Madonna and Maluma Cozy Up to Each Other as They Prep for Their World Tour

Madonna and Maluma Cozy Up to Each Other as They Prep for Their World Tour
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Madonna and Maluma are reportedly getting quite lovey-dovey with each other as they're gearing up for blockbuster performances during their world tour and are said to have some insane chemistry behind the scenes, reports Marca.



The Material Girl singer and ADMV singer are sparking romance rumors because of their sweet display of affection and warm chemistry in two behind-the-scenes videos of rehearsals for their World Tour.

A Twitter thread by Rolling Stones featuring a video of the two revealed them smoking with each other and hugging lovingly with smiles on their faces. The photoshoots with the pair appeared to be getting rather spicy and the two seemingly couldn't keep their hands off each other.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris


The thread got responses from fans who were astonished by the bombshell duo pairing up. One commenter said "Smoking Hot af #Madonna (as always) and equally sizzling hot af Maluma. What a pair...I love them" Other commenters on the thread requested a remix of B**** I'm Loca. Madonna looked breathtaking throughout the duration of the video, donning couture outfits as she slayed like the ultimate queen she is. Maluma kept things savage yet suave with handsome suits, dazzling jewelry, and slick hair. 



The Spanish singer emphasized the influence of the Vogue singer in his life and how she inspired him to enhance his confidence. In a conversation with Madonna during Rolling Stone's Musicians on Musicians, Maluma says, "Since the first time I met you, I saw how real you are with your art. You just do whatever you want." To this sweet comment, Madonna responded with "I fight for what I think is important, that's for sure." 



The 29-year-old singer further elaborated on how he doesn't need to sing in English in order to do what he loves. He emphasized the importance he places on being his authentic self that people presently adore. "People can fall in love with the person I am. I don't need to be anyone else," said Maluma. The two of them were stunning together as they rocked a western vibe: Madonna wore a white and black checkered ensemble paired off with a white cowboy hat, while her partner in crime wore a leopard print shirt along with a black jacket and pants combo. In one of the many images on the Twitter thread, the pair seemed to take on King and Queen avatar; Maluma was seated, royally intimidating, while Madonna stands behind him with a sharp gaze.



The thread continued with the 64-year-old speaking about the highs of her career from her personal experience and mentioned embracing the lows as "such is life." She said, "Everything that happens to us is a teacher. And we learn from it." 

Image Credit: Instagram | @madonna
Image Source: Instagram | @madonna


Earlier, the mother of six posted a series of stories that featured a few snippets of enjoying herself on Instagram during rehearsals. In one such snap, she appears to be effortlessly rocking a chic yet gorgeous lace and silk outfit, vibing with the mood while being her authentic self.

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