Fans 'Tear Up' Watching '1000-LB Sisters' Star Tammy Slaton's Transformation in New Video

Fans 'Tear Up' Watching '1000-LB Sisters' Star Tammy Slaton's Transformation in New Video
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1000-lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton has recently dropped more than 300 pounds since undergoing bariatric surgery, and she has been sharing glimpses of her new life journey ever since. Recently her fans were teary-eyed over a new TikTok video of her enjoying herself, reports The U.S. Sun. In this latest Tik Tok video, Tammy wowed fans with her outgoing avatar. The reality star can be seen enjoying an outing with her sister Amy Slaton and some friends. The video suggests that the sisters were having a good time eating outside since takeout containers were visible in the car. In the clip, Tammy appeared to be sitting in the passenger seat of a large van as My Boo by Usher and Ashanti played on the car stereo and the group sang along. 


The TLC star can be seen recording the video as it pans around revealing the others occupying the vehicle during the sing-along session. Tammy is seen wearing a casual outfit for the outing: a black t-shirt with a skeleton printed on it and vines wrapped around the bones. Tammy also wore a green and white checkered fleece coat over the black t-shirt. Fans immediately commented on the delightful TikTok video, and they were happy to see her enjoying life after the weight loss surgery. 

"I have followed your story from day 1 and I must say you look beautiful," one fan commented. A second comment read, "Love to see you enjoy yourself." A third fan cheered, "Yes Tammy! I love this for you... you're gonna make me cry," while someone else chimed in, "So good to see this, Tammy... you deserve it!" Another comment read: "So great to see you enjoying life again Tammy."


Fans have been celebrating every milestone with the reality star, the recent one being her ability to finally wear a seatbelt. Tammy shared selfies on Instagram showcasing her seated inside a car wearing a seatbelt. Prior to her weight loss, Tammy couldn't wear seatbelts during car rides and used to ride in the back of a van, seated on the floor. Hawk-eyed fans noticed the new change and immediately left encouraging comments under her posts: "Are you in a seat with a seatbelt?! I know it seems silly but I am so proud of you Tammy! I knew you could do this," one person said at the time. 

While Tammy's physical journey continues to take an upward curve, fans feel her personal life is disturbed. Rumors have been swirling that there is trouble in paradise between the TLC star and her husband, Caleb Willingham, who made a jarring post on Facebook. The now-deleted post mentioned: "Since privacy doesn't exist anymore, here are a few answers... Yes and no... Not really... and forever... you guys can fill in the questions." The cryptic post appeared to be related to his role on 1000-lb. Sisters and all the attention that he got from it.



Tammy's sister Amy also expressed her concerns about the relationship, voicing that her brother-in-law may be a "stalker" or a "serial killer." Though Tammy has remained quiet about the status of her marriage, Caleb appears to have answered fans' questions. In yet another Instagram post that has since been deleted, he wrote: "If you were only here for my wife, then please delete me now. We are married by paper only right now." He continued, "Her decision, not mine. It was more than that." 

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