Mark Zuckerberg Bagged Gold and Silver Medals at a Brazillian Jiujitsu Tournament

Mark Zuckerberg Bagged Gold and Silver Medals at a Brazillian Jiujitsu Tournament
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @zuck

Mark Zuckerberg went head-to-head with a referee at a Brazillian Jiujitsu Tournament where he won gold and silver medals as a representative of the Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu team, reports New York Post.

The social media mogul and creator of Meta shared the good news of winning on his Instagram account earlier this week. Zuckerberg shared a carousel of pictures featuring his resounding victory at the tournament along with the moment he pinned an opponent to the floor, followed by a picture with the rest of the team and coaches.



Zuckerberg reportedly got into a rather heated argument with the referee of the tournament after the mogul underwent an ordeal of being defeated in a foul manner. He further insisted on a rematch that was granted after consideration of the situation. The Facebook creator appeared disgruntled in a disheveled state after his unjust defeat; however, he composed himself and went on to win matches, earning him gold and silver medals in the rounds that followed.

The post earned congratulatory comments from personalities like the famous YouTuber PewDiePie, who said, "Damn imagine getting zuck'ed by the zuck," and many more who offered their best wishes on the win.


Zuckerberg's coaches were also incredibly proud of the 38-year-old billionaire and uploaded a congratulatory post on their individual accounts to commemorate the proud event and to celebrate his victory and progress in the sport. One of his coaches, Dave Camarillo, penned down a heartwarming post for Zuckerberg emphasizing challenging himself in a new environment. The caption of the post mentions how Camarillo felt honored to have played a small role in people's success while highlighting Zuckerberg's attempts in the sport – a new arena for him. Further adding to the character of the sport, he says, "It changes you, enhances you, it enhances the power of will - It is magic." He extended his gratitude to Zuckerberg for training under him and engaging in sharing knowledge, learning, and growing together.


While earning a title was an incredible accomplishment to the array of awards Zuckerberg has won, he recently welcomed his third child with his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan. He shared an adorable first look of his daughter, whom he named Aurelia Chan Zuckerberg. The post included a heartwarming picture of Mark in a grey t-shirt gazing lovingly at his newborn daughter snug in her swaddle, while her eyes seem fixated on daddy.

As busy as the Facebook CEO may be, he's devoted to his family, as reported by People. He regularly posts pictures appreciating his wife and their collaborations along with pictures of all the fun shenanigans with his two older daughters, Maxima Chan Zuckerburg, 7, and August Chan Zuckerberg, 5. Prior to welcoming his youngest daughter, he posted a picture of creating 3D-designed dresses and highlighted that he learned to sew in the process in the caption of the post.

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