Martha Stewart Has A Cute Petite Home Just For Her Baskets, Calls it 'My Hero'

Martha Stewart Has A Cute Petite Home Just For Her Baskets, Calls it 'My Hero'
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Martha Stewart revealed on Instagram that she owns a cute and petite home to store all her baskets and calls the place her "hero".

The ultimate queen of home cooking Martha Stewart shared a post on Instagram about changing the roof of her supposed "basket house". In her post, she mentions the quaint and cozy house where her baskets of different varieties are arranged as snug as bugs according to shape, color, purpose and size. This is making many users of the platform consider moving in, reports New York Post


The 81-year-old hasn't seemed to age at all as she expressed her evergreen self and wore an ombre of grey and cream – a lovely full-sleeved blouse and slightly above-ankle tights, and she paired the ensemble with classic black loafers. She smiled gracefully as she posed with a light brown and maplewood colored basket in both hands, looking positively sublime.

She captioned that because her roof was getting fixed and getting a new paint job, her baskets had to be taken out during the two-day process and had to be cleaned and rearranged. She then left fans in a frenzy of excitement as she announced another tag sale. 



The cooking superstar added another follow-up post to give her die-hard fans a little sneak-peak into her whole collection and left them astonished as she revealed possessing approximately 50 different baskets!



While the "Cooking with Martha" host is a pioneer and pillar in the world of cooking, she's definitely a thirst trap queen! Earlier, her picture on Instagram ignited several flames; age is literally just a number for her as the entrepreneur looked absolutely stunning in a classic pout and stare that she directed up close to her camera. Her fierceness on the gram earned her comments from dozens of fans and famous personalities. "Out here thirst trapping!!! Marthaa!!!" wrote Jessiemae Peluso, while Sandy Linter commented, "You're an inspiration to us all!! Thank you!" 



Stewart doesn't stop with that post, however. While promoting her Green Mountain Pumpkin spice coffee, Martha is seen with a dainty apron around her, which absolutely stunned fans. In her video she says, "Do you know what gets me through the morning? This gorgeous thing of beauty," she says with a flirtatious smile and tone and adds in denial "No, no, not me, I'm talking about my gorgeous Green Mountain Pumpkin Spiced Coffee."

"How is this woman 81??" commented a fan, while another fan wrote, "I love Martha so much. Always have. You can have your goop or whatever, but this is OG at 81!" 

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