Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe Accuses Twitter Of Bowing To Mainstream Media Pressure

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe returned to Twitter last night and accused the social media giant of bowing to mainstream pressure. This came after the platform permanently suspended the account of the notable conservative activist group. In a video shared to O’Keefe’s personal profile, he noted that the Project Veritas suspension was initially supposed to […]

Reddit Airs 5-Second Super Bowl Ad Celebrating The Power Of The ‘Underdog’

Social media site Reddit took out a brief advertisement during the 2021 Super Bowl that celebrated the power of the underdog following the trading frenzy inspired by subreddit WallStreetBets that involved GameStop stocks. The ad, which can be seen here, was a mere five seconds long and it was nothing more than a screenshot of […]

YouTuber Jacksepticeye Announces That He Is Taking A Break After Death Of His Father

YouTube star Jacksepticeye announced on Wednesday that his father has died and that he will be taking a break from his work for an indefinite period. The Irish gaming streamer, whose real name is Seán William McLoughlin, took to Twitter to share the tragic news. “My father passed away today. I wont be doing anything […]

Parler Banned From Google App Store After Attack On Capitol, Apple May Be Next To Ban It

The conservative social media app Parler has been banned from Google and could soon be booted from Apple as well after an attack on the U.S. Capitol was connected to supporters of Donald Trump, some of whom reportedly shared plans for the attack on the platform. As Axios reported, Google pulled the application from its […]

Facebook Is Secretly Creating A Mind-Reading Device, Leaked Audio Confirms

Facebook recently told its employees about new plans to create devices that can read minds by using neural sensors. The details of the social networking giant’s ambitious new plans came shortly after news broke last week that the company was the subject of an anti-trust lawsuit led by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Facebook’s […]

TikTok Will Be Banned From App Stores In The U.S. Beginning September 20

The popular social media app TikTok will be banned from app stores in the United States beginning Sunday, September 20, Financial Times reported. The app WeChat will also be removed. On Friday, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that, following executive orders signed by President Donald Trump, the two apps are no longer welcome here […]

Twitter Will Start Labeling Accounts Belonging To Politicians, State-Controlled Media Outlets

Twitter announced on Thursday that it will start labeling accounts that belong to state-controlled media outlets, as well as those of some politicians, Reuters reported. The announcement follows a similar move by Facebook made weeks ago. Multiple media agencies that use the social media platform to disseminate their content are actually controlled by governments. Those […]

TikTok Is ‘An Emblem Of A Far Bigger Problem,’ Its Potential Misuses ‘Nothing To Scoff At,’ Experts Say

The social media app TikTok has been a topic of headlines recently, as the Trump administration has made moves aimed at banning the popular app, or at the very least, putting it under new ownership and management. However, the popular app is just a symptom of a much larger problem, a group of experts tell […]

TikTok Responds To Donald Trump’s Ban Threat: ‘We’re Not Planning On Going Anywhere’

President Donald Trump has said he plans to ban the social media app TikTok via executive order, but the company says they aren’t going anywhere. On Saturday morning, a video featuring U.S. general manager Vanessa Pappas was shared online and she did her best to assure users they weren’t worried about what’s ahead. The post […]

Twitter Sets ‘Interesting Precedent’ In Suspending Donald Trump Jr.’s Account For Misinformation, Experts Say

Twitter set an “interesting precedent” when the platform temporarily suspended Donald Trump Jr.’s account for posting a video that made false statements about the COVID-19 pandemic, experts tell The Inquisitr. As reported by The Inquisitr, on Tuesday, the president’s eldest son posted a video that purported to show several doctors standing in front of the […]

Facebook Adds Disclaimer To Donald Trump Post About Mail-In Voting

Facebook added a disclaimer to a post that President Donald Trump made on Tuesday in which he suggested that mail-in voting would lead to a “corrupt election,” Reuters reported. On Tuesday, Trump took to the popular social media platform to address a topic he’s raised frequently in these past few months — the possibility that […]

TikTok Takes Down 49 Million Videos For Content Violation In Six Months

Video-sharing platform TikTok took down 49 million videos from the site in the second half of 2019 for content violations, CNBC reported. The revelation was made in the company’s transparency report, which was published on Thursday. In the report, TikTok — which is owned by China’s ByteDance — restated its enforcement policies, adding that less […]

Twitch Suspends President Trump’s Account Due To Violating Hateful Conduct Policies

Streaming platform Twitch has suspended President Donald Trump’s account due to his purported violations of the platform’s rules against hateful conduct, Engadget reported. Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, allows users to create their own content, not unlike YouTube or TikTok. However, unlike those two services, Twitch’s content is streamed live. Further, the platform generally […]

Mark Zuckerberg Reportedly Loses $7 Billion In Facebook Boycott Over Stance On Hate Speech And Disinformation

Mark Zuckerberg’s wallet may be a bit lighter this week due to a growing advertiser boycott of Facebook over what critics see as the site’s failure to police hate speech and disinformation on its platform. As Bloomberg reported, the social media site’s founder lost $7.2 billion as shares of the company fell 8.3 percent on […]

PewDiePie Defends Jenna Marbles Following The Announcement That She Is Leaving Her YouTube Channel

On Friday, famed Swedish YouTuber Felix Kjellberg — better known as PewDiePie — shared a written message on his channel regarding the announcement that fellow internet personality Jenna Mourey (aka Jenna Marbles) will no longer upload videos on YouTube, reported the New York Post. As noted on Thursday by The Inquisitr, Mourey uploaded an 11-minute […]

Snapchat Apologizes For Juneteenth Filter That Prompted Users To Smile To Break Chains

Snapchat’s Juneteenth filter, which prompted users of the social media app to smile to cause a graphic of chains to break in the background of the image, was removed after the filter was widely criticized on social media, CNN reported on Friday. The company issued a statement apologizing for releasing the filter after it was […]

Over 170 Scientists Sign Onto Letter Pleading That Mark Zuckerberg Use Facebook To Rein In Donald Trump

Almost two hundred scientists connected to the Chan Zuckerberg research foundations have signed onto a letter imploring tech billionaire and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to take steps to slow the spread of misinformation coming from U.S. President Donald Trump just months before the November election. The letter, which is having names added to it all […]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Responds To Donald Trump’s Claim That He Is Being Censored

A video posted by Donald Trump’s campaign was pulled off of social media after complaints about copyright infringement, but the president used the opportunity to claim that he was being censored by Twitter, who he says is on the side of “Radical Left Democrats.” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wasn’t about to let the misinformation stand, […]

Twitter Deletes The Trump Campaign’s George Floyd Memorial Video From Verified Account

Twitter removed a video uploaded by President Donald Trump’s campaign verified account, citing copyright infringement, according to The Hill. The video was almost four minutes long and featured the president commenting about the recent death of George Floyd and the unrest that has spread across the nation following his death. The tweet was not only […]

Elizabeth Warren Slammed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg For Comments On Fox News

Senator and possible next vice presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren took aim at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg after his interview with Fox News aired on Thursday. The Facebook founder came out in support of free speech on all social media platforms after the controversy sparked in light of Twitter’s decision to fact-check President Donald Trump’s tweets, […]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Called Out Twitter For Fact Checking Donald Trump

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg came out against his competitor’s site and said he disagreed with Twitter’s decision to fact check President Donald Trump’s tweets. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been in the midst of a firestorm ever since his platform fact-checked the president’s recent tweets, causing a backlash from both everyday users and the president […]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Stands By Decision To Fact-Check Tweets Posted By President Trump

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey used the very social media platform that he manages to double down on the company’s decision to fact-check tweets by President Donald Trump, CNBC reported. On Tuesday, Twitter took the unprecedented step of adding warning labels to two tweets posted by the POTUS, who is known to use Twitter to advance […]

Twitter Flags Donald Trump’s Messages With A Fact Check Warning For the First Time

For the first time, Twitter has labeled President Donald Trump’s posts on the social media platform with a fact check label. Two of his tweets on Tuesday were amended with a link that allows people to go to a page that provides facts about mail-in voting. Trump shared two tweets on Monday attacking mail-in voting […]

Kate Middleton And Prince William Update Their Social Media Presence With Help From Meghan And Harry’s Staffer

Prince William and wife Kate Middleton have updated their Instagram and Twitter pages with the names “Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.” The accounts were previously branded “Kensington Royal,” and both accounts still bear that handle. However, the new names are now prominently displayed. Middleton, 38, and William, 37, use their accounts to keep their […]

Bullied Teenager Callum Manning Becomes Instagram-Famous After His Sister’s Tweet About Bullying

A British teenager who was bullied for starting an Instagram account to review books has found himself with something every social media user craves — hundreds of thousands of followers — CNN reports. Callum Manning can thank his sister and her tweet about the perils of bullying for his sudden Instagram fame. Callum, 13, loves […]

Trump Supporter Buys Large Stake In Twitter, Reportedly Plans To Oust CEO Jack Dorsey

Donald Trump supporter and influential Republican donor Paul Singer just purchased a large stake in social media platform Twitter. In the aftermath of the move, reports are circulating that the conservative hopes to oust Jack Dorsey from his role of CEO, among other changes, according to Bloomberg. Singer made the purchase through his management firm […]

Reddit Is Down For Thousands Of Users Across The U.S.

Reddit is down for thousands of users across the United States and in some parts of Europe, according to Down Detector. Initial reports started pouring in on Twitter as users took to the social media platform to wonder if they were the only ones experiencing an outage. Major cities, including New York, London, and Toronto, […]

Pentagon Advises Military Personnel To Delete TikTok App Due To Chinese Spyware Threat

Several branches of the U.S. military have demanded that their personnel delete the popular TikTok app from their smartphones. The social media app, which is one of the world’s most popular, shares short clips set to music. However, as it is Chinese-owned, and the Department of Defense has voiced its concerns over possible security issues. […]

Facebook Is Testing New Ways To Fight Misinformation By Hiring Part-Time Fact-Checkers

Facebook said Tuesday that it’s hiring community reviewers to help shorten the time it takes to identify a false post, as part of a new pilot program that could help the social media network crack down on misinformation. The new program will put community reviewers to work as researchers to find additional information to corroborate […]

PewDiePie Announces He Is Taking A Break From YouTube In 2020, Says He Feels ‘Tired’

PewDiePie has been one of the most prominent faces on YouTube over the last decade, but in 2020, he says he will be taking a break. The Swedish vlogger announced in a recent video update that he would be going on hiatus in the coming year, saying that he feels “tired.” The social media star, […]

More Than 300 Trump Ads Have Been Taken Down By Google & YouTube For Violating Company Policies

More than 300 President Donald Trump ads were pulled from YouTube and Google, which owns YouTube, for unspecified violations of “company policy,” CBS News reports. Most of the ads were pulled over the summer. In an interview with “60 Minutes” host Leslie Stahl, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki admitted that the platform had removed several ads, […]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Announces He’s Moving To Africa, Says It Will Define Bitcoin Future

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced in a tweet this week that he would be moving to Africa for at least a portion of the upcoming year in a message that claimed the continent was the future — particularly for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Dorsey said he’d be living somewhere on the continent for at least three […]

Is Instagram Down? Users Report Issues Accessing App

Hoping to share a photo of your Thanksgiving meal prep to Instagram this morning? It might not be possible, as users across the globe reported having trouble accessing the service this Thursday, according to Down Detector. According to Down Detector — which tracks the status of popular social media services including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook […]

Twitter CEO Announces Platform Will Ban All Political Ads Starting November 22

In a bombshell statement that will at least partially alter the current political advertising landscape, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced on Wednesday that the platform will ban all paid political ads starting in November. According to CNBC, Dorsey tweeted the news on Wednesday afternoon and revealed why the company thinks political social reach should be […]

Mark Zuckerberg Could Have Faced Jail Time Under New Law Proposed By Ron Wyden, Democratic Senator

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg would likely be behind bars if a law proposed by Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden had been in place during the company’s highly-publicized Cambridge Analytica scandal last year, which revealed that millions of Facebook users’ data had been used by a private company without users’ permission. According to a report Thursday from […]

Fitness Icon Kayla Itsines Asks If Boyfriend Tobi Pearce Should Do An Abs BBG Workout, Instagram Fans Go Wild

Fitness icon Kayla Itsines and her boyfriend, Tobi Pearce, were all smiles as they packed on the PDA for a recent Instagram share. The new mother and father cuddled up for a pic that had fans gushing about how cute they looked together. Kayla wore skimpy black shorts and a navy tank as she leaned […]

Facebook Announces That It Will Not Be Fact-Checking Posts From Politicians, Says It’s ‘Inappropriate’

Facebook vice president of global affairs and communications Sir Nick Clegg made a statement ahead of the 2020 U.S. elections in which he affirmed that the tech company will not be fact-checking statements that politicians post to the site, reported The Daily Mail. The former British deputy prime minister stated that it would be “inappropriate” […]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Account Was Hacked

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked on the social media platform. As an article by Business Insider reports, the account raised alarm on Friday when it started sending out a string of racist and anti-semitic tweets. The tweets have been deleted, but the screenshots are circulating on Twitter, nevertheless. “We’re aware that @jack was […]

Guy From Viral ‘Bagel Boss’ Video Handcuffed, Taken To Psych Ward After Swinging Bat And Shouting In Public

The guy from the viral “Bagel Boss” video had another public outburst, and this one landed him in the psych ward. Chris Morgan, the Long Island man who gained viral fame after being caught on video in an angry rant inside a bagel shop, was videoed again in a violent outburst at the Bay Shore […]

Instagram Purges Meme Accounts, Leaves Affected Users Without Income

Instagram is cracking down on meme accounts and leaving some users without a source of income, according to Insider. In what Instagram users are calling a “meme purge,” accounts with large followings were permanently banned over the past few days for violating the platform’s terms and conditions. Many of the users who were de-platformed were […]

WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss Shows Off Her New Tattoos On Instagram

Before Alexa Bliss shot to fame as one of the most popular heels on the WWE women’s roster, she originally set out to be a babyface in the same vein as the Disney princesses she admires. In an interview with Not Sam Wrestling, she openly discussed how much she loves Disney movies and how they […]

Instagram Is Testing Getting Rid Of Its ‘Likes’ Feature

The social media platform Instagram may be well known for its “likes” feature, but that may soon be a thing of the past, per BBC News. The app giant is currently testing getting rid of the feature, and has already rolled out the new changes in countries such as Australia, Canada, Japan and Brazil. There […]

Instagram Influencers Flock To Take Pictures In A Bright Blue Siberian Lake That’s Actually A Toxic Waste Dump

Instagram influencers looking for an attention-grabbing shot to post are flocking to a lake in Siberia with impossibly bright blue waters, one that’s even been called the “Novosibirsk Maldives” for its tropical appearance despite being in one of the coldest and most desolate places on earth. There’s just one major problem — the lake gets […]

Twitter Is Reportedly Down In Major U.S. Cities And Most Of Europe

Twitter was down for most users in the United States and across Europe Thursday, according to Users who attempted to visit the website Thursday afternoon were greeted with an error message when trying to login. “Something is technically wrong,” the error message read. “Thanks for noticing – we’re going to fix it up and […]

Twitter Explodes After Donald Trump Calls Himself ‘Great Looking And Smart, A True Stable Genius’

Donald Trump went on an early morning tirade against social media and the “fake news” media on Thursday in advance of a social media summit that he is hosting at the White House. While ranting about his re-election, his ride down the escalator where he announced his presidency, and the news industry’s credibility, the president […]

James Charles Makes Colorful Return To YouTube With First New Video After Tati Westbrook Drama: ‘Hi Sisters!’

James Charles made a triumphant return to YouTube. The 20-year-old beauty blogger returned from a month-long hiatus to show his pride after taking a break from the social media site following a feud with his former friend Tati Westbrook, People reports. In the new video titled “Hi Sisters,” which you can see below, the YouTube […]

Taylor Swift Flips Out Over Tweet From This Female Music Legend

Taylor Swift flipped out after a female music legend tweeted about the “You Need To Calm Down” singer’s acknowledgment of one of her most famous quotes in Swift’s latest star-studded video. Cher tweeted a photo of a painting in Swift’s video where she borrows a statement Cher once declared during a conversation with her mother […]

Donald Trump Calls Democrats A ‘Motley Crew’ And Twitter Is Exploding

Donald Trump sent a tweet to his supporters on Monday telling them to ignore polls that claim he is trailing behind his 2020 opponents, warning that “only fake polls” show him behind the “Motley Crew” of Democrats. Of course, Twitter couldn’t help but fire back with memes featuring the ’80s band Mötley Crüe. “Only Fake […]

#JohnMcCainDay Trending On Twitter As Users ‘Celebrate’ President Donald Trump’s Birthday

Friday is President Donald Trump’s birthday, but thousands of Twitter users have been focusing on making June 14 known for something else, at least temporarily. In honor of the president’s history of ill will and negative comments regarding deceased Arizona senator John McCain, a number of left-leaning social media users are banding together to get […]

Khloe Kardashian Wishes Kanye West A Happy Birthday In Heartfelt Instagram Snap

Khloe Kardashian just took to Instagram to post a photo of her and her brother-in-law Kanye West (who is married to the socialite’s older sister, Kim) and wish him a happy birthday. The black-and-white snap shows Khloe leaning on West’s shoulder as the pair look into the camera. “Happy birthday Ye!! Cheers to you always! […]