through the U.K. parliament. CNN is reporting that many are calling May’s words to her party a “commanding brave […]

Brexit: ‘Not Sufficient Support’ To Vote On Deal, Says Theresa May

British Prime Minister Theresa May has pushed back a final vote on her Brexit deal to later in the week. May admitted that she did not have “sufficient support” to vote on it today, per BBC News. After meeting with European Union leaders in Brussels last week, May successfully negotiated an extension of the United […]

Petition To Revoke Article 50 & Remain In EU Hits 2 Million Signatures, As Brexit Date Nears

With just days until the deadline for Brexit hits, British Prime Minister Theresa May still doesn’t have an agreed upon deal with the European Union. As panic starts to mount with March 29 looming, a petition has been doing the rounds to revoke Article 50 and opt instead to remain in the EU. According to […]

Donald Trump Jr. Criticizes U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May For Not Taking His Father’s Brexit Advice

On Monday, Donald Trump Jr. criticized the U.K. — and specifically Prime Minister Theresa May — for not taking his father’s advice on Brexit, CNBC is reporting. On Tuesday, Donald Trump’s oldest son published a guest editorial in The Daily Telegraph in which he chided the United Kingdom for not having completed the “Brexit” process […]

Robert Mueller Chasing Brexit Leaders Nigel Farage, Arron Banks As Persons Of Interest, ‘New Yorker’ Reports

With barely over a week to go before Brexit — the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union — is scheduled to take effect, as CNN reports, a new report published this week indicates that two of the leading political figures behind the 2016 Brexit “Leave” campaign are under investigation by Robert Mueller, the United […]

British Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn Pelted By An Egg-Wielding Brexit Supporter

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn was struck with an egg while visiting a mosque by a pro-Brexit demonstrator. The man was arrested and taken into custody, and Corbyn’s visit continued. Express says that the man, 41, was taken into custody on suspicion of assault. Corbyn was visiting Finsbury Park Mosque in north London on Sunday for […]

Melania Trump Is Sending Coded Messages By Wearing British Designers, Says ‘Express’

Melania Trump may be sending secret messages via her choice to wear clothes from British design houses, says Express writer Jess Sheldon. However, what that message may be, and its intended audience, remains unclear. The first lady kept a low profile during the government shutdown but has since been seen on-camera, and often, she’s been […]

Queen Elizabeth To Be Secretly Airlifted Out Of London If Riots Follow Brexit, But Plan Ridiculed As ‘Fantasy’

With the March 29 date for Great Britain to secede from the European Union rapidly approaching, British Prime Minister Theresa May has so far failed to persuade Parliament to approve a deal with the EU that would allow Britain to proceed with “Brexit” on terms that would allow a transition for British businesses that will […]

British Parliament Votes To Try and Renegotiate Brexit Deal, But EU Immediately Rules Out Any Changes

The British government has been struggling desperately to try and find a solution to the Brexit crisis which is gripping the nation. Today, finally, the British Parliament has given a clear indication of what it wants the government to do — after a series of dramatic votes in the House of Commons, according to BBC […]

Boris Johnson Pitches To Be Next UK Prime Minister In Major Brexit Speech

Boris Johnson is to give a major speech on the UK’s Brexit crisis today, in what many commentators are seeing as a thinly-veiled pitch to be the new leader of the Conservative Party and therefore the next prime minister. In the speech, which will be delivered at the headquarters of JCB, a multinational construction equipment […]

France Gears Up For No-Deal Brexit With $57 Million Contingency Plan

The French Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, announced that the country has triggered a €50 million (about $57 million) plan as they gear up for a no-deal Brexit to take place after the U.K. parliament overwhelmingly rejected Theresa May’s proposed accord. “What’s certain is that the scenario of a no-deal Brexit is less and less unlikely,” […]

UK Government Could Fall Today As Prime Minister May’s Brexit Deal Set To Be Defeated By Record Amount

It is D-Day for the United Kingdom’s attempts to exit the European Union and for the deal that Prime Minister Theresa May has negotiated to try and smooth the process. The British Parliament will vote today on the agreement between Prime Minister May and the EU, with most observers agreeing that the deal is set […]

Looming Brexit Vote Could Be Bad News For Theresa May

The clock is running out for British Prime Minister Theresa May and her efforts to convince lawmakers — who may be on the fence — to vote to leave the European Union, and to accept her Brexit deal. However, at this time, parliament seems fixed on rejecting the deal. Reuters is reporting that in advance […]

Hundreds Of Brits Buy $500 ‘Brexit Box’ Survival Kits Over Fears Of Food Shortages When The UK Leaves The EU

Many Brits who fear a Walking Dead style zombie apocalypse scenario when the U.K. leaves the EU are rushing to buy a “Brexit Box” survival kit — one retailing at around $500 — to ensure that they’re battle-ready for the trials and tribulations ahead. Emergency Food Shortage U.K. are the brain child behind the “Brexit […]

Theresa May Says U.K. Faces ‘Uncharted Territory’ If MPs Vote Against Her Brexit Deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May has warned MPs that the country risks facing “uncharted territory” if Parliament votes against her Brexit deal. The United Kingdom’s due date to leave the European Union is March 29, 2019, but if MPs refuse to back the deal in next week’s vote, the country may be “in danger,” she […]

British Prime Minister Calls For National Unity After Winning Confidence Vote

After surviving a confidence vote bought against her by members of her own political party, British Prime Minister Theresa May has called for the country to unite behind her and help to deliver the Brexit that British people voted for. The prime minister won the confidence vote by 200 votes to 117 and in a […]

British Prime Minister Theresa May Survives Confidence Vote

British Prime Minister Theresa May has survived a no confidence ballot brought against her by members of her own Conservative Party. She won the vote among her own MPs by a margin of 200 votes to 117 according to BBC News. Theresa May has been under increasing pressure from her own MPs, many of whom […]

London Artist ‘Fixes’ Racist Graffiti To Become Something Much More Beautiful

The incidence rate of hate crimes occurring in the United Kingdom is on the rise — much like it is in the United States — with the total number of hate crime-related activity doubling in the past five years alone. Over the course of the past two years of data, the number of hate crime […]

UK Economy Shrinking By 4 Percent 10 Years After Brexit, According To NIESR Report

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR), Britain’s foremost independent research institute, estimates that the GDP of the United Kingdom (UK) will be 4 percent lower within 10 years after Brexit than it would be if the UK remained in the European Union (EU), according to the NIESR Report released this morning. The […]

The Who’s Roger Daltrey Savages Ed Sheeran And Bob Geldolf For Supporting The ‘EU Gravy Train’

The Who’s Roger Daltrey has taken pot shots at multi-millionaire celebrities such as Ed Sheeran and Bob Geldolf, accusing them of misleading the British public about the dangers of Brexit. The Express reports that the “My Generation” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” singer has trashed claims by a host of fellow singers and musicians that […]

Theresa May Says Brexit Deal Is Still Achievable Despite Irish Backstop

British Prime Minister Theresa May has said on Monday that Brexit is still “achievable” despite the Irish backstop to derail the deal. May attended a parliamentary session before heading to Brussels for the summit on Wednesday and remained optimistic about Brexit. She said that she wouldn’t accept or agree to anything that could “split the […]

Northern Ireland Border Becomes ‘Real Problem’ In Brexit Talks

Negotiations over a “hard border” in Northern Ireland has become a “real problem” in the United Kingdom’s continued Brexit discussions with the European Union, the BBC News reported Monday. The EU reportedly wants to prevent a hard border in Northern Ireland that would include physical checks. British prime minister Theresa May has added, though, that […]

Donald Trump Complimented Business Leaders On Their ‘Great Bloodlines’ At Dinner During United Kingdom Trip

President Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom this past summer had many bizarre moments, but one of them that hasn’t been reported on until recently seems to suggest the president sought to compliment business leaders on their great genetic traits. Trump was speaking at a black-tie business event at Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of […]

Bob Geldof, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora And Other UK Artists Warn Against A ‘No-Deal’ Brexit In Letter To Theresa May

Musicians are speaking out about the possibility that the United Kingdom and the European Union could fail to come up with a Brexit deal before the end of October — and what that could mean specifically for their industry. “We are about to make a very serious mistake regarding our giant industry and the vast […]

Pet Passport For Dogs In The Netherlands Will Be Mandatory By 2020

Pet passports will be required for dogs in the Netherlands by 2020. The Dutch government firmly believes that making pet passports mandatory will mitigate any illegal importation of dogs and protect them as well. According to the international website named, I Am Expat, Carola Schouten–the Minister of Agriculture, Nature, and food Quality–fully supports pet passport […]

Theresa May Dances Onto Stage, Then Stands By Brexit Plan At Conservative Party Conference

British Prime Minister Theresa May received a standing ovation after briefly dancing onstage in Birmingham, England, before giving a speech at the Conservative Party Conference defending her Brexit plan, Reuters reported. It was a short moment of levity for May, who made fun of herself by moving to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” The impromptu dance moves […]

Brexit War Seeping Into Social Media With Not-So-Subtle Jabs

Brexit is quickly becoming a problem for the United Kingdom, who just last week had UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan for the exit from the European Union. The deadline for an agreement to be reached is in March 2019, with the UK set to exit on March 29. As reported by CNN, the UK […]

EU Leaders Reject UK Brexit Trade Plan

The United Kingdom Prime Minister, Theresa May, has taken a big hit to her political capital after EU leaders rejected her latest proposals for Brexit, reports the BBC. Rejection of the plan was highlighted on Wednesday when the head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, said that May’s plan for economic cooperation with the EU […]

More Than 100 Constituencies That Backed Brexit Now Want To Remain In The E.U., According To New Analysis

More than 100 Westminster constituencies that voted to leave the E.U. in the 2016 referendum have now switched their support to stay, shows an analysis by the Observer, reported by The Guardian. While the Brexit parliamentary battle is set to take place later this year, these new results could have a significant effect on the […]