Joe Biden Will Reportedly Meet With George Floyd’s Family Before Monday’s Funeral

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden will reportedly be meeting with George Floyd’s family before the funeral service which is scheduled to take place in Houston on Monday, ABC News reported. An aide with the Biden campaign told the outlet that the candidate is planning to travel to Houston on Monday […]

Al Sharpton On Bernie Sanders’ Chances Of Winning Democratic Nomination: ‘You Cannot Underestimate Him’

With only nine days until the Iowa caucus, one candidate appears to be emerging as the favorite: Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. According to the latest poll of Iowa Democrats, Sanders has surged into first place, securing the support of 25 percent of caucus-goers, leaving his closest competitor seven points behind. On Saturday, Rev. […]

Donald Trump Claims He’s ‘Least Racist Person,’ Says Black People Are ‘Happy’ With His Work

On Tuesday, Donald Trump told reporters that he is the “least racist person” on the planet before asserting that African American people are “so happy” with what he has done in the White House. His comments come after he renewed his attacks on black leaders like Reverend Al Sharpton and Representative Elijah Cummings. According to […]

Michelle Obama Claps Back At Donald Trump Over Shady Baltimore Tweets

Former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama clapped back at President Donald Trump over his comments on Twitter where he attacked Maryland African American congressman and House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, as well as the city of Baltimore, Maryland, in a series of more than a dozen statements over the weekend, reported […]

Donald Trump Says Al Sharpton Is A ‘Conman’ And ‘Hates Whites & Cops’ In Renewed Baltimore Controversy

President Donald Trump lashed out at black civil rights leader Al Sharpton Monday on Twitter after days of attacks against the city of Baltimore and Congressman Elijah Cummings. Sharpton tweeted that he was en route to Baltimore with a photo of himself on an escalator in Washington, D.C. with the caption, “Arrived in DC from […]

Al Sharpton Blasts Travis Scott For Decision To Perform At Upcoming Super Bowl

Travis Scott is reportedly looking forward to performing at the Super Bowl, but there are many public figures very unhappy with his decision to perform. Due to the ongoing racial debate about the national anthem protests, the NFL has faced heightened backlash for the past two seasons and many celebrities have refused to perform for […]

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Got $95K Settlement From NYC For Spraining Her Ankle On Cracked Broadway Pavement

Al Sharpton’s daughter is getting a $95,000 settlement from New York City after she sprained her ankle. Her injury was caused by a patch of cracked pavement on Broadway. As the New York Post reported, Dominique Sharpton won the settlement after nearly four years of court jockeying. The incident happened in 2015, and the eldest […]

Melania Trump Allegedly ‘Embarrassed’ By Al Sharpton’s Anti-Trump Remarks At Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

For the second time this week, Melania Trump is beside herself with embarrassment because of insults slung at her husband, says an anonymous source who spoke with Hollywood Life. While delivering a speech at Aretha Franklin’s grand send-off, Rev. Al Sharpton aimed some spicy words at President Donald Trump. “The other day I misspelled ‘Respect’ […]

Aretha Franklin Has Wardrobe Change, Appears In Blue Dress For Second Day Of Public Viewing

Today was the second day of funeral services for music legend Aretha Franklin, who passed away earlier this month. According to Page Six, the singer was clad in a pastel blue dress with matching shoes, a wardrobe change from her red dress and heels she had been wearing on Tuesday. The “Natural Woman” singer’s nails […]

Barack Obama Will Miss Aretha Franklin’s Funeral, Sends Letter Instead

Barack Obama will not be able to attend Aretha Franklin’s funeral. USA Today reports that the former president and first lady will not be present for the legendary singer’s funeral, which is scheduled in Detroit on Friday. The Obama’s spokesperson, Katie Hill, released a statement Wednesday confirming their absence. “Unfortunately, President and Mrs. Obama will […]

Al Sharpton, Parkland Shooting Survivors To Protest At Trump Tower In Anti-Gun Violence, Assault Weapons Push

Survivors of the recent Parkland school mass shooting want their voices heard and have a message for President Donald Trump and lawmakers, largely about the proliferation and legality of assault-style weapons. Student activists are ratcheting up efforts to curb future killings by partnering with longtime civil rights activist, Rev. Al Sharpton, in an anti-gun violence […]

Rev. Al Sharpton Plans To Visit Jailed Meek Mill, Fight For New Hearing

Imprisoned rapper Meek Mill may soon find his fortunes on the upswing. Rev. Al Sharpton recently announced that he plans to soon visit the jailed hip hop star as part of a movement aimed at bringing attention to what many see as the overly harsh sentence he was slapped with following a probation violation. “I […]

Trump Is A ‘Self-Centered Narcissist’ Who Wants To Enrich Himself And The Trump Brand, Writes Al Sharpton

President Donald Trump is a self-centered, narcissistic “blowhard” who is only concerned about possibly being loyal to his family members and enriching himself, according to Rev. Al Sharpton. As reported by NBC News, Rev. Al Sharpton wrote that President Trump is a guy he has known for decades, and during that time, Sharpton has realized […]

Donald Trump: Al Sharpton Vows To Give President-Elect ‘The Fight Of His Life’

After winning the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump could be in for the fight of his life. At least, that’s what civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton is planning on. The 62-year-old White House advisor is certain that President-elect Donald Trump will be unable to deliver on at least half of his promises. While talking […]

Will This Long List Of Celebrities Really Move to Canada Now That Donald Trump Is President?

As the 2016 presidential election rolled on, complaints came out about both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with many voicing their displeasure. Throughout their campaigns, many celebrities came out and publicly said they would move to Canada if Trump were to actually win this election and end up in the White House. Well, that’s exactly […]

Al Sharpton Blasts NRA For Failing To Support Black Gun Owners

Al Sharpton had some harsh words for the NRA, which, in his opinion, has failed to support the rights of black gun owners. The civil rights activist said the issue became disturbingly clear when the National Rifle Association was largely silent in the days following the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. According […]

Al Sharpton Called Upon By Baton Rouge Leaders Amid Alton Sterling Shooting

In the wake of Alton Sterling’s shooting, Baton Rouge leaders are calling upon Al Sharpton for support. On Rev. Sharpton’s National Action Network website, a press release announced that a letter had been submitted by Rev. Shelton Charles Dixon of the Greater Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church. Local leaders and Black Lives Matter activists agree […]

Larry Wilmore’s N-Word To Obama ‘Bad Taste,’ Al Sharpton Says

Saturday night’s (April 30) White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner has everybody talking the day after, but the discussions are far from positive. As you may or may not have heard, Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore, host of The Nightly Show, ended the speech by calling President Barack Obama the N-word. Really. This is how he ended […]

Al Sharpton Secretly Endorsing Donald Trump? Silence, Previous Ties To Trump Raises Speculation On Social Media

Is Reverend Al Sharpton secretly endorsing Donald Trump? That’s the question circulating on social media since Al Sharpton has been unusually silent throughout the presidential race, even though Donald Trump’s rallies have sparked controversy all over the United States. With the fights at Trump’s rallies, allegations of inciting riots, and the rumored removal of black […]

Al Sharpton: ‘Oscars So White’ Protest

While celebrities were walking the red carpet at the 2016 Oscars on Sunday evening, Al Sharpton and a group of protesters were blocks away stressing why diversity matters. USA Today reports that Al Sharpton and others had planned their “Oscars So White” protest staged by Sharpton’s National Action Network after finding out that all nominees […]

Academy Awards: National #OscarsSoWhite Protests Planned, as Al Sharpton Speaks Out and Security Prepares in Hollywood for Demonstrations

Protests are planned Sunday across the country to bring attention to the lack of diversity in this year’s Academy Award nominations. Many entertainers have announced they will boycott the Oscar ceremony to show their discontent regarding this pressing issue in the hopes that the Academy will reform the manner in which it makes its nominations, […]

Al Sharpton Refuses To Call Trump A Bigot, Admits He Can’t Dislike Trump As He Was Once An Outsider Like Sharpton

While Al Sharpton has admitted that he does not like some of Donald Trump’s comments on platform issues, he says that he can’t dislike the businessman because he was once an outsider like himself and is very charismatic. Amid Al Sharpton’s negative comments made about Trump and his claims that if Trump is elected president […]

List Of Celebrities Who Will Leave The U.S. If Donald Trump Becomes President – Jon Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, Al Sharpton, More

Donald Trump has already won a number of states and is leading in plenty of others, including the Florida polls, as Super Tuesday 2016 approaches. Lots of prospective voters are speaking out against him and don’t feel he has any place even running for office. Many of those voices belong to celebrities, and here is […]

Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump For President To Spite ‘Desperate’ Marco Rubio, Al Sharpton Says Anyone But Trump

Businessman and presidential hopeful Donald Trump made a “big announcement” today that likely left presidential opponents Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio on the defense. Former presidential contender and New Jersey governor Chris Christie endorsed Trump for president during a press conference in which he noted Trump is “someone who keeps his word” and identified the […]

Al Sharpton Says He Is Making Plans To Leave U.S. If Donald Trump Becomes President, Open To Supporting Marco Rubio

Rev. Al Sharpton says he may be booking a one-way ticket out of the United States if businessman Donald Trump becomes president. Sharpton says he is open to supporting “anyone” with the exception of Trump, claiming that the business mogul would probably deport him anyway. Sharpton told attendees at the Center for American Progress Action […]

Sanders Meets With Al Sharpton — Are Minority Voters ‘Feeling The Bern?’

Bernie Sanders had breakfast with Reverend Al Sharpton in Harlem’s Sylvia’s Restaurant. That might not sound like much, but it might come as ominous news for Hillary Clinton. Right now, the former Secretary of State is favored among Democrat African-American voters, but there’s still plenty of time in the race for that to change. As […]

Oscars Boycott: Jada Pinkett Smith And Spike Lee Protest All-White Nominees

An Oscars boycott is in order following the announcement of only white nominees for major categories, according to reports from CNN and others. That’s the decision of Jada Pinkett-Smith and Spike Lee. The Oscars will air on February 28. This is the second consecutive year in which all nominees for major categories are white. Lee […]

Al Sharpton Show Canceled, But Rev. Al Reinvents Himself With Sunday Show & 176-Pound Vegan Weight Loss [Video]

Al Sharpton had a daily show that has now been canceled. Although Al devoted four years to his Politics Nation Monday through Friday on MSNBC, Sharpton now has been relegated to weekend shows, reported the Associated Press. The move appears to be part of the changes instigated by NBC News head honcho Andrew Lack, who […]

Janet Jackson Fans Petition For Al Sharpton To Force Radio Stations To Play ‘No Sleeep’

Janet Jackson’s “No Sleeep” was the most hyped single by an artist in recent memory. However, the song has also become one of the biggest yawners in recent memory as it has only charted at No. 67 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 before completely falling off the chart. While it is getting traction on some R&B […]

Kid Rock, Chevy Garner Backlash Over Confederate Flag

Kid Rock and Chevy are the targets of backlash due to use of the Confederate Flag and for expressing Southern pride. During an appearance on the Megyn Kelly show on Fox News, Kid Rock said those who protest the Confederate Flag can “kiss my a*s.” While Chevy, has not made any such comments, protesters are […]

Al Sharpton’s Daughters: From Delete Warning To Motivating Dad To Lose 176 Pounds, Dominique And Ashley Earn Attention

Al Sharpton’s daughter has received a warning not to delete photos showing her hiking. The caution comes from New York City lawyers who are responding to Dominique’s lawsuit for $5 million after she allegedly sprained her ankle on uneven pavement, reported the Washington Times. The 28-year-old daughter of Rev. Al had publicly posted Instagram pics […]

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Delete Debacle: $5 Million Sprained Ankle Lawsuit As Al Fat-Shames After 176-Pound Weight Loss

Al Sharpton’s daughter has been warned not to delete Instagram photos. The advisory to Dominique Sharpton comes from New York City lawyers who are following up on the 29-year-old’s lawsuit against the city for $5 million because of a sprained ankle, reported the Daily Mail. Although Al’s daughter declared that she experienced both physical pain […]

Ku Klux Klan Better Than New Black Leaders, Says Reverend, As Doctor Tells Blacks To Kill Cops In ‘Self Defense’

The Ku Klux Klan and Nazi skinheads are actually better than today’s black leaders according to Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, who is also African American himself. The black Reverend makes this claim even as some black leaders like Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere tells blacks that they must kill cops in self-defense. In a related report by […]

Al Sharpton To Take On Baltimore Police, Planning Two-Day Freddie Gray March

Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton is scheduled to arrive in Baltimore, Maryland, today to take on the Baltimore Police Department. According to the Washington Times, Rev. Sharpton is seeking answers over the highly-publicized death of Freddie Gray, who died of an unexplained spinal injury while in police custody. It has been reported that the […]

Shia LaBeouf Feels ‘Enslaved,’ But May Be Condemned By Al Sharpton And Others

Shia LaBeouf is causing quite a storm by saying he and other celebrities are “enslaved.” Variety interviewed Shia LaBeouf about the topic. “The craft of acting for film is terribly exclusive and comes with the baggage of celebrity, which robs you of your individuality and separates you. The performance work is democratized and far more […]

Ben Carson Shares Al Sharpton’s Goal For ‘A Brighter, Stronger America’

Ben Carson, the 2016 presidential campaign hopeful believes in everything former presidential candidate Al Sharpton hopes for America’s future. In a recent speech, the retired Detroit neurosurgeon expressed an appreciation for the work of Sharpton but a difference in opinion on how certain matters of civil rights should be handled. “Sharpton and I have the […]

Al Sharpton Praises South Carolina Mayor Who Charged White Cop With Murder

Last week, a shocking video depicting a white South Carolina police officer shooting down an unarmed black male quickly went viral, disturbing the nation. Amidst all of the turmoil, Al Sharpton praised a South Carolina mayor for charging the now-former police officer with murder. The disturbing video shows a 50-year-old Walter Scott shot five times […]

Al Sharpton Slammed By Walter Scott’s Family, Ordered To Stay Away

Al Sharpton is always heavily involved wherever there’s racial tension or a fight for justice. However, he won’t be involved in any events surrounding the fatal shooting of Walter Scott. Apparently, the Scott family has witnessed the drawbacks of Rev. Sharpton’s involvement with the families of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, and they aren’t exactly […]

Ted Nugent Blames Obama For Racism And Veteran Suicide

Ted Nugent recently claimed that President Obama is to blame both for racism and the high rate of suicide among veterans in the United States. Just weeks before he is set to appear at the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Nugent went on-air with radio station KFYI’s The Mike Broomhead Show and […]

Al Sharpton Financial Records Destroyed In Two Separate Fires: Intentional Or Accidental?

Al Sharpton is always making headlines for one reason or another. If he’s not the center of some form of controversy for his personal life, he’s embroiled in a heated political debate. Now, it appears he’s back in the forefront yet again. According to the National Review, details about two questionable fires have been uncovered. […]

Al Sharpton Is ‘All About The Money’ Eric Garner’s Daughter Said, Project Veritas Video Claims

Eric Garner’s daughter, Erica Snipes, says Al Sharpton is “all about the money” and “egotistical” according to an undercover Project Veritas video. As previously reported, Eric Garner died during a New York City police arrest and sparked “I Can’t Breathe” and Black Lives Matter protests. Erica Snipes, 24, told undercover journalists with James O’Keefe’s Project […]

Obama Gave Al Sharpton Memento From Mandela Funeral

A report by The Wall Street Journal reveals that when Al Sharpton was unable to attend the funeral of South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, President Barack Obama brought him a memento, a copy of the funeral program, signed in the president’s hand, “To Reverend Sharpton. A fellow warrior for justice!” According to The Wall Street Journal, […]

Black Democrat Sheriff To Al Sharpton: ‘Go Back To The Gutter You Came From’

Al Sharpton should probably consider never making an appearance in Milwaukee County. The sheriff there — David Clarke, a black Democrat — believes the civil rights figure is a “charlatan” and should “go back to the gutter he came from,” according to a recent interview with Fox & Friends. The discussion centered on Officer Darren […]

Some Alleged Home Truths About Al Sharpton: Number One, He’s A Racist

Al Sharpton has made the news headlines once again this week, having ranted about this year’s Oscars featuring only white nominees, as he told reporters, “The movie industry is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher you get, the whiter it gets.” If that kind of statement was uttered by a white leader in America, about […]

Al Sharpton Calls List Of All-White Oscar Nominees ‘Appalling’ – Announces Emergency Meeting

Long-time activist and Reverend Al Sharpton is not at all pleased with the list of who was nominated for this year’s Oscar awards for acting, directing, and other cinematic achievements. Al Sharpton doesn’t seem to be upset that those nominated aren’t talented, or that they don’t deserve a nomination, but what has left Sharpton seething […]

Al Sharpton Viagra Prescription Allegedly Found During Police Rape Probe

A Viagra prescription made out to Rev. Al Sharpton allegedly popped up in a NYPD search of the apartment of Sanford Rubenstein, a prominent New York City lawyer. Cops executed a search warrant at Rubenstein’s place in connection with a rape accusation against him by a female executive of Sharpton’s National Action Network. Citing a […]

Al Sharpton Blows Lid Off N.Y. Post Attack: ‘They Have Also Paid Me’

Al Sharpton has blown the lid off accusations by the New York Post that the Reverend Al shakes down businesses for racial hush money. Sharpton pulled no punches in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, directly implicating News Corp. while also inadvertently admitting racial influence. “Rupert Murdoch has given, through News Corp, money to […]

Al Sharpton Exposed: Civil Rights Activist Allegedly Took Hush Money From Corporations Not To Cry Racism

Al Sharpton is in hot water yet again. It’s no secret Sharpton’s organization, National Action Network (NAN), is funded by various corporations. But, many may not be aware of why corporations contribute. According to the New York Post, Sharpton reportedly receives “hush money” to silence the ongoing cries of racism. Since he’s notorious for making […]

Walmart Under Fire For Supporting Al Sharpton’s Organization, Reportedly Asked To Stop

Walmart is currently in hot water for its support of civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton. However, what most people would probably be surprised to know is that the massive retailer has reportedly donated money to Rev. Sharpton’s organization, the National Action Network, for many years. The organization, known for its motto “No Justice, No […]

Black Woman Calls Out ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protests, Al Sharpton, Obama, And NYC Mayor In Rant Over ‘Killing Cops’ [Video]

An unnamed black woman posting under the YouTube user name “Honestly Speaking” has unleashed two videos where she lashes out at the “Black Lives Matter” protests, Al Sharpton, President Obama, and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. In a related report by the Inquisitr, a former NYPD commissioner claims that both Al Sharpton and Bill de […]