Italian Princess to Be Evicted From $533M Villa Amid Legal Battle With Her Step-Children

Italian Princess to Be Evicted From $533M Villa Amid Legal Battle With Her Step-Children
Cover Image Source: Rita Jenrette | YouTube

Italian princess Rita Jenrette Boncompagni Ludovisi is reportedly being evicted from her $533 million villa in Rome amidst a legal inheritance battle with her step-children.

According to New York Post, the Italian princess, formerly known as Rita Carpenter, was an American actress. According to reports, she was lawfully ordered by a Roman judge to vacate her villa by April 20, and if she failed to do so, it would result in the forcible removal of her and any other member present in the house on the day.



The local authorities were also instructed to seize her furniture, change locks and burn all documents found in the multi-million dollar mansion. Prior to her eviction notice, she mentioned that she'd fearlessly defend the house that was bestowed upon her shortly after her husband, Prince Nicolo Von Boncompagni Ludovisi, passed away in 2018.

In a feature interview with Forbes, the former actress, and model gave a brief history and tour of the villa, emphasizing the importance of the rare ceiling paintings that adorn it and the importance of preserving a part of that history and culture, given that it was painted by Italian Renaissance master Caravaggio. In addition, the princess refused to part ways with the villa because she and her husband spent ample efforts on renovation and restoration since this abode was built; it stands tall and proud since the 1600s and possesses an extremely rare 16th-century mural ceiling painted by Caravaggio.



In an interview with The Guardian, Jenrette described the feeling of eviction as a "surreal" experience. According to reports, the dispute began five years ago when her stepsons argued with regard to receiving the house on account of their grandfather's intentions, along with financial aid. In terms of money, they accused their father, Prince Nicolo, of mismanaging the amount and abusing them. However, in defense of Jenrette, Prince Nicolo clearly mentioned her right to live on his property for the rest of her life in his will. She called the eviction notice "unexpected and unjust."



In the video, another member of the Ludovisi family, Prince Bante Boncompagni Ludovisi, argued against Jenrette and urged her to go back to "whatever country" she came from if she wasn't okay with his conditions of "not renting" the house and quotes Article 226 of the civil procedure. "She cannot do whatever she wants. Just because she's an American, she cannot do whatever she wants. This is a country, we have our judges, and [you] need to respect our country and our laws if you stay here," he said.

The former Playboy Magazine model described this time as "testing." She emphasized her love for Italy in the last 20 years of her residence and added, "It's a brutal ending to my beautiful life with my beloved Nicolo."

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