Donna Kelce, Mother of Travis Kelce, Shares What She Told Taylor Swift in VIP Section of Chiefs Game

Donna Kelce, Mother of Travis Kelce, Shares What She Told Taylor Swift in VIP Section of Chiefs Game
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by David Eulitt

Travis Kelce's mother, Donna Kelce, recently shared a glimpse into her private chat with Taylor Swift during a Kansas City Chiefs game, shedding light on a football lesson Swift sought from her. Donna Kelce appeared on the Today show, where co-host Craig Melvin playfully inquired about the content of their conversation within the VIP box.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | 	Scott Eisen/TAS23
Image Source: Getty Images | Scott Eisen/TAS23

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Initially, Donna cheekily responded, "I'll never tell you!" amidst laughter from the co-anchors. However, she then offered a hint about the topic, explaining that Swift had a technical football question. Donna elaborated, mentioning a scenario involving commercial breaks, orange gloves, and a signal for the end of the break. Though she didn't delve into further details, Donna provided a rare insight into her interactions with Swift, emphasizing a focus on football.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Michael Owens
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Michael Owens

Despite this brief revelation, Donna, 70, has generally maintained a low profile regarding her son's new romance with Swift. During the Today Show appearance, Donna preferred to keep details private, stating, "I don't like to talk about it. It's just one of those things where everyone saw me. I was in the boxes with her. It's another thing that's amped up my life."


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Donna, who seemingly approves of the budding relationship, described the recent weeks as "surreal" after meeting Swift at her first Chiefs game on September 24. Reflecting on the experience on the Got It From My Momma podcast, Donna expressed that it's something she never anticipated being a part of. Photographed in Travis's suite on September 24, Donna and Swift continued their interactions at MetLife Stadium last Sunday. They were spotted chatting and hugging during the intense game before Swift and Travis left together to celebrate the victory.


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Donna's positive sentiments towards Swift were affirmed by a source who shared that Donna likes her and finds her "very sweet and down to earth." Both Travis and Swift have chosen to keep the details of their romance under wraps. Travis hinted at the positive reception from his close circle on a September 27 episode of his podcast, New Heights, where he mentioned that family and friends had "nothing but good things to say about her."

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Reportedly spending quality time together for the past month, the couple has been seen in various cozy outings. Their relationship seems to be growing, and fans eagerly await further glimpses into the unfolding romance between the NFL star and the Grammy-winning artist. Recently Travis posted a carousel of images on Instagram from the last game captioned, "You gotta enjoy the madness." Fans and followers dropped in their comments on his post on Instagram. User @derekchopz commented, "Like this if you were a Kelce fan before Taylor Swift," and others chimed in sharing their love for the sportsperson. 

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