It's "Titter" Not Twitter After Elon Musk Paints Over the "W" on Twitter's San Francisco Headquarters Sign

It's "Titter" Not Twitter After Elon Musk Paints Over the "W" on Twitter's San Francisco Headquarters Sign
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Elon Musk has made another major development in the official workings of Twitter by changing the official sign to "Titter" right after tweaking the bird logo for Dogecoin. In a now-viral tweet posted on Sunday, the micro-blogging platform's CEO posted a picture of the sign with the "w" painted over in white to blend in with the background. Musk wrote in his caption: "Our landlord at SF HQ says we're legally required to keep sign as Twitter & cannot remove 'w', so we painted it background color. Problem solved!"

While many of the platform users thought it to be a prank and considered it a photoshopped image, Musk on Monday confirmed that the headquarters now sports the name "Titter" with one of its letters in the same color as the signboard, according to Yahoo



In a follow-up tweet, Musk invoked a pun around the word "titter" - which originally means to giggle - and wrote, “They tried to muffle our titter.” Previously in 2022, the Twitter CEO had joked about renaming the company to "Titter" by conducting a now-deleted poll that saw thousands participating. However, the actual move of changing the company name has been dubbed "childish" by many Twitter users including William LeGate, CEO of Pillow Fight. He commented upon Musk’s "remarkable maturity" via a tweet and wrote, “Elon Musk, in a remarkable show of maturity, has removed the ‘w’ from Twitter's logo outside their San Francisco HQ. The company now reads as ‘Titter’."





The building's landlord, SRI Nine Market Square LLC, has not yet responded to queries on why the initial alteration was unacceptable, and whether the new, painted-over signage would be allowed. The disagreements over the Twitter sign are the latest in the longstanding feud between Musk and the building's landlord, SRI Nine Market Square LLC. The landlord sued Musk-owned Twitter in January where the landlord accused Twitter of not paying rent of roughly $3.4 million per month in December and January for the headquarters' Market Street premises.

Musk has been making several drastic changes to the San Francisco headquarters since he took over Twitter. In January, he tried to sell hundreds of things from the office to boost income which included kitchen appliances, Twitter sculptures, furniture and even office plants. In December, he cut janitorial services in the headquarters, forcing employees to bring their own toilet paper to the office. 

GettyImages| Photo by Charley Gallay
Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Charley Gallay


Recently, Musk tinkered with Twitter's interface by replacing the official Twitter bird logo with the Shiba Inu — or doge — mascot. Following this change, stocks of the meme cryptocurrency that he supports, called Dogecoin, soared by 20%. However, Dogecoin shares fell close to 9 percent after Twitter reverted back to its iconic blue-bird logo, reports the Free Press Journal. Musk hasn't been available for an official comment on the current situation.

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