Bobby Jindal: I Will Vote For Donald Trump

Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said on Tuesday that he would vote for Donald Trump for president if Trump becomes the GOP nominee. The former presidential candidate previously endorsed Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Though Jindal spent the majority of his failed campaign for the Republican nomination last year attacking Trump, as the Times-Picayune reported, he […]

Bobby Jindal Quits Presidential Race, Heads Home To $490 Million Deficit

Tuesday evening, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal officially dropped out of the Republican presidential race, amid rumors of flagging support among voters, which the Inquisitr reported on in September. Jindal appeared on Fox News to give the announcement, where he says his campaign was just unable to excite voters. Without naming names, Bobby Jindal goes on […]

GOP Candidate Bobby Jindal Slams Obama Administration On Syrian Refugees, Paris Attacks

Republican Bobby Jindal wears a couple of political hats these days. As both governor of Louisiana and a contender for the GOP presidential nomination, the prominent Republican represents a lot of interests, as well. Consequently, it can sometimes prove difficult to ascertain if Jindal is actively representing the interests of his home-state constituents or simply […]

Bobby Jindal: Mass Shootings Caused By Abortion, Absent Fathers, Video Games, And Popular Music

According to a recent blog post by Bobby Jindal, mass shootings have a number of causes, all centering in what he calls cultural decay: absent fathers, abortion, movies, and video games. With references to God’s law, common decency, political correctness, and young boys who “will never become real men” because of a lack of truth […]

Willie Robertson Shows His Support For Donald Trump

The Duck Dynasty star was called up to the stage by Donald Trump at an Oklahoma rally where he expressed his support for the Republican presidential frontrunner. During the campaign rally, Trump called for Willie Robertson to come up to the stage. As Robertson approached him, Donald asked, “Do you love Trump?” Robertson replied by […]

Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul Reportedly Preparing To Exit Presidential Race

Many within the GOP establishment — including Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul — are finally waking up to an inconvenient truth. Namely, this election cycle is a season for outsiders. As Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson surge in the polls, certain candidates who enjoyed mass quantities of encouragement and […]

Trump Is A ‘Madman’ And An ‘Entertaining Narcissist,’ Says Bobby Jindal

In a speech delivered to the National Press Club, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal unloaded on Donald Trump, saying that Trump is an “egomaniacal madman.” It may be very early in the election cycle, but the gloves are coming off as things heat up in the Republican camp. Trump has drawn ire for insulting Carly Fiorina’s […]

2016 Presidential Polls: Donald Trump Pulling Away As 30,000 Attend Republican Rally In Alabama

Everyone thought that Donald Trump was way in over his head when he decided to throw his hat in the ring for 2016 presidential election. Now, there are not nearly as many people who think the same way, and that was evident when 30,000 people turned out for a Republican pep rally in Alabama on […]

2016 Presidential Polls: New National Polls And Big Crowds Show Bernie Sanders Gaining On Hillary Clinton

The first debate of the 2016 presidential election season is now a week and a half gone, and a new national poll has been released. Donald Trump is still shockingly on top of the Republican Party by a large margin, and Hillary Clinton is sitting at the top of the Democratic race. The campaign for […]

2016 Presidential Polls: Donald Trump Tops First Big National Poll Since Republican Debate – Unexpected Name In Second

After the first Republican debate for the 2016 presidential election, some online polls had been released and showed Donald Trump still leading the pack. Many state that they don’t put as much faith in online polls and were waiting for the first big national presidential poll to be released, and now it has been. Well, […]

2016 Presidential Polls: Who Leads After First Debate? – Donald Trump Soaring, Carly Fiorina Gaining, Rand Paul Falling

The first Republican Nominee Debate has come and gone, and the GOP have so many candidates, it had to be done in two parts. The first Democratic debate is still about two months away, but there is plenty going on right now. The latest 2016 presidential polls have been released and Donald Trump is doing […]

2016 Presidential Polls: After First Debate, Who Will Lead The Polls This Week — Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina?

After the first presidential debate this past week, some voters may have changed their minds about some of the Republican candidates. A number of them are looking at Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson in different lights now, and others think Donald Trump may have shown his true colors. A new set of 2016 presidential polls […]

2016 Presidential Polls: How Do Approval Ratings Look After The First Republican Debate?

The first Republican debate in the 2016 presidential debate took place on Thursday night, and there were a lot of things that came out of it. By the end of the night, it was obvious that some in the first debate should have been in the primetime debate, and that Donald Trump is simply not […]

2016 Presidential Polls: Calendar, Dates, And Schedule For 2016 Primaries And Caucuses

The 2016 presidential polls are in full force right now with Donald Trump’s support climbing, Hillary Clinton’s support dropping, Bernie Sanders being seen as a winner, and Jeb Bush surging. All of that could change within the next week and then change again the week after. Voters want to know something a bit more, and […]

2016 Presidential Polls: Donald Trump Climbing, Jeb Bush Surging — Would Bernie Sanders Beat Trump?

The latest 2016 presidential polls haven’t changed a whole lot as far as the front-runners go, but some moving up and down has started. Donald Trump is still leading the way for the Republican Party, but former Florida governor Jeb Bush is beginning to move up a little at a time. Meanwhile, a new poll […]

Bobby Jindal Threatens Westboro Baptist Church: ‘We’re Going To Lock Them Up’

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed an executive order that allows police to arrest any Westboro Baptist Church members who attempt to protest at the funerals of two victims of the Lafayette movie theater shootings. The ACLU warns that the mandate risks undermining freedom of speech, but the governor seems determined the prevent the Church’s “nonsense.” […]

2016 Presidential Polls: Hillary Clinton Trailing Republicans Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio In Battleground States – Donald Trump Falters

Ever since the candidates threw their hats into the ring, the 2016 presidential polls have swung in two main directions – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. As time goes on, some expect it to be a little harder for Clinton to stay on top without any competition, but polls in the battleground states already have […]

2016 Presidential Polls: Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Soaring While Hilary Clinton Powers On

The 2016 presidential polls are already getting very interesting even though the election is still a year away. Two candidates are truly standing out for their respective parties and beginning to pull away in the approval ratings side of things, and it may get too far out of reach for the others. As of now, […]

2016 Presidential Polls: Donald Trump Jumping Ahead In Numerous States — Approval Ratings For Others

As the middle of July approaches, the 2016 presidential polls can really begin meaning something as just about all expected candidates are now formally in the face. For now, Hillary Clinton still sits atop the Democratic polls, but her lead is lessening. Donald Trump and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush are top of the list […]

Jon Stewart Not Slowing Down As He Enters Final Stretch at ‘Daily Show’

Jon Stewart came out swinging, taking shots at presidential hopefuls as he enters his final full week as host of the Daily Show, and he shows no signs of leaving quietly. Stewart was candidly joyful at the news that Donald Trump officially announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential election. Based on past commentary from […]

Bobby Jindal’s Presidential Announcement Video Is New Source Of Ridicule

While Bobby Jindal’s announcement that he was getting into an already crowded GOP presidential field was met by celebration in some sectors, there are also plenty of people who think Bobby Jindal entered the race in the worst way possible. In particular, Bobby Jindal’s announcement video seemed to show that the Louisiana Governor’s own family […]

Every GOP Presidential Candidate Weighs In On The Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling

The monumental gay marriage ruling today by the Supreme Court was wholly expected by most people on both sides of the political aisle. The justices voted 5-4 in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage throughout all 50 states, which sent many celebrities and liberals alike into a tizzy, as the Inquisitr noted. What many people are […]

2016 Presidential Polls: Current Odds And Approval Ratings For Bobby Jindal, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, More

The 2016 presidential election is turning into a huge race, and the addition of Bobby Jindal only makes it bigger. While it’s still a bit into the future, many are wondering what the betting odds, presidential polls, and approval ratings are for those who have thrown their hats into the ring, such as Donald Trump, […]

Bobby Jindal’s Presidential Announcement Leads To #BobbyJindalIsSoWhite Hashtag

Shortly after Bobby Jindal announced his intention to run for president of the United States, a mocking hashtag began to trend on Twitter in India. The hashtag? #BobbyJindalIsSoWhite It’s been difficult for many political pundits to take Bobby Jindal’s announcement seriously. Sure, the Louisiana governor has gained popularity quickly within the GOP party, but in […]

How GOP Candidates Are Like Spam Email, Fake Twitter Accounts

The GOP candidates for president are taking their places on the field. But how many of them actually think they have a prayer of winning? How many even really want to? So far, 10 GOP candidates have officially announced their entry into the race, with five others seen as likely to run or having set […]

Gov. Bobby Jindal Writes Op-Ed Against Gay Marriage For ‘New York Times’

Governor Bobby Jindal has written a strongly worded opinion piece for the New York Times against gay marriage that insists that he won’t back down to pressure from businesses. In the piece Jindal explains, “I hold the view that has been the consensus in our country for over two centuries: that marriage is between one […]

Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum Join Religious Freedom Debate Over Denying Service To Gay Americans

With the majority of states in the U.S. now having legalized gay marriage, opponents of gay marriage have had to move the goalposts back a bit to the issue of religious freedom. Gays might be able to get married, they say, but if a business doesn’t want to serve them based on their “sincerely held […]

Is Megyn Kelly Possessed By The Devil?

FNC anchor Megyn Kelly may be blinded by Satan, according to controversial evangelist/talk show host Bryan Fischer. Kelly’s show, The Kelly File, has become a ratings powerhouse in cable news and cable generally after she took over the coveted 9 p.m. Eastern time slot from Sean Hannity. On his radio program Focal Point yesterday, Fischer […]

Iran Letter: Article II Of U.S. Constitution Cited By 47 Senators To Note Limits Of Obama’s Power

The Iran letter from 47 Republicans was authored to inform the leaders of Iran about the constitutional system of government in the United States. The 47 Republican Senators who signed the letter informed Iranian leaders that any nuclear deal with the Middle East nation required Congressional approval in order to last beyond President Barack Obama’s […]

Bobby Jindal Insists Poor People Should ‘Take Better Care Of Themselves,’ Hoax Goes Viral

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s recent decision to close a local hospital emergency room has been met with backlash. As a matter of fact, some have even labeled him an “Indian Giver” since he’s opting to close the emergency room he initially offered financial support for so the doors could stay open. On Tuesday, February 3, […]

Bobby Jindal On Gay Marriage: In The End ‘Our God Wins’

As federal courts knock down more and more state gay marriage bans, the battle between religious conservatives and same-sex couples seeking equal rights has been significantly drained of its tension. That didn’t stop potential Republican 2016 presidential candidates from honing in on the issue in recent speeches at a highly televised Iowa conservative forum — […]

MSNBC Guest Hurls Racial Slur At Gov. Bobby Jindal [Video]

MSNBC has been forced to cut ties with one of its regular guest experts after he made a racially charged slur against Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Arsalan Iftikhar, a human rights attorney and TV commentator, was responding to Jindal’s statements about alleged “no-go zones” in Europe in an interview with MNSBC anchor Alex Wagner According […]

Those So-Called European Muslim ‘No-Go Zones’ Aren’t A Thing, But Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Talked About Them In A London Speech Anyway

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal today invoked so-called Muslim “No-Go Zones” in Europe, which don’t actually exist and never have. Delivering a speech on foreign policy in London Monday, Jindal condemned European governments for allowing the existence of certain enclaves, populated densely by Muslims, where Sharia Law takes precedence over democratic European law, referred to by […]

If Mitt Romney Isn’t Relevant, Then Who Is?

Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential run did not end well. After even fervent Barack Obama supporters admitted Romney trounced him in the first debate, it looked like Mitt might have at least come close to being one of the only candidates in history to unseat the sitting president. But then there was the “47 percent” remark, […]

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Sues Obama Administration Over Common Core

Saying that Common Core national education standards violate states’ sovereignty, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has filed suit against the Department of Education, MSN is reporting. “The federal government has hijacked and destroyed the Common Core initiative. Common Core is the latest effort by big government disciples to strip away state rights and put Washington, D.C., […]

School Vouchers: Judge Rules Against Program Allowing School Choice For 360 Low-Income Kids

School vouchers for 360 low-income and minority students have been deemed unconstitutional by North Carolina Judge Robert Hobgood. The program was staunchly opposed by teacher unions and atheist groups. Judge Hobgood’s ruling on the Opportunity Scholarship program was handed down just a week after parents of the poor and minority students were awarded $4,200 school […]

Bobby Jindal: Is Louisiana’s Governor Predicting Civil War II?

Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana, suggested that Americans are ready for a “hostile takeover” of the capital in a speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition Saturday night, according to an AP report. Governor Jindal claimed that the growing hostility of the American people is in response to a war against education and religious […]

Duck Dynasty On Welfare? Taxpayer Handouts Of $70K Per Week Estimated For Cast

The Duck Dynasty producers, as well as the Robertson family members who star in the show, soak up hundreds of thousands of dollars in government handouts from the state of Louisiana every year. One industry insider estimates that the Duck Dynasty cast, which is paid $200,000 per week to appear on the popular reality show, […]

‘Duck Dynasty’ Season 6 Premiere Date Released, Boycotts Continue

Season 6 of A&E’s hit series Duck Dynasty will premiere on June 11. According to The Chicago Tribune, The Robertsons will be back at 10 p.m. on Wednesday nights. The network hopes that they can pull solid ratings throughout the season after last season’s finale took a hit in viewership. While the episode average was […]

Obamacare Billboard: Louisiana Tries To Censor Ad Ripping Bobby Jindal

An Obamacare billboard in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, zings Republican governor Bobby Jindal for his refusal to expand the state’s Medicaid program as allowed under the Obamacare program, and now the state is desperate to get the sign taken down. Under the 2010 Affordable Care And Patient Protection Act, better known by the colloquial term “Obamacare,” […]

What Ted Cruz Said At CPAC Shocked Liberals Across America

Ted Cruz appears to never shy away from saying what is on his mind and remained true to form during his CPAC speech. The Senator took to the podium an announced that the United States should abolish the IRS. The Tea Party Republican feels that American should be able to file their taxes on the […]

Minimum Wage Hike To Save Taxpayers $4.6 Billion Per Year, New Study Says

A minimum wage hike to $10.10 per hour would save taxpayers $4.6 billion per year and reduce the dependence of American families on food stamps, according to a new study released Wednesday. The minimum wage is currently $7.25 per hour Last week Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal emerged from a meeting with President Barack Obama declaring […]

Is Margaret Thatcher’s “True Heir” Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal?

The New York Times‘s Paul Krugman wrote a column today arguing that the late Margaret Thatcher’s true heir is someone few people would guess — Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. “Her downfall came with the poll tax, a drastically regressive tax — the same amount for everyone, regardless of income — that was too much even […]

Jindal Tax Plan Abandoned Following Public Backlash

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal abandoned his unpopular tax plan following widespread backlash from political supporters and opponents alike. This comes as a major blow to a governor who made his tax plan a key part of his second term agenda. “I realize that some of you think I haven’t been listening,” Jindal said in a […]

Obama Polls Higher Than Jindal In Louisiana

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is so unpopular right now that he currently polls lower than Obama in a state where nearly 60 percent of voters went for Romney in the last presidential election. The president has an approval rating of 43 percent in Louisiana, five points higher than Jindal’s low approval rating of just 38 […]

Don Young Says ‘Wetbacks’ Was ‘Poor Choice Of Words’

Rep. Don Young’s “wetbacks” comment during an interview Thursday has drawn a storm of controversy after the quote pinged around the internet — and Young has now somewhat apologized for the slur he spoke. Yesterday, Rep. Young was discussing migrant labor and recalling the use of it on his father’s crops when he was younger. […]

Lawmakers Shame Don Young For ‘Wetback’ Slur

Republican Representative Don Young’s ‘wetback’ slur spoken during a radio show earlier this week has placed the Republican Party under a magnifying glass as it seeks to improve outreach efforts to Latinos and other ethnic minorities following two presidential election defeats. Several lawmakers rushed to shame Don Young for his remarks Friday. “Migrant workers come […]

Jindal To Obama: ‘Stop Trying To Scare The American People’

Bobby Jindal, the Republican governor of Louisiana, has turned criticisms back to President Barack Obama over the impending sequester. Speaking to reporters at a Republican Governors Association news conference following a meeting with Obama this week, Jindal said, “I think he’s trying to scare the American people,” reported The Washington Post on Monday, February 25. […]

Bobby Jindal Wants Birth Control Sold Over-The-Counter

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal feels that birth control pills should be available over-the-counter just like the morning after pill. Jindal feels that allowing such easy access for would foster competition among manufacturers and decrease the cost of the family planning medication. Jindal also notes that making birth control available without a prescription would remove the […]

Bobby Jindal’s School Voucher Program Ruled Unconstitutional

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s school voucher plan was ruled unconstitutional by State Judge Tim Kelley on Friday. The court ruled that the educational program improperly diverts funds allocated via the state’s public schools to private schools, according to The Washington Post. Judge Kelley also ruled that Jindal’s school voucher program unconstitutionally diverted local tax dollars […]