Kourtney Kardashian Lets Her Kids Skip School and "Lay In Bed All Day" On "Bad Days"

Kourtney Kardashian Lets Her Kids Skip School and "Lay In Bed All Day" On "Bad Days"

Parenting isn't easy. Especially when your kids are having a rough time at school. That's probably why an aspect of Kourtney Kardashian's parenting style has sparked a debate among parents online. During the recent Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion special, Kourtney revealed that she lets her kids skip school and lay in bed all day when they're having a "bad day."

"Kourtney, you often say your main job and your main focus is parenting," host Andy Cohen said. "Do you think your siblings learned how to parent from you?"

Kourtney explained that she and Khloé have very different parenting styles.

"My kids, if they're having a hard day, I'll let them not go to school and have a day with me," she said. Kourtney went on to add that she's a bit more "lenient" than her siblings.

Khloé added, "[Kourtney's] kids are number one for her, so if her kids are having a hard day, she'll just say 'I'm gonna spend the day with [my] kids.'"


Unsurprisingly, the revelation has caused quite a dispute on social media.

One user wrote: "As a kid, every once in a while my mom wouldn’t wake me up for school bc she thought I was sick or tired and wanted me to stay home with her. I would wake up and freak out and demand to go to school bc I had fomo. Lol. She was usually right, but she didn’t know that i was up all night on AOL chat rooms and that’s why I was under the weather."


While another user wrote: "Kris was physically abusive when Kourt and Kim were growing up. I think one of the effects that had on Kourt is that she went the complete opposite way when it comes to parenting. She said multiple times that she never wants to hit her kids to discipline them. Because of her childhood trauma, she learned to equate discipline to physical abuse. So in her desire to never harm her kids, she just doesn't discipline them altogether. It's good that she prioritizes her children's mental health, but they're going to have a difficult time as adults if they don't learn as kids how to deal with "no". I hope Kourt would try to learn more about positive discipline and gentle parenting because there is a way to discipline your child without resorting to abuse."



Another user concluded, "If my kid needed me, I'm staying home. I work to live--I don't live to work. That said, I'm betting Kourtney's definition of a "hard" day is much lower than mine," while another added, "I don’t agree with a lot of Kourtney's parenting but I’m pretty sure there’s been studies about kids taking mental health days and how it’s beneficial."

What do you make of the situation?

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