MMA Fighter Mauro Chaulet Shot Dead in Brazil After Heated Argument With a Military Police Officer

MMA Fighter Mauro Chaulet Shot Dead in Brazil After Heated Argument With a Military Police Officer
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @maurochaulet

Trigger Warning: This article contains themes of gun violence that some readers may find distressing.

The MMA fans and fellow fighters are heartbroken upon hearing about the sudden demise of its proud fighter Mauro Chaulet. He was reportedly shot dead at Porto Alegre in Brazil after his rather violent encounter with a military police officer who wasn't on duty for the evening, reports The Sun.



Chaulet seemingly got into a rather heated argument with the officer at an establishment that unfortunately resulted in three people being injured as Chaulet's friend and the officer too, were shot. Although all of them received medical attention, only the officer and the friend who underwent surgery survived, while the MMA fighter succumbed to his injuries.

Prior to his sad demise, the fighter was represented by Team Goat Management, a representative of MMA management who released a statement earlier. "Unfortunately today we lost another great person, a victim of the brutal violence in Brazil that is repeated every day. You are special and will never be forgotten by us. RIP @maurochaulet," read the statement.

Chaulet had a great and impressive career during his time with the MMA. While the fighter had quite a few losses with the most recent loss being a cage fight back in 2022, he certainly never gave up and won 13 matches - a record in his career as a professional fighter with the organization. 



Chaulet was very active on Instagram with his vibrant and motivated personality that ignited the flames of several budding fighters and his followers. He'd never fail to update his fans regarding his wins and losses and shared his adventures in various parts of the USA.

A pinned post on his account revealed a shirtless Chaulet showing off his battle axe tattoo etched on his torso as he wore a simple gold chain across his neck. The post compared trials of his life of seemingly owning seven lives compared with regular hardships. 



Chaulet also recently visited the city where dreams for any boxer or fighter originate - Philadelphia. He posted a carousel of pictures featuring him and a few of his companions. He posed in front of the infamous 'Rocky Balboa' a.k.a Sylvester Stallone statue which stands as a true symbol of never giving up no matter how difficult a challenge one can encounter, as emphasized in the movies. He also recreated an infamous scene from the boxing series in which Rocky finally climbs the steps of the iconic Philadelphia Art Museum after the pure determination to gear up for his fight against a tough opponent.



Before his abrupt departure from the world, Chaulet posted a video of him extending an act of kindness alongside a supposed foundation that distributed blankets to underprivileged children to shield them from the harsh cold.

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