Kim Kardashian Likely Spends $7.5K on Workouts but Expert Says 'It Won't Get Rid of Cellulite'

Kim Kardashian Likely Spends $7.5K on Workouts but Expert Says 'It Won't Get Rid of Cellulite'
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Reality star and beauty mogul Kim Kardashian is known to be a fitness freak and follows a strict workout regime to maintain her slim figure. However, according to The U.S. Sun, bodybuilding champion and six-time Olympian MayLa Ash explained, "The recent beach photos show cellulite dimpling on Kim's hamstrings, adductors, and butt. There's a bit too much jiggle in her lower body for someone exercising with a personal trainer. This also applies to the amount of time and frequency of Kim's new training."

"She's uninformed because these new workouts don't develop muscle. They aren't going to reshape her legs, or lift and reshape her glutes. They won't release the fat from in-between her muscles and under her skin to get rid of that look of cellulite. Kim will have to push those lower-body workouts to do that. She also needs to be mindful when placing the spotlight on weight training and how it's changing her body." 



The Skims founder has been posting workout videos and images of her new weight training regimen in her state-of-the-art home gym. Her fitness sessions recently have included weights and using resistance bands under the guidance of Senada Greca, her new trainer. In a video she shared on her Instagram story in March, Kim wrote: "I'm gonna show you guys a little bit of my workout today. It's been three months now working out with Senada Greca."

She continued: "We lift weights for two hours daily and do five or six days a week. My goal was to gain muscle and be strong and I see such a difference already." Kim signed off her post by asking her followers to "check out my triceps and delts."



Kim then posted the results of her new fitness routine with a risqué shoot on the Malibu beach wearing an eye-catching pink thong bikini. It was after this that bodybuilder MayLa Ash commented in an exclusive with The U.S. Sun. "If she's getting concierge-level personal training sessions, these include destination and at-home sessions, and on-call service. This can cost between $2,500 to $7,500 a session." "Viewing the evolution of Kim's body and her latest workout details, her goal seems to be to get a slimmer, thinner frame. These types of maintenance workouts support a nutrition plan which helps an individual lose weight and slim down. Kim's comments show she's expecting muscle development.They also indicate she has developed triceps muscles." "Unlike fashion and makeup, influencing individuals in fitness has a deeper impact - especially with her having a personal trainer. Since Kim's fans could eventually begin viewing her as a knowledgeable fit celebrity, it's important for her to be accurate."

GettyImages| Photo by Jacopo M. Raule
GettyImages| Photo by Jacopo M. Raule

MayLa continues - "Her workouts are beginner-level resistance training workouts that help to tone the body. Her nutrition will play the dominant role in slimming her down. Novices like Kim think they're developing new muscle tissue as their body fat gets lower. They're simply uncovering the foundation muscle that's in every human body. Her trainer, Senada, is a fit individual and looks to excel in muscle endurance workouts and fitness training." "But for Kim to truly transform her body, it'll require a deeper level of understanding of the dynamics of proper resistance training mix. I’m not saying that Kim, or any women, getting into fitness must be as lean as Senada, or as lean and muscular as me. But if you're putting in this time, effort, and sacrifice to get fit, to look thin and tone up, then you want less jiggle. You want more sway to your movement. It breaks my heart when I hear women say there's nothing they can do about the cellulite and jiggle. They wrongly assume it's a natural part of being a woman or becoming a mom."



The pro bodybuilder continued -"Kim naturally carries most of her excess fat between her belly button and her knees. And for those women who have a similar body makeup, whether naturally or from some procedure. Kim could help the everyday woman by showing proper form. She could outline the exercises that would be needed to reshape her butt and legs. I applaud what Kim has accomplished so far because she has leaned out to such a great degree. That does take patience and discipline. When it comes to fitness, and those who are into a fit physique, the goal should be to look as fabulous as possible naked. For Senada from a business perspective, it won’t make a huge difference if she's successful in reshaping Kim Kardashian's body." 

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