Find Out Why '1000-LB. Sisters' Stars Amy and Tammy Slaton Are Successful YouTube Influencers

Find Out Why '1000-LB. Sisters' Stars Amy and Tammy Slaton Are Successful YouTube Influencers
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People know Amy and Tammy Slaton because of their reality show 1000-lb Sisters, but both sisters were already adored by the people long before their show. According to Screenrant, the sisters were renowned YouTube influencers before they came on to the TLC show. The Slatons operated the online platform to talk about their lives, review various products, and also engage with their subscribers. The natural and genuine content that the sisters made was precisely what their fanbase enjoyed seeing.


When Amy and Tammy began making videos on YouTube, neither of them predicted achieving the level of popularity that they eventually did. The sisters simply had fun while being their authentic selves and maintaining a platform to speak about their relationships, talk about their health, and partake in entertaining challenges with one another. Luckily their lighthearted content sparked awareness on a more extensive scale and ultimately lead to their own reality show, 1000-lb. Sisters. In a world full of social media influencers who are constantly trying to be the next big thing, both Amy and Tammy found the key to their success years ago. There are numerous explanations as to why Amy and Tammy's YouTube channel soared and became as famous as it did.

1. Amy Slaton's Honest Story Time Videos


Amy did what resonated with viewers, including chatting with her followers and sharing stories from her past. The stories were often cringe and uncomfortable, like having a mishap in class or getting arrested, but her openness was invigorating to see. The 1000-lb. Sisters celebrity wasn't scared to laugh at herself and had fun speaking while filming her makeup tutorials.

2. Amy Slaton's Realistic Makeup Tutorials


Amy Slaton enjoyed experimenting with delightful makeup conceptions. Although a few looks were different yet creative, all others were accessible and very effortless. Amy never proclaimed to be a professional makeup artist, but she had immense talent and she kept learning so that she could make videos with different ideas for her followers. Her subscribers enjoyed her videos and adored the particular fact that the makeup she used was affordable.

3. Amy and Tammy Slaton's Vulnerability



As with most sisters, Amy and Tammy definitely do not always get along, but they have held onto each other to get through some challenging points in their life. The 1000-lb. Sisters celebrities also used their channel to speak about heavy issues such as bullying and suicide prevention. They both narrated stories of their high school days and the bullying and unfairness they were subjected to.

4. Amy and Tammy Slaton's Realistic Weight Loss Journey

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Before placing their lives in the limelight on a greater scale via reality television, both Amy and Tammy frequently recorded their improvement on YouTube. Both sisters treated their tapes like an online diary and always kept updating their fans on their plans, regimens, and programs for nutritious meals and a healthy future. While Amy attempted to start a gym routine that was to improve her stamina, Tammy concentrated on her diet and the foods she picked for herself.

5. Amy and Tammy Slaton's Online Friendships



The sisters also bonded with the friends they made through their channel outside of YouTube. Occasionally they interacted with them through other applications like Snapchat. Their admirers frequently sent them gifts, and both sisters made videos thanking them, offering them a special shoutout on their channel.

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