Rapper Bad Bunny Defeated WWE's Damian Priest in the First WWE PLE in Puerto Rico

Rapper Bad Bunny Defeated WWE's Damian Priest in the First WWE PLE in Puerto Rico
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Kendall Jenner's alleged boyfriend and Rapper Bad Bunny defeated WWE's Damian Priest in the first WWE PLE held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, since 2005 in a live Backlash event on Saturday night. As per TMZ, Bad Bunny made a wild entrance performing to his 2017 hit, Chambea, as fans cheered on and sang along.

According to Digital Spy, Priest and Bad Bunny are both Puerto Rico natives. While speaking before the big event Priest said, "It's wild, but the representation— Bad Bunny vs. Damian Priest — he was born there, I was raised there in the same town as him which is crazy. It's great for everybody involved. This is huge because representation matters and the fact that we're getting this highlight just puts us in the front view within wrestling, Sports Entertainment, and the Latin Community," he added. "This is extremely special and we know how important this is. So we're coming to deliver." 

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Emma McIntyre
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Emma McIntyre


Priest said that wrestling in Puerto Rico is like a religious experience to him. "To be able to do that... for me, growing up on the island, it's just special to be there in front of my family. I'm so excited and it's one that I'm sure I'm going to feel emotional afterward, just because it really touches me so much."

Billboard reports that Bad Bunny electrified the arena with his captivating entrance. He came in with a supermarket cart displaying weapons, including kendo sticks, trash cans and a bicycle chain. The intense 20-minute showdown between Priest and Bad Bunny featured whiplash moments, and in the middle of the raging fight, Bunny delivered a cross-body drop to Priest on the outside, leaving his opponent stunned. Priest too did not waste his time showcasing his dominance; he mercilessly attacked Bunny with kendo sticks and later slammed him through a table with a resounding Broken Arrow, causing WWE officials to inspect the busted-up singer for injuries.



The match reached its most exciting point when Priest escaped a figure-four leglock submission. A badly hit Bunny then attempted to end the match with a Sliced Bread No. 2, but to no avail, as Priest kicked out before the three counts. Bunny’s signature move, the Bunny Destroyer, eventually, left Priest distraught as he secured the three count and was triumphantly lifted in the air by his famed LWO peers Rey Mysterio, Legado del Fantasma, Carlito, and Savio Vegain in the middle of the ring.



A month before winning Saturday's match Bunny was involved in an ugly skirmish with Priest’s villainous group, The Judgement Day, and WWE Hall of Famer, Rey Mysterio. Priest choke slammed Bunny through a table for bringing up the situation. Bunny then mercilessly attacked Priest with a kendo stick and challenged him to the San Juan Street Fight in Puerto Rico. Right before the final showdown on Saturday, Bunny and Priest engaged in a face-off at the Backlash press conference on Friday, where the two exchanged bitter verbal and physical hits. Priest shoved Bunny, and the rapper ended the skirmish with a slap, thus setting a highly anticipated match for Saturday night.

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According to Marca, the 29-year-old rapper made a victorious return to wrestling after two years of absence. In 2021, he wrestled alongside Damian Priest to face The Miz and John Morrison in his WWE debut. 

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