Police Knew Far-Right Extremists Were Bigger Threat Than Antifa At George Floyd Protests, Report Says

A Wednesday report from The Intercept revealed leaked documents that suggest law enforcement was aware that far-right extremists — not Antifa — were the most significant threat at the civil rights protests sparked from George Floyd’s death. The materials allegedly consist of nearly 300 documents, referred to as “BlueLeaks,” and were reportedly hacked and posted […]

Donald Trump Facebook Ad Depicting Symbol Similar To Nazi Imagery Removed

On Thursday, Facebook removed from its platform an advertisement paid for by President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, citing a policy against organized hate. As reported by the New York Daily News and other outlets, the campaign ad featured a symbol that resembled imagery used by Nazis during World War II to label prisoners being held […]

Donald Trump Says 75-Year-Old Martin Gugino, Pushed Down By Buffalo Police, May Be ‘Antifa Provocateur’

President Donald Trump said that Martin Gugino — a 75-year-old man who was pushed down by a Buffalo police officer — may be an “ANTIFA provocateur” in a Tuesday morning Facebook post. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, last week Gugino was among the thousands protesting George Floyd’s death in Buffalo. In an incident that […]

Multiracial Family On Camping Trip Trapped, Harassed By Individuals Accusing Them Of Belonging To Antifa

A multiracial family on a camping trip was harassed and trapped by individuals who accused them of being members of Antifa, a far-left organization believed by some to be a terrorist group, KCBY-TV reported. On Wednesday, the unidentified family, described by Peninsula Daily News as a husband and wife, their 16-year-old daughter and the husband’s […]

Attorney General William Barr Claims Antifa Is ‘Instigating’ Violence At George Floyd Protests

During a Thursday press conference, Attorney General William Barr reiterated his belief that Antifa has been stoking violence at the protests for George Floyd, Breitbart reported. “We have evidence that Antifa and other similar extremist groups, as well as actors of a variety of different political persuasions, have been involved in instigating and participating in […]

Donald Trump Says He Will Soon Declare Antifa A ‘Terrorist Organization’

U.S. President Donald Trump claimed Sunday morning that he would soon be designating Antifa as a terrorist organization amid the violence of the George Floyd protests. Before the declaration, Trump tweeted about the protests and riots in Minnesota, as well as his belief that Antifa is behind the chaos in the state. “The ANTIFA led […]

Andy Ngo And Patriot Prayer Have An ‘Understanding’ To Protect Each Other, Says Undercover Member

The integrity of conservative journalist Andy Ngo has been called into question after he was caught on video with the right-wing activist group Patriot Prayer as they reportedly planned an attack on Antifa, per The Inquisitr. Ngo purportedly spotlights violence from the left and the militant anti-fascist group, in particular. In a recent report by […]

Andy Ngo Captured On Video With Patriot Prayer As They Reportedly Plan Attack On Antifa

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who The Inquisitr reported claims to have suffered a brain injury following a confrontation with Antifa last month during a Portland, Oregon rally, was captured on video with Patriot Prayer as they appear to plan an attack on the militant anti-fascist group. Per The Daily Dot, the attack reportedly came as […]

Sean Hannity Says Antifa & Right-Wing Extremists Must Both ‘Stop This Insanity, This Lawlessness’

Sean Hannity took time during his Monday night show to call out white supremacists and counterprotesters, saying that there is “no place” in the United States for such extremism. According to Fox News, the host condemned demonstrators who showed up in Portland, Oregon over the weekend in no uncertain terms. “To each and every single […]

Kellyanne Conway Makes False Claim On Fox News That Antifa Stands For ‘Anti-First Amendment’

Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News to continue the Trump administration’s targeting of the far-left anti-fascist group Antifa, making the false claim that the group’s name stands for “anti-First Amendment.” Donald Trump has frequently criticized the group, which protests against fascism and frequently appears to counter white supremacist groups. The group’s name is an abbreviation […]

Andy Ngo, Journalist Beaten By ‘Street Thugs,’ Backs Donald Trump’s Push To Deem Antifa A Terror Organization

A conservative journalist who claims he sustained a brain injury following an altercation with an anti-fascist group known as Antifa said Monday that he supports President Donald Trump’s push to deem the group a terrorist organization, per Fox News. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Ngo is a conservative journalist who is a sub-editor and photojournalist […]

German Antifa Supporters Respond To Donald Trump’s Call To Label The Group A ‘Terrorist Organization’

On Saturday, The Inquisitr reported that President Donald Trump suggested that Antifa be labeled a terrorist organization. The militant, decentralized anti-fascist movement has drawn controversy recently, particularly after conservative video blogger Andy Ngo was attacked at a Portland, Oregon, rally last month by members of Antifa, which led to his hospitalization and — according to […]

Conservative Journalist Andy Ngo Says He Has A Brain Injury Following A Confrontation With Antifa

A conservative journalist who claims he was injured in an attack led by anti-fascist organization Antifa said Thursday that he suffered a brain injury as a result of the confrontation, The Hill reported. Andy Ngo said he suffered the brain injury while attending a protest in Portland, Oregon, in June. Ngo is a sub-editor and […]

One Man Was Giving Away Cookies To Try And Bring ‘Love’ To The Violent Portland Antifa Rally

A new report from The Federalist by C.K. Bouferrache reveals new pictures of the violent Portland rally and counter-protest that led to the bloody Antifa attack on conservative photojournalist Andy Ngo, which The Inquisitr reported led to a successful GoFundMe campaign to help Ngo fund his work. Along with pictures of the rally and its […]

GoFundMe Campaign For Photojournalist Andy Ngo Tops $100K After Bloody Attack From Antifa Protesters

A fundraising campaign for photojournalist Andy Ngo has brought in more than $100,000 in a matter of hours after he suffered a bloody attack at the hands of antifa protesters in Portland, Oregon. Ngo is a photojournalist and editor at the website Quillette and has been chronicling activity of the violent protest group, which often […]

Nine KKK Members Showed Up To Rally In Dayton, Were Met With 600 Counter-Protesters

A much-publicized Ku Klux Klan rally planned for Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday only drew nine members of the notoriously racist group — and they were met with a total of 600 counter-protesters ready to drown them out. The plans for the KKK rally had put the Ohio city on edge and fearful of some of […]

Police Found No Evidence That Antifa Protesters Cracked Tucker Carlson’s Door, As He Claimed

Last week protesters surrounded Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s Washington, D.C.-area home while he was at work scaring his wife and four children. The host reported that the left-wing mob cracked his oak door, and many headlines repeated that details, but police did not find any evidence to corroborate Carlson’s claim. CNN reported that one […]

Atlanta Antifa Reacts To Being Banned From PayPal: ‘This Is Where Liberal Both Sides Discourse Leads’

On November 9, PayPal terminated accounts used by far-right group the Proud Boys, the account used by its founder Gavin McInnes, and multiple accounts from various American anti-fascist groups. First reported by Buzzfeed’s Blake Montgomery via Twitter, the maneuver – which comes after a series of similar decisions – will not only make it more […]

Fake Antifa Facebook Page Fools Trump Supporters Into Guarding A Sporting Goods Store

A few dozen Trump supporters showed up to guard a sporting goods store in North Carolina, waiting for Antifa protesters to show up. They never came. The few dozen flag-waving Trump supporters were fooled into guarding the store after reading a viral — but fake — Facebook post from a fictional group called Gaston County […]

Viral Video Shows Portland Protester Tell 9/11 Widow Her Husband Should ‘Rot In The Grave’

A Portland, Oregon, demonstration turned ugly this week when a man was caught on video verbally assaulting a woman whose husband died during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The footage was shot by Brandon Farley as part of a longer video documenting a protest in Portland by the pro-Trump group Patriot Prayer. In Farley’s footage, the […]

NYPD Plans To Charge Nine Members Of Far-Right Group ‘Proud Boys’ For Brawl

The New York Police Department said on Monday that it has enough evidence to arrest at least nine members of the far-right group “Proud Boys” on charges of rioting and attempted assault, as well as three other protesters who were involved in a ruckus on 82nd Street on Friday evening. A brawl between the extremist […]

Pro-Trump Proud Boys Fight With Antifa Protesters Outside of Manhattan Republican Clubhouse

Less than 48 hours after a Manhattan Republican clubhouse was vandalized by left-wing protesters, right-wing Proud Boys — an organization dedicated to “Western chauvinism” headed up by Vice Magazine co-founder Gavin McInnes — took to the streets outside of said clubhouse to brawl with Antifa agitators protesting their rally. As the New York Daily News […]

Video Shows Portland Protesters Attacking Elderly Drivers, Hounding Woman In Wheelchair During Demonstration

Another protest went down in Portland, Oregon, this weekend with little to no police involvement, per Fox News. The protest began with over 100 people representing the Antifa and Black Lives Matter interest groups who were all there to honor the death of Patrick Simmons who had been killed by an enforcement officer in a […]

Louisiana Police Accused Of Using Fake ‘Antifa’ List To Harass Law-Abiding Citizens

The Louisiana State Police (LSP) is being accused of taking “marching orders” from far-right groups after they refused to hand over a questionable “Antifa” list reportedly sourced from 8chan and Stormfront. The police’s possession of the list is drawing concern because of a fear that it could be used to target citizens who have no […]

Former Gov. McAuliffe Says Trump ‘Failed’ To Show Moral Leadership After Charlottesville

According to CNN, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) claimed that President Trump failed to demonstrate moral leadership after the divisive and fatal Unite the Right rally last year in Charlottesville, Virginia. Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper Sunday morning, McAuliffe said, “There’s a time in your presidency when you need […]

Alt-Right And Counter-Protesters Face Off ‘No To Marxism In Berkeley’ Rally

According to the East Bay Times, alt-right protesters and liberal counter-protesters clashed with each other on Sunday during a “No To Marxism in Berkeley” rally in Berkeley, California. Alt-right demonstrators and counter-protesters alike gathered at Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, proceeding to fight and hurl insults at one another. After being forced […]

Portland Patriot Prayer Rally Could Get Ugly, As Antifa Expected To Counter-Protest

A “Patriot Prayer Rally” will be taking place in Portland, Oregon this weekend, and there are fears that the event may wind up being even more violent than last summer’s deadly violence in Charlottesville. As Huffington Post reports, members of two far-right groups, Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys, are set to hold a rally […]

Far-Right Group Violently Clashes With Antifa At Portland Rally That Turns Into Riot

Two opposing groups showed up to a “Freedom and Courage” rally Saturday in downtown Portland, Oregon, and a riot broke out, reports CBS News. When neither side wanted to leave, Portland’s police department threatened arrests would come next. “More than 100 members of Patriot Prayer group gathered at Terry Schrunk Plaza for a ‘freedom rally,’ […]

Antifa Protesters Clash With Patriot Prayer Rally In Downtown Portland, Multiple Fights Reported

On Sunday, protests in downtown Portland turned bloody and violent when protesters and counter-protesters clashed on the streets. The first protest of the day was planned for 2:00 pm, which was organized by Direct Action Alliance and Empower Portland. The protest was against police brutality. The second event was planned for 5:00 pm, which was […]

Protests Against A Conservative Speaker Turn Violent After Nazis Arrive

On Friday, conservative speaker Charlie Kirk gave a speech at Colorado State University titled “Smashing Socialism.” While the initial protests surrounding the event were peaceful, the scene quickly turned violent when the Traditionalist Worker Party showed up with riot shields, helmets, and flashlights embellished with Nazi insignia. The Traditionalist Worker Party found themselves at odds […]

Chelsea Manning Shows Up At Pro-Trump ‘Night For Freedom’ Event Hosted By Mike Cernovich

Chelsea Manning was a surprise guest at last night’s “Night for Freedom” gala in New York City attended by about six hundred pro-Trump activists and supporters of President Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda. Although Manning tweeted that she was crashing the “fascist/white supremacist hate brigade party,” all indications are that the interactions inside the […]

Antifa Allegedly Poured Concrete On Amtrak Train Tracks According To Deleted Post, Claims Twitter Personality

The website, named It’s Going Down, describes itself as “a digital community center from anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements.” However, several right-wing websites are placing an unproven connection between the so-called Antifa website and the recent tragic crash of the Amtrak Cascades train in Washington state. As reported by the Inquisitr, the crash […]

Devin Patrick Kelley Facebook Profile, Antifa Hoax: Shooter Added Texas Facebook Friends, Abused Ex-Wife Tessa

There are plenty of rumors and theories flying around the world wide web in the wake of the tragic mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Devin Patrick Kelley is that name of the 26-year-old man who is being pegged as the shooter who wreaked havoc inside the First Baptist Church on Sunday morning, wherein at […]

No, ‘Antifa Supersoldiers’ Won’t Start Civil War And ‘Behead All White Parents’ On November 4 [Debunked]

Earlier this week, the far-right blog Gateway Pundit published a “news story” which claimed that “antifa supersoldiers” have hatched a sinister plan to “behead all white parents” across the U.S. on Saturday, November 4. The alarming story was the latest bizarre twist in the spread of a conspiracy theory which appears to have originated on […]

Portland, Oregon, And Vancouver, Washington, Protests See Antifa Arrests

Portland, Oregon, was to be the site of a rally by Patriot Prayer. In keeping with the recent trend, the rally was met with a counter-protest, and tensions mounted between the opposing factions. According to the Portland Police, seven people have been arrested during multiple protests during a permitted march in downtown Portland. The protest, […]

Tucker Carlson Condemns Antifa On Fox News Show

On Thursday evening, Tucker Carlson began his Fox News show by talking about CNN Host Kamau Bell, noting that he is an ardent supporter of Antifa, a radical left-wing group that has used violence to get their message across. Carlson noted that Bell spoke at an Antifa rally at Berkeley, where mobs of people in […]

Nancy Pelosi Condemns Antifa After Violent Berkeley Protests

U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a San Francisco Democrat, has released a statement denouncing the radical-left activist group known as Antifa after last weekend’s violent protests in Berkeley, California. According to the Washington Post, Antifa members attacked peaceful right-wing demonstrators at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park on Sunday. In her statement, the […]

America’s Oldest Christopher Columbus Monument In Baltimore Vandalized

What is thought to be one of America’s oldest monuments to Italian explorer Christopher Columbus located in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, was vandalized. Baltimore Police are looking into the incident, which spokesman T.J. Smith says they believe occurred early yesterday morning. The base of the 225-year-old monument, upon which a two-story-tall obelisk sits, was […]

Is Antifa A Terrorist Group? Petition Calling On Trump To Label Group Domestic Terrorist Nets 200K Signatures

An effort to have Antifa listed as a domestic terrorist group is gaining considerable steam, with close to 200,000 people adding their signatures to a petition calling on the White House to name the anarchist group as terrorists. The anarchist group has been in the spotlight since clashes during a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, last […]

Footage Surfaces of Violence At Charlottesville Rally

Tragedy struck the city of Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday when a car ran into dozens of counter-protesters at a “Unite the Right” rally. Most tragically, Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old legal assistant, was killed. The country’s already tense political atmosphere has been exacerbated by the violence. Since the incident, multiple videos have surfaced online of the […]

What Is Antifa? Members Of Antifa Condemned For Violent Protests At ‘Unite The Right’ Rally

Vehement Trump supporters and other right-leaning conservatives have come out to disavow violent leftist radicals and the racial tension that took place at the “Unite The Right” rally on Saturday. Re-branded Nazis and passionate white nationalists combined forces to “Unite the Right.” Other groups such as Anti-Racist Action, Showing Up for Racial Justice, and Black […]

Self-Described ‘Patriot’ Shoots Himself In The Leg At Gettysburg

The Gettysburg National Military Park was home to an unfortunate shooting accident on Saturday when a self-described “patriot” shot himself in the leg with a holstered revolver. For several days, social media rumors had been circulating that members of Antifa, an anti-fascist fringe group, would be coming to Gettysburg over 4th of July weekend to […]

Eric Clanton Arrested: Suspected Berkeley Bike Lock Attacker Looking At Multiple Felonies

Eric Clanton, the man suspected of hitting a Trump supporter over the head with a U-lock bike lock, has been arrested more than a month after the incident, which occurred during an April 15 clash in Berkeley between Antifa activists and Trump loyalists. According to East Bay Times, in addition to being suspected of assault […]

What Is Antifa? The Sometimes-Violent European Anti-Fascist Group Has Eyes On America: What’s Their Agenda?

You may not have heard much, or anything, about Antifa before now, but you will be hearing quite a bit more about them in the coming months and years. With Donald Trump now occupying the White House, the European anti-fascist organization, which has at times been associated with violence, has its eyes on the United […]

UT Austin Stabbing: Was Kendrex J. White An Antifa Member? Texas Suspect May Have Targeted Frat Boys

According to local Austin news outlet KXAN, Kendrex J. White, a student at the University of Texas at Austin, is suspected of stabbing four men, killing one, in a Monday afternoon rampage that ended after the suspect was apprehended by police. While police say that White’s motive is unknown, many are speculating whether this man, […]

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin Revealed As Antifa Member Behind UC Riots: Is Ann Coulter’s Speech Still On?

In a shocking turn of events, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin has allegedly been unmasked as a member of a violent Antifa (anti-fascist) riot group called By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), according to We Are Change. Arreguin, who has been suspected of ordering police to stand down during the recent series of riots at the University […]

Professor Eric Clanton, Alleged Bike Lock Attacker, Hasn’t Been Arrested And May Not Even Be Guilty [Updated]

Professor Eric Clanton, who is said to teach at Diablo Valley College near San Francisco, California, was allegedly caught on video slugging a Trump supporter over the head with a hefty bike lock, also known as a “U lock,” during the Berkeley riots that took place this past Saturday. The attack resulted in significant injury […]

#AntiFa Trends On Twitter: Anti-Fascist ‘Alt-Left’ Group On Lauri Love’s Tweets

The hashtag #AntiFa is a popular one, according to Twitter. When a Twitter user merely types the letter “A” into the social network’s search engine, not only are they met with the #AntiFa hashtag as the third most popular suggestion for words starting with “A” as of this writing, but “#Antifa #finn” and “#antifascism #ypg” […]