'RHONJ' Star Luis Ruelas' Private Investigator Bo Dietl Denies Digging for Dirt on Teresa Giudice's Castmates

'RHONJ' Star Luis Ruelas' Private Investigator Bo Dietl Denies Digging for Dirt on Teresa Giudice's Castmates
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @teresagiudice; LinkedIn | Bo Dietl

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Luis Ruelas lately made headlines when he claimed to have hired a private investigator to gather information on each co-star of his wife Teresa Giudice. However, Bo Dietl, the rumored private investigator, has slammed the claims and denied that he was involved in any investigation on the cast, in an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun.

Dietl clarified that Luis never hired his company to conduct any background check on any of the cast members of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." He further explained that if he did conduct an investigation, there would be a non-disclosure agreement, and he wouldn't be able to mention it publicly.

Image Source: GettyImages/Presley Ann
Image Source: Getty Images/Presley Ann


Dietl, who has been in business for 38 years and has worked on major investigations for corporations, revealed that he doesn't appreciate people throwing his name around. He also shared that Luis called him one of his best friends and that he knew Teresa, which is probably why Luis used his name to shake people. He added that Luis wanted to shut the cast members down and make them scared by mentioning his name, but he never conducted any investigation.



Dietl also revealed that he had a run-in with Melissa and Joe Gorga at a restaurant in New York City a few months ago, where they heard the rumor that Dietl was investigating them. He denied the rumors and called them "a ton of bulls**t."

After Ruelas claimed that Dietl "brought me information on each person in this group" and that there was "so much more" to divulge, he then backtracked his claims on Watch What Happens Live. Giudice confirmed that Ruelas did not hire a private investigator and that he made those claims out of frustration.

Image Source: Linkedin/Bo Dietl
Image Source: Linkedin/Bo Dietl


Dietl clarified that he called Ruelas on Tuesday before WWHL, after he had received many questions from Bravo fans on social media. However, he doesn't believe it was he who made Ruelas admit the truth on air, but rather his lawyer.

Finally, Dietl disclosed that if he had been hired to investigate each castmate, it could have cost in the high hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on how deep they went and the extent of the investigation. Beau Dietl & Associates, Dietl's company, has investigated major celebrities and has a big corporate clientele. He added that they do murder investigations, triple murders, and all kinds of stuff.



The conflicting statements and subsequent retractions from Luis and Teresa have added to the drama surrounding the show. As the storyline unfolds, viewers will have to wait and see how this revelation affects the dynamics between the cast members and their relationships going forward.

The drama between Ruelas and Giudice and Joe and Melissa Gorga continues in next week's "Teresa Gets Married" wedding special on May 23. 

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