Love Beyond Borders: Space Perspective Offers Couples a Unique Way to Tie the Knot

Love Beyond Borders: Space Perspective Offers Couples a Unique Way to Tie the Knot
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Couples can now tie the knot in space! According to New York Post, a company called Space Perspective is now making space weddings a reality with their spacecraft, Neptune.

The unique carbon-neutral balloon offers stunning views of space to the wedding couple while in orbit. It is lifted by the company’s SpaceBalloon and is propelled off the ground by renewable hydrogen at 12mph without the use of rockets. In an exclusive interview with The Cool Down, co-founder Jane Poynter said, “We’ve already had people wanting to be the first marriage in space, so we’ll see who is the first." 



She continued, “It turns out that that experience is very like the ones that astronauts have of seeing our Earth from the outside. They, too, see the edges of our world and understand how finite it is."

Poynter and her colleague, Taber MacCallum were onboard the Biosphere 2, an enclosed ecosystem created back in 1991. Poynter talked about how that experience informed the development of Space Perspective. "Ever since then, my co-founder, Taber MacCallum, and I wanted to take everybody to space to have that incredible experience,” Poynter said “What would happen if every teacher had seen Earth in space? What would happen if all our leaders had seen Earth in space, our community leaders? It would be a different conversation.” She also revealed that Space Perspective had plans to invite artists and writers to join in the experience too. 

“Unlike all other spacecraft whereby the crewed compartment separates from one flight system mid-flight and transfers to another flight system, Spaceship Neptune’s capsule remains secured to the SpaceBalloon the entire flight from liftoff to splashdown, creating a seamlessly safe and gentle flight,” she explained. 


Couples waiting to say "I do" can join the waitlist for late 2024 on Space Perspective’s website. Prices for the space wedding destination start at $125,000 per seat. Talking about the unique build and features of Neptune Poynter said, “We’re using the laws of physics to go to space in an extremely low-energy way. We’re just sitting on top of the atmosphere just like an ice cube sits on top of a glass of water.” Further detailing the eco-friendly features, she said, "Instead of forceful rockets that spread debris and fumes, Spaceship Neptune will rely on a reusable pod, recyclable balloons, and renewable hydrogen."

It is a 6-hour journey onboard the Neptune: two hours to rise above the Earth, two hours floating at the edge of space, and two hours descending to a compatible water landing. During the space flight, passengers can enjoy drinks at the bar, indulge in refreshments, stay connected to the Wi-Fi, and use the restroom on board. The eco-friendly spacecraft is equipped to hold eight passengers and one pilot. 



Poynter and MacCallum have experience being in space as they belonged to the original Biosphere 2 crew, which was built as an enclosed ecosystem that supported a small crew of humans with survival equipment. Poynter revealed that her two years of experience in the sealed environment with MacCallum and six other crew members led to the creation of Space Perspective. “We could see the edges of our world,” she said. “It gave me this incredible attachment to our planetary biosphere."

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