Joe Biden Cites ‘American Anthem’ In His Inaugural Address, Asking ‘What Shall Be Our Legacy?’

Joe Biden cited lyrics to the tune “American Anthem” in his Inaugural address, and asked Americans “what shall be our legacy” after delivering a powerful address to the nation after being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. That particular piece of music has been tied to the world of politics since […]

Nationwide Survey On Young American Adults’ Holocaust Knowledge Produces ‘Shocking And Saddening’ Results

Per CBS News, the U.S. Millennial Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Survey found that 63 percent of young American adults do not know that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. An estimated 36 percent of participants also thought the death toll was two million or fewer. The study, which was commissioned by the Claims […]

Firefighter Seen Saving American Flag In Emotional Photo

On Tuesday, the fire department in Milford, Massachusetts, was called in on a special mission. A historic home had caught fire and was swiftly being consumed by the flames. Despite their best efforts, the firefighters knew they wouldn’t be able to save the home. However, Lt. Billy Collins was able to save one thing from […]

US Hispanics Look To Spain For Citizenship Under Sephardic Jew Law As Social Tensions Rise

A growing number of U.S. Hispanic people are looking to their European roots as a way to flee the social tensions stirred up in the country since President Donald Trump was elected, reports the Guardian. Under Sephardic Jew citizenship law in Spain, people who can prove they descended from Sephardic Jews who were expelled from […]

Roseanne Barr On The Politics Behind ABC Firing Her, Canceling Successful Series

Roseanne Barr didn’t hold anything back in a new interview with political activist Brandon Straka, discussing many hot-button topics, including her controversial May firing from the ABC network. Barr being let go from her eponymous show has been reported on ad nauseum. To recap, the network felt that she made a racist comment on Twitter, […]

‘Queer Eye’ Creator David Collins Discusses Show’s Impact On Trump’s America

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “Queer Eye” creator David Collins discussed filming the Netflix reboot’s third season, and the show’s impact on Trump’s America, noting that, “When we lift each other up, life’s better.” Discussing the show’s well-received revival, the 51-year-old creator and producer noted, “I feel humble every day to realize this […]

Voter Roll Purge Ensues

According to a report from the Brennan Center For Justice, nine states are increasingly removing voters from the rolls than the rest of the 41 states in America. After conducting a review of national voter roll purges between 2012 and 2016, the Brennan Center For Justice discovered “that the mostly Southern jurisdictions that had once […]

Iran Sues U.S. In International Court Of Justice Over May Sanctions

In a lawsuit filed against the United States, Iran claims that the sanctions imposed upon them in May violate the Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations, and Consular Rights. Reuters reports that the State Department feels Iran’s suit lacks merit and that the United States planned to fight the lawsuit. The 1955 treaty states that there […]

Showtime Defends Sacha Baron Cohen

According to Variety, Showtime is countering the accusations that Sacha Baron Cohen pretended to be a veteran living with disabilities for his new show Who Is America? The network refuted the accusation that one of Cohen’s characters, Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., Ph.D., claimed to have served in the military. These accusations come from former Governor […]

Former Miss America Board Members Claim They Were Pushed Out Over Decision To Ax Swimsuit Competition

When it was announced that Miss America would no longer judge contestants on their outward appearance, thus getting rid of the swimwear and evening wear competitions, there were some raised eyebrows. Both the swimwear and evening wear competitions had been an integral part of Miss America for many years. Weeks later, Chairwoman Gretchen Carlson is […]

U.S. Opposes U.N. Breastfeeding Resolution – Threatens To Sanction Ecuador

The New York Times reported Sunday that United States threatened to sanction Ecuador if they did not drop the United Nations-affiliated World Health Assembly’s resolution to encourage breastfeeding. Aside from encouraging parents to breastfeed, the resolution urges countries to try to limit the inaccurate marketing of formulas, or breast milk substitutes. A Lancet study from […]

CDC Study Reveals Teen Death Toll Rises To Shocking Levels, Reasons Concern Experts

A recent study has shown a momentous increase in the number of teenage deaths across the United States. Rather than sickness or heart disease, these fatalities are attributable to traffic accidents, drug overdoses, homicidal crimes, and suicide. Experts in the field are referring to the rise as a “wake-up call” for America. In accordance to […]

Donald Trump Wonders Why ABC’s Bob Iger Never Apologized To Him

The dialogue of the revived sitcom Roseanne was laden with politics. Roseanne Barr made sure that the script held a strong bias favoring Donald Trump. It has recently been reported by the Inquisitr that there was controversy surrounding Roseanne and her beliefs as soon as the pilot aired. When one mixes personal beliefs with business, […]

How British Weddings Are Different From American Ones (Hint: Start Looking For A Fruitcake)

Meghan Markle has undoubtedly learned first-hand that American weddings and British ones are different. And while the two cultures share some similarities when it comes to nuptials — that is, when referring to weddings of the culturally-Christian variety, which we will focus on exclusively in this article — there are ways, big and small, that […]

Fake Trump And Fake Kim ‘Weren’t Kicked Out’ Of Winter Olympics, Impersonators And Organizers Clarify

Two impressionists made quite the impression last Friday after they showed up in Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium dressed as U.S. president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. In a rare feat that continues to fascinate many, Australian-Chinese Howard X (not his real name) and Chicago native Dennis Alan arrived at the 2018 Winter Olympics […]

Kim Jong Un’s Nuclear Program Just Hit A Snag

Kim Jong Un is one of the world’s most controversial leaders, not only because of his dictatorial leadership, but also because of his highly ambitious military projects that have rattled western nations and in particular, the United States. His nation has, in recent years, made major strides in developing some of the world’s deadliest nuclear […]

South Korean Model For Net Neutrality Could Be The Answer To America’s Problems

Ever since the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal Net Neutrality, the organization and its chairman, Ajit Pai, have been facing bipartisan criticism from the public. A poll conducted and published by the University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation shows 89 percent of Democrats, 75 percent of Republicans, and 86 percent of independents, oppose […]

Princess Diana Said Harry Would Make A ‘Great King’ – ‘Less Anxious’ Than William’ Via Old Alleged Confidences

Prince Harry has been in the headlines more than usual lately due to his bachelor days waning and with the start of his domestic life peering out from just around the corner. Princess Diana has been dead for a few decades so she cannot verify or deny what is being said about her or about […]

Prince Harry Was Only 6 When ‘America’ Popped Out Of His Astrology Chart, Claims Princess Diana’s Astrologer

From what Astrologer Debbie Frank is saying, Princess Diana put a lot of stock in her astrologer, who happens to have been Frank. She claims they often talked about personal things such as Diana’s concerns over her boys Prince William and Prince Harry. The last time they talked, Astrologer Debbie Frank said that Diana was […]

Bible Prophecy: North Korea And Iran Could Destroy U.S. In Nuclear War, Pastor Issues Chilling Warning [Video]

Greg Laurie, the pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, has issued a chilling warning that biblical prophecy suggests North Korea could wipe out the U.S. in a nuclear attack before the apocalyptic battle of Armageddon begins. According to Pastor Laurie, God revealed the hidden secrets of the tragic end of the U.S. to […]

Parents Of Otto Warmbier Give New Insight Into Their Son’s Horrific Last Days

As new details in the death of Otto Warmbier, the American student who visited North Korea as a tourist, come to light, it exposes a culture of torture and unimaginable horrors. North Korea has spent a great deal of time in the international spotlight with its threats of nuclear war and violence to the U.S., […]

Taking A Knee, Are Protests Dividing Or Rebuilding American Ideals?

You can’t flip to a single news station without seeing some type of coverage on the NFL’s peaceful protests in response to the President’s statements on Friday. President Trump indicated that players who choose to kneel during the National Anthem should be fired from their positions in the NFL. This ignited an angry chain reaction […]

Solar Eclipse, Hurricane Harvey, Irma Are The Signs of End Time Prophecy?

When the 2017 solar eclipse covered the entire continental America last August, some Christians began to think that the phenomenon was a preliminary sign of end time from God. In less than a month after the eclipse, Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas, damaging thousand of homes and forcing 785,000 people to evacuate. Afterward, Hurricane Irma is […]

On A Monday In September

A welcome respite from all the dregs we have had to stomach all summer is long overdue. When we should have been choking on perspiring hot dogs dabbed with mustard and relish, we were forced fed explicit gang violence in Chicago and cop shootings in the Twin Cities. In lieu of cold lager meant to […]

‪‪America’s Cup 2017 Is An Oracle USA, New Zealand Rematch: Spithill, Burling Put In The Spotlight

Although most Americans may not have heard of this historic yacht race, there is currently an epic battle being fought between skippers James Spithill and Peter Burling in the 2017 America’s Cup. In fact, fans of boating sports races are currently in anticipation because the 2017 America’s Cup is a rematch between the Emirates Team […]

World War 3: This Is How North Korea Could Use Mid-Air Nuclear Blasts To Crash Passenger Planes & Wreak Havoc

Fear of a World War 3 outbreak due to North Korea’s continuous proliferation of nuclear weapons is more real now than ever. Despite warnings from U.S., China, and other nations, Pyongyang has blatantly continued testing missiles week after week. While Kim Jong-un’s testing of atmosphere re-entry technology sent shock waves across the world, an op-ed […]

The Most Probable Way Humans Will Land On Mars

Mars is one planet that has been the subject of many space exploration missions and experiments. However, it is largely inhospitable, which begs the question – why all the curiosity about the Red Planet? For starters, it does have some natural phenomenon similar to those found on Earth such as polar ice caps, canyons, volcanoes, […]

Emmanuel Macron Leaks: Authorities Ask Media to Think Before They Act Considering ‘Seriousness’ of Elections

Whilst a cyber security unit is all set to investigate the French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron leaks matter, the nation’s electoral commission has warned media not to publish any detail relating to the documents leaked. France’s electoral commission conducted an emergency meeting to discuss the Emmanuel Macron leaks. In the meeting, the commission claimed that […]

Malcolm Turnbull’s New York City Meeting With Trump: Australia PM’s View on the U.S.

Reports indicate that Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is scheduled to meet with President Donald Trump in New York City for the first time since the two spoke over the phone in January. That phone conversation marked a particularly awkward point of contention between the two leaders, as Trump reportedly hung up on the Australian […]

El Chapo Guzman’s Sinaloa Cartel Rival In Mexico Suffers A Major Blow

Joaquin El Chapo Guzman’s capture and extradition changed Mexico’s drug trafficking dynamics, with rival cartels taking advantage of the situation by challenging his organization, the Sinaloa Cartel, on numerous fronts. His capture was believed to have been part of Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto’s strategy to dismantle cartels by going after cartel heads, sometimes with […]

North Korea Attacks America In New Propaganda Video

Reports out of Seoul indicate North Korea has released yet another hate-filled propaganda video, but this time, it’s got both the White House and US aircraft carriers in its crosshairs. The video seems to show various scenes from North Korea’s recent military parade, as well as cuts to staged US targets with what looks like […]

Is America’s Education System Really That Bad?

With the relatively recent addition of Betsy Devos as President Trump’s Secretary of Education, there have been mixed reviews about the Michigan native’s intentions for America’s education system. Several of her supporters agree with her stance on charter schools and school choice, while dissenters say her views on current educational practices just don’t make sense. […]

Why Are America’s Malls Dying?

Reports indicate that malls across America are closing at an alarming rate, and several of the stores we’ve all come to know and love may soon be available solely via a computer’s address bar. Macy’s, for instance, a global retail powerhouse with upwards of $27 billion in sales annually, will close the doors of hundreds […]

Why Does North Korea Hate America?

After both the North Korean nuclear weapon threat and the propaganda video that shocked the world, many Americans have a very similar question on their minds: Why exactly does North Korea hate America? The answer, according to reports, traces all the way back to the beginning of the Korean War. Records indicate the Korean War […]

China Prepares For Military Conflict In North Korea

New reports indicate President Xi of China is now readying troops for potential conflict with North Korea – but it isn’t necessarily because the U.S. asked him to. According to a CNN report, China has readied several capable military bombers in an effort to “reduce the time to react to a North Korea contingency.” Intel […]

President Trump Defends Backtracking On Labeling China A Currency Manipulator

A while back, President Donald Trump did not have very nice things to say about China, but ever since they decided to work with the U.S. against North Korea, Trump has been nicer to the nation. Obviously, when you’re facing a lot of political backlash, you have to handle things as best as possible. Trump […]

North Korea Unveils Powerful New Missiles On Founder’s Birthday Amid Major Rising Tensions

It seems that tensions between North Korea and the United States as well as China may have just hit another level, as it appears North Korea has unveiling powerful new missiles on Saturday. North Korea is celebrating their founder’s birthday, Kim Il Sung, who instituted the Kim Dynasty 105 years ago. This is a traditional […]

North Korea Threatens ‘Nuclear Thunderbolts’ As The United States And China Team Up

It is well known that North Korea has made multiple threats to launch nuclear weapons, but with their latest threat, it seems that things might have gone to another level, with China and the United States teaming up against them. Recently, the United States sent a bomb into Syria to wipe out chemical weapons that […]

President Donald Trump Reportedly Shifting Policies In An Effort To Reset Presidency

President Donald Trump has been changing things around it seems, and a White House staff shake-up is set to go down due to it, as Trump will reportedly shift his policies around to reset his Presidency. Backed by his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner, Trump will reportedly be heading toward a “centrist” push […]

Ivanka Trump Reportedly The One Behind President Trump’s Move To Bomb Syria

With the recent bombing from the United States on Syria over chemical weapons, many found it to be strange that President Donald Trump made such a move, but according to a recent report, it seems his daughter Ivanka was behind the idea. The controversial bombing was done on Syria after knowledge of chemical weapons was […]

Russia And America May Face-Off In Syria After Crucial Agreement Terminated

On Friday, the Kremlin lashed out at Donald Trump’s decision to initiate an America military response to the chemical attack that killed droves of civilians earlier this week. President Bashar al-Assad had authorized the attack on Syrian citizens. President Donald Trump expressed outrage at the chemical attack and proceeded to turn American foreign policy objectives […]

Poll: Majority Of Americans Believe Country Will Go To War Under Donald Trump

Ever since Donald Trump became the President of the United States, many have wondered what will happen in his administration. Some of Trump’s critics believe that America will be dragged into a war while he’s in office, but would it be his fault? Regardless of whether not you’re liberal or conservative, the fact is that […]

‘Refugees Welcome’: Statue Of Liberty Draped With Protest Banner

On Tuesday, Feb. 21, a giant red banner reading “Refugees Welcome” was draped across the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. Although National Park Service rangers removed the banner, images of the iconic monument quickly spread across social media. Resist! Activists in New York put a giant #RefugeesWelcome banner across the Statue of Liberty today. […]

American Democracy Was Pretty Much Dead Even Before Trump Became President

As the 18th century entered its 70s, Americans began to not only collectively awaken to the innate problems of a monarchic society but began to dream of a better form of government. In the 1770s and 1780s, they fought a treasonous revolution against their King who had failed them – a struggle that seemed hopeless […]

President Donald Trump Unhappy With Administration, Big Names On Chopping Block

President Donald Trump has made a lot of interesting decisions since taking office, but by far some of his most controversial decisions concern his cabinet, and it seems like he realizes the mistakes already and wants to make a change. We, of course, know of the controversial picks for Education and the EPA alone, and […]

Donald Trump Reportedly Frustrated With The Challenges Of Being President

United States President Donald Trump has been the center of controversy ever since he ran for office, and those who do not care for him may have a right to feel that if the latest bit of news on Trump is true. Obviously, Trump is a worry for many Americans and even those in foreign […]

Trump Latest News: Cuts White Racists For Muslims As Police ‘Infiltrated’

In Trump’s latest news, the media are exposing Trump’s side-kick, Steve Bannon, as fueling what many are calling a racist, white supremacist, or “Alt Right agenda” through his recent executive orders like the Muslim ban. On top of this, experts point out that, as the FBI continues to investigate white extremist infiltration in law enforcement, […]

Trump Executive Orders: ‘Trade War’ Over Mexico Wall, Muslim Ban Predicted

Will President Donald Trump end up being bad for American businesses because of the isolationist nature of his executive orders such as slashing business regulations, being a climate change denier, imposing a Muslim ban, or building the Mexico border wall? Trump has been signing a number of executive orders during his first week as president, […]

The Millennial Vote: Poll Conducted By Craig Newmark Foundation Reveals Challenges At The Ballot Box

In a recent poll conducted by the Craig Newmark Foundation, statistics showed that some states restricted access to the voting booth both “legalistically and procedurally” causing a “disproportionate impact on non-white and younger voters.” The poll, conducted both in states where voter restrictions have been introduced and in those where they have not, suggests ways […]

2017 Inauguration Crowd For President Trump Smaller Than 2009, Protests and Rallies Draw More Attendees Amid Growing National Concern

Recent estimates from the New York Times cite 45th president Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration crowd size at one-third of the crowd that assembled for the women’s march in Washington. They estimate that the women’s protest garnered at least 470,000 attendees, with an estimated nationwide engagement of 2.9 million, according to a PoliticusUSA report. In contrast, […]