‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Disappointed With Kody’s Behavior Against Meri: “Feels Like a Dealbreaker”

‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Disappointed With Kody’s Behavior Against Meri: “Feels Like a Dealbreaker”
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In this week's episode of Sister Wives, After sharing her plans with Robyn Brown to spend more time in Utah, Meri Brown informed Kody Brown about the same but was left disappointed by his lackluster response. Robyn and Kody sat down with Meri on Sunday's episode of Sister Wives to talk about her decision to relocate her LuLaRoe clothing company to Utah so that she can run both her B&B and her clothing business from the same location. Although she still intended to have a modest house in Flagstaff, Arizona, the relocation would compel her to spend longer periods in Utah, as per Today.


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Meri correctly said that Kody wouldn't care about the change. Since their marriage doesn't exist, he is "still confused" by her choice to stay in Arizona. Before the meeting began, Kody did a confessional in which he stated, "It’s really awkward because the only wife I have a relationship with right now is Robyn. But we’ve never been allowed to essentially be in love with each other or find solace in each other because of this kind of quasi-plural marriage mess that’s been going on."

For Kody, the fact that Meri has her Utah bed and breakfast to call her "safe and happy place" is a "good thing." A part of him wondered whether he should "be reading between the lines." He further said, "I can't tell if she's saying, 'Hey, I'm going to move my business to the B&B' so I go, 'No, no, Meri, please don't, stay here,' I don't see her that often. But I'm not trying to act like we're getting back into this marriage full circle. I'm not trying to do that. I think I see the writing on the wall. I'm literally waiting for her to catch up."



Robyn found Kody's response, or lack thereof, "frustrating to watch," and she lamented that she had "no influence whatsoever" over her family's circumstances. She told the cameras, "I feel like there's so little left and I'm trying to show her that there's still some hope and Kody is not helping me with that. Some days it feels like a deal-breaker." Kody coldly admitted in a confessional after Meri made it apparent that her relocation did not, for her at least, imply she was done with the family, saying, "actually, her decision does not affect me." She told Kody she had no plans to "leave you and move up there," contradicting his assumptions.

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Fans had mixed reactions related to the latest episode of Sister Wives. One fan tweeted, "HOW can three people be so completely dense, so confused and so bad at just telling the freaking truth!? He does not want you, Meri! Shut up Robyn, and get a clue! Grow some Kody! Do they not watch the show? To see what the truth is. I just can't." Another one wrote, "Robyn: she said I need u to always say there’s hope. Then she sobs? Like she’s doing something strong for her? STOP GIVING HER DELUSIONS! BE A TRUE FRIEND U SELFISH TW**" Meanwhile, a third called Robyn "delusional" and wrote, "Robyn acts and says she wants a plural marriage and Kody's so obvious he doesn't and just wants her. So she is either saying that not to hurt Meri's feelings or she's delusional."

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