Alex Jones Is Funded By Billionaires In The ‘Wealthy Class,’ Activist Says

A Saturday report from The Wall Street Journal claimed that the Stop the Steal rally that preceded the storming of the U.S. Capitol was arranged and funded by a group of people that included Publix Super Markets heiress Julie Jenkins Fancelli and radio host Alex Jones. According to activist and podcaster Rick Smith, who hosts […]

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Was Arrested For DWI, Blames County ‘Dragnet’

Prominent media figure and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was arrested on Tuesday morning for driving while intoxicated, per The Daily Beast. According to the Travis County sheriff’s office, he was booked shortly after midnight. Travis County is located in Austin, Texas, which is where Jones is based. Law enforcement added that Jones was arrested on […]

Alex Jones Defends Work Amid Sandy Hook Lawsuit: ‘I’m A Good Person’

InfoWars founder Alex Jones is currently facing a lawsuit from families of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting, who claim that he pushed conspiracy theories that the shooting was a hoax and are suing for the pain he allegedly caused. During a recent November deposition, Jones was asked by Houston attorney Mark Bankston if […]

Donald Trump Supporter Derails Impeachment Hearings With Fiery Protest, Calls Inquiry ‘Treason’

The House Judiciary Committee held their second hearing on the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry December 9, but the hearing was derailed right from the beginning when a Trump supporter burst on to the scene with a fiery protest. According to The Hill, a man in the public seating area stood up and yelled at the […]

Pepe The Frog Creator Gets $15,000 From InfoWars In Settlement

Pepe the Frog was a comics character created by Matt Furie in 2005 that was appropriated for other purposes across the Internet later on, and eventually became associated with racism, white nationalism, and the alt-right. Furie has always denounced the connection between his creation and any type of racial prejudice, and he issued a statement […]

Alex Jones Says He Had A ‘Psychosis’ That Made Him A Sandy Hook Truther

In a deposition for a lawsuit against InfoWars host Alex Jones that was made public on Friday over accusations that he knowingly spread false information about the Sandy Hook school shooting, Jones claimed that he came to believe the shooting was staged due to “psychosis.” According to a report in HuffPost, as lawyers for the […]

YouTube Tosses Alex Jones’ Backup Channel

YouTube has taken down a channel called Resistance News that was being used to promote content by Alex Jones and his media company InfoWars, which were banned from the platform last year, The Verge reported Tuesday. The move comes amid renewed scrutiny of extremist content on YouTube following the massacre in New Zealand last week. […]

Jerome Corsi Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Alex Jones

Conservative author and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi is suing Alex Jones of InfoWars fame for defamation, The Hill reports. Corsi and his attorney Larry Klayman, a known conservative activist, filed a lawsuit on Thursday against Alex Jones, the controversial host’s father David Jones, and InfoWars journalist Owen Shroyer. The two men allege that Jones and […]

Alex Jones Ordered To Give Deposition For Sandy Hook Families’ Lawsuit

Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been ordered by a judge to be deposed by attorneys for the families of many of the children who were killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting in 2012, according to the Hill. The order came down on Wednesday from Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara […]

Facebook Takes Aim At More Than Twenty Additional Pages Affiliated With Alex Jones And InfoWars

This week Facebook removed 22 pages affiliated with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his website InfoWars, CNN reports. On Tuesday, the social media giant indicated that the move was related to their recidivism policy, one which they claim is intended to address the creation of duplicate or similar accounts in response to pages being removed […]

Roku Adds, Then Drops, Alex Jones’ ‘InfoWars’ Channel

The streaming platform Roku, best known for making boxes that help customers play streaming services on their TVs, was found early on Tuesday to have approved and added a channel for InfoWars, the media outlet run by notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. But by day’s end, the channel had been dropped by Roku. The episode […]

Alex Jones Ordered To Hand Over Key ‘InfoWars’ Business Documents To Sandy Hook Families

Alex Jones, the notorious conspiracy theory shock-jock, was dealt a huge blow in court today when he was ordered to hand over key business documents to six families who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook school shooting. Jones has repeatedly claimed that this shooting was a “false flag” operation and that the families and […]

Roger Stone, Longtime Trump Confidant, Confesses To Spreading Lies On ‘InfoWars’ & Will Apologize Immediately

Roger Stone, the longtime Trump confidant and Republican lobbyist who is very much the focus of Robert Mueller’s probe into whether or not Trump colluded with Russia, has admitted to spreading lies on InfoWars and has agreed to apologize immediately for the same, according to the Washington Post. Stone has been struck with a $100 […]

Twitter Permanently Bans Conservative Pundit, Iraq War Vet Jesse Kelly

Jesse Kelly, a conservative talk-show host, Iraq War vet, and two-time failed Congressional candidate, has been permanently banned from Twitter with no explanation, the Hill is reporting. The move has outraged conservatives who say the social media platform is censoring conservative users. Late Sunday night, news began circulating on Twitter among Kelly’s fans that he […]

PayPal Bans Alex Jones

Alex Jones’ InfoWars confirmed on Friday, September 21, that online financial giant PayPal has formally reached out to inform the controversial media personality that he will no longer be able to do business through their platform. According to Jones, he became aware of the decision via an email that was received just one day prior […]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Conservative Employees ‘Don’t Feel Safe To Express Their Opinions’ At The Company

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey revealed on a recent podcast that he felt Twitter had become so liberal that conservative employees “don’t feel safe to express their opinions” within the company, according to Recode. “We have a lot of conservative-leaning folks in the company as well, and to be honest, they don’t feel safe to express […]

Alex Jones Will Lose Millions Of Dollars In Revenues Following Silicon Valley’s Blanket Ban

Alex Jones is going through the roughest patch in his professional career. The alt-right conspiracy theorist and radio host, who rose to mainstream prominence following his blistering attacks on former president Barack Obama, was permanently suspended from Twitter earlier this week. The Twitter ban followed closely on the heels of Apple removing his app from […]

Alex Jones Permanently Suspended From Twitter Because Of ‘Abusive Behavior’

Alex Jones has been permanently banned from Twitter for “abusive behavior,” as they belatedly follow the lead of other social media platforms in closing its virtual doors to the shock jock and his content. “Today, we permanently suspended @realalexjones and @infowars from Twitter and Periscope,” their official tweet about the situation read. “We took this […]

Alex Jones And Marco Rubio Get Into Heated Confrontation At Senate Intelligence Meeting

Alex Jones, the controversial internet media personality, got into a spat with Senator Marco Rubio outside of a Senate Intelligence Committee meeting, NBC News reports. According to NBC, the meeting was attended by executives from Twitter and Facebook as it focused on foreign interference on U.S.-owned social media platforms. The gathering seems to have been […]

Alex Jones’ Twitter Account Protected By Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter has yet to ban Infowars‘ Alex Jones from its platform, but the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that the decision to keep Jones on the platform was one made solely by CEO Jack Dorsey. Dorsey reportedly overruled his staff on banning Jones, continuing to give him a platform […]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Denies Allegations That Site Is Censoring Conservatives

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has denied allegations that the site is censoring conservative voices. In an interview with CNN‘s Brian Stelter, Dorsey admitted that his company is “left-leaning” but maintained that does not mean it prejudices the voices of its users based on their political inclinations. Dorsey was speaking in light of the growing criticism […]

House Committee Considers Subpoena For Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Over Alleged Censorship Of Conservatives

Joining clamor over the recent banning of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his content under the InfoWars umbrella from YouTube and Facebook, as previously reported on by the Inquisitr, comes a new argument from a House Committee — that conservatives are being censored and silenced on popular social media platform Twitter. According to reportage from […]

Alex Jones’ ‘InfoWars’ Is The Gateway Drug For White Supremacists, New Report Claims

Alex Jones’ InfoWars and websites like 4chan breed extremism and serve as an entry point into the world of white supremacy, according to a new report from the Center For Investigative Reporting’s Reveal. Perhaps best illustrated by Andrew Anglin’s transformation from an anti-racist vegan, to a white supremacist, the metamorphosis many young Americans go through […]

FCC Shuts Down Alex Jones’ Flagship Pirate Radio Station Liberty Radio

While many fans of Alex Jones’ shows, primarily Infowars, are aware that his flagship radio station is Liberty Radio, what most people do not know is that said station is a pirate radio outfit that operates from an apartment building. A pirate radio station is one that operates without a valid license, and while the […]

Alex Jones Said He’s A Victim Of Sandy Hook Parents Who Remind People He Called Their Children’s Death A Hoax

Alex Jones is tired of the parents of Sandy Hook victims reminding people that he called their children’s death a hoax — and he’s ready to take legal action over it. The embattled conspiracy theorist radio host took to the airwaves this week to claim he’s a victim of the parents who lost children in […]

Alex Jones Suspended From Twitter For Seven Days

Alex Jones has been suspended from Twitter – for real this time – after posting a video that the social media platform says violated its rules. As The Guardian reports, Jones is in “read only mode” for up to seven days. That means that he can’t tweet, retweet, comment on, or “Like” any tweets. He […]

Alex Jones’ Content Removed From Vimeo

Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ content has been removed from Vimeo, The Hill reports. All Infowars content has been removed from the video platform for “violating prohibitions on discriminatory and hateful content.” This makes Vimeo — a video uploading and sharing service similar to YouTube — the latest platform to remove Infowars content. The videos, […]

Alex Jones’ Content Getting Removed From Twitter After ‘CNN’ Story

News of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his news organization Infowars getting purged from all major content platforms but one hit the headlines earlier this week. As The Guardian reported, Jones was banned by Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify for promoting violence and hate speech. The one remaining platform hosting Jones’ content is now Twitter, […]

Alex Jones Safe At Twitter But Banned From YouTube And Facebook

Alex Jones is a conservative radio host that’s recently been removed from several websites, including YouTube and Facebook. The reason that the platforms gave Jones is that his content has been labeled as hate speech. However, Twitter’s CEO has spoken up and said that they will not ban Alex Jones from their platform. Jack posted […]

Alex Jones Is Now Begging Donald Trump For Help

Recently, Alex Jones’ Infowars was banned from YouTube, both Apple and Facebook removed his podcasts and pages, and Spotify joined in by also taking his materials off for “violating the hate content policy,” reported the Inquisitr. A notorious conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones is now suggesting to President Donald Trump that the Trump administration make Jones’ […]

Alex Jones’ ‘Infowars’ Account Banned From Youtube

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist and his show, Infowars, has been banned from several forums, including Facebook and Spotify, and Youtube has just been added to the list. Jones’ Youtube channel, “The Alex Jones Channel” was his way of speaking to his largest audience, and the video giant has pulled the plug after Jones broke […]

Alex Jones Takes Another Hit As Apple And Facebook Delete His Podcasts And Pages

After being removed from Spotify less than a week ago and having several of his videos removed from YouTube, Alex Jones and his Infowars podcast family will no longer be found on iTunes, and Facebook has begun the process of removing his pages as well. Of the six shows that fall under the Infowars umbrella, […]

Spotify Removes Alex Jones Podcast Episodes For Violating Its ‘Hate Content Policy’

Digital music service Spotify has removed some episodes of The Alex Jones Show podcast citing violations of its “hate content policy.” Fortune reports that neither the names of the specific episodes nor a count of the canceled episodes was provided. They did issue a statement, however, that seems to indicate they examined some episodes due […]

Alex Jones’ Lawyer Just Defended Him By Claiming That No One Is Supposed To Take Him Seriously

Alex Jones, alt-right political guru at the roots of several unfounded conspiracy theories, is having a hard time. The InfoWars creator, known for his subversion of mainstream narrative by embracing ridiculously far-fetched conjectures about the “deep-state,” has been slapped by several lawsuits in the past few months — two of the most prominent ones being […]

Facebook Suspends Alex Jones For Hate Speech

Variety reported Friday morning that Facebook has temporarily banned InfoWars founder Alex Jones from the social networking site. Jones is an “alt-right conspiracy theorist,” who makes salacious videos for his company InfoWars. Facebook claims that Jones violated the site’s policies against hate speech and bullying and have therefore decided to suspend him for 30 days. […]

Alex Jones Threatens Shooting ‘Pedophile’ Robert Mueller For Running A ‘Child Sex Ring’

Alt-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones hit a new low on Monday even by his often dismal standards. The InfoWars broadcaster, infamous for fabricating information and going on hour-long rants with very little respect for facts, threatened special counsel Robert Mueller with death for running a “child sex ring,” reports Newsweek. One of the biggest proponents […]

#SecondCivilWar — Twitter Has A Blast With Alex Jones’ Claim That ‘Liberals’ Will Start Civil War July 4

July 4 is here, and most Americans take the holiday to spend time with family and friends, enjoy a barbecue, watch fireworks and celebrate the history of the United States of America. The Continental Congress, predecessor to the U.S. Congress, declared independence from Great Britain on this date 242 years ago — though as […]

Twitter Reacts With Rage To Anthony Bourdain ‘Murder’ Conspiracy Theory Pushed Instantly By Alex Jones

One day after inserting himself into headlines by ambushing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at Los Angeles International Airport, as Newsweek reported, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was again making a national news story all about himself. Jones went on his InfoWars show and pushed an off-the-cuff, unsubstantiated conspiracy theory about the death of beloved celebrity chef […]

Joy Reid Blog Posts Encouraged Readers To Watch ‘Loose Change 9/11’ Conspiracy Films

Old blog entries reportedly written by Joy Reid are leaving some wondering whether she is or was a 9/11 truther. Reid is the progressive pundit who hosts the MSNBC political talk show AM Joy on weekends from 10 a.m. to noon Eastern and enjoys a following among the anti-Trump #Resistance movement. Previous blog entries have […]

30-Year-Old Man Evicted From His Parents’ Home Gets $3,000 From InfoWars Host Alex Jones, Says He’s Moving Out

Despite being born in 1987, it seems like Michael Rotondo takes as much umbrage with being called a millenial as he takes with finding his own place to live. Alex Jones, who takes similar exception to the prospect of “gay frogs,” recently saw fit to help Rotondo out, financially. While Yahoo News expresses uncertainty as […]

Sandy Hook Families Sue Alex Jones For Defamation Over ‘Sustained Attack’ For Years

Alex Jones, the firebrand Infowars radio host who has for years claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, has been sued by the families of six of the victims and one of the FBI agents who initially responded at the scene, Yahoo News is reporting. On December 14, 2012, a disturbed gunman entered […]

Sandy Hook Parents Sue Alex Jones In Defamation Lawsuit Seeking Restitution From ‘InfoWars’ And Others

Radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is no stranger to controversy. The outspoken host is once again under fire over his claims that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax. On December 14, 2012, 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and then […]

‘So Screw You’ Mr. President: Right-Wing Talk Show Host Denounces Trump On Air

Right-wing talk show host Alex Jones publicly and profanely denounced President Donald Trump, whom he formerly supported, while broadcasting a segment of his show on Friday, as appearing on Infowars. The talk show host launched into a brutal tirade, criticizing Trump and decrying the president in a most unflattering and homophobic way, calling him the […]

Son Of Right-Wing Talk Show Host Challenges David Hogg To Debate On Gun Control

Rex Jones, the 15-year-old son of right-wing talk show host and prominent conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, is calling on Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg to engage him in a gun control debate. Rex Jones is now at the forefront of a feud that began between the 17-year-old Hogg and Alex Jones when Jones suggested […]

Alex Jones Claims YouTube About To Shut Down ‘Infowars’ Channel

Alleged right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, founder of Infowars, is claiming YouTube is threatening to delete his account and all videos associated with it. Now, some big advertisers are asking the video streaming company to remove ads currently running on the controversial channel. In a tweet posted last night, Jones claimed the Infowars channel, including […]

Sandy Hook Truther Alex Jones Is Now Begging Florida School Shooting Victim To Help Get His YouTube Reinstated

Alex Jones gained national prominence by pushing the theory that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was fake that the victims were just paid actors, but now the tables have turned on the Infowars host, and he is begging a victim of the Florida school shooting to help get his YouTube page reinstated. The video-hosting […]

Talk Show Host Says Trump Will Be Killed If He Is Not Removed From Office

Popular right-wing conspiracy theorist and staunch Trump supporter Alex Jones told his audience that if the president cannot be removed from office by other means, he will be murdered. Jones produces daily podcasts and operates several conspiracy-themed websites, including his flagship site, Infowars, which reaches millions of viewers daily. Jones, who touts his brand of […]

Chelsea Clinton’s Tweet Backfires? Former First Daughter Defends Michelle Obama From Disturbing Video Claims

It appears that Chelsea Clinton has turned into a self-appointed defender of both past and present first families these days, but folks on social media claim her latest stand may have done more harm than good. A video on Infowars, which has Alex Jones at the helm, claims “Michelle Obama is a man,” and now […]

Megyn Kelly Wants To Be A Positive Force After Leaving Fox News

Megyn Kelly seems to find herself between a rock and a hard place these days. After upsetting faithful conservatives at Fox News, she left and went to NBC and hasn’t been embraced by the liberal audience she is marketing herself to. As the Guardian noted after the first Republican presidential candidate debate, in 2015, Kelly […]

‘Vicious Leftists’ In Seattle Greet Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones By Dumping Coffee On Him

Seattle, home to Starbucks, is known for being a left-leaning city of coffee enthusiasts, and residents recently greeted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in what they felt was an appropriate manner: by dumping coffee all over him. Jones is the man responsible for creating the website Infowars, a place that loudly proclaims that there is a […]