Up To One Third Of Students In Elite Schools Receive Extra Time

Operation Varsity Blues targeted wealthy parents, such as Full House star Lori Loughlin and actress Felicity Huffman, for bribing their children’s way into top colleges. However, The Wall Street Journal recently reported on another admissions scandal abused by wealthy parents: the loophole of extra time. The newspaper uncovered a shocking disparity in the students at […]

Pennsylvania Principal Resigns After Admitting He Stole Students’ Prescription Drugs Out Of Nurse’s Office

Michael Flick has quit his job as the principal of a Pennsylvania high school after revealing that he helped himself to students’ prescription drugs that were being kept in the nurse’s office. On October 24, the nurse at Malvern’s Great Valley High School noticed that there were pills missing from a cart that was locked […]

New Study Fills In Critical Gaps In Understanding Of How Stimulants Work To Treat ADHD

Science Daily reports on a new study from the University at Buffalo, published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, and how its findings are filling in critical gaps in the understanding of how prescription stimulant medications such as methylphenidate (MPH) reduce ADHD symptoms and improve behavior. The article notes that stimulants are responsible […]

Are Fidget Spinners Safe? Incidents Spark Concern Among Parents And Officials About Dangers Of Latest Toy Fad

A series of dangerous incidents involving fidget spinners has parents, schools, and even government officials worried about the safety of this latest toy fad. At least two children in the United States were hospitalized after swallowing fidget spinner pieces, according to News 4 Jacksonville. While the concerns over dangers are very real for parents of […]

WWE News: Update On The Exact Medication That Caused Roman Reigns To Violate The WWE Wellness Policy

Late last month, WWE Superstar Roman Reigns lost the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Seth Rollins in a match at WWE Money in the Bank. Rollins then interestingly lost the title to Dean Ambrose. The title then was renamed the WWE Championship, leading to obvious speculation that two World Titles would return. Regardless, both Seth […]

WWE News: Update On Adam Rose’s WWE Suspension — Did WWE Reverse It After Social Media Campaign?

WWE Superstar Adam Rose was recently suspended along with fellow talent Konnor for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy after failing a drug test. This was surprising to see from known family man Rose, who had been doing better with the company as a member of the Social Outcasts as of late. While most would like to […]

Justin Bieber Fond Of Racy Adult Coloring Books For ADHD & Kourtney Kardashian, But Still Beliebs In Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber has become famed for many achievements, as well as a few less glorious moments that seem inevitable in the life of a celebrity pop idol growing up in the public spotlight. But now Justin is revealing a new side of himself for Beliebers. And it has to do with what has become a […]

Huge Move For Aldi: Supermarket Removing These Ingredients From The Shelves

The supermarket chain Aldi has made a huge move towards further appealing to consumers who want their food more natural. More than nine out of ten products sold at Aldi are under the supermarket chain’s exclusive brand, and the chain has come to be among thrifty shoppers’ ideal grocery stores. Panera and Campbell Soup are […]

School Resource Officer Reportedly Handcuffed Children With ADHD

A school resource officer is accused of handcuffing children with ADHD — as a form of punishment. According to a lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, Kenton County Deputy Sheriff Kevin Sumner disciplined two children under the age of 10 by placing them in handcuffs during school. As […]

Can ADHD Be Calmed By Playing Video Games?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more commonly called simply ADHD, has been a controversial neurological illness for decades. Many people believe that ADHD stems from a behavioral problem or poor parenting. Parents with children who have ADHD, however, know that this is not the case. Certainly, ADHD has been widely misdiagnosed as well as over-medicated. This […]

14 Year-Old Boy Pleads Not Guilty To Sexually Assulting His Mother, She Admits To Sexual Dream Involving Him While Drunk

The mother of a 14 year-old boy accused her son of raping her while she slept, according to testimony on court. Her son suffers from ADHD and Aspergers, along with multiple behavioral issues. He has made it a habit of climbing into bed with his mother on occasion. However, his mother did not report any […]

Woman Wakes Up To Find Her 14-Year-Old Son Raping Her

A sleeping mother woke up to find her 14-year-old son raping her, a British court heard on Wednesday. The woman initially thought it was a nightmare, but after realizing the “enormity of the situation,” she started screaming at the alleged attack. The Preston Crown Court also heard that her son, who is on medication for […]

Nestlé Drops Artificial Coloring From All Chocolates, Hershey Makes Similar Promise The Next Day

Tuesday, Nestlé executives announced that they will be removing all artificial flavorings and artificial colorings from all of its chocolate in the U.S. by the end of the year. Wednesday, Hershey, another chocolate giant, announced a similar promise to appease the growing population of parents who have urged manufacturers to go back to natural ingredients […]

7 Ways To Naturally Treat ADHD

Let’s say you’ve set aside a few hours to get some things done — could be to put together a report for work, compose a toast for a friend’s wedding or maybe write an article on ADHD. But as soon as you sit down everything else (except the task at hand) seems eminent. You suddenly […]

ADHD And Creativity: New Research Says ADHD Is Being Mistreated In Schools

Research now shows what many people who have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder — or those who parent someone who does — have long since believed there is a huge link between ADHD and creativity, often referred to as the “upside of ADHD.” And according to an extensive report by Salon, in focusing solely on the […]

Are Genius Epic Rap Battles Of History The Future Of Education?

The internet is full of awesome, weird, strange, sick, and entertaining things. Certain gems of creative genius rise to the surface and become a part of internet culture that cannot be ignored. Epic Rap Battles of History became one of those genius gems that are essential and unforgettable. The comedic rap YouTube series was created […]

Government Now Deciding Criminal Executions Based On Inmate IQ Scores?

It has been well known that a person can plead insanity and get off of murder charges among other things if proven to actually have a mental disorder. While it is a sad fact that cold blooded killers end up able to stay in a cushy mental rehab clinic instead of rotting in prison, this […]

Adult Swim Buys Ads During FOX’s ‘Animation Domination High-Def’

If you thought that FOX’s Animation Domination High-Def (ADHD) bore more than a passing resemblance to Adult Swim, then you’re certainly not alone. The network took a bold step into the late night animation realm with Axe Cop and High School USA on Saturday night. The folks at Adult Swim have apparently been watching these […]

Breastfed Children Develop ADHD Less Often, Study Claims

A new study suggests that breastfed children develop ADHD at a much lower rate than formula fed babies. Researchers from Tel Aviv University were examining the positive impacts of breastfeeding on child development and health when they discovered the link to Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Dr. Aviva Mimouni-Bloch, of Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of […]

ADHD Drug Shortage Expected to Continue Into 2012

Regulatory wrangling that has led to an ADHD drug shortage in the United States is expected to continue into 2012, meaning the pills will remain in short supply for the foreseeable future. If you’ve ever been dependent on an ADHD drug to maintain a baseline level of attention for school or work, you probably realize […]


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