Coco Austin Slammed by Fans for "Inappropriate" Dance With 7-year-old Daughter Chanel

Coco Austin Slammed by Fans for "Inappropriate" Dance With 7-year-old Daughter Chanel
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Coco Austin, who is married to iconic rapper, Ice-T, often shares dance videos of herself and her daughter, Chanel. In her recent dance routine post with her 7-year-old daughter, the reality TV star is seen making some moves along with her little one that was considered inappropriate by viewers and fans.

In the short clip shared on Tik Tok and Instagram, the 44-year-old model and her daughter danced side-by-side in matching black-and-white outfits to the tune of a remixed version of Black Eyed Peas' Boom Boom Pow. For one part of the routine, Austin lifts her leg towards Chanel who tries to smack her mom’s butt twice. She captioned this video: "Chanel always makes me do these weird dances I just go with it. I stole this from her phone to show you."


Fox News reports that the mother-daughter duo received severe backlash for their viral dance moves. "Sorry, even if it is just playing around am I the only one that thinks your daughter shouldn’t’ be slapping you on the a** Twerking?" one commenter wrote. Another fan said, "Why is it cute to have a little girl slap your butt and have her twerking..? All for attention smh." A third one said, "Cringy AF," while another said, "It is not appropriate for a little girl or her mother." A fifth critic wrote, "Stop doing that to your kid. Unfollow."  

The former Playboy model was quick to defend herself, although indirectly, by posting a sexy image of herself on Instagram. "On my IG, Facebook, and Twitter pages I post all kinds of stuff that I enjoy while keeping it fun and funny. On my OF page, I keep it sexy. Be sure to follow me!" she wrote alongside a picture of her in lingerie. 

GettyImages| Photo by Monica Schipper
Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Monica Schipper

The dance video which according to fans is "unsuitable for children" has since then garnered over 75,000 views on TikTok, according to Page Six. This isn’t the first time, however, that Austin's parenting skills have been criticized. Most recently, the former reality star shared a video of their family dancing in Christmas pajamas that showcased the 7-year-old "twerking" in what Austin said was an imitation of the animated character Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers who is an awkward dancer.  Austin captioned the video, "The adults in our family were doing a TikTok and Chanel runs out in the middle to bust a move to make us laugh..She loves to joke. #tinabobsburgers #bobsburgers #tinabelcher #dancemoves." 



Austin later fired back at haters, writing that Chanel was "making fun of a character from ‘Bob's Burgers.'" Her famous rapper husband, Ice-T also responded to the online trolling: "Everyone is going to hate you anyway... so you might as well give them a reason … Christmas is over..My advice is you go into 2023 with THIS attitude if you want to WIN."

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