Gisele Bündchen's Stunning Gown Auctioned for $48K at Brazil Foundation Gala

Gisele Bündchen's Stunning Gown Auctioned for $48K at Brazil Foundation Gala
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Gisele Bündchen, the renowned supermodel and advocate for sustainable fashion, made headlines once again with her recent appearance at a glamorous gala. Bündchen attended the Luz Alliance Gala, a charity event organized by the Brazil Foundation, with a unique twist on a classic gown, which she then auctioned off for a whopping $48,000.

Not only did Bündchen grace the event all aglow in her timeless beauty and elegance, but she also showcased her commitment to philanthropy and environmentally conscious fashion choices. As mentioned by Page Six, the stunning gown in question was a white Stella McCartney dress that Bündchen had previously worn in 2019. Demonstrating her dedication to sustainability, the supermodel had initially chosen the one-shouldered style made from sustainable viscose fabric for the Hollywood for Science gala. However, for the Luz Alliance Gala, she decided to give the dress a fresh update. Gisele removed the original cape-style train, transforming the gown into a sleek and sophisticated one-shouldered column dress.

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To complete her captivating look, Bündchen styled her hair in her signature beachy waves. She adorned herself with emerald-and-diamond earrings that perfectly complemented the green hue of her gemstones. Her Jimmy Choo shoes also coordinated with her elegant accessories, adding the final touch of glamor.

The gala held special significance for the model, as it aimed to support conservation and reforestation efforts in her native country, Brazil. In line with her dedication to making a positive impact, she took the opportunity to auction off her beloved gown during the event. The dress garnered an impressive bid of $48,000, contributing to the grand total of $1 million raised for charity throughout the night.



Notably, Bündchen's appearance at the gala was made even more memorable by the presence of her fraternal twin sister, Patricia Bündchen. While Gisele has become a household name in the modeling industry, Patricia has played a crucial role behind the scenes as Gisele's business manager in Brazil. Patricia too, looked radiant in a beautiful floral-print dress, standing alongside her famous sister in support of the environmental fundraiser.



Reflecting on the success of the evening, People reported that Gisele Bündchen expressed her gratitude to her sister and the Brazil Foundation for their collaboration in organizing the gala. As she made a rare red carpet-appearance with Patricia, Gisele emphasized the importance of their partnership in bringing the event to fruition. The gala not only raised significant funds for a worthy cause but also provided a platform for Gisele to share her passion for sustainable fashion and environmental conservation.

Image Source: GettyImages/Jamie McCarthy
Image Source: GettyImages | Photo by Jamie McCarthy


Given the overwhelming response to the auction of her gown, fans may now eagerly anticipate the possibility of the supermodel opening up her closet for sale so that fans can enjoy further opportunities to acquire her iconic clothing. With her dedication to sustainable fashion and philanthropy, Gisele continues to inspire others and set an example for the fashion industry as a true model citizen.

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