DJ Trump? Donald Trump Is "Back on Track" Playing DJ at Mar-a-Lago After Arrest and Indictment

DJ Trump? Donald Trump Is "Back on Track" Playing DJ at Mar-a-Lago After Arrest and Indictment
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Former president of the USA, Donald Trump isn't letting his arrest and indictment from earlier this week stop him from partying his heart out while campaigning for votes at Mar-a-Lago where he DJs at his private club in Palm Beach, Florida. The club resumes its party-animal status shortly after Trump's return to the club. He reportedly plays famous hits from the 80s era; YMCA is a club favorite along with hits from Celine Dion. 

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The ex-president seems to have found a new way to campaign for votes for next year's elections, and the party may just be starting early for him. According to PageSix reports, an insider recalled how Trump was back on the grind and has been on his iPad for his "regular Thursday night DJ gig." Members were bewildered after he confidently said he was "back on track" and would not be found guilty.

Trump was arraigned for 34 counts of felony and falsifying business records related to hush money payments prior to his election in 2016. Trump says he is innocent and believes the only thing he did was fearlessly defend a nation. District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who in his "justified defense," defended Trump's actions saying that he was trying to uphold his "solemn responsibility" to maintain accountability in the "business capital of the world," reports New York Post.

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His family on the other hand isn't very keen on Trump's campaign for the coming year. Trump's wife, Melania Trump, hasn't been appearing in any social event or dinners at Mar-a-Lago since the arrest nor has she expressed her views on the matter, even though her husband seems rather laidback about it.

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Their daughter, Ivanka Trump has reportedly refused her father's offer to join his campaign for the upcoming year even though he "begged" her and her husband, former senior White House advisor, Jared Kushner. Trump shut down any such claims on social media and mentioned how he wanted to "shield Ivanka and her family" from the "nasties of the political world".

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Ivanka doesn't plan on joining the world of politics so that she can "raise her family happily in Miami" and protect the lives of her children. Since Trump's presidency ended, the young daughter's family received numerous threats to both herself and her family for offering her support throughout the campaign; Trump's daughter and her husband want to put it behind them.



Twitter was in a frenzy after the emergence of Deepfake AI pictures of Trump's possible arrest. The images showcased Trump's possible reactions to being arrested. These Deepfakes have gone viral and have been retweeted by many users who found them hilarious. 



A Twitter user, @bellingcat, a possible owner of the now viral AI images of Trump claimed to make these images out of humor and had no idea that they'd go viral. He created some more and then "went to bed" having no clue that the post had gone viral overnight.

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