Here's Looking at Karen Gillan's Vintage Style Cozy Cottage in Sunny California

Here's Looking at Karen Gillan's Vintage Style Cozy Cottage in Sunny California
Cover Image Source: YouTube | @Archdigest; Getty Images | Photo by Jesse Grant

Sneak a peak inside Karen Gillan and her husband Nick Kosher's cozy and humble abode with a rustic atmosphere and warm vibes. The Guardians Of The Galaxy star introduced her stunning 1900's style cottage that she recently moved into with her husband. 



To begin with, the fo-yay (foyer) as called in the United Kingdom, had a rustic staircase with tones of brown and beige decorating the platform of the stairs. Right beside the staircase that Gillan prefers to welcome her guests from, a monochrome picture of young lads in swimming trunks ready to dive into a lake, taken by How I Met Your Father actor Chris Lowell hangs proudly, followed by a picture of her husband and his friends swimming in a lake.



The tour by Architectural Digest moved on to Gillan's favorite room of the entire house- the living room. It's well decorated with deep tones of oak and maple and features furniture with both archaic and modern blends of home articles and artifacts such as an olive green couch that was reupholstered, a ceiling lamp, a mini-bar, and a fireplace. Amidst the two couches sits a gorgeous black center table.



The highlight of the room however, is her Steinway piano that's positioned in a perfect acoustic setting; a stand for sheet music accompanied by the vintage instrument. The room's sole purpose was to entertain her guests, meant to engage in fun activities while sipping on some of that fine scotch as displayed on her mini-bar.



The living room opened out into a quaint dining space, adorned with pinstripe and floral wallpaper, as Gillan describes - one big "chaotic wallpaper party". On the walls hung what appeared to be ceramic pieces of art. In the middle of the room sat a lavish wooden dining table whose chairs are an inspiration from her grandmother's home. 



Gillan's office was next on the list and was elegantly decorated with quirky artifacts such as miniature action figures - vintage edition, and a human anatomy module that she likes to assemble and disassemble. An interesting feature was the room's wallpaper, a fox-hunting variant that blended with the aesthetic of the room perfectly. Her bookshelf also hosts memoirs from her films that she treasures to this day.

The white-walled kitchen's aesthetics reassembled a barn or a farm and had a very welcoming and wholesome atmosphere. The shelves were lined with jam jars, filled with different condiments. 

There's no lack of entertainment in the rather vintage manor as it includes a TV room or 'the den' which features a giant monopoly board art piece made by John Gillan, her father. Another cool memoir she received, was a wooden raven that Aaron Paul gifted her at his home.



There are two bedrooms. One includes a custom-made bed with dusky tones of brown and beige. And the other featured a blue ceiling with navy blue floral curtains. This masterpiece of a room was followed by the bathroom which is lined with white marble and limited edition Italian bathroom fixtures, along with a bathtub and a hand shower.

Every star's home reflects an inherent persona of the actor, and Karen Gillan certainly has her gorgeous charm infused into this one!

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