Fans Furious Over Obstructed View at Taylor Swift's Concert After Paying $700 For Tickets

Fans Furious Over Obstructed View at Taylor Swift's Concert After Paying $700 For Tickets
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Taylor Swift is dominating the live concert scene after a long hiatus, but her fans are not enjoying the show as per their expectations. According to Daily Dot, a viral video posted by Mya (@totally.not.mya) on Tik Tok showcased Mya and her friend seemingly seated backstage, as their view was nothing but a large screen and concert equipment. “Love my $700 ‘unobstructed view’ for taylor swifts eras tour,” she overlayed the video text with a jibe. “This is so foul but we still love mother taylor,” the caption read. Her Tik Tok comments section was instantly flooded with ardent Swift fans who were surprised that a $700 ticket to the concert got only 'blocked views.' 


“It’s honestly criminal they sold those seats,” a Tik Tok user commented. “There is no reason they should sell these tickets honestly,” another added. “You’re literally the crew,” a third fan commented, making a subtle reference to all of the backstage equipment. The fact that Mya paid $700 for the tickets became the point of contention among the fans. Highlighting their views, they said, “I would pay no more than $30 for those seats. that should be illegal that you payed $700. That’s my Rent,” a user shared. “Those shoulda been $20 tickets,” another added.

Mya’s seat may have been bad, but some viewers encouraged her to “shake it off.” “You can say you were backstage at the eras tour,” one user wrote. Another pointed out that they would probably see Taylor getting out of the janitor’s cart. They were referring to Taylor’s allegedly elaborate way of getting to the stage without being seen. 

GettyImages| Photo By Kevin Winter
Image Source: GettyImages| Photo By Kevin Winter


Swift's Eras Tour has been mired with controversies since the beginning, according to Cinemablend. Fans have been paying exorbitant prices for the tickets to watch her live. A gym owner sitting on the floor, in close proximity to the stage, said he paid a whopping $3000 for his Eras tickets and added: "This is my first of five nights I'm going for this tour. I'm right in front of the catwalk. I wanted to be as close as possible to celebrate this milestone with Taylor."

Another fan who obtained a floor seat paid $1,400 for their ticket, and some fans spent around $500 dollars for nosebleed seats. One fan revealed the pain of being given a seat with "obstructed views": "I paid $336 for a partially obstructed seat in Nashville!" A “partially obstructed” view ticket usually refers to a seat almost behind the stage where one wouldn’t be able to see some parts of the concert. These tickets are usually cheaper, but the ones from Taylor's are still high compared to most concerts. 



“Extraordinarily high demands” and “insufficient ticket inventory” caused Ticketmaster to cancel the public sale of the Eras tour. This angered fans who had been excited to see Taylor perform her first live tour since 2018. Thus leaving them with only one other opinion: to purchase resale tickets at ridiculously high prices. 

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