'Sister Wives' Star Janelle Brown Expressed Her Excitement on Son Logan's 29th Birthday

'Sister Wives' Star Janelle Brown Expressed Her Excitement on Son Logan's 29th Birthday
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Janelle Brown, the star of the reality TV show Sister Wives, recently took to social media to celebrate her eldest son Logan Brown's 29th birthday. The proud mother shared a heartfelt birthday tribute on Instagram, expressing her infinite pride and love for her firstborn.

As mentioned by US Weekly, in the Instagram post, Janelle, 54, shared a sweet photo of Logan and his wife, Michelle Petty, on their wedding day. The couple looked deeply in love as they held each other close, radiating happiness and sharing an intimate smile. Alongside the photo, Janelle wrote, "Happy Birthday to my firstborn Logan! I'm so infinitely proud of you. I love you to the moon and back. Next year the big 3-0!!!!"



Logan is one of the six children Janelle shares with her ex-husband, Kody Brown, with whom she was spiritually married for over three decades before their separation in fall 2022. The couple had a "great run," but things changed between them, as Janelle confessed during a January episode of Sister Wives. Now, Janelle is focused on spending time with her children and adjusting to her newfound independence.



Reflecting on her current life, Janelle shared her joy of living in a place with a great patio where she can enjoy peaceful mornings with a cup of coffee. She expressed her happiness at splurging on patio furniture and embracing the tranquility of her new living space.



While Janelle is enjoying her independent life, Kody Brown is currently married to his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. He was previously married to Christine Brown and Meri Brown, with news of their splits breaking in November 2021 and December 2022, respectively. Kody legally divorced Meri in 2014 and later married Robyn to adopt her children from a previous marriage. However, his relationship with Meri continued as a spiritual marriage before finally coming to an end.



Logan, who hasn't appeared on Sister Wives since 2014, announced his engagement to Michelle in a 2017 video for TLC. Janelle expressed her excitement about the engagement, stating her attachment to Michelle and her relief that Logan had made a commitment. Janelle described the couple as a great match, with Michelle's calming presence balancing Logan's occasionally high-strung nature.



The couple got married in October 2022 after moving into their forever home in Las Vegas. Janelle shared the joyous news on Instagram, celebrating their new home and congratulating them on the milestone.

In the Brown family, tensions have arisen between Kody and his sons Garrison and Gabriel, particularly during the COVID-19 quarantine. Kody claimed that his sons were disrespectful of his rules and even accused them of mistreating Robyn. This led to a strained relationship between the patriarch and his sons, with Kody demanding a big apology before allowing them to spend Christmas with the family. However, the sons refused to comply with Kody's demands.



Janelle, who prioritizes her relationship with her children, expressed her frustration with the situation. She shared her desire to be with her kids during the holidays rather than engage in conflicts with her then-spouse. The family's deep divides have caused Janelle to question the state of their relationships, admitting that she no longer recognizes the family she once knew.

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