Khloé Kardashian Reveals Brutal Workout at Her Personal Gym Inside Her $17Million Mansion

Khloé Kardashian Reveals Brutal Workout at Her Personal Gym Inside Her $17Million Mansion
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @khloekardashian

Khloé Kardashian has reportedly taken to her Instagram stories to reveal her brutal workout at her private gym inside the $17 million mansion she owns. The Sun reported that the Kardashian sister also showed the state-of-the fitness equipment, including a $3,000 rowing machine, several flat-screen TVs and other machinery.



The Kardashians star revealed the secret behind her slim, toned body: a brutal full-body workout every single day, even on the days when it's hard for her to get up from bed. After posting a mirror selfie and a video of her daughter True Tompson's cat Grey Kitty stretching on her gym equipment, the Good American founder was seen on the treadmill. "I get up early all the time but 4:30, 5am is brutal for me. I can do 6am. I don't know why this is so much harder. But we'll see how it goes," she said while walking. The workout mama has been very proactive in sharing her fitness journey online to keep everyone updated on her progress while encouraging others to live healthier lifestyles.



The supermodel thrives in her in-built gym with state-of-the-art equipment at the $17 million mansion. In her video, she gave fans a sneak peek of some of the many gym facilities such as a top-notch rowing machine worth $3,000, a Hydrow machine, several flatscreen TVs, a banger sound system, a variety of dumbells and weights, a training station, a boxing unit, treadmills, vertical rows, a multi-press and so much more; a practical haven for all gym rats.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images/Dimitrios Kambouris
Image Source: Getty Images/Dimitrios Kambouris


The supermodel doesn't fail to flaunt her results either. According to a previous report by PageSix, Kardashian was spotted sporting a cute pink co-ord set that showed off her abs and lean figure, all a result of working out for hours on end. In most of her videos, her hair is always done in a neat and chic ponytail, and she is seen wearing sports bras or crop tops and a breathable pair of leggings. Kardashian is presently in one of the best shapes of her life due to the consistency of maintaining her fitness and flexibility even after becoming a mother of two children. 



The beauty mogul didn't let motherhood interfere with her fitness journey. She allows her children to be around her while working out and has a lot more fun with them around. In her Instagram story, she drew an arrow to a baby monitor sitting on a piece of equipment and wrote: "Me watching my babies on my baby monitor but still getting it in before the Friday craziness."

In another video on Instagram posted in March, the mom of two shared a snippet of her routine plan for the day while wearing a black sports bra and leggings; her daughter True Thompson made a sweet cameo, gleefully talking about her braided hair and not having to go to school for the next "two weeks" on account of summer vacations. The video proceeded to Kardashian resuming her workout which included rowing, weighted squats, lunges - backward and with an extended leg, arm curls, and lastly, a good stretch.



According to Elite Daily, Kardashian gives a description of the intense exercises she pursues each day. It begins with a 10-minute stair warm-up; then to maintain a healthy heart rate, she proceeds to a rowing machine. She does this 10 times every two minutes and then lifts weights on a hydro machine. Next, 5 reps and 20 sets on a bench press - a good burn for the arms - weighted squats for the glutes, 20 ab rolls in sets of 5 for well-toned abs, and lastly, weighted lunges. This extreme and rather intense workout helps to strengthen the core, arms, legs and glutes - a thorough body workout that'll make you develop a good sweat.

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