Former WWE Wrestler Hulk Hogan Looks Absolutely Jacked Even at Age 69 in His Latest Photo

Former WWE Wrestler Hulk Hogan Looks Absolutely Jacked Even at Age 69 in His Latest Photo
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @hulkhogan

Even at age 69, Hulk Hogan looks absolutely fit, as seen in his latest videos, and no one expected anything less from the former WWE champion.

Hogan is known for his larger-than-life persona, exceptional physique, and catchphrases, and his stage name "The Hulkster" is one that any wrestling fan can instantly recognize. However, his reputation has been tainted because of his penchant for making racist comments leading World Wrestling Entertainment to fire him in 2015, ultimately leading to his downfall, reports Guardian. In spite of the tarnished reputation, Hogan has persisted in maintaining his physical wellness and general health, as can be seen in a recent photograph he posted on social media. 



Hulk Hogan took to Twitter and uploaded a few snapshots of himself at the gym, and even at 69 years old, the Hulkster looks completely jacked and has undoubtedly not let age slow him down. The former professional wrestler wrote a touching note as he showed off his massive arms. "Train for the future, perfect one task, then use those skills to perfect every aspect of your life. Body, mind, and spirit all work together to achieve greatness in relationships, faith, and quality of life. Just keep runnin' wild brother!!! Amen HH," he tweeted.

According to Essentially Sports, a few years back, Hogan’s health had incredibly deteriorated. Due to this, the WWE legend lost a massive portion of the weight. It got to a point where his body weight downsized to what it was during his school days.



According to Sports Keeda, this health issue and weight loss were the reason why Hogan decided to work on his physique again. He talked to James Arthur Ray in 2013 and shared details regarding the work he is putting in to get back in shape. “I made a decision to be the best I could be," said Hogan. "Whether it was school, physicality or eating, or trying to get in shape and start changing from that point. I put the overeating of junk food right away.[…] I made a middle-of-the-road decision to not overeat anymore. Slowly but surely, my body started to come back down as far as the size and volume of weight I had. I started to get more confident. Got lighter on my feet, and got better at the little sports I was playing. It gave me the confidence to get dialed in.

The Hall of Famer definitely proved that he is a fighter through and through. Hogan came back stronger after his experience with fitness struggles. He hit the gym, lifted weights, and revitalized his body and has never looked back.

Nowadays, the Hulkster is concentrating on Hogan’s Beach Shop, his personalised store that sells his merchan. Even if he is guaranteed to push ahead in his professional life, it doesn't appear that Hogan will ever come back to pro wrestling. According to Essentially Sports, Hogan disclosed that he has gone through numerous surgeries and does not believe his body can fight the effects of in-ring wrestling.

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