Take a Look Inside Rob Kardashian's Luxe $7.5M LA Mansion Featuring a Massive Pool

Take a Look Inside Rob Kardashian's Luxe $7.5M LA Mansion Featuring a Massive Pool
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Sneak a peek into the most private Kardashian's stunning mansion worth a whopping $7.5 Million located in Los Angeles. Rob Kardashian does his best to stay out of the spotlight, and the house is perfect for his lifestyle of solitude, reports The Sun.



The stunning home has been a place of great nostalgia for the Kardashian fans who've been keeping up with them since day one in that very home. The humble abode was owned by Kris Jenner and was bought for a price of $4 Million back in 2010 when she was married to Caitlyn Jenner. Shortly after, the momager proceeded to pass on the mansion to her beloved son, Rob.

Although he appeared on the show regularly toward the beginning, he began sliding out of the spotlight allowing his sisters to shine instead. Rather than basking in the glory and fame of the Kardashian name, he chooses to keep things on the down low, especially after his recent fiasco with Blac Chyna. The stunning mansion is now worth a whopping price of $7.5 million and was also toured by entrepreneur and beauty mogul Kim Kardashian during the initial seasons of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." 



To begin with, the exterior of the home has ample space and ventilation, surrounded by greenery and modernity throughout its vicinity. The entrance boasts stunning white accents with grey tiles on the roof and a spacious driveway. followed by an arrangement of floral bushes near the doorway. The interiors of the home are well decorated with tasteful and chic furniture that governs the style and aesthetic of the home, per Kris' desire. From hues of brown, oak, and other accents in the same color scheme, nothing stands in the way of the house looking absolutely exemplary and vivid with style.


The main hall hosts a large flatscreen surrounded by a comforting leather couch and white side chairs that sit snugly beside each other in front of a coffee table. The grand kitchen is as white as marble and has modern facilities such as a double-door fridge and an oven accompanied by a gorgeous countertop that majestically sits in the middle of the cooking arena surrounded by matching cabinets. The home also has a lovely fireplace perfect for a toasty evening located at the center of the hall as it sits right below a mirror with brown frames.



The bathroom is truly breathtaking and has a massive oval-shaped bathtub placed right in the middle of it. A dressing table and bath linen cabinets surround this pristine bathroom. An office featuring a comfy grey lounge with a maple desk and chair with walls of art is a reflection of the professional panache and flair of working in a relaxed environment.


There is no lack of outdoors either. This home has a massive swimming pool with a warm fire pit and a bar station arranged diagonally to enjoy a perfectly relaxing and entertaining evening. The house can best be described as a work of art; although the property may have aged, it still resonates with intricate architectural planning with a resounding piece of history etched into the memories of the walls.

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