Elon Musk Offers One Million Dogecoin for Evidence Regarding the "Emerald Mine Rumor"

Elon Musk Offers One Million Dogecoin for Evidence Regarding the "Emerald Mine Rumor"
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Technology prodigy and genius, Elon Musk is offering $1 million dogecoin to anyone who provides him with hard evidence of the existence of the "Emerald Mine" which was rumored to have been owned by Musk's family in the past.

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Elon Musk makes the headlines once more and this time he's willing to offer a million dogecoin, to anyone with proof that his family ever owned an emerald mine. According to The New York Post, the South African-origin tech genius was born into an upper-middle-class family in Pretoria. Maye, his mother worked dual jobs - she was a model and a dietitian, whereas, his father worked in multiple fields, including that of an engineer and property developer. The fact that his father was involved with property development insinuated the fact that he may have owned an emerald mine in Africa.

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The rumor started after a Forbes interview in 2018 was brought to light in which Musk mentions that his dad "had shares in an emerald mine in Zambia". To add fuel to the fire, the interview has been removed from the website. Yet there exists an archive of it that leaves fans pondering over the cause of it being archived and not completely taken down if it was really fake. Fact-checkers verified claims and found no grounded evidence of the existence of such a mine owned by Musk or his family.  

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Musk has a total net worth of $185 billion (and probably counting), according to Forbes. He also owns the automobile company, Tesla, along with the SpaceX program - a longtime passion and obsession of his, aiming for Mars and beyond. Musk truly worked his way up from the bottom, working all through college and ending up with $100,000 deep in student debt. He couldn't afford a 2nd computer that would run complex programs for his website to remain active. So he programmed during the night and the website ran during the day: the only option he had was to continue to hustle to get to where he currently is.



This isn't the first time that Musk has made a splash on the internet. Ever since he resumed ownership of Twitter, many left the platform concerned over its "uncertain future" and "privacy." Much later he also changed the iconic "Blue Bird Logo" which is originally Twitter's Trademark to the Doge meme. This ignited a series of both bewildered and hilarious responses from users even though the Blue Bird is now back where it belongs.



Regardless of all the changes he continues to add to the Twitter platform and the world, Elon Musk is paving the way for the future in AI and technology rapidly. He recently unveiled a prototype of the humanoid robot "Optimus" which is being developed by his company Tesla. The robot is said to undergo a series of tests that aid human efforts such as watering plants and lifting heavy objects and many more. The bot is speculated to be made available commercially to the public in a few years' time, reports BBC.

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