DOT Ruling On Emotional Support Animals Called A ‘Disservice’ By Experts, But Should Curb Abuse Of System

The decision by the United States Department of Transportation regarding the classification of service animals, determining that only dogs could be classified as such and emotional support animals do not meet the criteria, made major waves for travelers on Wednesday. Once the new ruling goes into effect, the scope of animals allowed on a flight […]

US Transportation Department Rules Only Service Dogs Allowed, Emotional Support Animals Do Not Qualify

In a final ruling issued on Wednesday, the Transportation Department declared that only dogs can be classified as service animals, and canines used for emotional support would not fall under that classification. The decision is a shift from the previous requirement that airlines were required to allow animals on board as long as a passenger […]

Rachael Ray Shares New Pic Of Puppy Bella Boo Blue With Her Favorite Deadpool Toy

Rachael Ray posted a new pic of her puppy Bella Boo Blue with her favorite toy. The stuffed object is a departure from the standard dog toy. It represents the character of Deadpool riding a unicorn. It is one of Bella’s favorites and as Rachael described in the caption, little does her puppy know how […]

Bald Eagle Attacks A $950 Government Drone, Sends It To The Bottom Of Lake Michigan

A bald eagle reportedly attacked a government drone worth approximately $950, tore off one of its propellers, and ultimately sent it plummeting to the bottom of Lake Michigan, The Guardian reported Friday. “The Phantom 4 Pro Advanced quadcopter drone was about 162 feet in the sky when it is thought the bird of prey attacked […]

Video Shows Woman Getting Attacked By Adult Bison, Has Her Pants Ripped Off In The Scuffle

On Wednesday, a woman was attacked by an adult bison at South Dakota’s Custer State Park and her pants were ripped off in the scuffle. A video of the attack was shared by the Custer County Chronicle‘s Facebook page. The video, which contains strong language, can be viewed here. According to WJW, a Fox-affiliated television […]

Florida Inmates To Comfort Dogs At Animal Shelter During Fourth Of July Fireworks

Inmates in one Florida jail will be spending part of Saturday evening — the Fourth of July — at an animal shelter, comforting dogs who are frightened by the sounds of fireworks exploding outside. As Space Coast Daily reported, the days leading up to Independence Day can be pure hell for some dogs and cats. […]

Hundreds Of Elephants In Botswana Have Died As A Result Of Mysterious Circumstances

Hundreds of elephants in the African country of Botswana have died under mysterious circumstances, and animal activists are criticizing the nation’s seemingly slow response to the situation, The Guardian reported. At least 350 elephants have died in the northern part of the country, and the number may be considerably higher, as the animals’ carcasses can […]

Shark Attacks A 16-Year-Old Boy Visiting The Outer Banks, Father Had To Fight It Off

On Thursday, a 16-year-old boy visiting the Outer Banks in North Carolina was attacked by a shark. According to CNN, Nick Arthur was playing on the sandbar when the shark bit his thigh and refused to let go. Tim Arthur, the boy’s father, rushed over to his son and started to kick the shark in […]

Reports That Tiger Was Released From Oakland Zoo During Protests Appear To Be Part Of A Viral Hoax

Reports that a tiger escaped — or was released — from the Oakland Zoo during protests in the area appear to be part of a hoax. Late on Saturday, as protests continued across the Bay Area in response to the death of George Floyd, reports emerged that a tiger had been spotted loose from the […]

Arkansas Boy, 9, Dies In A Suspected Dog Attack, Sheriff’s Office Investigating

A 9-year-old boy from Faulkner County, Arkansas has died from a suspected dog attack on Thursday morning, according to a press release issued by the Faulkner County Sheriff’s office. The boy’s mother allegedly asked him to get the mail in the morning. When she realized he had not returned after a few minutes, she went […]

Amy Cooper Says Her ‘Entire Life Is Being Destroyed’ After Video Of Her Threatening Black Man Goes Viral

Amy Cooper has issued a public apology after a viral video showed her — a white woman — threatening to call the police on a black man who asked her to put her dog on a leash in New York City’s Central Park, saying her “entire life” has been destroyed by the incident. The video […]

Kitten Born With Two Faces Is Taking Social Media By Storm

A kitten in Oregon was born with a rare genetic quirk: two faces attached to one body. The adorable feline was born on Wednesday and has been named Biscuits and Gravy by her family. The baby cat’s siblings and mother are all doing well. Owner BJ King expressed his surprise at seeing the two-faced cat […]

An Alligator Who Survived WWII Bombing Raids Has Died In A Moscow Zoo

An alligator who survived an allied bombing raid during World War II has died of old age at a Moscow zoo, BBC News reported. Saturn was hatched in the U.S. in 1936, and wound up being gifted to the Berlin zoo shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, within a few years, the U.S. and Germany would be at […]

Dogs Also Go Through An Angsty Teenage Stage, Claims New Study

Man’s best friend may be ever more similar to humans than previously believed. According to new research studies from the United Kingdom, dogs reportedly go through an angsty phase when they hit adolescence, proving that the beloved animal is not unlike the average human teenager. According to Science Alert, the research team looked at 378 […]

Scientists Rediscover ‘Ultra-Rare’ Blue Bee Believed To Have Become Extinct In Florida

The “ultra-rare blue calamintha bee” was rediscovered by a researcher at the Florida Museum of Natural History recently, according to a news release from the museum. The bee was first discovered in 2011 with scientists unsure whether the bee still existed. Previously, there were only four known locations where the bee has been known to […]

Georgia Officials Are Trying To Control Invasive Lizard Species That Can Grow Up To 4 Feet Long

Georgia officials are asking the public to assist them in tracking an invasive species of lizards that can grow up to four feet long, according to CNN. The lizard is known as the Argentine black and white tegu, and wildlife officials are working to eradicate them from the area, where they pose a significant threat […]

Jorja Bolla, An 11-Year-Old Nebraska Girl, Brings Her Pony To Windows To Cheer Up Nursing Home Residents

An 11-year-old Nebraska girl is bringing joy to nursing home residents by taking her pony to their windows, CNN reports. Even under ordinary circumstances, the life of a nursing home resident can be filled with boredom and loneliness. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s been even worse, as family members and loved ones who would […]

Japanese Aquarium Asks Public To Video Call Eels During Lockdown

Sumida Aquarium, which is currently closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, has taken to social media to people to video call their garden eels as a reminder to the animals that humans do not pose a threat. The aquarium — housed in the Tokyo Skytree, Japan’s tallest structure — has been closed to the public […]

California Politician Chris Platzer Resigns After Throwing Cat, Drinking Beer During Zoom Meeting

A Vallejo, California politician has resigned from his job after apparently throwing his cat and drinking beer during a town meeting that was conducted over Zoom, San Jose’s KNTV reports. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Vallejo Planning Commission has been holding meetings via the online conferencing platform, as have businesses, local governing bodies, schools, […]

Mauled ‘Tiger King’ Employee Says Joe Exotic Is A ‘Monster’

Kelci “Saff’ Saffery, who became famous after being mauled and losing an arm on the Netflix series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, is speaking out about his former boss. While speaking with Fox News host Nancy Grace, Saffery chatted about the animal cruelty he witnessed at the hand of Joe Exotic, whose real name […]

Laywer For Carole Baskin’s Husband Claims He Was Strangled And Thrown Out Of A Plane

Ever since the hit Netflix series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness hit televisions, people have been speculating about whether or not Carole Baskin killed her husband Don Lewis. As Fox News reports, Lewis’ lawyer has a theory about the multi-millionaire’s disappearance, and it involves foul play. “In my view, there’s no question but that […]

Plagues Of Locusts Descend On Parts Of Australia, Threatening Crops

Australia has battled drought, devastating wildfires, floods, and a host of other disasters in recent years, and is now being bedeviled by locusts, ABC News (Australia) reports. The swarms of insects, which can destroy a field in minutes, have already turned up in parts of New South Wales. Humans have been battling locusts for tens […]

Scientists Discover ‘UFO-Like’ Creature In Australian Waters, Potentially World’s Longest Animal

Scientists have discovered what could be the longest animal ever seen off the coast of Australia, reports The Guardian. The animal is a siphonophore, measured at an estimated 154 feet. “Siphonophores are deep-sea predators made up of many small clones that act together as one and spread out like a single long string in the […]

Carole Baskin Says ‘Tiger King’ Viewers Obsessed With Her Ex-Husband’s Disappearance ‘Missed The Point’

Carole Baskin spent months thinking she was filming a documentary about animal cruelty in the tiger industry, but in the end, she says that the Netflix series went viral for all the wrong reasons. Both she and her husband, Howard, say that they’re upset by their portrayal on the series, with its focus on her […]

‘The Talk’ Star Carrie Ann Inaba Shares Funny Photo Of Her Dog’s Reaction To Quarantine

The Talk host Carrie Ann Inaba posted a funny photo to Instagram of her dog’s reaction to being quarantined. It was a moment of levity the talk show host and television personality shared with her 361,000 followers, most of whom are in the same situation as Carrie Ann and her animals, as everyone shelters in […]

‘Good Morning America’ Anchor Robin Roberts Shares Spotlight & Thankful Thursday Message With Pup Lukas

Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts shared the spotlight of a new Instagram video with her beloved pup Lukas and wrote a Thankful Thursday message for fans. The newswoman is currently working at home, broadcasting from the basement of her Connecticut abode. She has been sheltering in place alongside her pups and longtime girlfriend Amber […]

Carrie Ann Inaba Impresses Fans With Sweet Video Of Her Cat Mimi

Carrie Ann Inaba brought a smile to the faces of her 358,000 Instagram followers when she posted a sweet video of her cat Mimi. The Dancing with the Stars judge, who has been working remotely as the moderator of CBS’ show The Talk, thought Mimi’s actions were so cute that she decided to share them […]

Colorado Woman Rushed To Hospital After Being Trampled By A Bull Moose

A local woman in her 50s from Breckenridge, Colorado was trampled by a bull moose on Saturday after trying to guide the animal out of her yard. According to The Denver Post, the incident occurred in the evening, but the moose had been patrolling the area for hours beforehand. Allegedly, the animal was blocking people […]

Busch Is Offering 3 Months Of Free Beer To Anyone Who Fosters A Dog During Coronavirus Pandemic

To promote pet adoption from animal shelters, Busch is offering three months of beer to anyone who decides to foster a dog from Midwest Animal Rescue & Services during the coronavirus pandemic, reports People Magazine. Sadly, many animal shelters have had to close their doors to prevent the further spread of the virus. The company […]

Kaley Cuoco Rocks A White Nightgown And Cuddles One Of Her Rescue Bunnies In Sweet Video

Kaley Cuoco looked content and comfy as she helped one of her rescue bunnies get acclimated to his new home. The tiny tan rabbit, Simon, actually has his own Instagram page. However, Kaley only shares sporadic updates on the animal’s account every few weeks. On Wednesday, she delighted Simon’s followers by sharing the page’s first […]

Kaley Cuoco Reveals That There’s A Sanctuary For Rescue Rabbits In Her Garage

Kaley Cuoco revealed that her two rescue rabbits are living it up at her new place. On Saturday, the animal lover gave her fans a tour of the bunnies’ luxurious new digs in a series of videos that she uploaded to her Instagram stories. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kaley is finally getting a […]

Poachers Killed Two Rare White Giraffes In Kenya, Only One Male Remains, Potentially The Last In The World

Officials at a wildlife sanctuary in Kenya discovered the carcasses of two rare white giraffes — a mother and her calf — earlier today. Due to the skeletal state of their remains, investigators estimate that they were killed several months ago by poachers, reports BBC. According to the article, no one had seen the two […]

The Internet’s Favorite Shih Tzu, Marnie The Dog, Dies At 18

Marnie, the internet’s beloved Instagram Shih Tzu, has died at the age of 18, reports E! News. On Saturday afternoon Marnie’s owner, Shirley Braha, shared the devastating news on the official Marnie the Dog Instagram page. She said that the Shih Tzu had passed away painlessly and peacefully on Thursday afternoon. Braha added that the […]

A Woman In Colorado Receives A Citation For Attempting To Pet A Moose

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department shared a video on Twitter yesterday that showed an unidentified woman approaching a moose on the side of the road. She was captured on video attempting to pet the animal. According to the official tweet from the CPW, she was later cited for harassing a wild animal, reports ABC […]

Yellowstone National Park Bison Being Rounded Up For Possible Slaughter

Officials at Yellowstone National Park have started rounding up bison. This is happening due to possibly slaughtering the large animals in the next few days in order to cull the herd and prevent the spread of disease, ABC News reports. Every year, visitors to the expansive national park to see bison, thousands of whom call […]

A 25-Year-Old Alligator Was Discovered Living In The Basement Of An Ohio Home

Last Thursday, the Ohio Department of Agriculture received a tip that an alligator was dwelling in the basement of a local home. Upon investigating, police officers discovered a fully-grown American alligator living inside of a woman’s home in Groveport, Ohio, reports People Magazine. The homeowner voluntarily gave up the alligator to the officers and wildlife […]

Golden Retriever Lovers Lash Out After Siba The Standard Poodle Wins Westminster Dog Show

The world of animals was roiled in controversy after Siba the standard poodle nabbed the top spot at the 2020 Westminster Dog Show. While it’s generally agreed that all dogs are good dogs, not everyone is happy about the results of dog breeding’s biggest show. Fans of the competition lashed out after the win was […]

Florida Woman Fights Off Crazed Otter, Saves Daughter And Dog

A Florida woman fought off a possibly rabid otter, saving her dog and her teenage daughter in the process, WIS-TV reports. Casina Ewert and her family were getting ready for their day last Tuesday morning when the incident occurred. The debacle began when Ewart’s 17-year-old daughter, Gwyn, let their family dog, Scooter, out the back […]

A New Hampshire Dad Killed A Coyote With His Bare Hands After The Canine Menaced His Family

A New Hampshire man killed a coyote with his bare hands, after the critter — which was believed to have been rabid — menaced his and other families, Boston’s WBZ-TV reports. Ian O’Reilly and his family had the day off from work and school on Monday, so they decided to enjoy a day out in […]

A Chinese Theme Park Forced A Pig To Bungee Jump, Animal Reportedly Sent To Slaughterhouse Afterwards

A Chinese theme park has apologized after tourists complained that employees strapped a pig into a bungee jump attraction and dropped it, BBC News reports. The pig was reportedly taken to slaughter after its “jump.” Meixin Red Wine Town theme park in Chongqing, China wanted to celebrate the opening of its new bungee jump attraction. […]

Missing Australian Girl Found Following Flood, Her Loyal Dog Still By Her Side

An Australian girl who, along with her family’s dog, went missing in a flood was found a day later, safe and sound, with her pup still dutifully guarding her, BBC News reports. While much of Australia is being devastated by some of the worst wildfires the continent has seen in decades, other parts of the […]

‘Womanizing’ Tortoise Set Free Into The Wild After His Libido Single-Handedly Saved Species From Extinction

A 100-year-old tortoise with an unusually strong libido is being credited with saving his entire species from extinction, and now has earned his release back into the wild. As CNN reported, scientists have credited the “womanizing” tortoise named Diego with the survival of fellow giant tortoises on the island of Espanola in the Galapagos Islands. […]

Two Cousins Rescue Several Koalas On Kangaroo Island In South Australia

Two teenage Australian cousins have done their part to help combat the devastating toll the continent’s brushfires are taking on wildlife by rescuing koalas and taking them to a neighbor who treats injured wild animals, according to an Instagram post from environmental-education group Earth Focus. “Doing a little koala rescue… Just trying to collect as […]

New Zealand Mom Watches As Playful Orcas Swim Near Water-Skiing 6-Year-Old Daughter

A New Zealand mom got to watch as a pod of orcas, or killer whales as they’re sometimes called, swam around near her 6-year-old daughter while the young lass tried to learn to water-ski, Stuff reports. Fortunately, the animals are not considered a danger to humans in the wild. Natalie Kepa and her family and […]

Maryland Police Look For Motorist Who ‘Baited’ Seagulls With Food, Then Ran Over Flock With Their Car

Police in Maryland are looking for an individual who they say put out food in order to “bait” seagulls, and then allegedly ran over the flock with their vehicle, killing at least 10 birds and injuring at least one other, if not more. As Time reports, police in Laurel, a suburban community about halfway between […]

South African Man Horrified To Discover A Giant Nursery Web Spider Devouring His Pet Goldfish

South African resident Jérémy Schalkwijk and his new girlfriend, Athina Yalias, received quite the shock when they walked near his pond and discovered a giant nursery web spider sinking its teeth into Jérémy’s pet goldfish, Cleo, reports The Daily Mail. Jérémy, who happens to be a tour guide, managed to whip out his camera just […]

North Carolina Town Ditches ‘Possum Drop’ New Year’s Eve Tradition After Three Decades

A North Carolina town is getting rid of its traditional “possum drop” New Year’s Eve tradition, possibly due to complaints from animal-rights activists, CNN reports. In cities across the country, the New Year will be rung in with an object being ceremonially “dropped” as the clock counts down. New York City’s Times Square has its […]

Reese Witherspoon Hilariously Upstaged By Her Dog In Christmas Instagram Video

Reese Witherspoon shares some holiday cheer in a new Instagram video uploaded to the social media site. In the post, The Morning Show star is seen enjoying a hot beverage alongside her dog Lou, who hilariously upstaged the actress as she shared her Christmas favorites with her followers. Reese looks ready to take on the […]

Katherine Schwarzenegger Reveals One Of The Things She Was Most Nervous About Upon Marrying Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger were married last spring and the couple could not be happier. Schwarzenegger, who recently turned 30-years-old, looked back on one moment that caused her a bit of anxiety as she prepared to marry Pratt. She was particularly worried about how Pratt would interact with one very special member of her […]

A Man Was Caught On Video Dramatically Saving A Dog From Being Strangled After Leash Got Caught In Elevator

A Houston man was caught on video dramatically saving a dog’s life after the pet’s leash got caught in a pair of elevator doors, NBC News reports. Now the man is defending the dog’s owner from haters online. Johnny Mathis, a welding teacher, was exiting the elevator at his apartment complex while a neighbor, a […]