Guy Fieri's Son Ryder Got A New Car After Driving Grandma's Minivan For One Year, No Tickets.

Guy Fieri's Son Ryder Got A New Car After Driving Grandma's Minivan For One Year, No Tickets.

Guy Fieri's son Ryder celebrated his birthday in a memorable way on New Year's Eve. The teen, who turned 17, was surprised with a truck after driving his grandparent's minivan for a year.



The gift came after a lot of hard work and determination on the part of the Food Network superstar's son, Ryder. While talking to People, Guy, 55, who also has another son Hunter, 26, revealed that he has a rule when it comes to the boys' first vehicle. "You know what Ryder drove to school [when] he got his license? He got my parents' old, used 259,000-mile Chrysler minivan. I'm not buying Ryder a car, and I refuse to let him buy a car until he spends one year with no tickets, no accidents, driving the minivan," he said at the time.

Ryder's good behavior paid off, but only after his dad dared him to a scavenger hunt as a final challenge before revealing the gift.  "The second to last clue sent them all the way up the mountain to the lookout, and they had to find the clue. And then it said, 'Come down where it's deep and cold' or whatever," says the Tournament of Champions host. "And I had opened the pool — now, granted, it's 34 degrees up at the ranch in the wind — and in the pool tied to a pipe is the final clue."



When using a pool skimmer was to no avail, Ryder and his friends resorted to braving the cold water. "They all strip down to their boxers and they all jump in and he pulls it out and he gets it. The water had leaked in the envelope a little bit, so it was a little bit wet and he's trying to read it," says Fieri. "It was [revealing] this truck that he's wanted." The truck in mention was Guy's truck, initially, and has continued to stay in the family.

"Hunter wanted my truck, so Hunter bought my truck and we made Ryder buy Hunter's truck," the media personality added. Making sure to teach his son the value of hard work, he noted that he made his younger son pay for half. He and his wife Lori paid for the remaining half. He said, "I mean, what is the gift? The gift is, 'Hey, you have to pay half the money we'll pay the other half.' But he was really excited."



A few months later, the excitement still hasn't worn off. Guy says Ryder takes the time to back the truck into their driveway every night. "I saw him the other night. I was getting home about the same time he was. I say, 'You back in?' He goes, 'Oh, yeah. Truck looks way cooler when you look at it from the front,'" recounts Guy.

While teaching his sons the valuable lessons every parent has to teach their kids, Guy has a lot to keep him busy career-wise, too. He is hosting Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Live at Food Network's South Beach Wine and Food Festival on February 24, and tickets for this Miami event are reportedly now available.

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